Our Skinny Kids

OK, there has been a lot of talk and debate on the health concerns surrounding overweight kids. While this is indeed a legitimate problem it has taken all the attention from another physical state of being of our kids that is of equal serious implication to health… the skin and bones syndrome or chronic underweight-ness.

Now a lot of teenagers, girls to be exact, being overly exposed to the print and broadcast media have been led to believe that being skinny is the socially acceptable and only way to look to be attractive and beautiful. They see the physical stature of the runway models and the girls in movies who commands the attention of the guys, and they are always real slim.

Very rare do you see a real busty and meaty female being highlighted in a movie as being a sex goddess and sought after, no quite contrary. Busty girls are always depicted as the ones on the outside bemoaning how unpopular and ugly they are, and how they wish to be like the 90 pound diva that always has the guys tongue hanging when ever she passes. No wonder our young impressionable females get to thinking that to shed all their flesh is the gain popularity and become that desirable siren everyone rotates around and want to be friends with. So with that in mind they employ all manner of diets and programs to lose weight and keep it off, and a lot of times to the detriment of their own health and well being.

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When’s the Best Time to Go Out on Picnics?

During times of stress and worry families tend to focus on their financial troubles rather than spending quality time together. Picnics are a great inexpensive way to have a time out and really appreciate the great things life has to offer.

It has been proven that we are often at our most receptive and positive when we are relaxed and surrounded by the people we love. The summer months offer an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your family and get outside for a delicious picnic. But even when the weather’s a little cloudy finding the perfect spot for your picnic will ensure memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Being spontaneous is always the best way to prepare for your picnic. But a little planning is always a good thing.

First, think about a good location that may offer shelter if the weather does take a turn for the worst. During sunny days try to take something that will provide shade for the picnickers. Try not to choose a spot that is too far away; remember this is supposed to be a relaxing experience for all involved.

Make a list of snacks that are cheap and easy to prepare. Finger or fork food is the way forward and is rarely eaten hot at picnics. Rice, salad, pasta and quiches are a sure success; always try to check if any of your guests have food allergies. Most foods need to be eaten within an hour of being taken out of the fridge so try not to take too much food. Try to take something to cover the food to keep it protected from the heat and any insects like an insulated picnic bag. It’s always recommended to throw items that have not been kept cool on your return home.

Follow this by writing down the articles you may need to take with you. Be sure to take clothes and napkins, coolers, plastic cups and plates as well as forks and spoons. Take folding chairs for people who are unable to get up from the ground easily and umbrellas for shade and shelter. Take a large plastic bag where you can put your garbage and make sure that you dispose of it responsibly. Make sure you bring sun block and insect repellent as well as an antibacterial gel for your hands and remember your camera!

Get the kids involved and think about what you might need to make your picnic more enjoyable. Ask your kids would they would like to do and however crazy it might be give it a go. Take some games with you that both children and adults can play, adventure trails and team games are always fun.

Remember to dress appropriately to ensure that you and your fellow picnickers are able to relax and join in the fun. Once your all set up and ready for your picnic, make sure you haven’t forgotten once last thing- relax.

Should A $5 Price Difference Be The Deciding Factor?

Periodically I search the world-wide-web checking-out price differences between the Basic vs. Deluxe models of the Stearns Puddle Jumper. The Stearns Puddle Jumper is a U.S. Coast Guard Approved, Type III PFD for kids, 30-50 lbs. A PFD is a personal flotation device. Generally speaking, retailers sell the two Puddle Jumper models at a $5 price-point difference. While the retail price fluctuates, especially in geographical locations where extreme seasons are experienced… spring, summer, winter, fall… still the difference in price is usually and approximately $5.

