Cartoons, A Brief Introduction

What is a cartoon? A cartoon is a drawing, a simple example of creative thinking and a perception of the reality and dream. By drawing cartoons, one enhances creative skills.

Cartoons represent almost all aspects of life; they could be humorous, serious or erotic. In a few lines, the cartoonist is able to capture the entire idea he wants to convey, to observe and exaggerate the characters’ features.

People have always associated cartoons with fun and childhood, because children love cartoons, they love drawings and like seeing them move on the screen or they enjoy adults reading them comic books. In this way children’s creativity path is opened.

Political cartoons are special cartoons that represent current political affairs with humor and originality.

Political cartoons are considered historical sources just like newspapers, paintings, diaries and documents. These kinds of cartoons communicate political messages about events and people of the time through pictures. Some cartoons do this merely to comment on political events and poke fun, other cartoons are evidence of people and government’s efforts to influence people.

The universal truth is that most cartoons are drawn to make people laugh. They make normally serious politicians look ridiculous. By exaggerating situations and characters they become funny and daring; they ‘say’ things people would not dare to say out loud. Cartoons are usually made up of two elements: caricature (a drawing that makes an individual funny by his looks) and illusion (something that cartoonists add but it is not real, but it is used to pretend a funny situation).

However, there are some cartoons that are not meant to be funny, they are deadly serious.

Nonetheless, cartoons do make an impact, and because of this they are memorable.

One can find online on Cartoon Bank carefully chosen cartoons from The New Yorker editions, prints and cover that decorate houses, offices; all original works available for purchase.

What is Success and How Do We Achieve It?

To be clear about what success is must be the first step to achieving success.

So far, the best definition I have come across is: “Success is the completion of anything intended.” In other words success is finishing what you planned to do.

Even robbing a bank is a kind of success if that is what you wished to do. However, you probably did not intend to end up in prison!

The above definition of success shines a light on failure and success. Make a plan and follow it and you will have succeeded. Make a plan and do not follow it and you will have failed.

This gives a yard stick for judging every day of our lives. We can say at the end of the day “I have failed” or “I have succeeded.”

This may seem very obvious but it is amazing that only about 85% of the human race end up doing what they intended.

I asked several people what they thought success was. One person said that “Success is making loads of money.” Another said that success is “Achieving your goals”. Some one else said that success is “Fulfilling your potential”. An interesting answer was that success is “Making others jealous”.

Brian Tracy agrees with the connection between success and goals. He has said “Success is goals, and all else is commentary.” Tracy believes that people with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them.

Stuart Goldsmith in “The Midas Method” has an important section on how to set goals so that they are achieved using the full power of the subconscious mind.

Maria Nemeth gives this definition of success: “Doing what you said you would do, with ease”.

“Doing what you said you would do” is currently not achieved by the majority of the human race especially politicians! Doing it with ease is achieved by even fewer and requires making the most of the subconscious mind.

Jim Rohn argues that success is just a few simple disciplines practised daily.

The power of daily discipline is HUGE. Because the discipline is practised daily the effect is cumulative. The good practice is carried out 365 times a year with, perhaps, a few lapses.

It cannot fail to have tremendous influence. Once the discipline becomes a daily habit, it can be forgotten about until the rewards start coming in.

The writer who writes every day has written well over 300 pages by the end of the year. If he or she does not write every day they lose momentum and inspiration. If they keep up the writing (even just a few words a day) a magnet for relevant thoughts develops.

Recently a Liverpool student of American media studies applied for 600 jobs and received only one interview which he failed. He decided to write a novel. He determined to complete ten pages a day. He worked in the evenings at a dead end job to make money and then wrote until about 5 in the morning at his novel which has now become famous. It also looks like becoming a Hollywood blockbuster film.

He points out that if you write only one page a day for 100 days you can write a screen play. He wrote his novel by studying the structure of two other novels and noticing how they were structured and wrote his screenplay after studying video of films and noticing how long each scene lasted before there was a change.

I can’t remember his name or the name of his book as I just happened to hear part of his interview on television.

The practice of daily disciplines alone can change our lives totally. Another benefit of daily disciplines is that they quickly create habits and habits create character.

A great quote by Jim Ryun, the American Athlete, is as follows

“Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what keeps you going”

Another brilliant quote is:

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.”

Albert Einstein

The next quote says more or less the same thing:

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Henry David Thoreau

Many would argue that success is not about making money but about developing oneself into a person who is valuable to others.

However, this quite often will lead to making money because people will pay for value. Any one who is very good at their job can usually command whatever pay they wish.

