A Batman Costume Or Batman Villains Costume Ideas

Boys Batman and Batman Villain Costume Ideas for Halloween are very popular, and continue to be year after year.

Not all of the Batman or Batman Villain Characters have a Halloween costume, but there are plenty you can buy, and some you can make. So if it’s a Batman related costume your looking for, take a look at our list of possibilities. Why not start right at the top of the list with the Batman Brave and Bold costume. With it’s blue muscle chest jumpsuit and attached headpiece, a cape,belt and boot covers your son will look just like the protector of Gotham City. For girls, there are Batgirl outfits in blue, black and pink. This is a fun Halloween costume idea for kids, teens, adults both men and women, babies and even dogs! Now that also makes it a wonderful and interesting group costume possibility.

Batman costumes have long been a popular kids Halloween costume, in fact they are also a popular adult Halloween costume. Whether it’s from Brave and Bold, or The Dark Knight with it’s Joker costume, or even one of the older movies…Batman Begins. Returns, Forever, Cat Woman (Catwoman), Return To The Bat Cave, or Batman & Robin, you can’t go wrong with this Halloween costume theme.

Don’t forget the Bat-Villains

Remember the villains of the Bat flicks? Did you know that some these villains actually made the list of the top 100 movie villains? They were all pretty great as evil villain go.Two-Face

Don’t forget Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face in Batman Forever. This bad guy was an awesome bat-villain.

there was the maniacal Scarecrow in Batman Begins played by Cillain Murphy . Very scary…easy costume idea! Well you are in luck if this is your costume choice. There is both a mask and a costume for this bad guy.

Ra’s al Ghul

Liam Neeson played Ra’s al Ghul (Arabic for “Head of the Demon”) and Ra’s al Ghul is one of the Batman’s greatest enemies. Liam Neeson has the role of Henri Ducard, who is the true Ra’s al Ghul.

This one will require you buy some good Halloween costume make up to design your own burn marks.

The Penguin

One of the oldest and most popular characters who tried to kill our favorite bat hero, the Penguin and Danny DeVito waddling, talking and sounding just like a penguin. This costume will require a penguin suit and some waddling practice if you decide to wear it. The Penguin is one of the best remembered of the Villains. Danny was certainly more than a little scary in this role.


Michelle Phieffer made such a beautiful catwomen, trying to purr her way into the batcave and also making quite the figure in that slinky catwomen suit. I think Michelle squeezed into a size 2 or 4 costume, wonder if that’s why she looked so good in it? There are catwomen costumes available, and also another female Bat-foe, Poisin Ivy costumes too.

The Riddler

Jim Carrey as the Riddler was a well cast part. Riddler, with his cool gadgets and costumes, does the old riddler thing…leaves his bat foe riddle clues throughout the movie.

Two-Face in the Dark Knight

The other Two-Face from the Dark Knight will take some doing as a costume. With the extensive burn on his face, it will take finding a good mask. Still scary and yet still a sympathic character.

The Joker

Now for the final two…both The Joker, both wonderful and creative characters. Jack Nicholson as the original funny bad guy who made the batman the superhero he is today. And then we Have Heath Ledger in the role of his life. Heath gave a new dimension of evil to the already beloved-hated Joker character.

Whichever of these great Batman costume ideas you choose you are sure to have one Bat-fun filled Halloween in your fabulous Batman themed Halloween costume. See you back at the Bat Cave!

Affordable Care Act – How Will It Affect the Healthcare Industry?

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was passed in March of 2010 contrary to the wishes of the general population. The majority of people were not in favor of this program but the Democratic Congress and President Obama found a way to get it passed. The President made promises such as “it won’t cost you a nickel more” and “if you want to use your current doctor, you can use your current doctor” and “you can keep your current insurance company”. We found these statements to be totally false. The program was supposed to provide health insurance to 30 million poor and uninsured Americans, what it did, was to force many Americans with insurance to be dropped from their existing carrier and enrolled in Obamacare with less coverage at higher rates with another insurance provider. Some uninsured have obtained coverage, the numbers are difficult to verify – but it appears the total number now insured under the program (both previously insured and uninsured) is about 16 million – far short of the projections.

