Love Over Forty

I have finally finished my first novel. And, of course, I wonder if anyone will want to read it. Its not about the typical couple; the hero is in his early forties and the heroin is in her mid-late forties. Will anyone believe you can find love for the first or, even, second, time around?

I’m in my forties and I have many friends in their forties and fifties asking the same question. Will love be there for them? To find out if my book is realistic I asked the experts, my friends.

One friend, divorced at forty-six, found love with a younger guy, thirty-eight, within months of her separation from her husband. Another friend, divorced in her late forties after twenty-seven years of marriage, found true happiness with a man twenty years her junior. And yet another, divorced after five years of marriage, found love with a man twenty years her senior. One other, just recently divorced, found an old flame on Facebook and rekindled their relationship from twenty years ago.

Not all relationships have fared so well. One friend who divorced at forty, three years ago, has been struggling just to find a decent date. And one other has yet to find that special someone after attempting to get married multiple times.

Is love any easier later in life? After watching my friends I think its just as difficult as in your twenties except you know more of what to expect. If I’ve learned anything in the last twenty or so years its to be honest and up front from the beginning. Life is short and we don’t have time for games and players. In most of the relationships I’ve been exposed to those that are fairing the best are the ones that aren’t afraid to say what they need from their partner. Just because we’re older doesn’t necessarily mean we’re much wiser. Sometimes we need direction.

I’m also seeing friendships blossoming into romantic relationships in older adults. I think most of us have lost the illusion that love at first sight will be anything more than lust a month from now. I’m definitely seeing couples who were just friends in the beginning finding that they truly love each other after having a long-term friendship.

So, in light of my research, my book appears valid and plausible. Once it hits the internet (ebooks) I’ll let you know. You can give me your opinion.

Choosing a Good Swimming Lesson

Nowadays there are a lot of places where you can sign up to and learn how to swim effectively even in your local town or city. No matter if you want to attend a swimming lesson with professional instructors or one that offers the most affordable prices, there is a good one for you or your child. It is important to find one that offers additional services such as guidelines and resourceful information for the learners. A lot of people wonder whether it is good for them to attend group or private swimming lessons. There is a lot of debate on this matter but the right type that you should choose depends on your ability to learn. The ironical thing is that it is the very weak and very strong swimmers who would typically gain a lot from the private swimming lessons. Someone who has some basic swimming skills can easily advance to more complex skills and lessons and gain special swimming education.

Private swimming lessons are good for a swimmer who wants to learn some important skills such as effective breathing techniques, more complex strokes and how to flip turn. A person who would like to attend a cost-friendly and social environment for swimming practice would rather attend public ones. Group lessons are also very important since they can help a child be very social and make a lot of friends. A swimming group is fun to people who are of the same age group. You can also find lessons that are specifically designed for adults and hence any person of any age group can find a perfect place to learn and enjoy swimming. Local and public lessons are generally very cheap compared to private ones and the prices can be influenced by a number of factors.

An area with a high cost of living will normally have these lessons at higher prices than areas with a lower cost of living. You should remember that the place you sign up to should be able to offer you all the best and necessary lessons. It has been seen that the repeated swimming exercises and the presence of swimming instructors also plays very important roles in the overall improvement in a learner’s swimming tactics. Swimming is a very important leisure as well as social activity and for these reasons it is important to be a good swimmer. The best way to be a good and effective swimmer is to sign up to a well established swimming lesson. All major towns and cities have a number of these places where you can sign up to and have a great swimming education hence this should not be a big problem for you.

The most important thing to remember is that you should choose a good swimming lesson that you will be comfortable in and enjoy a nice time too. Once you have signed up, following the instructions of the instructor is the most important thing and it is also advisable to set some targets that you plan to accomplish. Once you do this you will have a nice time learning how to swim and meeting other swimmers.

Swimming Workout

A  swimming  workout can be a new and refreshing way to get or stay in shape.  Swimming  is a full body aerobic sport that tones muscles, improves strength and flexibility, increases circulation, controls weight and enhances body contours.