Adam Hollioake is one of the most successful English county cricket captains. He realised what is important in life when his brother Ben was killed in a car accident in Perth Australia. Adam learned that he should be kind to people and have fun and “that’s what life is about.”

His view of success in cricket is not necessarily winning. He is not afraid to lose a cricket match. He is only concerned that his team put 100% effort into the game. He comments:

“If we do put that effort in we usually win anyway”.

Success then is putting in 100% effort whatever the results. More often than not, however, the results will be excellent.

Michael Angier has a great definition of success.

“Success is the result of steadily taking action on our most important goals. When we consistently focus our energies and our efforts upon what matters most, we can’t help but be successful”.

Angier also admires Ralph Waldo Emerson’s comments on success:

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded.”

What are the causes of failure and success?

William James, the great American psychologist, puts failure down to lack of faith in one self

“There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man’s lack of faith in his true self.”

Faith in one self is a huge part of success. Stuart Goldsmith in “The Midas Method” talks about two kinds of belief that are necessary for success. You must believe that you deserve to succeed and you must believe that you have the ability to succeed.

Another big cause of success is discipline.

“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success.” Brian Tracy

Another cause is the willingness to try to succeed even if the possibility of success is remote.

“Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead.”

Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) American Writer

My computer guru, Danny believes that you should hold on to your dream in all circumstances and never let go. Grab hold of your vision with an iron fist and even if you are down on your luck and in the gutter never give up.

Danny himself has held on to a dream for 22 years. His dream is to develop the best languages translator in the world.

It does not matter if you are 72 – grab hold of your dream. Actually visualize your hand holding on to that dream. Too many people are worn down by life and give up their dreams.

Every dream is personal but the principle is the same. You are an idiot if you let go. You have to have a reason for living. Set yourself a goal and never let go until you die.

There is nothing you can’t do. If you can’t swim 10 lengths without a rest, train for a few months and you will be able to swim 50 lengths.

Danny’s comments about swimming reminded me about how little is taught at school about how training can improve your abilities.

At my school in the Isle of Man, there was an annual half mile swim in the sea. I knew I would drown if I attempted this but no one ever suggested that I start training hard so that I would be capable of completing the swim.

I was just classified as someone who could not do the swim. It did not occur to me that through determined training I would be able to do what I could not previously do.

When Danny was young he was a skinny weakling. But one day he decided that this was not a good thing. He filled out and did some weight training and set up his own fitness, strength and flexibility routine.

He performs this every other day. This avoids the boredom of a daily routine. He does 200 situps, 30-50 leg raises and three or four sets of 20-30 bench presses.

He also does 2 sets of 20 or 30 squats with dumbells to develop leg power. The dumbbells avoid the danger of overbalancing with a barbell across your shoulders. There is also little likelihood that you will drop the dumbbells on children or family pets! Dumbells allow for greater control than barbells.

Danny’s advice for success is to do something. If in doubt, read a book. The worst thing you can do is sit on your backside watching TV. If you do, nothing will ever happen. He notes the hypnotic effect of TV on the spectators. Danny seldom ever watches TV.

Danny also is impressed by Arnold Schwarzenegger who has just been elected Governor of California. If Arnold wants something, he does what is necessary to get that thing. If he had to eat 50 mars bars, he would eat them. If he had to stand stark naked on his head in a field for half an hour he would.

This is an example to us all. If you have to put stamps on thousands of envelopes to send out your direct mail sales letters, you just have to do it.

The basic principle is that you have to do what is required. Some things require certain actions to achieve them and you have to do them whether you like doing them or not.

It is no good saying I want to be Governor of California but I don’t want to do any public speaking or travel on the campaign trail or be friendly to thousands of people you don’t like. You have to pick up babies and smile at people you may not like.

If you want to be rich you have to do those things which will make you rich. It’s no good saying “I don’t really want to do it.” Danny gives himself a virtual smack round the head every time he is tempted to give up on his projects.

Some people think they will make money by taking short cuts like suing people or fraud. The world would be a much better place if people just got on with doing what they had to do.

Many successful people stress the importance of action in achieving success.

Michael Masterson of the Ezine “Early to Rise” writes:”Action is the key to success, and failure to act is the reason most people will never achieve the kind of success they dream about”

Another approach to achieving success is to stay cool about it. Just get on with doing what you think is important and what you love to do.

