How Swimming Helps You To Be Healthy & Fit

 Swimming  is a very effective physical exercise.  Swimming  is one activity that is refreshing to both body and mind.  Swimming  helps to burn calories, lose weight, relax body and refresh the mind.  Swimming  presents countless health benefits to those who exercise it.

 Swimming  is a very effective part of a weight loss program. It helps to burn those extra calories easily.  Swimming  is an exercise that is not boring and dull. It is an interesting activity to look forward to. If there is an interesting way to lose weight I see no reason why should not you turn to it. In fact  swimming  is a kind of sport that can be incorporated throughout your life.

 Swimming  gives an opportunity to spend some good time with your friends and have fun that is beneficial to your health and overall well being as well. A nice dip in a pool and some splashy time spent in it cools you off during summer. Beach or a pool, it provides a healthy opportunity to have a valuable family time. Water parks are best places that you can spend with your kids. Not to mention the fun and joy you get from  swimming  it helps great deal in improving your fitness and health.

 Swimming , a low impact exercise, is an easy activity that helps to keep the heart rate up without stressing the body too much.  Swimming  can be handy to those who cannot perform other land exercises because of one reason or other. One can have an injury that prevents from doing other exercises. It may not be possible to lift weight or balance weight on knee. Such persons can effectively practice  swimming .  Swimming  in the water does not require you to balance weight on your body. Without being heavy you can get the benefits of an exercise from  swimming .

One important characteristic of  swimming  is that it requires very low effort from you.

o If you practice  swimming  regularly it improves your endurance.

o A  swimming  routine helps to increase your muscle strength.

o By maintaining a healthy heart rate,  swimming  helps to ensure good cardio vascular fitness.

o  Swimming  burns calories at a rate of 3 calories per mile per pound of your body weight. In just one hour you can burn nearly 1000 calories by  swimming  if you  swim  real fast! Even if you  swim  at a moderate speed considerable calories are burnt when you  swim .

 Swimming  and land exercises can be practiced together without any concern. In fact  swimming  can serve as an easy way to warm you up before land exercises. Just a few laps in water gradually increase your heart rate and muscle activity. Just as before the land exercises,  swimming  is effective even after the land exercises.  Swimming  after a land exercise session is a great way to cool off, literally! It helps blood circulation through the body and helps body muscles to recover from the damage they might have had from the strenuous land exercising session.

In addition to a list of direct physical health benefits  swimming  results in a handful of other useful indirect benefits.

o  Swimming  is in a way a kind of meditation. When you  swim  your mind is focused on the rhythm of each stroke. This refreshes your mind immensely. You get a feel good state of mind. You are charged up to face the tasks ahead.

o  Swimming  helps to build sportsmanship in you.

o  Swimming  assists you to manage your time efficiently.

o  Swimming  gives you more confidence, improves your attitude, and makes you feel that you are worth. Yes, increased self-worth is an important benefit of  swimming .

Incorporate  swimming  in your life will really present a world of good changes in you and your life.

Fun Online Puzzle Games For Adults

It’s 3pm Friday and you are at work. You are caught up with all your work but you need to pass time because your work day ends at 4:00pm. What can you do during that one-hour before leaving work for the weekend? Playing fun online puzzle games would be a great way of passing time. Playing puzzle games online can be an entertaining way to end your workweek. In this article I will discuss some fun online games for adults to play.

The first one I would like to mention is a game called Bejeweled 2. In this online game you match four jewels to create a Power Gem and five to create a Hyper Cube. With amazing planetary backdrops and 3D-accelerated special effects, Bejeweled 2 Deluxe is dazzling everyone. If you have never played this game before you have to give it a try. It is an original, good value, exciting, and addictive game. In this game you almost never get bored. Bejeweled 2 is very simple game that will help you relax and unwind.

The next online puzzle game packed with lots of fun is Jewel Quest III. During this puzzle you are on an adventure of jewel matching fun. It’s a challenging but fun game that has you taken all over the world collecting artifacts from just about every continent. This game is packed with great graphics. Jewel Quest II gives you the feeling of being an archeologist as you search the world for clues to solving the puzzle. A very involved gamed that will have you attached to your computer for hours.

The final game I will discuss is called Pahelika – Secret Legends. These brain-teasing puzzles feature a wide variety of challenges. You will be solving a unique series of challenges. In your journey to Pahelika find the truth behind the stories in this game. Travel to a variety of locations solving puzzles. While I will mention that this game really makes you think, the content of the game is rather fun. Pahelika – Secret Legends is a great game to pass time.