 Swimming  workouts give you a low impact activity that can easily be tailored to match your abilities. A good way to gain cardiovascular stamina is to exercise in a  swimming  pool.

The secret to a good  swimming  exercise program is to work with the water. To accomplish this, propel yourself through the water by using your abs, hips and shoulders.

To understand why water exercise works so well, you need to know about water’s unique properties. In water, your body has almost no gravity. You’re relieved of 90% of your body weight so you become very buoyant.

You can float, bob and relax without feeling like you’re putting out any effort. Yet water provides 12 to 14 percent more resistance than air, so as you move through it, it’s like having weights around you.

 Swimming  laps is great exercise in a  swimming  pool. Try different strokes to vary the muscles you work to keep your workout balanced.

Going vertical or upright is another very effective exercise in water. These types of water workouts include water walking, jogging, water aerobics, water toning, water therapy, water yoga and water flexibility training.

You can strengthen your muscles with these vertical water workouts because you experience 75% greater resistance than  swimming  horizontally. This vertical position maximizes the resistance of water against your movements.

Water based activities can provide significant benefits for older adults too. In addition to increasing metabolism, physical activity can improve cardiovascular health and increase strength, not to mention the psychological and social benefits as well.

Joining an aquatics class or just sharing a  swimming  workout with a friend can help you feel better about yourself. You can be more socially active, engage in community activities and tend to not lose your independence because you are more physically fit.

The bottom line is to choose activities that you enjoy and will stick with. It is never too late to introduce physical activity into your life.  Swimming  workouts can provide a healthy and enjoyable way to get back the fun you use to have as a child.

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Fun 70’s Disco Crafts You Will Love

When most people think of the perfect 70s themed craft, they often think of disco. Although the hippy movement was still alive and well, disco was the major new trend of the decade. If you are planning on having a costume party or other special occasion, you may want to consider having it be themed around the 1970s. This will not only make your party special, but it will also give you lots of great ideas for crafts that you can do for the occasion.

For 70s disco related crafts, you first need to know a little bit about the culture. People in that time period started to like glamour and glitz a lot more than they used to. You see that a lot in the clothes they used to wear. If you are planning a get together centered on this theme, you should start by applying sequins on various things. For example, you could deck out a lamp by sewing a thick layer of sequins on the lamp shade. Although silver sequins are most accurate for the time period, don’t be afraid to go all out with colors and sizes. Have fun!

Another fun 70s craft you can do is to add a larger collar to the shirt that you are planning on wearing to the party. The fashions of the 1970s were pretty garish, so don’t be afraid to go over the top. You could even use some of your leftover sequins to deck out your party costume as well. How much fun you have with these crafts is up to you!

Benefits of Using Gaming Chairs When You Play Video Games

If you are not sure why you spend over $100 on a gaming chair, you must evaluate the benefits these chairs offer. The following are some of the points to think of in this case.

Prevention of aches and pains with ergonomic design

Unlike children, adults get various aches and pains if proper care is not taken when they keep sitting for long hours in one position. This is applicable to serious gamers as they sit hours on end when they play video games. Therefore, they need to sit comfortably on chairs that fit into their body contours well. This is why they must use gaming chairs when they play video games. Prevention of aches and pains due to their ergonomic design is the biggest benefit of using these chairs.

Having speakers and the connection to audio sources

In case you choose an ordinary chair to sit when you play video games, you need to use earphones. In case they do not have the wireless connectivity, you need to have wires across your living room. However, if you use a gaming chair you never need to have cumbersome wired connections as most of them have built-in wireless speakers. To make it easy for you they have volume controllers also. In case you need to use a set of headphones ports to connect them also are provided.

Easy Storage when not in use

Most of the gaming chairs could be folded into a small bundle to be stowed away when you do not use them for gaming. Since the bundle is a small one, you never need a large space either. Therefore, unlike having a large ordinary chair to clutter your living room it is always better to use one of the many gaming chairs.

Easy to clean and easy to handle

Majority of chairs designed for gamers are easy to clean and also easy to handle and if you use an ordinary chair this will not be the case. This is specially so with beanbag chairs. Even other gaming chairs that have artificial leather cushions are easy to clean. Almost all chairs of this type are easy to handle, as they are light in weight.