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” Sir David Frost

Elvis Presley gave his cousin Donna some advice to help her achieve her goals for the future. It seems good advice to me:

Donna’s best memory of Elvis was when she was 18 and she spoke to him one on one. He asked her about her plans for the future and told her she could achieve anything she wanted “so long as you have faith in God;have faith in yourself; work hard and never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something”.

Elvis himself had plenty of discouragement which he successfully ignored. The later part of his life was not too successful but as Donna commented, we should focus on what he did achieve which was amazing.

Peter Vidmar explains how he achieved success at the Olympic Games:

“There’s only two things I had to do to win the Olympic gold: Train when I wanted to, and train when I didn’t.”

This is possibly my favourite quote of all time. It sums up the essence of success and the will power and discipline necessary to achieve it. Sometimes training will be easy but sometimes it will take effort because one really does not feel like training. This is simple and beautifully easy to understand.

Another quote I like is concerned with the kind of success which depends on people liking your work or product. Don’t worry about whether they will like your work. Just do your best and leave the liking or disliking up to them.

“Success has a simple formula: ‘Do your best and people may like it'”.

Sam Ewing

Any success involves some kind of cost; usually some boring work is involved as suggested in the following quote. The word ‘drudgery’ sums this kind of work up exactly. Almost any kind of business involves marketing and marketing is the last thing many businessmen enjoy doing.

“Success is the child of drudgery and perseverance. It cannot be coaxed or bribed; pay the price and it is yours”.

Orison Swett Marden, 1850-1924.

Mike Litman comes up with golden statements frequently. Here is just one of them:

“The biggest secret of success in life is: You don’t have to get it right; you just have to get it going. Perfectionism can kill success. We never get going because we are always waiting to get everything just right. Instead, let’s get going.”

One success breeds another. Bobby Robson, now over 70, is one of Britain’s most successful managers. He should know what creates success. He recently commented about his team’s performances:

“Success breeds success”

This makes sense. Write one successful book and you will have the confidence to write another. A lady over 70 wrote a book about overcoming the pain of arthritis. It was a huge success to her total amazement and made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not surprisingly she has now written two more books.

Success is a key goal for most people but it helps to have a clear idea of what success means to you. I hope this article will have shed some light on possible definitions of success and provided some ideas about how you can achieve your kind of success. 2500

Some Games to Enjoy As Indoor Kids’ Games

Games children play are the most fun of all games. Most of them are played outdoors. What happens when the weather is not cooperative? Kids could not possibly sit down and wallow in their bedrooms. They need to have fun and have excitement in whatever form. Now, as parents, you need not worry too much about such concerns. Indoor kids’ games are there to provide assistance and facilitate children’s genuine fun times. Here are several indoor kids’ games that you should observe and play while staying indoors due to bad weather.

Computer games do wonders. They are now considered as among the top indoor kids’ games that are available to the public. Anyone could enjoy computer games anytime of the day. You could play them through the computer, the laptop, the television set, or through special video gaming gadgets available commercially. When you say videogames, think more than Warcrafts, Sega, and Nintendo. There are stil numerous computer games out there. All you need to do is to open up your eyes and wander around for available computer games that could be fun and exciting to play at the same time.

‘Where did you find that face?’ could be a really fun indoor kids’ game. To play, have players sit around a circle, all facing inwards. The first player starts by creating a silly face. The player who would laugh out loud while making the face would be instantly out. Remember that chuckling or laughing is not allowed, but smiling is permitted. The current player would then pass the ‘face’ to the next player, which could be the one to his or her left.

Play Classic Bullseye board game. This is based on the popular TV classic dart quiz. The game confronts children with hoards of tricky questions with corresponding rewards for every correctly answered ones, the Bully’s star prize. Go through various rounds. Undoubtedly, this is a great entertainment that even older family members could participate in and have fun.

An indoor scavenger hunt would be equally fun and exciting. Do you need ideas for the game? Here are some: ask for something that is green, that ties, that is fuzzy, that has a face, and so on. Whoever among the children would be able to find the items asked for would score points. Whoever does so at the quickest time would qualify to win prizes. As you organize the event, make sure you promote and foster sportsmanship. Do not forget to ask the children to clean up and fix their mess.

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games ever. It even gets more popular. This board game is played like purchasing property and real estate. You have to develop the ‘acquisition’ and make sure opponents would lose their money long before you do. Monopoly has gone several versions and is now reaching out more to children.

There are variations for kids like Disney editions, cat and dog edition, and deluxe editions. Kids would surely have a grand time playing these indoor kids’ games.

