Free Adult Dating Site Offering New Membership Benefits

A large amount of matchmakiing sites come and then go, the good dating services are all about getting the best adult dating site experience they can for their members. As for these great dating sites, it appears sugar daddy relationships are becoming a new service. After doing more research on these type of adult dating sites we came to find the new adult dating sites are encouraging less serious relationships and more ways to cut to the chase. Joining a dating site for a less serious relationship most would say that is new!

Absolutely.. with these totally free personals dating sites they are focusing on allowing members to have less pressure on meeting someone. Most know love is not always going to be found onlinel. Keep in mind though, trying a new experience and being spoiled by a wealth women or man is not that bad when searching for love. Being more aware and involved is how the good matchmaking sites are thriving with new members. Just how does these totally free members experience a new type of online dating? Well most totally free personals are just about getting you matched with anyone. random matching is not personal and can be meaningless.

The good adult dating sites use pretty sophisticated methods to help members cut to the chase. A different system to match singles is how you you would spoil someone and how much money you want to spoil them with. In sugar daddy dating it is not all about the money, there are quite a few ways these totally free personals offer each other unique pleasures. These type of pleasures are catered to spoiling one another and being totally affection with one another. As for the wealthy men and women they are all about happiness and joy.

Let’s put it in persepective, successful men and women have accomplished a lot and now just want to either share or showoff. It really is a unparalleled atmosphere inside these adult dating sites. That is the cut to the chase mentality these dating sites are offering and why so many are joining sugar daddy sites. A whole new world opens up in the sugar daddy dating world. Where meeting new people and cutting to the chase is the norm, people who are tired of games usually find themselves right at home on the seductive adult dating sites.

Not Tonight Darling

Have you and your partner gone through one of those periods when the relationship, especially the sex, felt stale and in a rut? Yes, I am talking about dry spells here and they happen to even the nicest home. They are among the best-kept secrets of long-term relationships, and they are nothing to worry about. At one time or another, everybody is not doing it and it is just that, nobody is talking about it. The occasional drought is simply a fact of married life and don’t worry, this shall pass.

But do you ever feel that your current sex life is not as exciting as the sex lives of the people on TV and in the movies? Is the sex you are having disappointing, compared to the passion that you saw on the screen?

Should your sex live start to be boring and dull as ditch-water, you may want to consider the following remedies, tips from My Secret Love Making Strategy.

Satisfying Sex Life

To have a satisfying sex life, we have to think about sex in a completely different way that transcends both repression and obsession with all things sexual. The key to satisfying sex life is, knowing ourselves. This means seeing beyond cultural myths that damage and distort our sexuality, uncovering our authentic sexual desires, and developing the emotional and social skills we need to share our real selves with our partners and maximize our chances for a happy sex life.

Sustaining an enriching sexual life involves your partner. The ability to talk to them about your sexual desire and the ability to understand your partner’s sexual self and their genuine sexual feelings. Each of us has a secret sexual self that is as unique as a fingerprint. Sexual desire can be colored by past experiences and an unmet emotional needs. Once we get beyond that code of silence and we open up to our partner, this will set us free to pursue a more rewarding and intimate sex life.

Changes of Scenery

You don’t have to leave home to find them. I mean, just get out of the bedroom for a change. Of course you have to make sure that everybody else is out at that time. Changes of scenery can work wonders for those tired libidos. Try the children’s playroom floor for a start. Yeah, make love and do your stuffs amidst those Barbie Dolls and X-Men figurines. I am sure they do not mind, and you can rest assure that they will keep their mouth shut after that.

Then there is the stairway – my personal favorite, or the kitchen. Do it on top of the washing machine for example. Switch on the machine while doing it, if you like, if that what gets you more excited. Try it on the table top too. Yeah, this may sound like something out of an adult movie scene, but believe me, this is just one lesson in love making, to making love last, for life.

