Summer Backyard Staycation Fun In Your Own Swimming Pool

When it comes to cool fun under the hot summer sun, there’s nothing better than jumping into a  swimming  pool. Having your own  swimming  pool offers vacation fun without the hassle of packing up the family and dealing with busy roadways and frustrating airline travel. If you have your own  swimming  pool you can amp up the fun by purchasing a few new toys or accessories. With the money you will save on gasoline or airline tickets, you can upgrade your  swimming  pool, enhance your outdoor living area, or even add a spa or hot tub.

 Adults  and children both love the opportunity to frolic in the  swimming  pool and it’s not only a great way for some family bonding time, but it’s a great way to sneak in exercise as well. Your children can add to their fun by inviting a few friends over for an impromptu pool party. Because you have the  swimming  pool, it’s a party waiting to happen and all you have to do is add in some snacks, drinks a few  swimming  pool toys and voila – they’re all set. All you have to do is sit back on the deck and supervise.

If your children are avid swimmers look for toys they can jump into the water and dive for – those toys will make for a great game of treasure hunting. Look for diving eggs, sticks or rings; you want to make certain none of the toys are small enough to get stuck in a filter or drain screen. Also, if your children are jumping or diving into the water, you must be even more diligent to make certain no one gets injured and that no one runs into trouble underwater. Remember too, unless you have an inground pool with a deep end, there is no diving allowed and impress upon the swimmers that they shouldn’t jump into the water unless there is a clear spot. If your children aren’t swimmers, they can still bob under water and retrieve items tossed into the shallow end of the pool.

Pick up some blow up beach balls or rafts for the swimmers. Beach balls lead to an immediate game of “volley ball” regardless of whether you have a net and rafts lend themselves to floating and relaxation. If you and your kids are into active water sport  games , consider adding a basketball hoop that’s specifically designed for  swimming  pools. You can play a pick-up game or HORSE.

If you or your children want to try some more solo-type activities pick up some motorized pool toys – think sharks or submarines. The motorized toys can be used by the kids to see who can catch it first, or who is fastest – the children or the toys.

At the end of the day, having a  swimming  pool in your backyard is all about relaxation and fun. Make certain you have enough bath towels, lounge chairs, waterproof cushions and sunscreen available. Just because you’re staying home this summer doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and make memories!

Swimming Lessons – How to Swim Freestyle

As you begin taking  swimming  lessons you are going to learn a number of different strokes. There is the breaststroke, butterfly stroke and the backstroke. When taking  swimming  classes, one of the first strokes you will learn is freestyle  swimming . This is a  swim  style that most swimmers chose to  swim  front crawl because it is the fastest technique, but there are no real regulations on how it should be  swam .

The easiest way to learn this  swim  is with practice and by attending some kind of  swimming  school. It allows you to actually see how to go through the movements and perfect each stride. To give you an idea of how to  swim  freestyle, here are some tips to get you started.

The first tip is to draw a line down the center of your body from the chin to the chest; metaphorically speaking of course. You will use this as a basis for how your whole body should rotate in the water while extending horizontally in the direction you are  swimming .

It is important you keep your legs straight with your toes pointed out while freestyle  swimming . You will build up your leg muscles with this type of  swim  as you want to kick up and down continuously the entire time. This is what makes this particular  swim  so propelling with the force of your arms and legs going at full speed the entire time.

As for your arms, your  swimming  lessons will show you that you need to move them in a windmill motion opposite of each other. As one arm is extended out, you want the other one to be as far back as possible. Keep the opposite arm pretty much against the side of your body.

While your arms are rotating like a windmill, you want to keep your hands flat and thumbs separated from the index finger. This will allow you to pull the extended arm through the water with force and speed. When doing this, bend your arm where the elbow is and bring your fingertips right against that line down the center.

From there,  swimming  classes will teach you to lift your other arm out of the water and place it forward where the first arm was. Make sure you bend your elbow and drag the fingertips along the water.