Online Spongebob Games

These days, kids are very enthusiastic about Spongebob on TV. Particularly this summer when school is out, children are on the lookout for watching it on TV. They never tire from watching the different episodes everyday.

Because of the popularity of Spongebob Carton on TV, there are hundreds of online Spongebob Games created in the internet. You can find just about any kind of Spongebob Adventure games when you check out the internet and most of them are free or very affordable.

Kids and adults alike are lured in wanting to play Spongebob games. Something that seems to attract people to these games is the fact that they’re designed in a way to be very entertaining and fun. You can not only pass the time by really enjoying the story line, but you will also find the games to be highly entertaining.

You can find hundreds of games on the internet and play SpongeBob games and enjoy his adventures. You will be very surprised by just how many options exist. This is in large part because of the tremendous popularity of the story and all the characters involved, primary Spongebob Squarepants. Simply by looking online you can instantly start playing these games and enjoy them with your kids.

Online SpongeBob games are wonderful ways of bonding with your children. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to sometimes find the time or the right venue that you can spend quality time with your child. Playing games of this kind can really give you a chance to spend more quality time with those who you care about most, your children.

Enjoy these games and let your kids experience great fun in playing and defending their favorite character on TV. Find online sites where you can conveniently and easily play these games right now on your PC! Don’t worry about having to pay money, there are a lot of wonderful free and low-cost options to choose from when it comes to playing online Spongebob games.

Semen Can Whiten Your Teeth – Fact Or Fiction?

Can semen really whiten your teeth? Is semen good for teeth? Information about whether ejaculated human sperm can help make your teeth whiter.

Before we can make any assumptions on whether does semen whiten the teeth, the following facts should be known about ejaculate human semen before judging or coming to any conclusions.

The human semen contains a variety of ingredients, which mainly include sperm (containing DNA), citric acid, fructose, ascorbic acid, water, magnesium, enzymes, nitrogen, chlorine, potassium, creatine vitamin B12, cholesterol, phosphate, bicarbonate buffers, zinc and calcium. These are all essential for reproduction and have their own individual roles to play in the whole reproductive process, among them; calcium and zinc are held by some to be useful for the teeth, but there are no scientific proof to support that they help when it comes to whitening the teeth.

Furthermore, a comparison study between the ingredients inside a tooth whitening product and semen will give us a deeper knowledge about the effectiveness of the latter as a tooth whitener.

Hydrogen peroxides, hydrated silica, polyvinylpyrrolidone, potassium nitrate, calprox, baking soda, fluoride, strontium chloride and sodium tripolyphosphate are the main ingredients which are commonly found in different teeth whiteners on the market. The bleaching chemicals and ingredients mentioned above are not found in semen, though potassium and phosphates are present there, non of them are in the proper combination with other elements which can aid in whitening the teeth. Therefore it can safely be assumed that a teeth whitening toothpaste is a much better option, rather than depending on semen to do it.

However, semen ingestion is known to lower stress and raise the women’s mood due to its sugar based enzymes, and a recent study also shows that selenium, an ingredient found in semen may also serve in protection against cancer, but as far as whitening of the teeth is concerned, semen does not seem to be promising at all. It would be advisable to go for a laser clinical tooth whitening session or purchase a professional at home teeth whitening kit if you want to be through about it. Any of these will give you better results, greater assurance and a whiter, brighter smile than semen.

Numerology and Sex – For Adults Only!

Sex is important! Through the act we perpetuate the species, our own genetic material, and of course, we have fun. Sex is one of the fundamental drives of the human mind; ask any advertiser or film maker whether or not sex sells. Sex is what I like to call a Sensual Energy eXchange. There are different uses for this energy just as there are different inclinations and preferences regarding this energy. Using the Destiny Number, also called the Life Path, we can learn how to best channel this energy to fulfill our sexual needs. The Destiny Number is your birth date reduced to a single digit. For example, if you were on January 1, 1980 you would proceed: 1+1+1+9+8+0 = 20 and 2 + 0 = 2.

NOTE: Sexual expression is often considered taboo and even those who are ’emancipated’ may have a number of repressions. In order to better illustrate the point we will focus upon the extremes. Do not be surprised if you find yourself experiencing a reaction of one form or another and keep an open mind, use these suggestions to embody your vibration sexually.

1 Destiny: You can be single minded in your pursuit of your lover. Taken to the extreme you can look at love as a contest and your partners as conquests. At times you focus too much upon your own satisfaction and be a little too dominant although, your partners find you exciting and willing to experiment. Sexual activities: You can channel your 1 energy be being on top. Make sure you experience the other end of the 1 spectrum by allowing your partner to ride. Ladies, try red lingerie for an exciting night.