Think of new places for your next “adventure”. List them down. Try experiencing the excitement of doing it on different and unfamiliar surroundings? Just thinking of this will sure to get you all fired up.

Switch Roles

If you are usually the aggressor, change your behavior, switch roles and let your partner, usually your wife, become the aggressor for a change. If that is out of her character, ask her to play the shy, blushing virgin. Use appropriate props. Wear something different. I mean, put on different uniforms each time. You can be the doctor and she the nurse. You the criminal, she the warden, you the discipline master, she the troubled student, you the plumber and she the housewife in distress, so on and so on. Do a role-play. Give your alter ego a name and refer to that name often. Vary the script and keep surprising each other.

New Maneuvers

Another idea to surprise your partner, try some new maneuvers or exotic techniques.

Try a different variety of foreplay. Variety is necessary in love, so love is to be produced by means of variety. Get a book on sexual position if you could not think of any, other than the usual.

Here are some tips.

Use your hands, feet, hair or your whole body to touch your partner and tantalize each other with different textures – feathers, silk, fur and flowers. These are so many ways to touch your lover for an erotic awakening. The only limits are your imagination.

Try other sexual positions. The sitting positions for example are amongst the best energy sharing positions. They are ideal when you have built a high sexual charge and want to move less, but feel more. In most sitting positions there is less thrusting and less movement, with the exception of occasional, active rocking action. Face each other, make eye contact and hold each other tight. Your hands are free to stimulate your partner’s breasts.

Previous Experience

Have a sexy conversation with your partner. Share your sexual fantasy you have most often or find most arousing. Bring up previous sexual encounters both of you found especially memorable, a sort of replay of your own greatest hits. Describe a scintillating sex scene from a movie, or read one aloud from a book. Conversational intimacy leads to physical intimacy, because it stimulates the primary sex organ – the brain. It is really amazing how arousing talking about sex can be.

Live A Healthy And Fulfilling Sex Lives

The key to a great sex life is not just about the various techniques that we do in bed or in the kitchen, but rather what is going on in our minds, often without our clear awareness, while we are engaged in sexual behavior. Imagine being in bed with the most attractive, gorgeous and sexually desirable person you know. If your mind does not cooperate – because of worries about work, because you are self-conscious about your body, the sex is not going to be great.

Sex is a whole lot more than intercourse. There is setting the scene, creating harmony of minds and hearts, arousing your senses and awakening your desire. It is the man’s role to excite and stimulate his lady, to pay attention to her emotional state and make sure she is “overcome with love and desire” before you proceed to intercourse.

Far from being dangerous, sex is good for us, physically and emotionally. Feeling and acting sexual is not itself dangerous. For health reasons alone, it pays to invest time, energy and thought into having a satisfying sexual relationship. The health and psychological benefits you stand to gain make it well worth neglecting your housework, missing your favorite NBA game or foregoing the occasional poker game.

The Three Types of Health We All Need

When we hear the word health, we probably think first of our physical health… Our mental health and our financial health come second and third.

But, as with all things, we should look for balance in life; and although our physical health is the most important of the three, it is good to realize that one without the other two does not make for a great life. We have to maintain all three if we are going to have the optimum existence; we must work at all three if we are to find any sort of peace in our daily lives.

Our physical health is the basis to our daily ability of movement and general achievement. If we are not physically healthy, it will effect both our mental and our financial health; if we feel unwell or unable, then we are mentally challenged through each day to overcome the pain we endure and the lack of movement we battle against. Added to this, we are less likely to be on our game when it comes to earning money and we are more likely to spend our time in medical treatment centers which will cost us money.

When it comes to our mental health, we are dealing with emotions, the most notoriously difficult aspect of our existence, the hardest thing to overcome, the most powerful part of any human; if we can learn to control or come to terms with our emotions then we have the ability to achieve anything; our mind is our strongest ally when it works for us and our biggest enemy when it conspires against us, it is the one thing we have with us all the time, chattering away, telling us that we can (or cannot) do something; our mind has the ability to cause illness or avoid illness, it has the strength to give us the adrenaline to enact feats of heroism or collapse into moments of weakness and desperation. Positive mental health is imperative if we are to be happy.

