Luau Party Games, Let Us Enter The World Of Fun And Entertainment

Luau Party Games are going to make your guests jump on their feet. Luau is a Hawaiian party and the word Luau means a lavish food extravaganza, which is given in the honor of celebrities. You can celebrate this event with your friends and family and can have a wonderful time with everyone. For this party, it is important that you add games to it so that everyone feels great and enjoy your party.

Mimic An Animal

Mimic An Animal, Luau Party Game, is going to be an awesome game, which will let everyone explore their talent, including both adults and kids. For this game, you have to write names of your guests and the commands you want them to perform in two different bowls. You need to ask a guest to come up and pick up pieces of paper from the two bowls with the name of the individual as well as the command. Then you can ask your guest to perform the command such as “Wiggle Like A Fish”, “Walk Like A Crab”, “Roar Like A Lion” etc. It would turn the air into laughter and fun. Everyone is definitely going to love this game.

Wearing Funny Gear

For this Luau Party Game, you need to have two sets of identical gear with you, which can include sunglasses, skirt, Hawaiian shirt, flip flops, snorkel fins, snorkel shovel, etc. You can have items equivalent to the number of individuals in each team. Now the rule is that the first member of each team would wear one item from the gear and would run to the finish line to hand over the gear to another member. Now that member is going to wear that and rush to the pile of the gear and wear another item and pass on the gear to the next member until the last member is going to be wearing all the gear, which would be awesome.

With your Luau Party Games, you are going to make your guests have a fun filled and a thrilling time. Wish you a Happy Luau Party.