2 Destiny: You are a caring lover who aims to please in any way that you can. You enjoy kissing, hugging, and cuddling. In fact, such things are necessary as you need to feel protected and nurtured. At the extreme end you may try to plan things out in advance and schedule love making. You can be a bit submissive and follow your partner’s energy very well. Sexual activities: Show your partner your willingness to please by displaying your body through dance and self-pleasure for their eyes only. On the other side, playfully refuse your lovers advances from time to time and learn to enjoy the power that comes with teasing. Ladies should consider shades of orange in lingerie and makeup.

3 Destiny: You are an exciting and playful lover with a lot of confidence. This gives you the ability to make your partner feel comfortable with your playful, light hearted attitude towards sex. You like different positions and are likely to have a copy of Kama Sutra on your shelf. You can be so uninhibited that you may make your lover blush! Sexual activities: Activities that allow for the sensual exploration of other parts of the body are ideal such as breast sex and foot or toe sex. Ladies can spice things up with shades of yellow.

4 Destiny: Fours can struggle with emotions, especially understanding the passions of their partner. You are slow and steady and may delay lovemaking to build up the steam. Relationships are very important and you are extremely loyal and faithful. Your sex life can become stagnant if you take an intellectual approach and rely only upon the tried and true methods of becoming turned on. Sexual activities: Turn off the lights and crawl under the covers with your lover. Slow, gentle, and long. On the flip side of the coin, go wild every once in a while. Try making love outdoors. Ladies, green is the color to pull out your sensual side to the max.

5 Destiny: The adventurous one! You enjoy variety and excitement. Spontaneity is a turn on as are new places, new positions and new people! You are attractive to the opposite sex and need mental as well as physical stimulation. You like the ups and downs of passion and stimulation. Sexual activities: You may want to eat from a larger menu that includes oral and anal fun, role playing, and other ‘non-standard’ activities like spanking. Ladies should wear blue underclothes and makeup.

6 Destiny: Sixes are quite devoted and need to maintain the balance and harmony in a relationship. When you find that special someone giving in to carnal desires is a joy. Music, candles, and lighting all help to create that air of romance. Long, very long sessions of foreplay including lots of kissing is to your liking. Sexual activities: Being kissed and licked all over your body as well as massages and digital exploration will suit you just fine. Ladies should wear indigo, dark blue, and black.

7 Destiny: Dreamy and romantic, you secretly desire a spiritual connection with your lover. You can be a little spacey and detached and your analytical nature can produce an almost clinical approach to sex. However, you can potentially reach levels of intimacy with your lover that are beyond conscious comprehension. Sexual activities: Explore such things as Tantra and techniques allowing for a more meditative sexual experience. Shed that ‘clinical’ disposition and use some dirty words! Ladies, violets and purples will bring out your inner beast.

8 Destiny: Ok, you’re a freak. Or frigid. Up or down you’re either almost totally active or passive. You can be a little too wrapped up in the politics of sexual power and wouldn’t mind having total control of your partner. Seduce or be seduced. This attitude can alienate others however, when you make a commitment you do so completely. Sexual activities: Games that allow you to safely explore power relationships such as Bondage and Discipline or Role Playing. Learn to enjoy gushy, overly romantic displays. Ladies, the color pink will help you balance out your sexual urges.

9 Destiny: You can be so empathetic that you become a doormat. But, you enjoy helping your lover and often put your own needs on the backburner. But when they finally build up, watch out! Your passion can be volcanic and you lover can unexpectedly find that your quiet nature has become quite demanding. And exciting. Sexual activities: Anything that allows for mutual selfless pleasure such as sixty-nine or mutual masturbation. Ladies should try brown, bronze and chocolate colors in makeup and lingerie.

Copyright Jakob Steele 2007

Fighting the Time Bandits

You can get a lot done in eight hours. In fact, eight hours is an eternity. If you don’t believe this, fly coach for eight hours seated next to a crying infant. You’ll get a keen understanding of just how long it is.

Consider the time you devote to productive work as your “Golden Eight.” Golden because time is indeed money especially if you are in sales.

Working a solid, focused eight hours can be difficult. Every day time bandits knock on your door. Members of this mob include personal phone calls and texting, bull sessions with co-workers, checking personal email, looking for lost things, (Highly productive people have clean and well-organized desks.) personal errands, long breaks and longer lunches…the list goes on.