As I have mentioned in the article, these games are addictive, but you will have fun while playing them. You will be passing time yet exercising your brain at the same time. These games are also great tools for those “stressed out” days. Playing an online puzzle can certainly relax you from today’s stresses.

Adult Toys, Sex Toys and Games – Tips for Using These Items

Today many couples use adult toys and games for sexual stimulation and also for sexual satisfaction. Technology has advanced today and its use in making sex toys and games has made them more interesting and effective. These toys and games are available in the market whereas games can be played on internet too.

Medically a good quality sex toy for personal use does not cause any harm to health if the user is an adult. Make sure that the material used for making such a toy is acceptable to your delicate organs, it should be tested before use for allergies and irritations. Doctors treat use of sex toys and games as advanced form of masturbation and we all know that masturbation has been a part of human sexual behavior since times immemorial. Today’s busy life routine causes severe absence of proper lovemaking activities between couples due to lack of time which sometimes leads to behavioral disturbances in a partner or in both the partners. Sexual games and toys can help in a better way than masturbation to satisfy sexual desire and eagerness to an extent and helps a male or a female in controlling her emotional state.

People suffering with lack of desire and interest in lovemaking also find sex toys and games helpful in resolving this situation. Compared to other medications use of games for sexual stimulation or arousal is much cheap and easy. Woman suffering with vaginal dryness face quite severe pain during penetration and later, use of sex toys with lubrication many times cures this dryness by arousing her feelings for sex. These toys also help in spicing up the activity and can make the sexual act more pleasurable. Males facing problems of ED or PE can also use these adult toys to satisfy their partner as they are unable to hold stiffness in their genitals for sufficient duration which may leave their partner unsatisfied. Use of toys not only helps them in keeping their love life full of fun but also give them time and exposure to gain control over their problems related to over or under excitement.

Not to mention these sex toys and games shall be kept out of reach of young children as an immature mind cannot understand its proper use. Some precautions are necessary while using sex toys or adult toys. These toys shall be kept strictly for personal use and no one else should be allowed to use them to avoid STDs and other infections. Virus, bacteria and yeast responsible for various kinds of sexual infections and diseases can be transmitted by contaminated sex toys. Even if these toys are used personally their cleanliness is very important and it is better to use them by putting a condom on them. Toys used for anal penetration shall not be used for vaginal penetration as it may cause infection to the vagina. Use of separate condoms for anal and vaginal penetration is a safer way of enjoying sex with adult toys.

Make Your Halloween Party A Hit – Games For Adults

No party is complete without party games; even an adult Halloween party. The games need to be exciting and entertaining in order for you to have a successful fun filled Halloween party. A few ideas that are sure to appeal to adults of all ages are listed below.

Shooting hoop – You can not go wrong when you have this game at your Halloween party. Everyone loves to test their skill to see just how many times they can make the basket. It’s fun and exhilarating.

Pumpkin carving contest – This is a great way for your guest to test their skills against each other to see how they measure up on carving a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern.

Throwing darts – Throwing darts is a great game of skill. It will keep your guest busy for hours. You just want to make sure that it is located in a safe place where you won’t have to worry about any accidents occurring.

Karaoke – Karaoke is a favorite of many adults. They love to show off their singing talent in front of an audience. Even if you prefer to not join in on the actually singing, who don’t like listening to others perform their songs? It’s very entertaining and you can even offer a prize for the one voted the best from the response of audience.

Tug of war – Tug of War is a great game of strength that is a Halloween hit. Both men and women alike love to show how tough they are. What better way to do this than by participating in a nice game of tug a war. You can have couple match or divide the men and women into two groups and have them compete against each other. The guest can form their own teams and compete against each other to see who is the strongest.

If you still feel like you need a little extra to keep your party exciting, how about a dance contest? Many couples love to show off their dancing skills and this would give them the perfect opportunity. When you include these ideas in your Halloween party you will have something for everyone to enjoy.

Paintball – One of the Most Interesting Games for Adults

We live in a time when every day gives us many stresses and a very important thing to do is to find our way to handle with that pressure. There are many different activities that are oriented to calming down, like a way to face with the anxiety, but on other hand, many experts suggest that you should throw out the negative energy and eliminate it.

Some people find paintball very practical as a way of throwing out the negative energy. It gives verification of the physical possibilities and excellent emotional discharging, at a same time. Also it’s a great possibility to be distracted from the everyday anxieties and to become acquainted with new interesting people. The use of pneumatic markers, shooting by the fragile gelatinous marbles filled with paint, allows you to “splash out” all the negative energy literary, and get the charge of positive emotions. This game also guarantees great fun and entertainment so it’s not strange at all that every year through paintballs fields in the world pass more than 5 million players. Paintball was played first time in 1981 in USA and currently reputed to have more participants in America than baseball.

