A Few Good Pool Toys

Swimming around in a pool can be a lot of fun but don’t you get bored once and a while just moving around in the water? If you find that your poolside adventures are getting a bit stale you can always spice up your activities with a few good pool toys. They can go a long way in turning what was just your run of the mill water-based exercise routine into a varied landscape of fun in the sun.

There are really an infinite variety of pool toys out there for you to choose from these days. You’ve got your standard inflatable pool toys, your baby pool tools, and your pool toys for kids, but which ones are going to give you the most bang for your buck? A good pool toy needs to have a long life span with tons of play options. You want a toy that can be fun on its own but can also turn into a game to play with all of your friends.

Here are two of my choice picks for pool toys:

The Diving Rod: it’s always more fun to swim under the water than it is to swim on top. Diving rods will give you and your aquatic friends countless hours of fun because all you have to do is toss them into the pool and swim to fetch them. You can practice your underwater techniques on your own or turn it into a race to see who can gather the most the fastest.

The Snorkel: even though there isn’t much to see in an empty swimming pool except for the occasional bare foot, you can still have a lot of fun with a snorkel. Combine snorkels with diving rods and you can spend hours pretending to go deep sea diving.

It doesn’t matter what toys you play with so long as you’re having fun. When you pick out your first toys for the pool try to get ones that can work well together. The more toys the better!