It all adds up. Research shows that, on average, salespeople waste two hours a day. This works out to be a startling three months a year! How much can you sell in three months?

By far the biggest time bandit is the Internet. While the web is an indispensable business, communication, education and research tool, it is also highly addictive. Like most addictions, it can devour your precious time, energy and productivity and, by extension, your income.

Take it from a recovering Internet addict, if you are serious about increasing your productivity you will avoid these Internet time bandits:

Social Networking. Sure it’s fun to share photos and news with friends and family but it also diminishes your productivity. Do it after hours.

Online Videos. That hilarious video of the cute little kitten playing ping pong is a must see… but not during the Golden Eight you’ve devoted to work.

News and Blogs. Offering lively writing, lots of photos and tempting links to other sites and news items, these are powerfully addictive. Stay off them during work.

Shopping. The Internet is open 24 hours a day. Shop before or after work hours.

Surfing the web. There’s a lot out there to see. It’s interesting and entertaining but a pointless drain on your precious time.

All That Other Stuff. Online games, auctions, adult sites, chat rooms, job sites, dating sites, vacation and travel sites are all major workplace no-no’s.

Carpe Diem! Each morning take a few moments to write down what you want to accomplish that day. This does not have to be an hour-by-hour work plan. It can simply state the work activities that will give you the highest return on your time. Allow yourself a little flexibility, but follow your plan.

You’ll be on your way to much greater productivity. You’ll enjoy the feeling of knowing you’ve put in an honest and productive eight hours. You’ll look forward with much greater appreciation to the 16 hours left for rest, relaxation, friends, family and maybe a little time on the Internet.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. My email address is [email protected]. I read and respond to every email I receive. by Michael Dalton Johnson of

Blind Man’s Bluff Party Games

The original game of blind man’s bluff can be traced back to ancient China, all the way back to the Han Dynasty: circa 500 BC. This game was played a little like tag is played today only the person trying to ‘tag’ the others is blindfolded. This popular version was also a traditional party game in the Victorian era and there are many internet references and photographs of children, and adults, playing blind man’s bluff from the early 1800’s.

One popular variation of blind man’s bluff that is played exclusively in a swimming pool is called “Marco Polo”. In the Marco Polo version of this game the person trying to tag the others has his eyes closed and shouts “Marco”, to which the other players respond (just as loudly) “Polo”. The person trying to tag the others then uses his sense of sound to try and locate the other players. I have seen a version of this game under which the players (being tagged) can leave the pool and re-enter at another location. If the person shouting “Marco” happens to shout “Fish on deck” when a player is out of the pool then that player is deemed to be tagged and he or she takes the turn of the person trying to tag the others.

A not so well known version of this game, which was also popular during Victorian times, was called “Blind Man’s BIFF”. The idea of this variation was that two players would be blind folded and lay on the floor. They would each hold a rolled up newspaper in one hand and hold each another’s hand with the other. The players would then take it in turns to try and “biff” each other on the head with the newspaper. The idea was they would try and locate the head of their opponent by listening to him (and this game was usually played by boys, I wonder why!), speak. The speaking was achieved by a question and answer, something like “Are you there Mr. Jones?” followed by the other person answering “Yes I am here Mr. Smith?” As soon as Mr. Smith, in the example, had finished speaking then Mr. Jones would try and biff (hit) Mr. Smith with his newspaper. In the previous example as soon as Mr. Smith had answered he would try to alter his head position to avoid being hit. As the vintage instructions for this game state, “It is more for the amusement of the spectators than the participants”.

Whilst there are many other variations of blind man’s bluff one favorite has endured for years and that is “Pin the tail on the Donkey”. This game simply involves the party guests, who are blind folded, trying to pin a tail (in the correct position) on a picture of a donkey. One delightful girls party game that is similar to Pin the tail on the Donkey is “Kiss the Frog”. In the Kiss the Frog game each blind folded girl, e.g. “would be” princess, has a cellophane pair of lips formed as a kiss. In turn the young ladies try to place their ‘kiss’ as close to the lips of a pictured frog, as possible. This is one of my favorite girls party ideas for a princess themed party, especially for the younger children. In all cases the first time the girls see this variation of blind man’s bluff they will be demanding their mothers buy it for their own next party.

Whether or not the original bland man’s bluff game is played or a variation, the fun of people being blind folded and trying to tag, hit or place a tail on a donkey (or a kiss on a frog) has endured for over 2,000 years.