Complicating the matter, many of the primary insurance carriers are dropping out of the program, leaving most of those whom need this insurance with few choices of carriers and often with only one choice – so much for competitive rates. As rates continue to increase, fewer young adults (presumably those with fewer care issues) are dropping out and electing to pay the penalty tax rather than the higher rates. This makes the problem tougher as those premiums from healthier young adults were suppose to offset the higher costs of caring for the elderly.

The President has indicated that increased premiums will be offset by tax credits. The problem with this idea is that those tax credits will need to be paid for by taxpayers whom do not have Obamacare insurance, many of whom are the middle class, once again penalized by a government insisting they want to support the middle class. Yes, the wealthy will pay a big share as well, but when it is said and done, the program will be inferior and the middle class and wealthy will foot the bill.

The effect of these problems may severely cripple care facilities. Hospitals and clinics must now rethink their strategies for providing high quality healthcare. It appears the number of Americans with near full insurance coverage has decreased significantly which will result in facilities having difficulty obtaining full payment for services. Reimbursements also have been reduced complicating the problem further. Facilities will need to choose to reduce services or accept less revenue – both would result in lower quality care.

Many facilities now have Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners seeing patients initially as well as for follow up thereby reducing the time doctors need to be available and reducing costs. Many facilities are acquiring previously owned diagnostic imaging systems realizing the technology has not changed a great deal when comparing them to new systems. These changes allow facilities to maintain a higher level of care while keeping costs under control. This does not satisfy the problem but enables the industry to get by while a solution is developed.

Both Presidential candidates have addressed the problem. Mrs Clinton suggests it is a good program that requires some changes. Mr Trump believes it needs to be repealed and replaced. Whom ever is correct, isn’t clear – what is clear is – it is a disaster in its current state.

Top 3 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

The debate over whether homework is still a viable learning tool or has become outdated has actually been going on for many years. The trend in this debate seems to be heading in the direction of “outdated” but there certainly is no consensus yet. The factors I see as most significant in this issue are societal, centered on the family, and are primarily based on TIME; and as such, are unlikely to be reversed.

Top 3 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned:

1. Family time gets first priority.

Family life has changed considerably over the past few decades. With today’s high divorce rate, many parents spend a great deal of time just shuffling children back and forth. Each parent values the time with their child and the child values the time spent with each parent.

The financial realities of life now dictate that both adults in the home need to have jobs, but those jobs do not always coincide. Many of the jobs in today’s society are not the old standard 9-5 kind of jobs. When parents get home, they very often bring their own version of homework.

Many families are having to deal with military deployments to various parts of the world, and all indications are that we will be deploying soldiers as “peacekeepers” for many years to come. A parent on deployment may be gone for up to a year at a time. Some families have had to deal with multiple deployments. In a few cases both parents have been deployed at the same time.

For each of these situations and many others, family time becomes too precious to spend on school homework.

2. Children are too busy.

In years past, children came home from school, changed clothes, went outside to play with the neighbor kids until dark, did their homework–sometimes with parental help, and then went to bed early. Not so anymore!

Today, a large percentage of children are involved in some kind of sport after school. It may be Little League, or league soccer,   swimming  at the “Y,” football, volleyball, etc., but kids are involved in sports. Many also take music lessons, or dance, or gymnastics, or even language lessons. Some children are involved in scouting. Some are active with church activities. The list of potential involvements is quite long; but the point is that by the time children get home, THEY ARE TIRED!

School homework is the very last thing they want to do.

3. Teens are even busier.

Many teenagers are involved in the same kinds of activities as their younger siblings, but they may also be involved in school activities like band, drama, debate club, etc. Some teens play school sports as well as league sports. And on top of everything, some teens have jobs. Many of the teens who don’t do school activities, work a job after school every day.

When are these students supposed to do school homework?