Financial health is the least important of the three, yet it has the power to breed confidence. If we are financially stable we have the ability to enjoy many forms of freedom, to experience numerous ways of life, to devour unending types of pleasure. However, the imbalance of financial ‘success’ can also cause enormous amounts of stress, the responsibilities mount up with the assets, the inequalities with our mental and physical health can grow more acute with the financial burdens. The other end of the scale is no more attractive – financial poverty often leads to mental and physical poverty too. Balance is essential if we are to find what we truly desire.

To achieve the balance required, to come to a place of physical, mental and financial health is not easy. We are (as in so many things) ‘miseducated’ about what we truly need and what we can truly do without; we are not encouraged to find a balance in life, we are generally pushed towards one type of health or the other by those around us or that voice within us, given a specific life goal we have to achieve at the expense of finding a healthy balance in all three.

Physical health is very possible by doing a few simple things; drink water, lots of it – not sodas, fruit drinks, power drinks or alcoholic drinks; exercise regularly – and by that I mean do something for your body everyday, stretch, yoga, weights, walk, run, swim, whatever, but something that raises your temperature, that gets the blood flowing and the fat burning, you will be glad you did; eat small amounts but often, begin to change your 3 meal a day habit – snack on healthy foods, eat fruits, vegetables and proteins and vary your diet so it becomes a lifestyle not a fad. If you do these three things, then you can also splurge on the treats like alcohol once in a while, resting after exercise and candy every few days (not hours); once you begin to exercise properly and ingest food regularly your body’s metabolism will work constantly and will devour whatever you put into it so that even the ‘bad things’ disappear more quickly, and either way, you will notice an improvement in your energy levels and a rise in your self esteem. But, as I said, it has to become a way of life, not a momentary fad, and as it becomes a way of life it will become easier and easier to continue being healthy.

Mental health is achievable by being objective with your life. Humans are a very subjective species (meaning that we see a situation from our point of view without looking at it from the outside); and this subjectivity renders us helpless when it comes to overcoming our emotions; we must learn to see the bigger picture, and if we are able to do that we are able to see that we cannot control another human’s actions, we cannot force the world to bend to our will, we will always be confronted with obstacles and we will always have to avoid drama; that is just the way it is. So, knowing that, it suddenly becomes easier to accept change, to accept that each day we will have to keep our cool and work out a solution rather than trying to force life to be what we wish it was. It is imperative that we accept life for what it is, and then we can foresee most of the problems, issues and dramas that seem to blind side us so regularly. If we go forward hoping for the best but prepared for the worst then we go forth with a positive attitude and we are not horrified or defeated the moment something ‘unexpected’ comes our way because we were prepared to deal with whatever life throws at us. Simplifying a life is the best way to be at peace mentally; learning to eliminate unnecessary objects, people or occasions is the easiest way to find a life with balance which in turn will create mental stability and mental health.

Being financially independent is important; and we can all do it if we put our mind to it; no matter what socio-economic class you might come from it is possible to live in a home that is clean, efficient and attractive without having to go into debt, without having to stretch yourself to the limits. But it does come with the need for balance, and the self control to realize what you can and cannot afford at this time. For example there is no point having a television if you cannot pay your rent or afford a car; there is no point burdening yourself with the expense of cable if it means you cannot pay for gas or insurance on your car. And if you cannot afford a TV, then go to the library and read – you will learn more and you will grow more. Spend less and you don’t have to work so hard, learn to enjoy the simple pleasures again, realize that all of the best things in life are free and the all of a sudden you will come up with interesting ways to pass your time, more satisfying ways to spend your life, think outside the financial box, try to do things differently from the way you were taught, look at how the world really works and then question any choices you make to make sure they are right for you (not just what everyone else does), save a little and enjoy alot, be wise with your purchases, don’t buy something for the momentary buzz or screw someone over for the profit you think you gain, begin to re-work the way you employ yourself and try to work at a career you love, not just a job that makes you money – once you find financial balance you will feel a weight lifted off your mind. Financial freedom is possible with a little self discipline. On the other end of the scale, the need to be excessively wealthy will only impact your mental and physical health in the end, for your financial health will only be maintained if you spend an improper amount of time maintaining it at the expense of your physical activities and your mental capabilities. Being financially healthy requires balance, self discipline and the ability to see what you can and cannot afford to burden yourself with.