Throughout the entire process of freestyle  swimming  you will want to breathe on one side of the body simply by turning your head to the side as your arm comes out of the water. The amount of times you breathe will depend on your skill-level and whether or not you are competing. You may take breaths every time one particular arm goes around or you can wait two or three times for the arm to go around.

Adult Video Games – Are They Redefining The "Adult" Segment?

Video games rule our lives and souls and there is no doubting the fact. If anywhere ever doubted this, he/she just needs to look at the collective dismay of the British public on the no show of PS3 this season. It’s as if we have not won the FIFA world cup once again. Video games are huge and the PlayStation is even bigger. Thank god we still have PlayStation 2 to give us company.

A segment of the video games industry which is seriously well poised is the adult video games division. Adult video games have fascinated adults and the number of casualties is increasing by the day. And when they say “Adult” they really mean it. With explicit graphics and an even more explicit voice over, these games are an overall delight.

If you are into the adult stuff and pornography you would love these games. If you are a serious gamer and not into the adult stuff, you would be amazed by the impact these video games create. All in all these adult video games are suitable for all (except the underage that is)

Lets for a while return to playstation 2. PlayStation 2 proved to be a good improvement over the original Playstation. Such was the impact of the PlayStation that Microsoft had to introduce XBOX to counter the PlayStation virus. None the less I am an ardent follower of the PS2 and for me nothing comes close.

Just get on to the Adult video games and play station brigade and let your senses feel the difference.

Different Types of Gaming Chairs for Adults and Kids

If you buy a PlayStation® or an Xbox for your kid, remember to buy him a gaming chair also. Only then you will let your child enjoy the video games in full. When he sits on one of these beautiful high-tech chairs, he will be more comfortable and safe. Among these chairs you get ones made out of memory foam. They are able to provide ultimate comfort to your kids.

Gaming chairs are not only fit for kids. As there are lots of adults who play games with game consoles; they also could use these chairs. It is really comforting to play a video game sitting on one of these comfortable chairs to relax at home after work. There are different types of chairs which are suitable for adults. Some of them have arm rests and caster wheels also. The wheels allow you to move around the room without getting up from your chair.

One of the best gaming chairs for adults is the home style chair that has comfortable cushions. They will provide you with all the necessary comforts. This chair could also be used as an average chair suitable for your living room. In case you don’t need to use it that way, you have the option to fold it into a bundle and leave it elsewhere. When it is in expanded position, there is storage space also under the chair.

Bean bag gaming chair is one that is more suitable for kids. Since it is a simple chair stuffed with polystyrene beads and is covered with vinyl upholstery, it provides ultimate in comfort. With its L shape, it provides ample comfort when a kid sits on it. Normally, they have storage pockets on either side as well. One good thing with bean bag type of chairs is that they are suitable for adults and children alike. Ease of cleaning is a special advantage they offer.

It is not only your kids who will enjoy sitting on gaming chairs to get the best out of their gaming pleasure but also adults could enjoy playing from one of them. For a serious gamer, the comfort provided with gaming chairs will be helpful to enhance his gaming skills. There is no need to think of aches and pains caused due to sitting in awkward positions like with ordinary chairs. Instead, you could sit comfortably and concentrate on your game. You never need to break a bank to buy one of these chairs either.

Adult Swim Diapers, Bariatric Briefs, and Overnight Pads

When people get older, their control over their bodily functions are reduced and sometimes even lost. To address this, diaper manufacturing companies provide adult swim diapers, bariatric briefs, and overnight pads to make aging people’s lives easier, more convenient and comfortable.

Adult swim diapers make participating in water sports possible, enjoyable, and more comfortable for adults with special needs. Using these helpful solutions enable adults to have fun without worrying about embarrassing leakage and bulk experienced without diapers. These reusable, latex-free adult swim diapers can fit an average weight of ninety to one hundred and forty pounds and come in blue, white, and pink.

