Ecology of a Cracker Childhood – Book Synopsis

Junkyard Families

The book Ecology of a Cracker Childhood by Janisse Ray shows the life of a young girl as she grows up with her family that owns a junkyard in Appling County Georgia. Many experiences may have been different for her, but she still lives as many children do; with rules, and playing outdoors with her imagination.

The main reason that his book was written was to depict the life of a young girl as she grows up in a situation that most do not encounter. She and her brothers spent many hours outdoors playing in the junkyard; they would play baptism where one kid would pretend to be the pastor and the other would be the one being baptized. Sometimes the pastor would leave the baptized under too long. One trait that her father wanted her to have was to be able to play the piano. She hated it so much and eventually told her father that she would not play it anymore. She would rather play outside with her brothers in the junkyard. They would be very creative in what they did with their spare time. They would tie gasoline tanks together and make a raft. She would play with her dolls in the back of the car, pretending to nurse them. She loved pretending she was a mother.

Her father is very smart. He knows how to take old beat up cars off of other people’s hands, even if the car holds a special place in the owner’s heart. Her father loves animals and cannot stand to see or hear that an animal has been tortured or hurt, big or small. He stands up for all animals, a homing pigeon, a dog, a snake, a tortes, a stork, and a turtle.

One time, a turtle was walking across the road. A boy started playing with the turtle with his foot. It was a snapping turtle and supposedly they do not let go until it lightnings. The turtle grabbed a hold of his foot and would not let go. The boy stomped his foot on the ground and broke the poor turtle’s jaw. Soon after the incident, her brothers told her father what had happened. After their father talked with the boy, he turned to his children. He pulled out his belt and gave them all whippings with it. He thought that the could have prevented the incident. If kids were fighting, all he had to do was touch his belt and they would stop immediately.

Another time, her dad found a dog lying on the side of the road. He gave the dog some prescription pills that he had at the house to ease it’s pain even though he believed that it would not survive the night. In the morning, he went back to check on the dog and it was still alive. He nursed it back to health then set it free. He found many animals and all of them he tried to help. He found a stork that they let live in the house. Soon after finding the stork he built a house for it outdoors.

He even saved his son’s life once. Three of his four children go for a boat ride and do not know how to swim. The two boys sat on a bench in the boat and one of them stands up because he thought he saw an alligator. The other two boys went flying overboard. It was Sunday and they had just come home from church. Their father was still dressed in his suit and dove in after his sons just in time to save them. He would have given anything to keep them safe. He wanted to keep them so safe that he did not want his children to be corrupted by the outside world. He threw out the only TV that they ever had soon after they bought it. Also, to make sure that his kids did not get made fun of for the way they lived, he did not allow his children to bring friends to the house. To avoid awkward situations he did not allow them to go over to other friends’ houses either.

I really liked this book since it had short stories that I could remember even a long time after reading it. Her book was very descriptive and did a great job of showing the way that she grew up. It was very realistic and I hope that many people get to read her book.

Destin – The Beautiful Place to Enjoy Your Holidays

Destin is a beautiful city located in Florida. This marvelous place is situated on the coast of Emerald. This place is famous for white sandy beaches with turquoise water. Destin is known as “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”. This place is named after Leonard Destin who was considered as the best fisherman of his time. Every year plenty of tourists are welcomed by the natives of Dustin. It can be one of the best places to visit.

Things To Do
1. Fishing
This beautiful place is famous for fishing and it is the favorite destination for those people who love to do fishing. Evening is the best time to do this. You can find many rare species such as sailfish, dolphins etc. If you know how to swim, you can go for it and enjoy a lot. There is lots of excitement and adventure going on in this place.

2. Destin Pass
You can find awesome collection of amazing chirping birds. The sand dunes and the superb landscapes are the greatest attraction of this place. The Destin pass is the place that is always filled with awesome crowd and noise.