The Price Difference

Is the $5 difference in price the correct “determining-factor” when deciding which Puddle Jumper to buy? I think not. Not when you consider that a “better” life jacket has a greater probability of saving a life. What is a life worth? A life is priceless, right? Perhaps, however, I have rushed into an opinion. When I force myself to remember the many people who are standing in front of tough economic times, $5 becomes a relative amount of money. Young couples with young children, young people new to a career and therefore occupying entry-level positions, have limited resources. Then there are the people who are still in school, still preparing for their intended career who also have limited resources. In front of tough economic times $5 is most definitely a relative thing. Depending on life-circumstances a $5 meal can be as life-saving as a child’s life-jacket!

Other Considerations: Design & Fabric

If, however, a $5 price difference is not the driving determinant there are other differences that should be highlighted and considered.

First, note the similarities between the two models:

Similarities: Basic vs Deluxe Models

  • Both made with bright-colored fabrics.
  • Both made with animal designs applied and/or woven into the fabric.
  • Both constructed with polyethylene foam.
  • Both made for children 30-50 lbs (13.6 kg – 22.7 kg).
  • Both provide a vest that fits comfortably over a child’s chest and arm pieces thus providing stability to the child while in water.
  • Both are Coast Guard approved Type III performance.

Second, note the two major differences between the models: Design and Fabric:

The Design

  • Basic Model is made with simple animal designs.
  • Deluxe Model is made with more detailed animal designs.

Regarding the design, if your child becomes attached to a particular animal character he or she will want to “be with it” and will therefore want to wear the Puddle Jumper. The child who wants to wear a “flotation aid” because it is a friend versus the child who merely submits to an imposed rule: “a life vest must be worn” is a state-of-affairs that too frequently leads to life versus death, or vice-versa. Any flotation device, including the Puddle Jumper, can only save a life when it is worn. If your child is attracted to an animal character, then by all means buy the Puddle Jumper with the design your child is attracted to. With the “animal character” strapped across his or her chest your child is safer in the water, and, better able to adjust when stressful unexpected situations occur while in a pool, lake or at the beach.

The Fabric

  • Basic Model, Nylon Fabric
  • Deluxe Model, Woven Polyester

The type of fabric used to construct the Puddle Jumper is another difference to consider between the two models. Both nylon and polyester are lightweight and durable fabrics. Both are synthetic fabrics. Neither is a better fabric. They even share many of the same properties.


  • Easy Care
  • Lightweight
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Stretch Resistant
  • Shrink Resistant


  • Stronger
  • Softer (historically)


  • Faster Drying
  • Easier to Dye
  • Abrasion Resistant

Historically nylon was considered the smoother softer fabric, as compared to polyester. Over time, however, refined manufacturing capabilities have resulted in a softer polyester fabric that in many ways matches nylon. This is true enough that Stearns is now able to make the claim that the Deluxe Puddle Jumper has the “softer” feel, and therefore causes less chafing against your child’s skin.

Polyester dries faster. This is due to its’ water-wicking ability. Polyester is hydrophobic, which means it expels water to the surface of the fabric’s fibers where the water then evaporates. Nylon, on the other hand, absorbs water and therefore dries slower. The hydrophobic property of polyester goes to the feel of the fabric when strapped around your child’s chest and arms. Your child will not feel wet and chilled. As kids become accustomed to the Puddle Jumper they become almost oblivious to the fact that they are wearing a flotation aid. As this set of circumstances evolves the likelihood increases that your child will be wearing his or her Puddle Jumper at the most important time: while in the water, at the life-saving moment when it is needed.

Also compare the color-fastness of the two fabrics. Bright colored fabric is a key feature of the Puddle Jumper. It attracts and delights kids. The bright colors are also a safety feature; the bright colors help you, parent or guardian, to easily see your little one as they frolic about in the water. Therefore, a comparison of polyester and nylon in light of their colorfast properties is important. Polyester absorbs more color (more dye). This, again, is because of polyester’s water-wicking property. Since the polyester expels water when in the dye solution more dye bonds to the polyester fibers.

Conclusion: Which Puddle Jumper Model Is Best?