Hidden Object Games Online

Nowadays it seems everyone is a gamer of some sort, and the casual gamer is probably the fastest growing population among them. The reason this is happening is because there seems to be more and more games being developed that cater to all sorts of demographics. When this happens, niches are formed, and a recent niche that has come to light is that of Hidden Object Games and/or Difference Games.

The origins of this niche date back a few decades ago when these types of games where introduced in heavily illustrated books. People of all ages would test their skills at searching for specific items or people in a crowded landscape full of all kinds of crazy characters who were in the midst of some sort of chaotic episode. Since then, this pastime has turned to children as its main audience with merchandisers filling the shelves of bookstores with “find it” books featuring just about any popular character from children’s favorite movies or TV shows. However, now we are in the era of online gaming where virtually anything is possible, and adults (especially middle aged women) are back in the hunt for Hidden Object Games that feature content interest them particularly.

Today’s Hidden Object Games target these casual players who like to spend their free time with their computers relaxing with something a little girly with music that soothes. The content usually includes quiet or mysterious places that you search for antiques or other relics. These places could be libraries, attics, ancient ruins, gardens, forests, or worlds of make believe. You then have a list of things to find, and once you find them, you click on them to take them off the list. The characters often need to find certain items to escape a maze or search out clues to solve a mystery or crime of some sort.

Difference Games are mentioned above as being the same or at least very similar to Hidden Object Games. The goal here is to look at two very detailed pictures side by side and search each to see what makes them distinct from one another. They can be paintings, illustrations, or what appears to be simple greeting cards. The player is usually being timed as they scour the screen for a certain number of differences. Some have the player follow a storyline as they go from screen to screen to keep it interesting as though they were actually accomplishing something by finding the variants.

The above argument that this niche is made up of mostly middle aged women can be backed up by the majority of the content of these games. While there are exceptions to these kinds of themes, most emphasize romance, country homes, shopping malls, fantasy, and adventurous, heroic women. If another demographic had been targeted here, the exceptions of violence, suspense, and slapstick humor would be more prevalent by far.

So one could surmise that Difference Games are a subcategory of Hidden Object Games niche. At any rate, if you find what you’ve just read interesting and you’d like to try your hand at some of these games, feel free to hop on your favorite search engine and find out what you’ve been missing!

Fishing, Surfing, Wildlife, and Treasure! Sebastian Inlet State Park

Many of my favorite childhood summer memories of growing up along Florida’s Space Coast revolve around the annual camping trips my family and I enjoyed each summer at Sebastian Inlet State Park, about 30 miles south of my home in Satellite beach. Then as my friends got old enough to drive, weekend camping trips were a regular occurrence. When I got married and had a family of my own, the camping tradition carried onward and today, my daughters tell me that those trips comprise some of their favorite memories. Sebastian Inlet is widely regarded as one of Florida’s finest and most popular state parks in the state and for good reason. There is so much to do there.

First and foremost, Sebastian Inlet is a fishing mecca and produces some of the best Snook fishing in the state, but Redfish, Snapper, Sea-Trout, Flounder, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon and Jacks and a host of others are more possibilities. The rocks along the shoreline almost always produced mangrove Snapper for me while Sheepshead were less frequent catches. I would catch Atlantic Spadefish which look like a freshwater aquarium angelfish from around the pilings under the A1A Bridge’s fishing catwalk. Summer nights would find me and whatever friend came with us at the end of the L shaped dock near the campground with a Coleman lantern suspended just above the water. After the tide had been going out for about an hour the shrimp would show up to be scooped up by the dozens just off the surface of the water. Placing one on a hook and casting off the dock almost certainly produced great fishing. Shark fishing at night is popular among a few. My largest was a 5 foot Nurse Shark off the North Jetty but I have seen larger Blacktips and Bull Sharks as well as others caught here.

Surfing also reigns supreme here. “First Peak” is a surf break known throughout the eastern surf scene. It occurs just north of the North Jetty when, under the right conditions with a swell coming out of the northeast, sections of an incoming wave will strike the jetty and bounce off into the rest of the wave, forming a very pronounced peak. The best surfers in the state regularly flock here and it can get very crowded. Sebastian Inlet is host each year to several surfing tournaments that draw pro surfers from around the world. Monster Hole, a reef structure about a 1/3 mile offshore of the south jetty, is another local legend. During flat times you would never know there is a surf break there. It takes a 3-5 foot swell to set it off but when it does, intrepid surfers are rewarded with hollow, powerful lefts that peel off for a hundred yards or more. I mentioned intrepid surfers because it has never been fully explained to me whether the name, “Monster Hole” is because of the waves that break there, or the large sharks that are sighted there. In addition it is a ways out there, not for beginners.