3. Dining In Destin
You can explore fine dining in Destin. Seafood is the specialty of this place. These dishes are spicy and are too tempting. These are delicious and will surely bring water in your mouth. This is the best place for the food lovers.

Best Time To Visit Destin
Destin is a spectacular place to visit. Usually it has high temperatures in summers therefore it will be wise to visit there during the spring season. You can also visit there in the month of May or June as the weather during this period is neither too hot nor too cold.

There is no problem of transportation in Destin. Destin is linked to almost all the important centers in Florida. So you will find no difficulty regarding this.

Accommodation facilities
This place provides you best accommodation facilities. You have a vast option to select the hotel of your choice. Some of them are as under
1. Holiday Inn Express
2. Hidden Dunes Beach And Tennis Resort

These can be the best options as they provide excellent and world class services. You will really feel that you have invested your hard earned cash in the right place.

So visit this place with your loving family and enjoy your holidays in a magnificent manner. Have a great holiday.

Sports in Angola – Interesting Facts & Figures!

Road to London 2012!

Barcelona 1992

Did you know- Between July 25 and August 9, 1992, the Angolan Olympic Committee, sent 29 athletes to the Summer Games in Barcelona, Spain. The African nation competed in seven sports: basketball (11), boxing (1), roller hockey (11), judo (4), swimming (3), sailing (3), and track & field (6).


Did you know- Basketball is very popular because basketball is a traditional sport with a long history in the African nation. Curiously, from the 1980s to the 2000s, Angola -a war-torn nation — boasted one of the best basketball teams in the Third World. By 1992, the Angolan squad came in 10th place, among 12 teams, in theMen’s Olympic Games Basketball Tournament in Barcelona (Spain). Eight years ago, they had won the silver medal in the Under-20 African Championship. By 1987, against all odds, Angola -a Portuguese-speaking republic located in southern Africa– won the gold medal in men’s basketball at the African Games in Nairobi (Kenya). Before 1987, the men’s basketball squad of Angola had placed 20th in the World Championships in Spain. In the Spanish city of Ferrol, the Africans were the most popular basketball players; there Angola had defeated Australia 74-69. In addition to this, the country -one of the least-developed states in Africa-finished 13th in the universal competition in South America in the early 1990s. By 1996, it placed 11th in the Games of the XXVI Olympiad in Atlanta, Georgia (US).


Did you know- Angola’s first major international success came at the FIFA World Cup in 2006. During that global event, the men’s football squad came in 23rd place, between Croatia (Europe) and Tunisia (North Africa). The best players were Flavio da Silva Amado, Joao Ricardo Pereira dos Santos Batalha, and Fabrice Alcebiades Maieco, in that order.

Los Angeles 1984

Did you know- The Angolan Olympic Committee, under pressure from Cuba and the Soviet Union, boycotted the 1984 Summer Games in the Los Angeles, California, USA. Four years ago, Angola made its Olympic debut in the Games of the XXII Olympiad in Moscow, USSR (present-day Russia). On the other hand, Angola is one of the youngest members of the Olympic family.

Men’s Handball

Did you know- The men’s handball team came in 15th place at the Under-20 World Championships.


Did you know- The most popular sports are soccer, athletics, basketball, roller hockey, and handball.

Women’s Handball

Did you know- The national squad came in seventh place in women’s handball at the 1996 Summer Games in the United States of America. During that international event, Angola, under coach Alberto Junior’s tutelage, defeated America (host nation) 24-23. The country also qualified for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. By the 1990s, the women’s handball team from Angola competed in five world championships (1990, 1993, 1995, 1997, and 1999). At the 1997 World Cup, the national delegation placed 15th, ahead of Japan, South Korea, and Canada.

The History of Pokemon – How Did Pokemon Become Popular?

