Golds Gym Resistance Bands – 3 Ridiculous Mistakes Most Consumers Make

If you’re interested in buying Golds Gym Resistance Bands, then you may want to take a seat and read every single word in this report to find out why you may be making some of the same mistakes other people make when shopping for fitness tubing.

After reading this, you will be more aware of these mistakes so that you do not make them yourself and end up wasting money and time. Here are three of the top mistakes to avoid when looking to purchase any kind of fitness tubing home gym or the Golds Gym Resistance Bands:

Mistake #1: Most People Settle for the Cheapest Bands They Find

The problem here is, that bind the cheapest tubes on the market doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting a good deal. Keep in mind, that cheaper doesn’t always mean that you’re getting the best product or the most value either. In addition, the cheapest set of fitness tubing also has a greater possibility of losing its tensile strength, cracking, snapping or just plain break part.

When you go out to buy any kind of exercise tubes do a quick calculation to determine what is the real cost of the product. For example, if you were to pay $100 for a set of Golds Gym Resistance Bands and they did not come with any kind of replacement warranty so that you only got one years use out of it.

The true cost of the product is approximately $8.33 per month. That’s still better than joining a health club that typically charges between 50 and $70 per month. However, imagine that you purchased a different strength bands such as the Bodylastics.

This set sells for approximately $100 and it will provide you approximately 254 pounds of tension. Now here’s the thing, this set comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. Therefore, if you divide the cost of the product… Let’s say $100… And you keep it for 20 years, that means it only cost you $.41 per month.

So you see, something that is sometimes cheaper up front isn’t necessarily the less expensive of the two products. It’s really based on how long you really be able to use the product. As a result, don’t make the initial cost of the product the only criteria used to determine its actual price.

Mistake #2: The Tubing Is Already Attached to a Handle

The disadvantage of this is, you CAN NOT attach more than one set of bands to any set of handles. This automatically limits the amount or tension level that you can use during your workout. The best of all worlds would be a set of fitness tubes that allow you to attach multiple bands to one handle.

This is one of the advantages of the Golds Gym Resistance Bands in that they provide plastic hooks with which to attach to their handle. However, there is one drawback in that is that they use plastic hooks which after a while may snap. So look for company that offers “metal clips” instead of plastic clips to attach the tubes to the handle.

Mistake #3: No warranty or replacement guarantee.

As mentioned earlier, with strength bands after using them for a while they tend to lose their elasticity. If you find a set of fitness tubes manufacturer that offers a replacement or defects warranty jump on it. This will make your investment in this type of home gym last longer and provide you a better return on your money. There are a few companies that do offer a replacement warranty. Two that come to mind are Bodylastics and Ripcords. Unfortunately, the Golds Gym Resistance Bands don’t offer any type of replacement or defects warranty. In our opinion this is a huge disadvantage.

So, if you been searching around and haven’t found a set of fitness tubes that you feel are right for you, make sure that you think about these three common mistakes, especially before you make the mistake of buying the wrong bands.

Do not rush into buying resistance tubing just because it is cheap, because as noted before cheaper does not always mean worthwhile. There are plenty of options out there for you remember what you have read and use these tips to help you save money.