For the ones that have not tried yet this sport, it is a fascinating game played involving groups, or even played one-on-one in the wide field. It’s something similar to the shooter games – one player shoots his opponent using a paintball gun that is powered by compressed air and is loaded with balls filled with paint. The good thing, playing this game that the opponent cold not be shoot in a violent manner, he will only be marked by colour. The worst result from this game is to end up having few bruises but that’s why you should be dressed appropriately. Dressing for paintball means that you should be covered from head to toe, wearing good face mask and good shoes.

The pump paintball guns, classically created to shoot one at a time, are the basic type of guns used for this purpose. There are also semi-auto paintball guns that can fire numerous paintball shots in a number of seconds. The newest kind of paintball markers are the electric paintball guns. They have an electronic trigger which helps make it more rapidly to aim and shoot. These guns are considered being the fastest sort among them all.

More Adults Are Playing Xbox 360, Playstation 3 And Wii Video Games

Do you think that most video game players are kids sitting bleary eyed in front of television sets with fingers and thumbs tapping away in a staccato like manner on the control buttons of a remote control or keyboard? Well, there are plenty of those kinds of kids for sure, but they are not the most prevalent number in the demographics of video game players. That would be the grown ups, or people over the age of 18 to be more specific.

The Entertainment Software Association, a top demographics and research company did a survey recently and found that adults make up 92 percent of the people who purchase video games these days and 80 percent who purchase video game consoles.

The average age of video game players is now up to 33, and getting higher every year it seems. This recent survey found that 67 percent of the Heads of Households play video games as a form of recreation, according to the Entertainment Software Association, or ESA. The average age of the most frequent video game buyers is 38 years old.

The evidence of how old video game players have become was quite evident recently when the release of Halo 3 was getting a lot of media attention. Every news story showed footage of die-hard Halo 3 fans waiting in line for the release of this latest Halo video game. Most of these fans were adults who have followed the Halo video game franchise for many years. Many television reporters showed up at these events and when they conducted interviews you could see that the zeal and fanaticism of these fans was second to none. Some even had costumes that would have made any serious Star Trek or Star Wars fan quite jealous.

There are a lot of parents playing video games these days. Even more interesting is the fact that 80 percent of parents who play video games said they play them with their children, and that this experience has brought them much closer together as a family. In the early days of the video games parents often dismissed them as nothing more than a diversion. The parents of today recognize the value of playing video games.

The grown ups of today are the first generation to be raised on video games. They were the first kids to play Tron, Pong, and Donkey Kong and they have never lost their interest in this kind of activity. They have matured along with video games, made them part of their everyday lives and used them as an escape from reality.

Some of the video games that are currently on the market are quite amazing in their technical and creative achievements. Corporations like Microsoft spend millions of dollars to create games like Halo 3 which offer an experience that is much more than a game. First person shooter video games like Halo 3 and Far Cry by Ubisoft put the players in the game and provide them with choices that determine the outcome. A person can play alone on their PC or with many other people online.

There are now games that offer the sense of touch through the use of special hardware that can be purchased. The hardware involves attaching sensors and transmitters to your skin. The result is a virtual experience that is so realistic you can literally feel it. This kind of interaction can be far more rewarding than simply watching a movie or listening to music. The adult entertainment industry sees the obvious value of this technology and they have seized upon the opportunity with great interest.

Video game developers have known for years that adults are their main customers. They are designing more and more games these days like Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas that are strictly for players over the age of eighteen.

More and more middle aged adults are playing video games these days. Back in 1999 only 9 percent of people over the age of 50 played video games. Now, in 2007 that number has increased to 24 percent.

The video game industry generates 80 billion dollars worldwide annually. Most of that money is made from the sales of video games and Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii video game consoles that are purchased by adults for themselves. That is, after they have purchased one for their kids, of course.

Fun Adult Outdoor Party Games

When it comes to fun outdoor party games for adults and even kids, there are many game ideas you can choose from. But one thing stays the same and that is the fact that playing games at your outdoor party is a great creative way to bring everyone a fun time.

A great party usually has a few key things: good food, good company, and fun activities to keep everyone entertained. And when you host an outdoor party, you even have more opportunities to play lots of interesting games.

You will discover some of the most popular entertaining games and activities you can play at your party.

Top 3 Fun Outdoor Games and Activities

When the weather is nice and it is welcoming for your party outdoors, here are some easy creative game ideas you can choose from.