The history of Pokemon began with one single japan man named Satoshi Tajiri. It was his hobby. Over time he decided to put his idea of catching creatures into practice, to give children the same thrills he had as a child of catching insects and tadpoles. Tajiri and friends worked a lot of hours on designs and Tajiri even went with unpaid hours to make his dreams come true for the game. It nearly drove partners bankrupt, and several employees quit due to financial conditions. The first Pokemon games, Pokemon red and green, came to Japan on February 27, 1996, which fulfilled Tajiri’s dreams. Because of the success rate in Japan with the Pokemon games, they released it overseas.

The anime, as well as Pokemon Yellow, marked Pikachu as the most popular and recognized creature in Pokemon history, turning it into the franchise’s mascot. This led to a small spin-off game called Hey You, Pikachu!, which was released in Japan on December 12, 1998, and in North America on November 6, 2000. This was a virtual-pet game, utilizing the Nintendo 64’s Voice Recognition Unit to let the players interact verbally with Pikachu. When the anime finished following the games’ story with Ash’s defeat in the Pokémon League in January 1999, it started a new season in a new region called the Orange Archipelago.

A major overhaul of the main game series occurred when Pokemon arrived on the Game Boy Advance on November 21, 2002 when Ruby and Sapphire Versions were released in Japan. Trainers found themselves in the southern land called Hoenn where 135 new Pokemon were waiting to be discovered. The games reached North America on March 18, 2003 and had many new features, the most prominent being Pokemon Contests, Double Battles, Pokemon Abilities and Natures for each Pokemon. Also introduced in these versions were more types of weather and two new villain teams, Team Magma and Team Aqua..

The anime began a new series, Advanced Generation series, which started in Japan on the same day as the release of the games and reached North America almost a year later. A great deal was changed in this series, including the introduction of a new main character, May, based on her game counterpart.

There are several generations of Pokemon, and there is still future generations to come. When the world changes, so does the world of Pokemon. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, and will be celebrated by the re-release of the original Generation I core series games on the Nintendo 3DS’s. There are currently six generations of Pokemon, and over this time period, there are many games, including spin offs, along with anime, movies, manga, a Trading Card Game, music, and a musical.

Sports Summer Camps

Sports summer camps include sport activities such as swimming, hiking or tennis. Most sports that can be played in summer are included in such camps. Sometimes such camps organize special events suiting to specific set of participants.

Overnight camps are sometimes arranged near a water body where the campers enjoy recreational activities such as swimming, baseball and cookouts. The evenings are spent around a campfire. The highlight of the event is an opportunity to sleep under the stars.

There are beach camps organized that arrange for activities and sports that can be enjoyed at the beachside. Soccer and volleyball are favorite sports played on the beach. Campers enjoy playing with the Frisbee at the vast expanse of sand on the beach. The afternoons are packed with games that are not so strenuous after a tiring morning.

Sports training camps provide guidance on improving sports skills. They are usually categorized on the basis of age and ability. The staff that coaches the campers is usually coaches of a local school or college. Training consists of continuous learning and continuity is the keyword to better training.

Sports camps organized by some of the reputed sports universities invite state level or Olympic sports stars for guest coaching. Professional sportspersons are more effective in helping campers to improve on their sports skills.

Most of the sports camps that organize overnight camps only allow children above 10 years to attend them. They are provided with meals and lodging on sharing basis. In day camps, food has to be bought at an extra cost or can be brought from home.

Some sports camps have an evening sports instruction session whereas others have recreational evenings. Other sports camps focus on exclusive areas, such as water sports in particular.

Sports camps are not only a place to learn sports skills but also a platform for learning interactive skills. It is learning with pleasure that is emphasized by sports summer camps.

Tips Solving Clone R4 SDHC Stuck on the "Loading" Screen Problem

Hi, dear friends! If your R4DS supports SDHC, you must have a counterfeit, or cloned R4i SDHC. Keep calm, it’s still possible for you to get it going. The problem is that the original R4DS used an encrypted firmware which the clone ones can not read.