Your health is essential if you are to live with freedom; your physical health allows you the freedom to go wherever you may so desire; your mental health gives you the freedom to be alone or to surround yourself with positive energy; your financial health buys you the freedom of experience. Maintain each of these; decide to change the inbuilt ‘miseducation’ of the past and work out a new and easier way to exist.

Anything is possible if you choose health.

Guy Blews

Toddlers Don’t Have To Be Terrible – Try A Game Of Skeetball!

It isn’t really easy for many people to spend all day with a toddler…to play with trucks, dolls, blocks, or bang pots all day. It isn’t easy for some people to spend even an hour with a toddler. Sometimes you, the parent/adult, can get bored or worn out very quickly. Here are a few tips to help you both cope with being together all day, especially on those rainy days.

  • Your enthusiasm is crucial. Your child can sense your mood. If you are not interested in a toy or activity, then he’ll think that it isn’t interesting or fun either. Haven’t you noticed how your child always wants to play with a toy that another child is playing with? And as soon as the child puts it down, he doesn’t want it anymore?
  • Start laughing and be silly. It’s okay to be silly with your child. Just because you are the adult doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun too! After you start the sillies, you won’t have to think of what to do next, the fun will follow.
  • Be a leader. Instead of just watching what your toddler does, engage him in an activity that you start yourself. Ask him to line up all the trucks for a parade. Or have her put her dolls in a cheerleading pyramid. Or see if he can put all the red blocks in a small bucket and then dump them out like a dump truck.
  • Go back in time. Think about something that you wish you could have done when you were a child. Here’s your chance to do it! Did you always want to play with your sister’s favorite doll and comb her hair, or with your brother’s trucks to have drag races in the kitchen? Start having fun with it and your child will watch and want to join in.
  • Give him/her a task. See if she can bring all of the magazines over to you and use them to cover up the rug. Or see if he can stack all of his board books in one pile. Each time he/she brings you an item, celebrate with a hi-five or a tickle session. Let her tickle you!
  • Try Skeetball. What are some of your hobbies or interests? If you like to play tennis, then find a way to create a small miniature tennis court with a box and use some dolls to pretend play with your toddler. Teach him/her how to play on the miniature court. You can review numbers by keeping score, or teach the manner of taking turns. A fun activity for dads is to make a miniature skeetball game by using a diaper box. It’s an easy, fun project for adults and kids. Toddler Skeetball Activity
  • Take a break. After your toddler starts to play on his/her own, keep a magazine nearby and sneak a peek at a page while she is stacking blocks. It’s okay to take a break! She’ll let you know when she needs some more attention, interaction, or direction.
  • Lastly, give hugs and kisses. It never hurts to add some affection into daily activities. You will enjoy the hugs and your child will too. You’ll build a bond that your child will never forget. And it will make him/her want to interact with you and have fun at the same time.

    Overall, it is possible to enjoy some time with a toddler, even those that aren’t sure what to do with a toddler. It doesn’t have to be “Terrible”. Toddlers want to have fun, but they want an adult’s guidance and interaction to make it easier for them. Otherwise, they will bounce off the walls wondering what to do with themselves. And yes, that can be terrible for both of you.