1. Outdoor Activity: Pool Party Games

If you have a swimming pool in your house, a pool party is a fantastic idea in summer. Everyone – kids, adults, and teenagers – enjoy a nice time by the water.

Whether your guests prefer to relax and sunbathe by the pool, or play more exciting games inside the water that needs more physical activities, it is guaranteed that they will enjoy these pool party games.

2. Outdoor Game: Water Balloon

This game is similar to the normal volleyball but instead is played with a fun water balloon. It is usually a favorite activity to play among kids and teenagers, though adults with a fun sense of adventure will certainly enjoy it too.

3. Outdoor Game: Board Games

If you are looking for fun activity ideas for adults with less need of running around, you can simply play your favorite board game. Whether you enjoy strategic games or funny and easy ones, board games are an easy and free way to enjoy an afternoon outdoors with friends.

Generally, suggesting fun game ideas to play is an easy way to help everyone have a fabulous time. It also helps people open up and make friends with each other more easily. A little creativity goes a long way.

Other than fun game ideas to play outdoors, there are many entertaining activities and games that you can also play with your guests indoors. Most of these activities are free and very easy to arrange. Always a good way to bring more amusement, even if the weather outside is not the best for outdoor parties.

Good luck planning fun game ideas for your fabulous party!

Fun Board Games for Adults

The vast majority of board games available today are fun board games for adults. They may be fun for other age groups as well, but they fit in the adult category because adults have already lived through those younger years. It’s what qualifies them to be adults.

That said, it should be obvious that not all board games are fun for every adult. Fun board games for adults I’m associated with might not be the same fun board games for adults you have contact with. Among the dozens that I’ve played as an adult, there have been a small fraction that I haven’t particularly enjoyed. They are few and far between though.

When speaking of adult board games, I’m not going to devote time to those that have risque content. The adult-ness referred to here will only be a reference to an age group, not to games that are for “adults only” because they would be rated R if they were movies.

There are some traditional gateway games mentioned fairly often by those who make suggestions for board games for adults – and I think understandably so. Ticket to Ride and sometimes Carcassonne are most frequently brought up, and I agree that they should be as I would also recommend them, especially for adults who have not yet played anything remotely like a Euro board game before. Yes, that’s how these fun board games have earned the moniker of gateway games. Once people see how much fun these are, they tend to look for more fun board games that they haven’t played before.


Sequence is a combination card and board game for 2-4 players. It is somewhat reminiscent of the classic Pente in that you need to get a row (or two, depending on the number of players) of five chips – vertically, horizontally, or diagonally – for a victory.

The board shows all the cards in the deck twice except the jacks, which are wild and have special properties. Play a card and place a “poker” chip of your color on a corresponding card space. Then don’t forget to draw a card to replenish your hand. If you don’t pick up a new card before the next player plays, you have to finish the game with less cards in your hand than you deserve, which can severely limit your options – especially if you forget more than once.

Sequence is a light-weight board game strategy-wise, so there’s plenty of time for socializing, if that’s what you like to do while playing with friends and family. Still, there is enough challenge to make you think a little before placing just any old card anywhere.

Wits & Wagers

As its name suggests, Wits & Wagers is a combination trivia and betting game that is great for parties. It plays quickly, especially if you enforce the time limit imposed by the hourglass. And it doesn’t really matter if you know the answers to the trivia questions; you can still win by intelligent wagering.

A question is read from one of the cards included. All answers are numeric. (This includes years.) Players write down their answers secretly within 30 seconds. When all are ready, answers are revealed simultaneously and are arranged on the betting table from low to high. When sorted properly, players then have 30 more seconds to place their “poker” chips on the answer they think is closest (without going over) to the correct one.

Winnings are paid only to the player or players who guessed the correct (closest) answer according to the odds shown on the betting table. The farther away from the median answer, the higher the odds.


Alhambra is another combination card and board game. Cards are money in four flavors usually identified by card color (though other cues can be used by those who have difficulty with colors) and come in various denominations. Normally, you pick up cards on your turn or discard some of your cards to pay for one of four tiles available on the board.

These tiles, most of which have dark-colored “walls”, are used to construct your own personal Alhambra. The tiles also come in different colors. Twice during the game and once at the end, players score points based on how many tiles of each color are in their Alhambra.

The challenges come in deciding when to purchase a tile, when to bide your time and collect more cash, where to place a purchased tile in your Alhambra (as there are restrictions), and which tile to go after.

When playing with three or four people, you can usually do a fair amount of planning ahead. With five or six people, chances are that the tile you were waiting to buy is going to be taken by someone else before your next turn.