The first thing you need to do is to check the your R4’s box. Clone R4 makers always like to list their own particular websites on the box. You will download your firmware from these sites. If your card doesn’t come with a box, you can check which kind the R4 you have is. The clone makers use many different names to call their particular clone r4 cards, such as R4DS SDHC, R4-III, R4 Deluxe, R4 Advance, etc.

These companies, or some of their sellers and users would like you to believe that they are official R4 Team, they aren’t indeed. Every one uses a hacked firmware for a particular card. Using a firmware from one clone r4 sdhc on another usually results in a “This card is fake” message!So, you should make sure you’re using the correct one. If not, you will have more problems again.

There is only one suggestion I can make is to use YSMenu. YSMenu doesn’t care whether you’ve got a real or a cloned R4DS and also offers much better compatibility and cheat support then either the official R4DS firmware or any of it’s clones.

It’s easy to use YSMenu setup utility written by talented Maikel Steneker. What’s more, YSMenu will make the unsure users life much easier. Many people complain that YSMenu looks “boring” in comparison to the R4DS firmware . Well, this might be true. But YSMenu offers a lot more than the official or cloned firmwares. It boils down to your own particular preference, and you would rather have better game and cheat compatibility (and more) or a pretty menu.

Quizzes – An Alternative Quiz Night Part 1

Quizzes have and always will be enjoyed by the majority of people from all age groups. There are lots of fun quizzes out there from the standard trivia to throwing a dice and moving around a board collecting objects as you answer questions correctly. You don’t need to go out and spend lots of money on these types of games and quizzes and you can have lots fun by inventing your own.

Here’s some quiz ideas

  1. Each team has to collect a certain amount lets say for arguments sake 20 General Knowledge, 10 Music, 10 Sport and 10 History questions and answers. Then each throws a dice depending on the amount of quiz teams. This gives to whom they are going to ask a question. Next they throw a single dice and if it rolls onto the number six since the quizzes only have 5 rounds the question asking team then picks from which round they ask a question. Then the team throws the dice again to select what question to pick out of the quiz. If the question is free then the questions is asked. The answering team has to answer the question. If the team cannot answer the question they either lose points or a forfeit but that question is left open until someone answers it. If the quizzes question has already been answered then the asking team picks a question from that round. The team with the most points wins.
  2. Quiz spin the bottle. Each player provides a set of 20 quiz questions and answers making sure no one else see them. You place a bottle or anything that can spin in the middle and each player take it in turn with a spin. Once the bottle or whatever has stopped who ever it is pointing to asks a question from their quiz. If the player gets the quiz question wrong then it can be asked again to a different player and the next person spins. A soon as the first person runs out of questions then the game is over. And the player with the most points wins again.
  3. Reversed Quizzes. This game is relatively easy to set up but quite difficult to play. Basically get a box of quiz questions from an old game or from a cheap shop. Then the players or teams take it in turns to be asked a question but this time it’s not the question that gets read out but the answer. They have to then have a stab at what the quiz question was going to be. A Tip use junior questions for this as full adult questions and answers may be that little bit to difficult.

By using different formats and ideas for presenting quizzes, you can keep people interested and make the whole thing more fun.

4 Reasons Why Lottery Wheeling Systems Work

Winning the lottery is a lifelong dream for everyone who plays it. Some people play their life savings, or half their weekly paycheck just to get let down again. Another huge jackpot catches the attention of the masses playing as many tickets as they can until they’re broke.

These type of players use random numbers or quick pick. It’s dumb luck and they’re not using common sense. Ask any winner and they’ll tell you why lottery wheeling systems work dropping your odds by the millions. Many people have won multiple tickets including the jackpot using them.

1-Handicapping Numbers

  • Handicapping your numbers is one reason why they work so well. You pick out the good numbers eliminating the bad ones giving you a better chance of winning numbers.
  • Picking a set of numbers out of the past several draws that have come up the most times are a good chance that they’re hot. Numbers that never or seldom come up should be eliminated. So if you play a 12 number wheel, you would choose 12 numbers to play.