So what is the bottom-line? Which Stearns Puddle Jumper is the “best?” The answer begins with a quote from the U.S. Coast Guard. They say, “The perfect life-preserver, life-jacket, or PFD (personal flotation device) has not yet been designed.” Given these state-of-affairs respecting life-jackets, even so the Coast Guard is still willing to point to characteristics of a life-jacket that make it “the best”:

  • It’s the one you’re willing to wear!
  • It’s the one that saves your life every time it’s needed.
  • It’s the one that matches your needs!

Given all of the above information, and knowing that the Stearns Puddle Jumper is Coast Guard approved only for kids, and only if they weigh between 30 and 50 lbs (not for adults users, nor for infants) the prospective list of Puddle Jumper users is narrowed, irrespective of design or model.

For this narrowed list of users, children 30-50 lbs… our most vulnerable swimmers… the answer as to which model is “best” is simple.

IF the extra $5 doesn’t break the piggy bank and deprive your family of its’ next meal, and, IF the detailed animal design on the chest-band of the Puddle Jumper attracts your child’s attention and affection, then spend the extra $5. Buy the Deluxe Puddle Jumper. And, since polyester fabric is softer and more water-resistant and therefore more comfortable, increasing the likelihood that your child will wear the Puddle Jumper, then again the answer is simple, buy the Deluxe model.

How to Save Some Money on Video Games

If you love video games, you know how expensive that habit can get. So, here are some simple ways to save money on them. That way, you can keep feeding your habit.

First of all, if you buy games online, try to always buy from the same website. The reason for that is that websites will often reward frequent buyers with coupons and discounts. They may even have a reward card or reward credit card that you can use to get points towards future game purchases.

Another option is to buy games from local game stores or department stores. Department stores tend to be pretty expensive, though. They also just don’t usually offer a level of understanding and service that you can get from a local video game specialty store.

If you do plan to buy games from a local video game store, get to know your sales people. They’re likely to be avid video gamers, just like you. If you get friendly with them, they might let you in on information about upcoming releases and sales. They might tell you tips and tricks for whatever game you’re buying. They might even tell you not to waste your money on titles that they feel don’t fit your needs or style.

So, if you’re a true gamer, the bottom line is that it’s best to take advantage of sales and frequent buyer programs. It’s also useful to get to know your video game salespeople. That way, you might get the first word on some great deals.

Why Anglesey is a Great Place For a Weekend of Golf

Celtic Manor may be the Welsh golf course on everybody’s lips as it prepares to host the Ryder Cup later this year, but there are hundreds of other venues across the country and if you are looking for a great golfing weekend you may wish to consider Anglesey.

Of all the possible UK weekends away, a trip to the island offers attractions that nowhere else can match. For example, no place in Britain has a name as long as the 58-letter Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. This village is also the sight of one of the most visually striking attractions on the island, the Marquis of Anglesey’s Column. The Marquis was a senior officer in the battle of Waterloo and while his column is not as tall as Nelson’s, unlike the structure in Trafalgar Square this is a hollow column with a spiral staircase inside leading to a viewing platform just below the statue on top.

The column is one of many great sights you may see on golfing weekends in Anglesey, which could start with a drive over the impressive Menai t Suspension Bridge, which was designed by Thomas Telford. As well as the dramatic scenery of the straits that separate Anglesey from the mainland, the bridge itself is a stunning sight, with its huge chains anchored at either end.

Getting to the island is easy and one of the attractions of Anglesey, particularly from the north where fast routes via motorways and other roads put it the island within easy reach of major cities like Manchester and Liverpool.

Anglesey has six golf courses and a seventh – Holyhead Golf Club – is on nearby Holy Island, a separate island that can only be reached by bridge from Anglesey. If you are undertaking a golf weekend here a three-day itinerary would include Anglesey Golf Club, Holyhead Golf Club and Bull Bay Golf Club at Amlwch. These courses are all very different from each other, which should provide lots of variety and also a chance to improve different aspects of your game as you spend hours each day teeing off, driving and putting in all sorts of terrain and layouts.