Certainly, it can be argued that a student’s “job” should be learning first; and, I hate to admit that I said those words once or twice in my teaching career. However, we all must realize that life changes and we must adapt to those changes. To continue to require homework of students whose families endorse their activities is simply not fair. The schools cannot be in a position of punishing the child (for failing to do homework) when the family considers other things more important.

An Assortment of Swimsuits

One does not have to try to fit into a swimsuit because now there is wide a range of swimsuit catering to a variety of needs available for targeted customers. Different garments for different water activities are designed exclusively for men and women alike. For each activity that you can think of that is done in or around water, there is an appropriate swimsuit available for you.

For women who underwent mastectomy, a ‘mastectomy swimsuit’ is specifically designed for them. The swimsuit holds the prosthesis breast inside a compartment, holding the prosthesis inside safely and firmly regardless of the activities performed.

There are many concerns held by women who underwent mastectomy regarding the swimsuits designed especially for them. One is that the prosthesis breast, when exposed to chlorine in the water or direct exposure to the sun, may be somewhat affected. Another is that the swimsuit may fail to hold the prosthesis up in place due to its weight.

The swimsuits designed for women who underwent mastectomy may put their concerns to rest because the swimsuits designed for them are finished with sewing strong enough to hold the prosthesis up, and the appropriate fabrics to ensure comfort in wearing. The swimsuits specifically designed for them also come in a wide variety of styles and designs, so the options are virtually limitless.

A ‘maternal swimsuit’ is designed and constructed for pregnant women without sacrificing practicality of wear and design. Maternal swimsuits come in both full and bikini cuts, and there is an endless assortment of designs and a variety of functional and fashionable fabrics used. A pregnant mother is ensured to have a stylish and comfortable swimsuit to wear without having to worry about the look or the comfort of wearing them. The maternal swimsuit is made with adjustments in the places that need them the most. The tanktop styles have additional abdominal concealing sizes and the swim dress styles offer more coverage. There are also swimsuits designed for nursing mothers, which provide belly covers and bras specifically designed for them.

Special water cardiopulmonary add-ons and swimsuits are designed for limb weights, belts, water mats, steps and footwear, medicine balls and even free weights. We know that cardiopulmonary exercise is an outstanding form of cardiovascular exercises, and is suited for almost anyone with various health conditions. It is safer than most forms of exercises because they pose less strain to the body.

Much of the offered add-ons are enclosed in special synthetic rubber textile for comfort and chlorine resistance. The belt is designed to maintain proper bearing and maximal back support. The limb weights provide resistance for a superb workout. The cuffs are available with varying weights suited for the training level of the wearer. It is ideal to use and wear prescribed cardiopulmonary water accessories and swimwear to anyone engaging in such aerobic activity to ensure they get the best out of their exercise routine.

To protect the wearers from extensive heat of sunbathing and the damaging UV rays of the sun, the thermal wear and sun shielding swimsuits are designed in particular for them. The fabric used for this swimsuit is made of chemically treated synthetic rubber material that reflects the heat of the sun. The thermal swimsuit allows the wearer to maintain a safe level of body temperature without restricting movement in or near water. The sun protective swimsuit’s fabric, lightweight, fast drying and non restrictive, usually provides an SPF of 50, which the highest rating for a fabric in the market today. The swimsuits come in a variety of designs and sizes available for babies, children and adults alike. Hats and other sun suits with buoyancy aids are also available.

Water sports require the wearer to put on something different than what is usually used for normal leisure done in the water. Water games swimsuits are specifically designed to be worn in various water engagements, those that are in the competitive level. This type of swimsuit presents both maintained body temperature and safety for the sports enthusiast from prolonged periods in water. Water sports swimsuits come in a variety of cuts and designs, such as body suits with sleeves, rash and UV ray guards, hoods, gloves and boots. The material used are treated to aid the wearer maintain normal body heat, and the flexibility and sturdiness required from swimsuits worn specifically for water games.