2-Balancing Your Set of Numbers

  • You need to balance your set with low and high numbers. So if you play a game with 40 numbers, you need to choose 1 through 20 as your low numbers and 21 through 40 as your high numbers.
  • If you’ve chosen 4 high numbers than place two of them in a different wheel. Now you have increased your chances of winning by 1,000%.
  • It is unlikely that all low or high numbers would come up. Also, don’t use numbers in a sequence such as 12-13-14-15- they are rarely drawn.

3- Wheeling Your Numbers

  • There are many wheeling systems to choose. They start at 8 numbers and go as high as 30 numbers. The more you pick, the more it will cost so stay within your budget. Each one tells you how many combinations it takes, so you’ll know how much to play.
  • This is the secret to multiple winning tickets. If you have 12 numbers, and ones from that set can come up giving you wins. If the system you chose, says 4 out of 6 wins, then you need four numbers to win.
  • It doesn’t mean you’ll win the jackpot, but you could. This is better than picking random numbers and marking them on a card. There’s very little chance you’ll win this way.

4- Stick With the Same Numbers

  • Lots of people get impatient and after a few games will change their numbers. About the time they do, their original set will come up. Play consistently. About the time you skip a game, your numbers can come up. It has happened to many people.

These 4 reasons are why lottery wheeling systems work. They’ve become popular for most serious lottery player and have made many people millionaires. Don’t play again until you use a wheeling system.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (HBP) is common among senior citizens in the United States and is a serious condition that can significantly increase the probability of having coronary heart disease, a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and other health problems and risks. In literal terms, “blood pressure” is the force of blood pushing against arterial walls while the heart pumps out blood. A large force over a long period of time is called HBP and it can cause extensive damage to the body. It is very important that senior citizens understand what their blood pressure means and how they can effectively prevent and, if necessary, treat HBP. People who participate in the elder care of senior citizens should also be familiar with HBP and how they can encourage behaviors that facilitate healthy blood movement. 


In the United States, about one in three adults have HBP. By itself, HBP has no apparent symptoms; it could be damaging the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and other parts of the body for years without any obvious signs. Because of this, knowing your blood pressure is important regardless of how you physically feel. That way, you can take the necessary steps if your pressure is too high. Senior citizens and those involved in their elder care should monitor blood pressure regardless of what range it is in. If it is normal, you should work to keep it in that range. If it is high, you should seek treatment to minimize and prevent damage to your body. 

Blood Pressure Numbers

The numbers that make up the pressure reading include systolic pressure, which is the pressure when the heart is pumping blood, and diastolic pressure, which is the pressure when the heart is resting between beats. Often, your blood pressure will be written and stated as systolic over diastolic. For example, you might see 120/80 mmHg, which someone would say aloud as “120 over 80.”

The following table presents normal numbers for adults and shows you which numbers place you at a greater risk for health problems. BP may fluctuate, but if your numbers are consistently above normal, you are at risk for developing high blood pressure.

*These ranges apply to adults without short-term serious illnesses, which could temporarily change blood pressure.

Levels above 120/80 mmHg raise your risk, which continues to rise as the numbers increase. “Prehypertension” implies that you are prone to developing high BP if steps are not taken to prevent it. If you have been treating HBP and your numbers have been in the normal range, your BP is under control, but you still have the condition. Therefore, it is important to continue the treatment to maintain normal levels even if you attain a healthy blood pressure at some point.


High blood pressure is common in senior citizens because blood pressure tends to rise with age unless you take steps to prevent or control it. For this reason, it is important that senior citizens and those involved in their elder care monitor blood pressure to ensure that it remain in or return to the normal range.

There are certain medical problems that may raise blood pressure levels, such as chronic kidney disease, thyroid disease, and sleep apnea. Some medicines may also raise blood pressure. These include medications for asthma (corticosteroids) and even over-the-counter cold-relief products.