Anglesey Golf Club is a links course that lies low by the sand dunes and heath on the island’s south-west coast at Rhosneigr, with lots of greens and streams – so good aim is needed to stay out of the water.

Holyhead Golf Club has a reputation of being one of the best in Wales and it has accommodation on site, which may be where you get to stay, giving you very easy access to the course. Like the Anglesey Golf Club, this also has dune and heathland terrain, with panoramic views across the Irish Sea, across which ferries sail to dock at the nearby terminal, ensuring you will hear a few Irish voices during your visit.

Bull Bay has two distinctions, being the northernmost golf course in Wales and also a favourite of David Lloyd George, who was prime minister from 1916 to 1922 and was raised in north Wales. This course is on a stunning clifftop location with superb sea views and dramatic scenery all around, where greens at different heights offer various challenges that differ from those found on other courses.

While enjoying golf weekend packages, you may still find some time away from the course to enjoy Anglesey’s other attractions. Apart from columns and long place names, there is more of the coast to explore if you wish, although it would take several days to complete a trek of the Anglesey Coastal Path. However, there are beaches such as the golden sands of Red Wharf Bay and the pebbles at Moelfre, while those who enjoy the history of north Wales can visit Beaumaris Castle, which, while it appears to be a ruin, was in fact never completed.

Beaumaris itself also has two local courses and wherever you go on Anglesey you should find both good golf and great scenery, not to mention language and culture. And with the mainland so close via the Menai Bridge, you can also easily access the rest of north Wales if you wish, with its many castles, mountains and other attractions. However, the likelihood is that with golf clubs in hand and so much to do, you are likely to want to stay on Anglesey as long as you can and make the most of a great weekend on a beautiful island.

Make Yourself Do It

Making yourself do something doesn’t sound like much fun. Eating all my brussels sprouts and doing my homework are things that I’ve had to make myself do. So how does exercise get lumped in with homework? When was the last time you heard a kid say: “I don’t want to go outside and play, can I stay in and do my homework?” I’ve never heard that and I don’t think I ever will.

Something happens we reach adulthood that makes us feel like we need to do certain things. The problem is that we often make ourselves do things we don’t want to do. In fact, that is one of the definitions I heard about adulthood when talking to a group of kids. They thought that being an adult was all about doing things you don’t want to do because that’s what adults do.

I agree that there are certain things that need to get done. Work, family and other things come to mind, but you don’t really have to do these things either. When I’ve said this in front of a large group I have always gotten a rise out of the crowd. They say, “Yes I do!” or “I’ll be homeless if I don’t work!” This is true, but you still have a choice. You chose to set goals for yourself. If a home and family are among your goals, you have to do what it takes to reach them.

That is where the real challenge comes in. I haven’t met too many people that want to be living on the street. I haven’t met many that want to be poor or struggle to feed their family. That is why so many of us work hard to get these things. It is no secret and it is no small task. We work very hard day in and day out to make sure we get what we need and even what we want.

That doesn’t mean we don’t want health. You see, I haven’t met too many people that don’t want to be healthy either. I’ve yet to run into someone that says, “I want to be sick and have my health steadily decline as I age causing me more and more pain.” No one wants that, yet many get it.

Why can we make ourselves do some things, but not others? Why can we make ourselves work? Better yet, why can we make ourselves work so late that we don’t have time for anything else? It’s a mystery to many, but I can tell you why we are able to do that.

It all comes down to a four-step process. We’ve covered this process before in a previous article and I’ve discussed the steps with hundreds of employees to make sure they understood how they too could get themselves going. Yes, you can make yourself do anything. You’ve already been making yourself stressed and tired by working so hard. You’ve gotten used to making yourself do things you don’t want to do. With these four steps (and a newly added fifth step) you can make yourself exercise too.

Step 1: Make Time

Setting time aside is the first step to getting into any routine. No matter what you are doing, you have to set time aside to do it. I’m not talking about finding time or wishing you had more time. I’m talking about sitting down and planning to do it when you think you are able to do it.

