Exercising at Home With Zumba Video Games

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lose weight by dancing? Zumba is one of the best ways to shed pounds whilst still having fun. For the uninitiated, Zumba is an aerobic dance fitness program based on Latin music and Latin dance. It has spread around the world to become one of the most popular dance and fitness programs to date. Men and women, young and old love the combination of fun and exercise that means they no longer have to slug it out on the treadmill or exercise bike.

Whilst it’s great in the gym and community centre, Zumba has also become extremely popular at home in the form Zumba exercise DVD’s. This is because many of us lead busy lives and often don’t have the time to go to the gym. Whilst exercise DVD’s are great, things have advanced further with the introduction of video games that you can exercise and interact with to help you lose the weight. This interaction is unique and something that you don’t get with traditional exercise DVDs because the game uses sensors to actually watch what you are doing, guide you and instruct you. Zumba video games are now available on the most popular games consoles including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. This makes them accessible to virtually everyone.

Zumba video games are ideal if you are self-conscious about working out with other people, but still want the help and guidance of an instructor. The video games come with a virtual instructor that interacts with you, teaches you the moves, and helps you work out without the initial embarrassment that you might get starting your first class. Once you have mastered the moves with the video game you can either progress further by yourself or think about joining a class. This gives you a head start on all the other beginners.

The Zumba video games progress through a number of levels with lots of different backdrops. Starting with a basic beginners’ level and then moving on to the higher, more advanced levels. This makes the game easy to play and helps you work your way up and build confidence steadily.

Like the classes and the Zumba DVD’s, the video games are extremely effective because of the interval training that they involve. Zumba sessions alternate between dancing to slow and fast beats. This gives the whole body a great workout and gives a flexible exercise rather than a rigid routine.

So if you are looking to exercise at home, and don’t have time for the gym, Zumba video games are worth looking at!