Some women experience a raise in blood pressure if they use birth control pills, become pregnant, or use hormone replacement therapy. For women going through menopause, taking hormones to reduce symptoms can cause a small rise in systolic blood pressure. If you already have HBP and would like to begin taking hormones, you should discuss the risks and benefits with your physician. If you decide to follow through with taking hormones, it is important to find out how to control your blood pressure and how often you should get it checked to prevent more serious health problems.

Risk Factors

Many risk factors for HBP exist, including certain traits, conditions, and habits. The major risk factors for HBP are described below.


Since blood pressure rises with age, senior citizens have a higher risk of developing HBP. In the United States, over half of the senior citizens have HBP. The most common form of HBP in senior citizens is isolated systolic hypertension (ISH), which is defined as having high systolic pressure (top number) only. About two-thirds of senior citizens with HBP have ISH. Although many senior citizens have HBP, it is not necessarily a normal part of aging. There are many ways to stay healthy and maintain blood pressure at a normal level as we age.

Race and Ethnicity

Anyone of any background can develop HBP, but it is more prevalent in African American adults than it is in Caucasian or Hispanic American adults. In relation to these groups, African Americans: 

  • Tend to get HBP earlier in life
  • Often have more severe HBP
  • Are more likely to be aware that they have HBP and to get treatment
  • Are less likely than Caucasians and about as likely as Hispanic Americans to achieve target control levels with HBP treatment
  • Have higher rates than Caucasians of premature death from HBP-related complications, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure

HBP risks vary among different groups of Hispanic American adults. For instance, Puerto Rican American adults have higher rates of HBP-related death than all other Hispanic groups and Caucasians. But, Cuban Americans have lower rates than Caucasians.

Overweight or Obesity

If you are overweight or obese, you are at a higher risk for developing HBP. Being overweight is defined as having extra body weight from muscle, bone, fat, and/or water; obesity is defined as having a high amount of extra body fat.


More adult men than women have HBP, yet younger women aged 18-59 are more likely than men to be aware of and seek treatment for BP. Women over 60 have the same likelihood as men of being aware of and seeking treatment for HBP, but among the group of women over 60 who are being treated, control of blood pressure is lower than it is in men of the same age group.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

Certain lifestyle habits can be risk factors for HBP. Senior citizens and their caregivers should minimize and discourage the following unhealthy behaviors:

  • Consuming too much sodium in salty foods or drinks
  • Drinking an excess of alcohol
  • Insufficient potassium intake
  • Insufficient exercise or physical activity
  • Smoking

Other Risk Factors

A history of HBP in your family may increase your susceptibility to developing HBP. Long periods of stress may also contribute to your risk.

Signs and Symptoms

In general, high blood pressure by itself is not accompanied by any noticeable symptoms. Infrequently, you may experience headaches if you have HBP. It is possible to have HBP for years without realizing it. This does not mean that it is not doing harm to your body at this time; on the contrary, HBP can damage the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, and other parts of your body without your knowledge.

Often, people learn that they have HBP only after they experience a heart attack or stroke or develop coronary heart disease. Having your blood pressure checked regularly and knowing your numbers is very important in preventing damage as well as more serious health problems. Maintaining a normal blood pressure or working to lower a high blood pressure can significantly lower your risk of developing more serious health problems.


Over time, high blood pressure can cause:

  • Enlarging or weakening of the heart, which can lead to heart failure – a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood throughout the body
  • The formation of aneurysms-abnormal bulges or “ballooning” in the arterial wall-in blood vessels (Aneurysms commonly form in the in the main artery that transfers blood from the heart to the body; arteries in the brain, legs, and intestines; and the artery that leads to the spleen)
  • Narrowing of blood vessels in the kidneys, which may cause kidney failure
  • Narrowing of arteries throughout the body (especially in the heart, brain, kidneys, and legs), which limits blood flow and may lead to a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or amputation of part of the leg
  • Bursting or bleeding of blood vessels in the eyes, possibly leading to blindness or changes in vision


Treatments for HBP include lifestyle changes and medication. The goal for treatment is to attain and maintain a blood pressure below 140/90 mmHg.