In order to enjoy these benefits, it is necessary for you to choose the right chair. The reason is that there are many different types of chairs available in the market and they offer different options. They also have different price tags.

Your gaming chair could provide you with many benefits. When you are aware of them, it is easy to choose the right chair.

3 Fun Games To Teach Toddlers About Tithing

My grandma used to always say…

“One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is to teach them about sharing and tithing…starting with their own family!

That’s why my 4 kids all share a room. The boys share a room…and the girls share a room. Even Mom and Dad share a room!

It’s so important for kids to learn how to share and be givers to be able to get along with others and to be truly happy as adults.

What better way to learn to share than to have to share with your brother or sister? They also share certain toys – again – learning the importance of sharing.

Doesn’t it warm your heart when someone shares something special with you? It could be chocolate (my favorite!), a home-made pie, a compliment, or just a smile.

But it’s hard to teach kids about the importance of tithing their money.

And it’s even more challenging with toddlers!

Here are 3 fun games that will help your toddler understand what tithing means:

1. Race to Give

Gather 10 items (candy, marbles, small toy, etc) and set them on one end of the room.

Place a mat with 10 spots on it for each item.

Now have your kids race to place all 10 items on their mat.

Then ask them which one of the 10 items they would like to give back to Jesus as a thank you for all their good fortune.

This teaches them to give back (tithe) 10% of their blessings.

2. Count Your Blessed Coins

Count out 10 different coins for your toddlers to take a look at.

And be sure to tell them which President or important person is on each coin!

Then have them choose one blessed coin they think Jesus would like.

Now explain they just tithed to God!

3. Shop to Share

Play a shopping game with play money where your toddler goes to the store to buy 10 items.

Then ask which item they will share with Jesus.

Happy tithing!

Swimming Pool Safety for Kids

 Swimming  is the perfect exercise for many children, starting from the time they are babies. Not only does it work muscles which would otherwise be neglected, it can improve flexibility, posture and balance as well as reduce anxiety and stimulate endorphins. For children with asthma, it can be the only way for them to exercise without an asthma attack, and those with physical ailments find the weightlessness of  swimming  pool to make  swimming  relatively painless. It can also be used as a bonding technique between parents and their children with developmental difficulties.

But  swimming  can also be dangerous. Accidental drowning is the third highest cause of accidental deaths for children in the UK and takes on average four hundred lives each year. While drowning deaths in back garden  swimming  pools are significantly lower than those in large bodies of water, they are also much more avoidable – so why aren’t families doing more to protect their children?

When you build a pool in your back garden, there are a number of additional adjustments you will need to make to ensure the environment is safe for your own children and pets as well as any that may find their way into your garden. Firstly and most importantly is to install a  swimming  pool safety cover to lay across your pool at all times when it isn’t in use. Although it isn’t a good idea to walk on these, a genuine safety cover will be able to take the weight of a child if they happened to get out there. Safety covers are often fitted into runners along the inside of the pool and have the added benefit of lowering the amount of chemicals you will need, making the pool water safer all round.

Secondly, build a fence around the pool. Many states in the US have this as a mandatory requirement for back garden  swimming  pools, but don’t let the lack of law in this country deter you from implementing this safety device. It should be at least 1.5 metres high and have a child safety gate through which you can access the pool, and you will want to check it once a month or so to ensure its integrity. Don’t keep anything solid enough for kids to climb on near the edge of the fence or they could find their way over! If the fence is installed on non-stick flooring, you reduce massively the chance of someone running and slipping into the pool.

Two different types of pool alarm are available; one which will go off when someone opens the gate of your fence and one when something gets into the water. While both are useful, the gate alarm gives you a better chance of stopping whatever is going through you fence from getting hurt in the pool. The water pressure alarm may be useful if you have pets that are able to cross the fence; animals shouldn’t be allowed near the  swimming  pool at all, partly due to a risk of drowning and partly to keep them away from potentially dangerous chemicals (which should be kept securely away from them).

