Men Need Loving

Men need love too. You all know you do. You crave to be the hero and get hugs and affection from the women and girls that are important to you. Every guy wants ways to feel loved and appreciated and get loved. What’s the holy grail? What’s the trick for a guy to get love?

I’m gonna give it to you – the ultimate holy grail guaranteed tip to get you the love you deserve. If you have the courage to actually do it – it’ll get you the love you’ve been craving. It’ll be tough but if you’re man enough to face your fears, you can use this tip to get you love anytime you need it for the rest of your life. Done properly, it works every time. Are you ready?

For every dad with a little girl, or brother with a sister, husband with a loving wife, boyfriend with a beautiful girl friend… to every man who has a female he loves in his life…

Buy her a rose – one or a hundred – your choice. Tell her to dress up because your taking her out to make her feel like a million bucks.

And tell her all the things you find hard to say:

Tell her you love her each and every day.

Tell her you think she’s beautiful, wonderful, and special in every way.

Tell her you are proud of her and that you think she’s capable and confident and successful to you in every way.

Tell her that you are now and always will be the man in her life. Tell her you’ll never leave her or let go of her.

Tell her if she ever needs anything you’ll always be there for her. And tell her that no matter what happens in life, you’ll never let go of her.

Tell her she’s safe with you and that she can trust you.

Tell her that you trust her and appreciate all the little things you know she does every day.

Tell her that she’s special to you and a blessing in your life.

Tell her you LOVE her now and for all of her life.

The roses just give you an opportunity to finally say all those things you often struggle to.

And when you’re done – let her HUG you and cry on you and say thank you and that she loves you for as long as she wants to.