Reusable adult swim diapers are designed to be worn discreetly under a bathing suit. These are intended for individuals with moderate to heavy bladder and bowel incontinence, and are even made with wetness indicators for easy changing. Unlike other diapers, these do not absorb liquids and thus provide a comfortable support experience. To ensure product effectiveness, manufacturers conducted tests and found out that adult swim diapers efficiently contain solids and prevent harmful bacteria from getting in the water.

Bariatric briefs on the other hand are intended for people who have undergone bariatric surgery. These are also recommended for extremely obese people with bladder and bowel incontinence issues. Aging people can choose from brief styles and varieties of protective underwear that will suit their size, comfort, and preference. Various sizes are also manufactured to accommodate people with a waistline of sixty-three to ninety-five inches.

Bariatric briefs are made with features that handle odor control and ventilation to protect wearers against breakdown, skin irritation, bed sores, and other allergy issues. When choosing a product, make sure it fits properly and it doesn’t gap or sag to prevent unnecessary and inconvenient leaks. These products’ breathable side panels provide comfortable and snug fit people will find both efficient and effective.

While adult swim diapers and bariatric briefs are used for bowel and bladder incontinence, overnight pads are designed to handle lighter urine leakage issues. Bladder control pads, liners, and shields are easily fastened with an adhesive strip and absorb depending on level of incontinence. They provide utmost comfort, security, and discretion women will find highly effective. These solutions are shaped and designed to let users function normally without becoming too self-conscious about wearing one.

These latex-free, pH-balanced, and individually-wrapped pads contain super absorbent micro-beads designed for odor control and a fluid locking system that allows users to be dry at all times. Adult swim diapers, bariatric briefs, and overnight pads all offer the comfort and convenience that meet aging people’s changing needs.

Adult Games For Married Couples – Spice Up Your Marriage Today

It is very common for couples who are married for quite some time to feel that sex is no longer an enjoyable activity but a routine. So how can couples spice up their sex after marriage?

One of the best ways to spice up your sex is to try out the different exciting adult games with your spouse. Good adult games can prolong your foreplay which is definitely a must if you and your spouse want to experience a better love making session.

Good adult games can entice your spouse to the breaking points. Let me just share with you 3 exotic adult games that you can try out with your spouse in the bedroom tonight:

Adult Game #1: The Horny Nurse. This is a role playing game, whereby the woman will put on white panties, bra, mini skirt, white stockings and a nurse uniform. She will take up the role of a nurse and the man will take up the role of a patient. The woman can stroke her lover’s manhood and say that it is to ensure that it is working fine. To bring the game to a more exciting level, the woman can tell the man that she wants to collect semen sample and the both of you can enjoy the sex ride together.

Adult Game #2: The Artistic Painter. One of you can take up the role as a painter and ask your lover to lie down so that you can pain his or her body. This is a very sensual act when you touch the areas that are erotic and sensitive to your lover.

Adult Game #3: The Stripper. Nothing beats anticipation when comes to creating sexual desire during sex. Both you and your lover should get couples of clothes on before playing The Stripper. This is a very simple game whereby you use poker card to decide the winner and the loser will strip. The key in this game is to constantly create the sexual anticipation of both of you before getting into the real stuff.

Do you know that the best way to intensify sex is to have prolonged foreplay? By tuning foreplay into games, you will be able to take your lovemaking to levels of pleasure you possibly have never experienced. Visit the website below to get more games:

Swimwear For Toddlers

Many health professionals and doctors now agree that infants as young as 1 month can be taken to the pool. They also say that initiating children early on to water can be beneficial to them learning to swim. So now you can have fun with your young children in the pool and also have fun choosing the right swimwear for them. Most retailers sell swimwear for toddlers beginning from the age of 3 to 12 months. It is rather difficult to find swimwear for newborns who are less than 3 months.