But perhaps one of the most important things to consider is implementing strict rules in the poolside area. Some of these may seem obvious – no running, no diving, keep life jackets and pool floats around – but you also need to consider factors such as keeping the area tidy of pool toys which could present a tripping hazard. Ideally you should install a pool toy box and teach children that everything goes away when they leave the pool. Children should never  swim  unsupervised anyway so as the responsible  adult  you can ensure they are following the rules. Explain the consequences of being unsafe so they understand why they need to be so careful.

The National Drowning Prevention Week advocates the “safe” system for both private and public pools, which goes as follows:

SSpot the dangers. Keep an eye out for hazards, edges, slippery floors and what could be in the water or on the floor of the pool.

A – take Advice. Read signs if you’re at a public pool,  swim  near to a lifeguard so they can help, and unconfident swimmers should always use a buoyancy aid.

F – take a Friend. Most  swimming  accidents happen when someone  swims  alone. If you have friends or family around, someone can get help or assist in pulling you out. Teach children to always  swim  in company

E – know what to do in an Emergency. Many parents don’t know how to give CPR and wouldn’t know how to save their own child’s life. Learn resuscitation techniques and the recovery position at the bare minimum.

Children are far more likely to drown on holiday than at home, making it even more important that they understand how to behave around a  swimming  pool. There are also noticeably more fatalities on the first and last days of the holiday, when parents are occupied and children want to explore. If there are any open bodies of water nearby, do NOT allow your child to wander off by themselves.

Although it is quite uncommon for children to drown in their own  swimming  pools, it is more common for them to be hurt by “secondary drowning”. This can occur when an incredibly small amount of water makes its way into the lungs and stops oxygen from flowing to the bloodstream effectively. 2cm of water is all that’s needed, and it often gets into the lungs during “near-drowning incidents” – fatalities may occur anywhere between one and seventy-two hours after the incident.

Look for symptoms which include trouble breathing, coughing, sudden changes in behaviour, chest pain and extreme fatigue. If your child shows any of these within 72 hours of being in water, either through an incident that you witnessed or in just a minute of being unsupervised, take them to the hospital immediately. If oxygen isn’t flowing properly to the brain it can cause tissue damage, leading to brain damage.

Drowning in the home  swimming  pool is a relatively rare occurrence only affecting a few children each year, but we like to think we can do better – so by following these simple safety steps and instilling the message of safety in children from a young age, we can reduce the number over time until no lives are unnecessarily lost because of something so simple as neglecting to install a  swimming  pool safety cover.

Ten of the Very Best Free Puzzle Android Games

All the free brain and puzzle Android games here are amazingly fun to play, innovative, and in most cases you will stretch your brain out to some degree. It’s now common knowledge that with exercise, your brain can become more powerful and the more you work it, the more control you’ll have over it and better recall you’ll have when needed. These things are a nice added bonus to consider while you’re having fun playing these free Android games.

To get you started on your quest, here’s ten of the best free brain and puzzle Android games. They’re all put together very well and are going to be a lot of fun to play.

Bubble Blast 2

Right now, this is the most popular free Android puzzle game. It’s extremely addictive and basically the epitome of what you’d want in a fun game for your Android. One of the great things is, you’ll never run out of fun new levels to play as there are currently over 1500 and more are added all the time. If you’re reading this article, it means you’re interested in downloading some free Android games- start with this one!


This Android game is based on the early theory that you could take existing elements and create gold with them. It was thought of as a kind of Witchcraft in the Middle Ages into the Renaissance period. Enough with the history, this game is a spin off that and you start with four basic “elements”: fire, water, earth, air. Your goal is to combine them to create new elements. You’re able to create all sorts of wacky things and it’s certainly a fun game to play.

Chess for Android

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best chess app for your Android phone. You can play the “computer” at various levels so you can challenge yourself or have a nice self-esteem boasting match. If you’re into chess, this app should definitely be on your short list.


This game is quite a bit like the old-school Boggle. Using the standard block of 25 letters (a 5 by 5 square), you need to wind through the block and create as many words as possible. It gives you the total number of potential words and I can guarantee it’s not as easy as it looks.