These water sports swimsuits, as with the standard swimsuits, come in a wide variety of available designs. But the manufacturers have to take special consideration since this type of swimsuit is also especially constructed to withstand endless hours of activity in the water, such as in sports trainings and competitions. The suit must provide proper fitting, form, ease and durability – the kind appropriate for those sports enthusiasts. Manufacturers make sure that they come up with the excellent sportswear for this need. They have also included in their product lineup accessories, training suits, lifeguard suits and competition swimsuits.

You want to make sure that your swimsuit fits you properly and meets the demand or function required from it. An ill-fitted swimsuit, either too large or too small, reduces comfort, range of motion and durability. Plus sized swimsuits are available in a variety of cuts and designs to properly fit full figured wearers. Regardless of the user’s size, there are available swimsuit designs like the bikini cut, tanktops and low cut swimsuits. There are also a variety of swimsuits made in particular bra sizes providing ease of wear and full coverage.

For those who do not want to sacrifice trend over function and fitting, designer swimsuits address this need. Many of the collection of fashion designers include trendy swimsuits with exceptional styles and choices for those with fashionable preferences. There are swimsuits made with treated materials that allow the sun’s rays to penetrate, thus enabling the wearers to bronze through their swimsuits. There are variants that enhance body parts like the breasts, or mask flaws like bulging tummies. There is really no limit to the fashionable swimsuits one can choose from.

With of the creation and evolution of specialty swimsuits for various functions, the variety of available swimsuits for both men and women are virtually endless. There are available designs and functions to fit the wearer’s specifications. For the women there are the full and bikini cut, and for the men there are the classic trunks and shorts.

Regardless of size, age, fashion preference or interest, there is a special kind of swimsuit available for each one – without sacrificing the ease of wearing and coverage needed. Specialty swimsuits are designed for various water activities. It is advised to take all the other precautions of water activities to maximize fun in the sun.

Can an Earache Be Caused by Stress?

Having an earache is no picnic and even though most individuals experience them rather frequently as babies or toddlers, when adults get them they can tend to be somewhat unbearable. Any parent knows many little ones get them as a result of drinking bottles or Sippy cups while lying down and form other germs, but why would an adult get one? Can an Earache be caused by stress?

The answer to this question is yes, but not directly caused by stress. When a person is stressed they often engage in other habits to diffuse their stress levels which will result in causing themselves to obtain an earache. For example, if you happen to be in the midst of a stressful day then you tend to have problems sitting still. You result in tapping your feet, chewing on pens or pencils, chewing on gum for long periods of time, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. When you’re stressed and you continuously engage in these nervous behaviors, you can begin to experience earaches or symptoms of TMJ from causing all the pressure in the jaw, facial muscles and most importantly the ears.

To avoid getting earaches caused by stress, take a look at your life at what changes you need to make to diffuse that stress. Engage in healthier habits to overcome it such as exercise, reading or even relaxing in front of the television for a little while to give your body and your mind a rest. There are several other situations that cause earaches and the stress you endure simply triggers it also. Swimmers who experience swimmers ear and pressure built up the ears also suffer from earaches as adults. To offset these infractions you must be use when engaging in water activities and wear the appropriate ear plugs to prevent the water from entering the ear canals. The beginning signs of an earache are pressure and tightness in the jaw muscles and even at times a headache. When you experience these warning signs you need to treat them right away and seek medical attention if they do not subside with any over the counter medications or home remedies.

Earaches are a nuisance and they can be expected to hang around from anywhere from an hour to days depending on what caused the earache. Try to sleep with your head higher than the rest of your body at all times by using two pillows if necessary to drain out the ears and keep other fluids and toxins from going into the ear canals and causing even more pressure and more pain inside the ears. If you suffer from TMJ which is a common disorder in which the jaw muscles are not allowing you to open your mouth the entire way or to chew foods without it making a cracking sound, then many times that is the root of your pain and not an earache caused by stress, making it worth your time to have your doctor evaluate the issue and find the best treatment options for you.