This may not pose a problem for most parents, as the natural consensus is that children as young as that would be far better swimming without any clothes on. There are many choices of swimwear for children and one of them is swim diapers. This is especially ideal for parents who are worried about ‘accidents’ that might happen in the pool. Although chlorination of the pool water would take care of any side effects of any ‘accidents’, parents are still unsure of the consequences. This was especially true if their infants had an ‘accident’ that was solid waste in nature.

Parents were embarrassed that this might happen and thus refrained from taking their infants to the pool. Thus, swim diapers were introduced. These are cotton cloth lined and are made with a polyurethane material. These diapers can be machine washed and dry-able and put the parents’ minds at ease in case their infants were to ‘go’ in the pool. These diapers can be bought from online retailers or from most stores. There are also flotation devices that help keep children afloat and among these is the popular, ‘water wings’. They fit on the arms and help to keep your child afloat. In this way, they can play in the water and splash around having fun.

These are usually not advisable or suitable for infants under 12 months of age. Although there are flotation devices for younger infants, it is recommended that infants of such a young age should be accompanied by their parents at all times. Other options are trunks and swimsuits for children. These types of swimwear are typically full body suits and are similar to the ones worn by adults and older children. In addition, you can also find wetsuits and for the girls, there is the ever popular one or two-piece swimsuits.

You can also buy UV swimwear. These types of swimwear are made with specialized fabric materials that offer UV protection. Another essential for toddlers is to ensure that if the pool is an outside pool, that hats are worn to cover the fact, neck and ears. Cancer can be caused by over-exposure to the sun’s rays and one of the ways to avoid this exposure is to be cautious and wear protective clothing. One thing that should never be overlooked is the importance of sunscreen. Since infants’ skin is extremely sensitive, sunscreen must be applied to avoid any incidents of sunburn. With all of these in mind and a wide selection of swimwear for toddlers now available, you and your toddler should have no trouble having a fun time at the pool.

5 Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Novice Swimmer

Many adults who decide to tackle triathlons at a later age begin swim training with very little swimming experience. No one wants to look silly when beginning to train for a sport that they have little experience in, therefore, incorporate the following tips and avoid looking like a novice swimmer.

1. Never Train in a Jammer: No legitimate male swimmer would ever train in a jammer. A brief or a drag suit are the only acceptable suits to wear while training. Females should wear a tight fitting one piece training suit.

2. Don’t Wear Foam Goggles: Old school foam goggles scream beginner. Only Swedish goggles or the new composite goggles with polycarbonate are acceptable. If Swedish goggles hurt your eye socket any of the polycarbonate goggles should feel more comfortable (I prefer View goggles). Give them a few days, your eye sockets will adjust and you’ll look like a pro.

3. Use Equipment (properly): Kickboards, pull buoys, paddles, fins, snorkels are all great training aids to use in order to improve strength, speed or an area of weakness. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing you how to properly use the equipment. If you decide to use equipment buy your own and keep them in a mesh swim bag.

4. Circle Swim: Many novice swimmers either swim right down the middle of the lane or split the lane while training. Always circle swim unless you have the lane to yourself. Circle swimming means you are always on the right side of the lane.

5. Don’t Static Stretch: Static stretching is the act of elongating a muscle and holding it for a specified period of time. Static stretching should never be done prior to a workout; it has been proven to decrease performance. If you want to gain flexibility do some dynamic warm-up exercises prior to a workout and static stretching after your workout is over.

These tips may seem a bit comical, but I wish someone would have given me similar tips the first time I went for a training ride or ran sprints on a track. Just follow these simple tips and pretty soon you won’t be faking it.

Swimming Pool Design

Everyone wants a swimming pool in their home, and everyone enjoys visiting swimming pools elsewhere. However very few people recognise the amount of consideration and thought that must go into a swimming pool design and how important it is to get this right to get the most from your pool.