Step 2: Make an Appointment

Now that you see time available and can commit to it, you have another opportunity to make it more likely to happen. When you have a meeting at work with your kids’ teacher, what do you do? You set an appointment. When it’s on the calendar, it gets done. If you do that with exercise and it will get done too.

Step 3: Make it Easy

The first two steps will help you do this, but there is more you can do to make your routine easy. I am tired of hearing about how hard it is to get enough exercise. Exercise is something we had to invent because we stopped moving on our own. Exercise used to be built into our daily lives. Even our generation was active as kids. We played naturally and didn’t need someone to tell us to. We didn’t need to make ourselves do it. Find an activity that you really love to do and do it. You can also do little things to make it easier on yourself, such as reminders or preparing beforehand.

Step 4: Make it happen

The simplest way to look at exercise is from your own perspective. What you want to do is in your own head and no one else can tell you what that is. You can hear recommendations and feel nervous that you can’t do it. You can hear about others and feel discouraged that you aren’t where they are. The only control you have is to decide where you are now and where you want to go. Follow the first three steps and you will be closer to step four. The only thing left to do is to commit to it and go.

The beauty of exercise is that we actually want to do it. It is easy to commit to something you want to do. That is where the fifth and final step comes in. I’ve been kind of negative on making yourself do things as we’ve sited working late and homework. As negative as it’s been, maybe that is what we really need. After all, we make ourselves work. We make ourselves sick and tired by working too hard and never doing what we really want to do. The key to the final step is to remember that you want to do it and then make yourself do it.

Step 5: Remember that you want to do this

When it comes to exercise, we don’t need much of an excuse. When it comes to work, no excuse is big enough. Let’s flip that around and commit to exercise. I’m not suggesting quitting your job and exercising all day. The funny part is that I’ve talked to many people that think that is what it takes to get enough exercise. Nonsense! All you have to do is focus on a short time period that is realistic. (step 1). Next you can put those times on the calendar to make them concrete. (Step 2) By doing these things you are making it easy. You can take it further by finding little things in your day to day routine that make it even easier and more likely to stick with. (Step 3). Finally, there just has to be a certain amount of commitment. You have to just decide that you will make it happen. (Step 4)

Finally, we come to the final step. In a way, we are putting exercise into a category that we are used to. We are used to doing things we don’t want to do. We have become experts at making ourselves do it. Why does this work? It works because we can find enough reasons to do it.

It is the reasons that keep us going. Your health, the health of your children and all the enjoyment you get from living healthy is a series of reasons. Exercise can give you more of it all. Are they enough for you to make yourself do it?

Executive Coaching – Revealed – 3 Popular Methods to Make Money Through Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is undeniably one of the most in-demand professions all over the world these days. It has always been the hot topic for most organizations who are looking for effective solutions in meeting senior management development needs, functional and personal skills, and the demands of a spanning business.

If you have vast business experience and if you have the time and the patience to lead businesses to where they would like to be, you can definitely make enormous amount of money every month. Well-trained and highly effective executive coaches can earn as much as $7,500 per client.

Here’s how you can make money through executive coaching:

1. Be the best in your chosen industry. One of the most challenging parts in making money through this endeavor is surviving the stiff competition. As executive coaching is one of the most rewarding and lucrative jobs, there are now thousand of people who are offering basically the same services. If you want to entice your target market to do business with you, you will need to position yourself as the best in your chosen industry. How to do that? Well, the answer to this is very simple; create an impressive online portfolio containing all the programs that you have developed for your other clients including their testimonials. You can also create your own website or blog where potential clients can get an idea as to how you can help them out and as to how much you know about the kind of business that they are running.

2. Impress your clients. Once you were able to convince your prospects to sign up to your services, make sure that you offer them with everything that they need in order to reach their business goals. These may include training for better management or leadership teams, enhancing internal communication, teaching managers new sets of skills, etc. It would also help if you can offer them more time and if you can give them more insider tips (even if they are not asking for these). Offer these people with everything you know and ensure that they’ll get steps closer in reaching their objectives.