    For more activities to do with your toddler go here: Complete list of fun Toddler Activities

  • Video Games Are The Future

    *Thirty Five Years Ago

    The fledgling video game business was struggling to make a name for itself as it competed with toys, playing cards and board games for customers. The early games like Pong, Pac Man and Donkey Kong were very basic in terms of technology, and they had very little creativity involved with their designs and functions. Today, the computer online game industry is a multi billion dollar extravaganza that has progressed increasingly, and it is starting to steal some of the spotlight from the glamorous motion picture industry.

    With technological advances like the next generation motion capture systems, high definition graphics, Dolby Sound and Motion Sensor Remote controls that enable the players to actually get up off their chairs and get some exercise as they kick, punch, jump, fish, swing, golf and dance their way through sessions, video games have become more than just toys. They are an escape that offers a whole new reality. Kids and adults alike are playing Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii games more than ever before and the industry itself is getting bigger and bigger every day.

    But there is one great advantage that video games have over movies, and that is that they offer interaction. You can actually be involved with what is happening on the screen, instead of just watching it like you do at a theater. This gives you the feeling of empowerment that you just do not get from watching movies. These games offer more than an escape, they offer a journey into another world where your actions have no real negative consequences on yourself.

    Video games have come a long way since the days of Pong, Pac Man and Donkey Kong. While the Video Game Awards are not quite the Oscars yet, they are certainly on a pace to give them a run for their money in the future in terms of publicity. Celebrities are starting to notice that the spotlight on Hollywood is being shared by a newcomer to the world of entertainment, and they are following the light, as they do naturally. It is an inevitable natural progression, much like the relationship between a whale and a pilot fish. Big celebrity names are starting to integrate into the computer game industry, and as this happens it only means more publicity for both parties involved. This is ultimately good for gamers too, for as the industry gets bigger and bigger, the games and the consoles will only get better and better.

    Recently, many new online gaming services have been introduced. The world is having a visible affect on the online gaming industry, as more and more people turned towards playing and enjoying online games. Games on the Internet were once an imaginary phrase, but since the introduction of thousands of user friendly and easy operating games on the Internet, people are finding that fiction has become reality.

    *Chill out and Play Games

    One of the best ways the majority of us relax, stay engaged, stave off boredom, or even burn away hours at work is to play games video games, online computer games (if you dont know there are probably a few addictive games in your word program, right?), or online games.

    While we now know, too, that when you play games (of any mode and of certain types), those games help to sharpen some of our mental faculties, Alzheimers, and, in my coo-coo world, the insanity of such needful mental aberrations as ADD, ADHD, and OCDthough this last benefit is not necessarily empirically proven. There has been quite a bit of research done on this topic and you can bet there will be a whole lot more to come.

    So lets sit back, kick our shoes off, and relax playing your favorit games.

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    Cooking Games – The New Culture

    Many times it has been seen that children right from a very tender age love to cook virtually and also help around their mothers in the kitchen. The cooking games offer to hone the skills of such children who love to play with the utensils and derive satisfaction from the joys of virtual cooking. This is also a source of fun and entertainment for them. By the use of such cooking games, children get an exposure to the different and new ways of preparing a wide variety of meals. These types of games are offered by a variety of websites and can be selected very easily. But during the selection of such games, the intellect of the child needs to be kept in mind. The selection should not be too complicated which ultimately leads to confusion and makes things more complex for the child. Also one should be careful to ensure that the games are not very simple as there are chances that the child might get bore easily out of it.

    The search for these kinds of cooking games is not all tough and difficult and one can easily search it on any website conveniently. One just needs to open up the desired search engine and list the search word of convenience. The details of related games will be displayed and the best one can be selected out of it. It is better to take the child along during the selection of such games as it will make the selection easier. The inputs of the child are important and this way the child also gathers some information prior to the game play. A variety of games like the cake games, pizza games, ice cream games, sushi games and others are available. It will be easy for the child to determine the game which she desires to play. This will ensure that she has freedom to choose her stuff and also ensure to select the best to prove the results to her mother.