Sudoku took the world by storm when it was first published in newspapers. Those who jumped on the Sudoku train are likely still playing and this is the best such app available for download on your Android. It has a bunch of different skill levels and it will keep track of all the puzzles you’ve started and completed. As we all know, sometimes it’s best to come back to it after taking a bit of time off and this app allows you to do just that!

Traffic Jam Free

This Android game is similar to the slide puzzles you might remember as a kid. The object of this game is to get the yellow car out of the traffic jam. How do you do it? By dragging the car to move around all the other cars so it can get out of the screen. It’s crazy, but there are over 5000 levels and more on the way! There’s a lot of fun to be had with this free Android puzzle game.

Slide Puzzle

Speaking of slide puzzles, this is all about the classic sliding tile game (others call it the 15 puzzle). You can use the images in the database or you can actually customize them and use your own. Also, if you’re up for a challenge, you can play the slide game with up to 64 pieces! That’s right; the game can be played from 3×3 all the way up to 8×8. It’s a great option because it turns into a game literally any age can play and have fun while playing!


I’ve noticed one thing about Mahjong in my life: some people get it and absolutely love to play it while others either don’t get it or don’t like it. There’s just no in between. This is the most popular of the dozens of Mahjong games ready for download to your Android phone.

Classic Simon

This is an Android memory game based on every kid’s favorite, “Simon Says”. The game displays a series of colors and sounds and you have to repeat them in the correct order. It’s great to get your kid involved in having some fun while learning some things; it’s also fun for adults.

Jewellust lite

This Android puzzle game is one of the absolute favorites of thousands of people. I’m not going to get into details about the exact game because I think you’ll have more fun if you just download it and go from there. Just do it; you will not be disappointed!

Top 10 Popular Board Games of 2009 – Our Pick

A classic entertainment filled with fun, leisure and family activity is rooted with the top board games in the world. These board games have been introduced and experienced over the past 8000 years. Earlier board games were mostly played in live sessions where players competed by sitting opposite each other. Now the online industry has given us a comfortable platform for board game lovers to play and enjoy competitions on various online sites.

Everyone who plays a board game has memories tied up while they are experiencing their next game. Players try out the latest board games introduced every year along with the existing ones. Hence each year ends with a list of the most popular and the most dis-liked board games played in live sessions and also in the online world. Below is the list and explanation of the top 10 popular board games of the year 2009. Take a look!


By its original format it is known as “Cluedo”, a United Kingdom version published in 1949. This game is based on speculation, presumption and guessing techniques that the player must posses. As the game of Clue has a fun-filled format and encourages social interaction, it’s become a favourite one for adults and kids. Everyone knows the story of this game to do with the rooms and weapons. But what makes it more interesting is guessing aspect that heightens the worry and raises the stakes for players. Many variations have been introduced now, including editions for kids and in many language versions.


Monopoly has certainly existed and thrived as the most popular board game in the commercial industry. Almost for 100 years this game has been initiated in many forms. Though monopoly is an over-hyped game and is well-known among the modern board games, it is still given less valued. The experience gets monotonous while playing because most people are not aware of the rules and hence play on wrong terms. But there is a solid game here involving some basic economics.

Players try out the various novelty incarnations (Simpsons-opoly, University of Texas-opoly, etc). The old-school Monopoly, the basic introductory version, that you played in early times features the infamous paper money and is the version that reigns best over all other commercial games.


The Game of Life was invented in 1861 and it was released by Milton Bradley that year. Players proceed in the game of life by rotating a wheel and following different tracks and taking serious decisions while they are on their way. Even this year the game has achieved enough fame as it includes fun activities. You enjoy growing up, adding kids and jobs and cash. This is indeed one of the older American board games still played. New rules and new careers to practice are included in the Updated versions. This is based loosely on the classic Parchisi game from India like a slide and pursuit game. The game also includes aspects of card games and capture games – the rules are simple to follow and players of all ages can participate.