3. Solicit feedback. Make it a habit to ask your clients for their feedbacks and comments after working with them. These can help you figure out your areas of opportunities so you’ll know what to do in order to better serve your future clients.

5 Benefits of Gifting Your Kids Educational Toys

Educational toys are designed to educate people, especially kids about a particular subject and help them enhance their skills while they play. The advantages and motives to buy educational toys for children are endless. Educational Toys are a great source of fun and learning for your kids. Moreover, they are readily available. Most parents and educationalists acknowledge the benefits to this type of play. This is a fun experience that can be enjoyed not only by the parents, but by their children and other family members as well. These playthings also support the early development and education of the child.

The playthings that you choose for your kids now will make a huge difference later in their life. These introduces your kids to various prospects like seeing, playing, understanding and experiencing certain materials. This all will present your kids with different challenges, which will require different sets of skills and cover different learning areas. The online stores make it easier for you to choose and buy and that also without even stepping out of your place.

Following points states the benefits of gifting your kid’s educational toys:

1. Retaining Interest

Learning mode varies from child to child. Some kids learn visually whereas others learn while they are moving around. When the young ones find the playthings that catch their interest, they then find the desire to continue playing and further finishing it. Through this, they learn inadvertently and enjoy without even a care in the world. Sometimes, when students are learning in the structured environment for instance, in school they are not able to cater individual learning programs for every child.

2. Developing Kid’s Senses

This is true especially for the babies because they are exploring each sense for the first time. For them everything is new. Through gifting them the educational toys you are building up their experiences. This is because you are offering them various experiences which will later help them in enhancing their personality and developing likes and dislikes. All these experiences are only possible if we introduce them to the world of learning toys.

3. Increasing their Brainpower

It is only through learning and practicing that the skills of the kids will improve and they will have an in-depth understanding. Learning toys are designed to increase the knowledge, retention power, hand-eye coordination and many more things. Besides, these playthings also boost the creative skills of the kids. It is while they are playing that you will realize how they can come up with different solutions of the same problem.

As soon as your child starts enjoying what he is playing, he will be so engrossed with his playthings that the time spent will be of no concern. This will result in, the more detailed understanding of the outcome.

4. Increasing Social and Emotional Development

Learning toys are not just beneficial from academic perspective but in regard to the all rounded growth of the kids as well. This includes the development of their emotional and social self. Through demanding activities, sharing, leadership, waiting for their turn and playing with others, all this is assisted by playthings of an educational nature. All this helps in boosting their pride, confidence and corroborating the young ones learning experience.

5. Teaching About Cause and Effect

There are certain learning toys that teach children about life lessons for instance, cause and effect. This can be observed while kids are busy playing with blocks, firstly spending hours to build them up and after few seconds instantly knocking them down. While the children are engrossed in playing, can explore how high the blocks can go by forming various structures, just to see before actually it falls. Later they practice this again and again until they are satisfied with the lesson.

So, next time when you plan on gifting your kid something, gift them the educational playthings. And let the world around them make some sense.

Dealing With People Who Always Blame Others

Why do we tend to blame other people? People are always blaming other people for their circumstances. Blame neatens from life’s uncertainties until they ‘solved’ the problem. But research has found that when you talk negatively to, say, a friend about how awful a colleague is, the listening friend is more likely to associate the negativity to you rather than to the person you’re describing ‘spontaneous trait transference’.

Blame is a narcissistic tendency that places my self-interest above yours. That’s perfectly natural, since we’re all wired that way. They don’t care, as long as they’re in the clear.. Projection hence has can work by distraction. A way of finding cause is to blame someone. Few go to work thinking ‘I’ll fail today. Few also are lazy or incompetent. If we are not at fault, we blame to defend. If we are at fault, then we blame to deflect.