    It is easy to encounter a wide variety of games available with different websites. Hence it is important to pay close attention and be careful about the selection. Some of the cooking games involve some sort of registration before actually starting the game play. Again there are many sites which offer instant play the moment one visits the website. There are a certain websites which prove the loyalty towards their clients and offer to provide new games every other day. It is better to keep one updated with them so that the best one can be gifted to the child and the child really enjoys the game.

    Also the safety of the cooking games must be highly ensured. The site which has been selected should be both reliable as well as safe for use. It is better to perform a demo game by the guardian before allowing the child to play it. Some sorts of screenings can also help to get the best and safe cooking games.

    How to Save Some Money on Video Games

    If you love video games, you know how expensive that habit can get. So, here are some simple ways to save money on them. That way, you can keep feeding your habit.

    First of all, if you buy games online, try to always buy from the same website. The reason for that is that websites will often reward frequent buyers with coupons and discounts. They may even have a reward card or reward credit card that you can use to get points towards future game purchases.

    Another option is to buy games from local game stores or department stores. Department stores tend to be pretty expensive, though. They also just don’t usually offer a level of understanding and service that you can get from a local video game specialty store.

    If you do plan to buy games from a local video game store, get to know your sales people. They’re likely to be avid video gamers, just like you. If you get friendly with them, they might let you in on information about upcoming releases and sales. They might tell you tips and tricks for whatever game you’re buying. They might even tell you not to waste your money on titles that they feel don’t fit your needs or style.

    So, if you’re a true gamer, the bottom line is that it’s best to take advantage of sales and frequent buyer programs. It’s also useful to get to know your video game salespeople. That way, you might get the first word on some great deals.

    Put Some Spice Into Your Thailand Holiday With Adventure Trips

    Thailand is best known for its southern beaches and nightlife, and many visitors spend their days lazing on the beach before hitting the bars and discos. But those seeking more exciting pastimes are also well catered for, with a wide variety of adventure activities ranging from trekking and bamboo rafting to more heart stopping wild water rafting or even bungee jumping.

    Away from the beaches, the southern islands offer sea kayaking and game fishing. Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket are ideal bases for organizing sea canoeing or kayaking trips, with lots of operators offering tours lasting from one to several days. Highlights include caves only reachable by sea and hidden lagoons where you can   swim  and camp overnight.

    Those who want to put their hunting skills to the test can do worse than going game fishing in the Andaman Sea off Phuket. Here you can catch a wide variety of fish, including sailfish, tooth tuna and swordfish. Day outings, night fishing or trips lasting several days can easily be organized from here. Be aware that all catches must be released back into the sea immediately.

    Land rats are advised to head north, where the city of Chiang Mai is a prime base for embarking on adventure trips. Trekking is the most popular choice here and tourists have enjoyed more or less arduous treks to hill tribe villages for several decades now.

    Treks can last from one day to a week, and the most important factor when deciding on which company to choose is to ask fellow travellers who have just returned from a trek. Most tours involve a few hours of walking a day, and elephant riding, bamboo rafting and overnight stays in mountain villages are the main highlights.

    Splashing fun can be found on the many rivers in the north, where river rafting in inflatable boats is becoming increasingly popular. The Pai River in Mae Hong Son Province offers abundant birdlife and  swimming  monkeys. The Nam Wa near Nan has welcomed rafters longer than any other waterway in Thailand and boasts some of the wildest rapids. Near Chiang Mai is the Mae Cham River, perfect for day outings. The best time for rafting is from mid-June to end of January, when the water levels are not too high or too low.

    Don’t miss out on caving, one of the highlights in the northern provinces. Pang Mapha district between Pai and Mae Hong Son offers some of Asia’s most spectacular cave networks. Many of these were first explored by the Australian owner of Cave Lodge, the ideal base for spelunking. Here you can hire experienced guides to lead you through the lesser known caves, or just get a map and set off on your own to explore on of the many caves easily explored without a guide.