Lifestyle Changes

One way senior citizens can control blood pressure levels is to develop healthy habits, including:

  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Getting enough exercise
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Managing and learning to deal with stress

A combination of these measures works better than any one habit alone. It can be hard to change your lifestyle, but if you take it slowly and change one thing at a time, changing your habits can be more manageable. Those involved in senior citizen elder care should encourage and help facilitate these healthy changes. 

Sometimes it is possible to control blood pressure levels with lifestyle changes alone, but some senior citizens may need to take prescribed medicine on top of maintaining the lifestyle changes they have adopted to help lower blood pressure. The goal for people with HBP is to control blood pressure as much as possible, so it is important to keep up a healthy lifestyle even after beginning to take medication.

Follow a Healthy Eating Plan

Your doctor may recommend the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan if you have HBP. The DASH eating plan focuses on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other foods that are heart healthy and lower in sodium (salt). 

This eating plan is low in fat and cholesterol. It also features fat-free or low-fat milk and dairy products, fish, poultry, and nuts. The DASH eating plan suggests less red meat (even lean red meat), sweets, added sugars, and sugar-containing beverages. The plan is rich in nutrients, protein, and fiber. 

To help control HBP, you should limit the amount of salt that you eat. This means choosing low-salt and “no added salt” foods and seasonings for the table and when cooking. The Nutrition Facts label on food packaging shows the amount of sodium in the item. You should eat no more than about 1 teaspoon of salt a day. 

You also should try to limit alcoholic drinks. Too much alcohol will raise your blood pressure. Men should have no more than two alcoholic drinks a day. Women should have no more than one alcoholic drink a day. 

Do Enough Physical Activity 

Regular physical activity can lower HBP and also reduce your risk for other health problems. Senior citizens often feel anxious about beginning an exercise routine. It is helpful to check with your doctor about how much and what kinds of activity are safe for you. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on most or all days of the week. You can do it all at once or break it up into shorter periods of at least 10 minutes each. 

Moderate-intensity activities include brisk walking, dancing, bowling, riding a bike, working in a garden, and cleaning the house. If your doctor agrees, you also may want to do more intense activities, such as jogging, swimming, and playing sports. Those involved in the elder care of senior citizens should help facilitate and encourage appropriate physical activity for the senior. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Staying at a healthy weight can help control blood pressure and also reduce your risk for other health problems. If you are overweight or obese, aim to reduce your weight by 7 to 10 percent during your first year of treatment. This amount of weight loss can lower your risk for health problems related to HBP.  After the first year, you may have to continue to lose weight so you can lower your body mass index (BMI) to less than 25. 

BMI measures your weight in relation to your height and gives an estimate of your total body fat. A BMI between 25 and 29 is considered overweight. A BMI of 30 or more is considered obese. A BMI of less than 25 is the goal for keeping blood pressure under control. 

Quit Smoking 

Smoking can damage your blood vessels and raise your risk for HBP. It can also worsen health problems related to HBP. Smoking is bad for everyone, especially those who have HBP.

If you smoke or use tobacco, quit. Talk to your doctor about programs and products that can help you quit. 

Managing Stress 

Learning how to manage stress, relax, and cope with problems can improve your emotional and physical health.  Physical activity helps some people cope with stress. Other people listen to music or focus on something calm or peaceful to reduce stress. Some people pray, learn yoga, or mediate. 


It is very important to take all the blood pressure medications your physician prescribes. Know the names and doses of all your medications, and ask your doctor or pharmacist questions if you have any. Order refills of your prescriptions before they run out, and take your medicines just as they were prescribed (do not skip days or take more or less than the suggested dose). If you experience side effects, talk to your doctor about them. There may be a better medication or dosage for you. Trust your doctor-it is not a good idea to stop taking medications without consulting with a health-care professional.