I’m not saying we should never blame other people. It seems we need to tread a path between overly internalizing (“Everything is always my fault!”) and overly externalizing (“Why do other people always screw up!”) when bad things happen. Doing too much of either make us off-balance and unhappy. Having the ‘everything and anything I do is self-justifiably wonderful and right!’ type of attitude is okay if you’re two, but I’m guessing you’re not.

And the fact is, we all need feedback about ourselves. Otherwise, we don’t move forward. The pill can be bitter to swallow sometimes, but it can do us an awful lot of good. We can be our own ‘jesters’. Blaming doesn’t have to mean ‘punishing’. If you are big enough to realize when you have made a mistake, you can admit it and then find ways, if possible, to make things better. That’s all it takes and all you can do. If other people use it as an excuse to turn on you, then that’s their issue. If you feel you have a tendency to blame others unfairly, then you’ve already become your own Jester and everyone needs one.

Most people will refuse to even countenance the idea that they may be prone to unfairly blaming others. So you’ve already taken a massive step. If something doesn’t work out, it’s easy to get creative and find some reason why it’s someone else’s fault. Learn to relax with not actually knowing for a while why something worked out the way it did. Tolerate the temporary uncertainty of just not knowing until you get a wider perspective on things. Jumping to blame the first person isn’t an effective way of going about things.Wait for a bit by telling yourself: “Okay, this is the situation at the moment. Now, what’s the very best thing I can now do in these circumstances?”

While the habit of blaming others is very common still there is no one common reason behind it but instead there are many different reasons that could make a person blame others. So behind the act of blaming others FEAR/ INSECURITY might exist! They learned it from their parents. Some parents have failed to teach their children how to take responsibility for their actions and so they grew up as adults who blame others whenever something bad happens.

The ability to accept what went wrong is how you can improve and develop yourself. It doesn’t mean that you might be able to convince a lot of people to sympathize you but this won’t make you progress as a human being. You need to develop the capacity to respond to the feedback life gives us about ourselves free of either the distorting effects of low self-esteem or conceit and arrogance.

If you are used to just dishing out the blame on others and not accepting your part, no wonder people are talking behind your back. They will resent you and eventually hate you for lack of responsibility in accepting the consequence of your actions.

Remember, life is full of people who take emotional shortcuts and blame other people unfairly for their sake, don’t be one of them.

"Life Insurance is a Terrible Investment" – Or Is It?

Focused on maximizing your gains, many financial counselors advise, “Life insurance is a terrible investment.” When the Dow-Jones industrial average climbs 20% in one year and whole life insurance policy earns only 2%, why would you choose to live with that ten-fold discrepancy? It defies common sense, the advisors emphasize; and their logic speaks for itself.

However, financial advisors’ numbers game overlooks two critical factors that influence your decision to insure your life: First, the advisors conveniently neglect the glaring fact that the Dow-Jones plunged by nearly half its value in 2008, so that a 2% gain would have looked and felt just fine. Most investment products put your money at risk, whereas a life insurance policy steadily builds cash value and assures reasonable liquidity after an initial “accrual” period. Second, and much more importantly, aggressive financial advisors neglect the purpose of insuring your life: You do not buy life insurance to build your wealth. You take out a policy for yourself and another for your wife to protect your wealth. When you buy a whole life policy, you make certain that your family can maintain its quality of life no matter what happens to its two primary income-providers.

The purchase of whole life insurance marks one of life’s passages to adulthood, because it indicates you are set in your career, have married, purchased a home, and brought a child into the world. You actually have significant “net worth” and “equity,” which you should protect against the unthinkable.

Some “insurance” products do serve as effective investment tools as they provide death benefits and rights of survivorship; but they do not strictly qualify as “life” insurance. Instead, they are sold as annuities, and they work better for retirement savings than for protecting your assets against your premature demise. An experienced insurance broker can show you the full array of insurance and investment options specially designed for young families who just have purchased their first home and delivered their first child.