While fishing and surfing reign supreme here, there is so much more to Sebastian Inlet. During my childhood summers my buddy and I would be the only snorkelers in the inlet but today, it has become very popular. The wading lagoon on the North Side of the inlet is an great place to get started with snorkeling as the lagoon has easy access, is shallow, with a sandy bottom, and yet the rock jetties that protect the lagoon from the currents within the inlet itself provide structure that attracts Mangrove Snapper, Striped Grunts, Sheepshead, and a variety of smaller tropical looking species. Once while snorkeling with my Daughters in this cove we were paid a visit by a Manatee. Some people slide down the rocks lining the north side of the inlet and then go for a drift dive, preferably on an incoming tide while snorkeling along the rocks along the southern shore of the inlet near the campground has for me produced sightings of large Snook just milling about waiting for the next nighttime feeding frenzy. If you are snorkeling and really want to see a lot of fish and amaze your kids, snorkel from the beach area near the campsite where you will find clumps of rocks, with a hand full of cut up bait shrimp, and with your back to the current, release the shrimp into the water in front of you. You will be rewarded with a miniature feeding frenzy if front of you. Remember to always stay within 100 feet of a dive flag and out of the boat channel. Also avoid snorkeling in front of people fishing from shore. The best snorkeling within the inlet will always be the later stages of an incoming tide or the earlier stages of an outgoing tide. That is when the inlet is filled with cleaner ocean water. You can also sometimes snorkel off the beach when the water is clean and little or no swell is present. You can snorkel along the ocean side of the south jetty and starting just south of jetty, you will find coquina ridges close to shore, within 100 yards.

Scuba Diving is also popular here, and is allowed in all waters of the inlet except the boat channel, and directly under the bridge and fishing catwalks. Just outside of the Inlet, Monster Hole is popular, especially with lobster divers, and then you have Riomar Reef, which starts just south of the south jetty, within 100 yards of shore, extends outward about ½ a mile, and runs unbroken all the way down to Roimar. Divers here can encounter sharks, rays, sea turtles, and over 200 species of fish, plus the unique and rare Oculina species of corals. Reliefs in the limestone and coquina ridges can be quite dramatic. Depths range from 3-4 feet to about 15. Remember to always carry and display a dive flag.

For Kayakers, Sebastian Inlet State Park is a great paddling destination Putting in at the Sebastian Inlet Marina located about a mile north of the Inlet itself gives you access to the Campbell Pocket area with its mangrove lined shorelines and additional pockets and coves between the marina and the Inlet while putting in at the Inlet’s Boat Ramp on the south side near the campground allows exploration of mangroves to the south of the inlet and the Inlet itself near the lagoon, although care should be taken due to the tidal currents running through the inlet.

The Inlet marina also serves as a trailhead for the hammock trail for hiking as well as some off-road bike trails in the area, while at the same time there are walkways along the north edge of the inlet leading from the main concession out to the North Jetty. Wildlife is abundant here with many species of birds along the inlet as well as the woods surrounding the inlet. Also, if it lives near shore in the ocean, it will swim through the inlet. I have had sightings from the bridge catwalks of Dolphins, Manatees, Sea Turtles, Sharks, Rays, and more.

There are two museums within the State Park. At the north concession area is the Sebastian Inlet Fishing Museum telling the history of the area’s Fishing Industry while the McLarty Treasure Museum is located on the beachside of A1A about a mile south of the bridge. In July of 1715, 11 ships, including 10 Spanish Galleons loaded with gold, silver, and “the Queens Jewels”, plundered from Central and South America, were sailing north along the Florida East Coast bound for Spain when a massive hurricane struck the fleet, driving the ships ashore. The El Capitan, which is believed to have been the northernmost of the fleet, was driven upon the coquina ridge just offshore of the beach here and the massive waves pounded it to pieces. The survivors of the shipwreck camped at the site where the museum today stands, while remnants of the wreck remain about 100 yards off the shore. The search for the remainder of its treasure is ongoing to this day.

If you go; Sebastian Inlet State Park is on State Road A1A about 15 miles south of Melbourne Beach, just north of Wabasso, and offers a marina, museums, concessions, full service campsites, pavilions, picnic areas, and 3 miles of beaches in addition to the inlet itself. The park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Sebastian Fishing Museum and McLarty Museum are open 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. For campers who plan to arrive after sunset, call the park on the day of arrival at 321-984-4852 to get the gate combination and instructions.