If you have normal blood pressure, you can make changes or maintain healthy habits to prevent high blood pressure. These habits include:

  • Eating a healthy diet, which includes limiting sodium and alcohol intake
  • Losing weight if you are overweight or obese
  • Getting enough exercise or physical activity
  • Quitting smoking
  • Managing and learning to deal with stress

These steps, whether done individually or collectively, can help reduce the risk of developing HBP. To be most effective in delaying or preventing HBP, following most or all of the steps is suggested.

If you have high blood pressure, you can still make changes to prevent more serious effects of HBP. The healthy habits listed above, along with medication, can improve your quality of life. It is important to closely follow the treatment plan suggested by your physician-this will delay or prevent serious health problems including kidney disease, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

Living with High Blood Pressure

A diagnosis of HBP means that you will have to treat and control it for life-even if treatment successfully lowers your blood pressure, you still have the condition. Making lifestyle changes, taking medicines as prescribed, and getting ongoing medical care will become a part of your life.

Although treatment helps to control blood pressure, it is not a cure. Stopping treatment will raise your blood pressure again, which raises your risk for other health problems. Working toward a healthy future means closely following your treatment plan and working with your health-care team to gain lifelong control of your blood pressure.

Ongoing Care

See your doctor for checkups or tests as often as he or she recommends. Your treatment plan as prescribed by your doctor may change over time, and regular checkups allow you and your doctor to know whether your blood pressure is rising so that your treatment plan can be quickly altered as necessary. During checkups, you can ask your doctor or health care team any questions you have about your lifestyle or medicine treatments.

Keeping track of your blood pressure is vital. Have your blood pressure checked on the schedule your doctor advises. You may want to learn how to check your blood pressure at home. Your doctor can help you with this. Each time you check your own blood pressure, you should write down your numbers and the date. 

Enjoy a Fabulous Family Weekend Outing at a Trampoline Park of Choice

Weekends are a special time. They shouldn’t be wasted that easily. You can plan a family outing and come back recharged and fresh, so do your kids. However, fabulous outings need great places and you have to understand that well. The venue you will select for the outing should be such where all family members can get something to look forward to. Only then can memorable weekends happen in true sense. Maybe, that’s why more families than earlier now head to trampoline parks and have a perfect outing. There, each member of your family can expect to enjoy the stay for sure.

More so, such parks are nothing less than a heaven for children and plus, they have a lot to keep teens and adults hooked as well. You can expect these places to be packed with activities of unique and energetic varieties together. Not for a moment will kids or adults can feel bored there as options to get entertained and have fun tend to be so much and so many. There will be soft surface of interconnected trampolines, so any possibility of getting hurt or having an awkward fall on the ground is completely ruled out. What else parents can ask for!

For kids, these parks are meant to express themselves like never before as they can jump or take part in an open jumping session and show their acrobatic side. With no dangers of hard surface, your little ones can even try the moves and jumps strictly prescribed for SUPERMAN or BATMAN only. They can try the hand at the unique game of battle beam and relish the pleasure of pushing opponents off the beam and into a big foam pit. The surface will be helpful to practice gymnastics moves and many kids can also be seen running down the track with gay abandon!

To top it all, these parks are the place where kids can try flipping and flying through the air with even hesitating a bit. After all, they know they will landing softly and safely on a super soft surface of foam cubes. They can also practice rope swing and feel adventurous along the way. There will be basketball poles to perfect your dunking skills and emulate the moves of favorite stars. These parks also have dodgeball arena where the game can be enjoyed and defending skills, such as dogging, ducking, dipping and diving can be showcased.

Better still, trampoline parks are now a great venue option to host your next big event or social gathering. Whether a birthday party or some other special occasion, you can count on the amenities and vibe of these venues to make your day memorable. For your party, you can even have a wide selection of food and beverage (non-alcoholic) options and make your guests feel happy. In overall, you needn’t fret over venues for the next weekend outing or for celebrating the birthday of your kids as trampolines parks are there to ensure great time for your family.