With just a little more strategy involved than in Sequence, this board game will provide many hours of fun for most adults.


Party games like Outburst and Balderdash are two more fun board games for adults that you might like to try. Balderdash is virtually the same as the generic “dictionary game”. Having the actual game just makes finding good words to stump people with a lot easier.

Outburst is similar to Family Feud in that you’re trying to come up with lists of items in a category as a team. The main and significant differences are that everyone on the team participates at the same time and that the items in the unknown list are not necessarily the ten most popular answers. Sometimes you’ll wonder why in the world they didn’t list an item that your team came up with, and other times you’ll be puzzled at where the creators came up with an item that none of you thought of.


Quiddler is a card game that works best with players of roughly equal vocabulary levels and spelling ability. You have a hand of three to ten cards (depending on which round it is) that have letters instead of numbers. After drawing a card, you try to spell one or more words using all the letters except one, which you will discard. When one player accomplishes this, the rest have one more chance to do the same, or to at least play as many cards as they can. Any cards left in your hand score negative points. Bonuses are awarded for the longest word and most words each round.

With these suggestions as a starting point, you should be able to find your way to many, many other fun board games for adults.

Fun Adult Party Games

Adult party games can be a little goofier and a little more risqué so have some fun with the following two games we suggest for your party.

The first game for the adult party is a fun romp called ‘Feeding Time’. Have all the women at the party sit in a row of chairs on the opposite side of the party area. They should each have a baby bottle filled with something to drink (you can use milk or alcohol for these adult babies) and each should have a bib.

Place an equal number of men on the opposite side of the adult party area. At your ‘go’ each of the men should run to their partner and get into her lap. The women will tie a bib about the man’s neck and start feeding him from the bottle. The man can cling on to the woman but he’s not aloud to touch the bottle with his hands. Once the bottle is empty the woman unties the bib and both run back to the men’s starting place. The winning couple is the first one across the finish line.

Our second suggestion is more of a fun pastime than an actual adult party game. ‘Body painting’ can be made a little competitive if you give an award at the end of the painting session for the most artistic or most risqué body art. You’ll need to spread out some newspapers or a floor cloth to keep paint from coloring the carpet and you’ll also need body paints or face crayons, brushes and some water.

Have the guests get into groups of three and arrange themselves so they can paint on each other’s body. They can paint anywhere on the body as long as their painting partners are okay with it. At the end have everyone admire each other’s body art. This is definitely a game reserved for those adult parties so keep the kids out of it!

Swim to Slim – It’s Easy

The experts will tell you that  swimming  is the best all round exercise that a person can do. It’s little wonder then why it’s one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise going. You really can  swim  to slim as it’s an excellent and accessible activity for anyone who wants to get fit and stay that way. So, if you’re feeling a bit out of shape and want to tone up and feel good about yourself, keep it simple and start a  swimming  program today.

If you’re an  adult  who can’t  swim , don’t worry as most towns and cities have  swimming  classes for grown-ups so you’ll be  swimming  like a fish in no time at all. Actually, that’s not quite true as it can take a little time if you really are a novice, but the bottom line is that there are very few people that these instructors can’t teach.

At mid forties, I got into the water for the first time and overdid my enthusiasm to a point where I felt physically sick at the end of the session. I was flapping and splashing around in the pool like a 3 year old, but the problem was I had another 40 years on a toddler of that age, and I had to lay on the bed for an hour before I had the strength to sit upright. Listen to the instructor and follow his instructions specifically, and you’ll do just fine.

If you can  swim  but it’s been a while, you too need to be careful not to overdo it in the beginning. Start off slowly and for short durations. It will only be a matter of a week or two before you’re back into shape and then you can really start to  swim  to slim.

In order to see some great results from  swimming , you would be best to spend say, 20 or 30 minutes in the pool, about 4 times a week. A little and often is not only good for moderation, but it will benefit the body better than say a half-day mad splash once a week. If you’re  swimming  for fitness and weight loss you might want to set yourself some goals. Once you achieve your goals you can always aim for a more ambitious  swim  or just stick with what you’re happy with.

One thing is certain,  swimming  is the best form of all-round exercise. For starters, it uses almost all of your major muscle groups and it gets your lungs and heart working a treat. It’s also gentle exercise and it’s particularly good for people with certain disabilities. Additionally, it’s great for pregnant women and obese people. Although  swimming  exercise may not loose fat quite as fast as other forms of aerobic exercise, it’s certainly a great and natural way to tone up and shape up. If you do a bit of  swimming  along with some other type of aerobic workout, you will be the local superman or woman, before you know it.