A pool design should satisfy many factors, particularly when in the home. First of all it should use its space well and provide the most opportunity for swimming within the area that you have to work with. To an extent the shape and design here will be affected by the way you intend to use the pool. If you want to use it for fitness and swimming laps for example, then you will benefit from having a swimming pool that’s long lengthways so you can swim the longest distance uninterrupted. At the same time though, if you want to use a swimming pool purely for exercise, you might be best off just heading to the local public swimming pool, unless you have space for a fairly big pool in your back yard.

Most people however will not want their swimming pool for training and will want it more for relaxing in and playing games. In this case a less narrow design will be more suitable and you will want a round or square pool that allows you to do these things. Often a more interestingly shaped pool will allow for multiple sections – perhaps a seating area and an area for playing in. This way you can have children playing with a ball while you relax on a seat. Some will even have a separate Jacuzzi area built into the design.

At the same time you also need to bear in mind the depth of your pool. Does it need to be deep enough to dive into, or do you want the pool to be shallow enough to stand in and play ball games. The best designs again will cater for both and provide you with a pool that gets deeper either at one end or in the middle.

The depth is also important from a safety point of view, and there are more elements here that are important for safety. For example the edge of the pool must not be slippery with wet feet which is a common cause of accidents. At the same time you will need a system for draining water that spills over the edge, both from a safety point of view and to provide wasting water and unintentionally emptying out the pool.

Finally though your pool also needs to look good, and for many people the aesthetics are one of the biggest appeals of a good swimming pool. Your swimming pool will need to be made from a great attractive material, and will also benefit from other cosmetic touches such as unusual shapes or patterns on the tiling. This will make your home look like a holiday villa, or the home of a famous celebrity, and will be the icing on the cake when you have your own pool.

What Swimming Can Do To You

There are so many  swimming  benefits, from physical to mental to social. You can think of  swimming  as the ULTIMATE low weight high rep training. The opposing force of the water completely forms muscle. You should actually feel your shoulders, triceps (back of the arms), lats (back muscles), butt, quads, and hamstrings all get tender from a great  swim  exercise. Furthermore, it is going to give a good cardiovascular workout as well. Understanding all the advantages of  swimming  is important since  swimming  really can change your life. Believe it or not, it can even extend your life!

 Swimming  provides you the greatest of both worlds. On one hand, it gives you the cardio benefits of running and alternatively, it paves way for you to attain weight training power building rewards.  Swimming  helps sustain the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of a person, thus making sure of the well-being of his/her heart. It’s good for the wellness of your lungs as well as reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes.  Swimming  builds flexibility, endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular health. Water adds 12 times more opposing force as compared to air, therefore it requires a lot more work to go through water than air.  Swimming  not merely aids strengthen muscles; it assists to build lean, flexible muscles.

It improves the flexibility of one’s joints and offers the scope for boosting your physical exercise workout level. This means, it will help a great deal in your weight loss program. You’ll be able to burn around 3 calories a mile per pound of body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds and you  swim  one mile in half an hour, then you will burn 900 calories per hour. Obviously, the number of calories you burn is determined by the amount of you weigh and the intensity of your workout. If you weigh 150 pounds and  swim  at moderate intensity, you will burn around 600 calories each hour.

Regardless of your age, weight, skill level, or fitness level,  swimming  is an excellent choice for anybody including overweight people, people with disabilities, pregnant women and seniors. A recent study shows that  swimming  can help you live longer. In a study greater than 40,000 men ages 20 to 90, swimmers were 50 % less likely to die throughout the 32 year study period than were walkers or runners.

For many swimmers,  swimming  is similar to a type of mediation for the reason that  swimming  is a focused activity that can’t be coupled with disturbances like reading or watching TV.  Swimming  allows you to regulate your breathing, and lets you focus on nothing but the tempo of your stroke. It cuts down on stress and leaves you feel calm and rejuvenated.

 Swimming  can be a lifelong sport that benefits the body, mind and spirit.