Chess is a global happening that continues to challenge players world-wide and it stands as an all-time holder for board games. On a global scale, chess is the only well-known and most-played game of chess than any other game. It involves factors like complexity, strategy, planning, and easy to play steps. You don’t even need a board and characters, but just a pencil and paper and that keeps the game special and the most wanted one till date. The rules of Chess have always been evolving from the 7th century until today. But it’s still a wonderful game that drives players from all over the world.


The game can be enjoyed by two or four players who participate by forming words on a board type like crossword puzzle. The best-known and most popular word game, Scrabble has an extreme following of wordsmiths – you know those people quick to correct your usage and grammar on the bus. More vague letters and words lead to higher point score. Some players study Scrabble, the most popular word game in the world, like Garry Kasparov studies Chess. The Deluxe version has many features including a board that spins and holds letters in place.


The board game Checkers is also known as Draughts and dates back to at least the sixteenth century. Just like chess and other accepted games, there are tournaments in checkers that’s played on national and worldwide basis, and popular culture has fully embraced this game of “capture”. Considered “the poor man’s chess”, checkers is almost as tough and famous as chess, and the variations have been listed in books and websites for years.


Stratego makes the players to control a large number of pieces representing the soldiers and officers of rival armies. This can be defined as a classic war strategy game. Organize your troops in a way that safeguard your flag while giving you a chance to capture your opponent’s flag. This game is an adaptation of an ancient Chinese chess variant, called “Animal Chess”. The game involves steps like misleading your opponent, a good deal of tricks, and strategy learned over time in order to win.


This game is based on the world during the period of Napoleon which is played by two to six players. This is a war strategy game invented by a French film director in 1957. The goal is to rule the world with your army by over taking countries through military might. Risk is another game known for eating up entire weekends and creating rivalries among friends. Many expansions exist, both official and unofficial, including a futuristic version called Risk: 2210 AD. An updated version of Risk, Risk 2210 AD improves the original by shortening the game (five turns), introducing underwater and space territories, and more. Powerful commanders and cards add new strategy.


Battleship is a simple game that has entertained players for decades. To understand it better and in a simpler form, the game of Battleship is based on guessing techniques. Much before the board version was introduced, which featured the classic back-to-back setup “cheat proof”; players used paper and pencil to submerge each other’s battleships with. The basic theme of naval combat was first published in 1931 and hasn’t lost fame. Two players furtively deploy their armadas and then try to destroy each other.

Trivial Pursuit

The classic trivia pursuit game is still a concoction party standard. Though most players these days have deserted the boring board setup in favor of a more simple trivia session, using the cards and not the game pieces. New versions of the game appear all the time, including anniversary and topic-specific editions.

Losing Primary Teeth Is a Big Deal – How Can Adults Help?

It is a major change for a child when losing ‘baby teeth.’ To parents and grandparents, it is a natural occurrence – but to the child – suddenly life is completely different.

Since the front teeth are the first to be lost, some common sounds are no longer clearly spoken. Children that have never had a lisp, develop one in short order. ‘S’ now has a ‘th’ sound; many words that were spoken without a second thought suddenly carry a different enunciation altogether.

Add to this the fact that the image in the mirror is a new one. The image that the child expects to see looking back, the image that he or she has become accustomed to seeing – is not the one they see. That ‘first grader smile’ that we expect (and love) is a little shocking to them. The toothless grin that adults find as a charming one is not so welcomed by the child who now wears it.

We can make it easier by making this passage of time an exciting and fun experience. Not only is the tooth fairy expected to make a secret appearance to take the tooth and replace it with money, but the magic of the moment turns an otherwise unpleasant activity of having a tooth pulled into a celebration. Of course, this happens after the tooth is removed. The anticipation of losing the tooth with the help of an adult is quite traumatic for some children. Worrying that it will hurt can make a child clamp their mouth closed and resist allowing mommy or daddy to help get it out.

Added to the money under their pillow is the discussion of personalized tooth fairy letters. Many children are more agreeable to the loss when they know that a letter will accompany the money left under their pillow. Tooth fairy letters make the whole process easier – not only for the child, but for the adults as well.

Children will lose those primary teeth, no doubt about it. It is important that adults make it a positive experience.