Free Time for Parents – Less TV Time for Kids

Create activity kits for kids such as costume kits, various toys, games, magic tricks, easy science experiments, math experiments, seeds to grow, model car kits, beginning sewing kits, etc. offer very popular books that other children love to read also and then include reward items that can be given to the children when they have read each book.

Children can get into bad habits just like adults, by exposing them to entertainment that doesn’t require the television, parents may be gladly surprised at how quickly they adapt. It is so much easier to just, turn on the television to entertain them, but if introduced to different fun things to do, they will typically respond in a positive way. Help parents find this out by offering them activity kits to purchase for their children.

Design and put together well designed activity kits for children of all ages. Create basic kits that you can put together and offer to Parents and Grandparents. The kits should involve age-old fun ideas played by children of all generations. These good old games and past times are always winners. All you have to do is package the fun and introduce the kits to a new generation of parents.

Give thought to all of the popular games that children played when the television wasn’t around yet. That was many generations ago, so if you are not of an age group that would remember, just ask around with your older friends or neighbors, they could be very helpful.

One idea; young children love to play dress-up with adult size clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, accessories, etc. You could offer many different options – Party dresses, men’s suits, or themes like; Doctors, teachers, sports players, farmers, nurses, lawyers; the list is endless. You should be able to purchase these items at your local thrift stores, don’t forget all the fun accessories.

Just make sure that the items you put into these activity kits are safe for children to play with. Be sure to include the suggested age group information with each kit too. This will make it easier for parents to be able to pick out kits for their kids. You may want to include a small disclaimer with each kit, stating that these items should be played with only if there are adults keeping an eye on the children. Adult supervision is always a wise decision. Make sure that you explain that parents don’t need to participate, just supervise. The whole idea is that the children learn how to entertain themselves and give parents time for themselves.

You can design many different kinds of activity kits for children of all ages; such as costume kits, dress up, crayons and coloring books, basic box and board games, marbles and jacks, magic tricks, easy science experiments, math experiments, seeds to grow, model car kits, beginning sewing kits, weaving, the ideas are endless.

This could be a fun business idea that should do well on the Web. Offer as many different kits that you can put together. Make sure that you cover all of the different age groups and offer good quality pictures of the kits and as much information about them as you can. You might even ask for suggestions from your customers also.

Make sure that you make it easy for the parents to order these kits, also offer fast service and shipping. Helpful suggestions on your site will be welcome too. You could offer free shipping if they buy a certain amount of kits, or use a program that when they buy so many kits you will give a sizeable discount on one, or even a free kit. This will encourage them to come back and buy more on a regular basis.