    If you want to really mix it up, the Mae Sa Valley is an adventurer’s paradise. Just 20kms outside of Chiang Mai, bungee jumping, paint-balling, archery, ATV riding and archery are all available here within a few kilometres of each other. There is no shortage of adventure for fun seekers in Thailand.

    How Can I Become a Video Game Tester and Get 150 Dollars an Hour?

    If I had a penny for the amount of times I have been asked “how can I become a video game tester” like you, I would be a very rich man! So, I decided to put up a few articles on the subject to help out anyone who is still unclear.

    The origins and growth of the online gaming industry essentially paralleled the origin and growth of computer technology. As additional computer technologies allowed for more powerful processor and graphic capabilities, online gaming rapidly grew into the huge industry that it is today, which of course is great news for us game testers as it looks like the gaming industry will keep on growing and keep us in work for a long time to come.

    If you love gaming and want a career in the gaming industry then being a game tester may be exactly what your looking for. Even with all the interest in the industry and every gamer online asking how can I become a video game tester? there are still tons of positions available and that is because the gaming industry, recession or no recession, keeps on growing year after year!

    The most important first step to take if your seriously wondering how to get into the gaming industry is to make sure you join a community of PROFESSIONAL game testers, that way you learn from people already in the business and once you are a member you have immediate access to the top gaming companies in the world!

    Most professional gaming communities will have over 50 gaming companies on their books, which means they will always have an over flow of work! So when I am asked, how can I become a video game tester? I start off by telling people, you must first join a membership program of professionals because that is where all your work is going to come from, not to mention the fact that they teach you every trick in the book and make it their job to make sure you have as much work as you can handle.

    There are literally hundreds of programs and communities out there claiming to be able to open this door to the online/offline gaming community for you. When I first asked the question “how can I become a video game tester?” I was given a great piece of advice which I am now telling you, do your research and find a membership program that best suits you and be prepared to put in some work and treat it as a real business because it is!

    When you do sign up with a community and start working as a game tester, you will not be making $150 an hour, that is an amount that is usually only available to expert testers who have been in the business a few years and have built up a trustworthy reputation, it is more likely that you will start off earning between $20 and $50 an hour, which is still great money, especially if your able to focus on your new career testing games full time. You will be placed within a team of testers and as a team you will test your chosen games. This is done so that all your work and the work of your team can be checked and double checked before the games get released to the general public.

    Like most jobs, you will have to start off at the bottom but if your dedicated and excel as a video game tester, your salary will increase and within a couple of years you too could be making $150 an hour to test video games!

    How to Dunk a Basketball – Basketball’s Biggest Physical Challenge

    Why do we want to Dunk?

    When you were growing up, didn’t you always want to know how to dunk? Even as a young adult I never thought it was possible to dunk on a 10′ rim. Why does everyone have the obsession with dunking the ball? Well there are challenges in any sport. And the extreme challenge in Basketball is the Dunk Shot. The ability to throw a Dunk Shot down on your friends is amazing.

    Where do I get the info?

    There are tons of information about Basketball and how to get better. There are also a few great ones out there on the Internet. Retired Coaches and other sports professionals write articles and ebooks about sports training all the time.

    I found one of these and dedicated my self to this training plan. I started to see improvements in my quickness and vertical jump within a few weeks. To my surprise I was jumping higher then I had ever jumped before.

    Why should I try ?

    Once you come across a training plan you need to dedicate your self to the plan. Most training plans are based upon full commitment. There is no get strong and athletic quick plan. It takes a little work and desire to reach this goal. If a 35%2B White Guy who is 5’10 can dunk the ball. Most everyone could dedicate their selves to a training plan.

    Before you know it you will be dunking also…

    If you want more information on how to dunk a basketball check out my blog.