My Womb Experiences During Primal Therapy and Hypnosis Past-Life Regressions


I met my second wife Marcia in May of 1981 when we were both forty and she encouraged me in my intention to enter Primal Therapy that August. I grew up in Toronto in a neurotic household and thought I had this wonderful happy life. The problem was that my body was always full of tension and I couldn’t smile. I also suffered from headaches since I was four years old. The headaches turned into migraines after I returned to Toronto from a PhD in Israel in 1969.

I define neurosis as not being the person that I was meant to be because I was seeking love and approval from a set of parents who were either incapable of giving it to me or had no interest in doing so. The Fifth Commandment in the Hebrew Bible Torah states, “Honor your mother and father so that you shall long endure on the land.” That I have faithfully done. My father passed in 1988 and my mother just last year at age ninety-one. The commandment doesn’t say you have to love your parents but I do because I have reached a spirituality within myself that has allowed me to forgive and move on with my life. I think the Fifth Commandment therefore means that you honor your parents by being the person you were meant to be by allowing the goodness in your heart to flow outward to others in your earthly life. If you do this, then God will ensure that you long endure on the Land whether it is in this life or in the future Messianic Age afterlife.

In elementary school, and then in high school, I realized that I was blessed with intelligence, and I thought that by being a good student, as well as a goodie-two-shoes, my parents would love me. I guess they did in their own way. However my mother was too occupied with herself to show an interest in me, and my father was more tuned into sports than academics as he tried to relive his childhood. My parents didn’t realize that I was a sensitive repressed child that grew up in a household with fear. They never knew that I was afraid of them, and I never therefore expressed myself. There were the usual superficial topics of conversation but there was nothing deep that was ever discussed in my family. To my parents, your appearance mattered more than the kind of person you were inside. They really never knew who I was and became. It’s all very sad. Yet, the saving grace is that my children know so much more about me and who I am as a feeling person, because I became a writer of the arts in my golden years and wrote my memoir.

Primal Therapy

Just prior to meeting Marcia, I met a woman named Lucille at a house party. At the time I had been separated six months from my first wife, and a singles male friend of mine, Angelo, had invited me to a party on Eastern Long Island. I had never met anyone like Lucille who could tell everything about me the moment we began speaking to each other. When I asked her how this was possible, she uttered two words, “Primal Therapy.” Being an academic professor at Stony Brook University and a research scientist, I knew little about psychology and never heard of Primal Therapy. For a short time, Lucille and I became romantically involved and one night while lying on my mattress in my summer cottage in Poquott, Long island, I spontaneously spoke out the words, “My mother doesn’t love me.” Lucille tried to reassure me that my mother loved me, but I knew and she knew that what I believed about my having great parents and having a great childhood wasn’t true. It was at that exact moment that I knew that I would follow Lucille’s advice and see her therapist, Tracee, in Manhattan.

Marcia came into New York with me a couple of times while I was undergoing my initial three week period in Primal Therapy with Tracee. It was during this period that I cried for the very first time at age forty. I continued with Tracee as a patient driving in or taking the train in from Long Island to Manhattan. Some sessions left me wanting but there were others that made me feel so good after I left. I began to remember specific incidents in childhood that brought up feelings of anger, rage, fear, panic, hurt and need. Each time I went back to these same scenes, different feelings would surface. Tracee was very skillful and gradually, very gradually, I was making the transition to becoming a feeling person who could really feel compassion and empathy for another person. It took years and when Tracee returned to California, I began conducting the therapy on my own. I am still doing the therapy, even to this day, and I now deeply feel the hurts and needs of the past.

I also had therapy sessions with Tracee over the phone, and in one conversation I went from a scene in my childhood to the womb   swimming  or floating in the amniotic sac. Tracee told me that because I was happy in my present life with Marcia in Florida, I was able to deeply feel. It wasn’t long after that when I experienced a multitude of these first line feelings in the womb. Somehow, I had regressed from my childhood directly into the womb, but I had missed the feelings associated with being an infant. As a fetus you have sensations but you can’t express these feelings in words. However, they are there nevertheless. The same is true for being an infant although once you are born, you can cry which is what I did as the feelings came on between birth and three years old. When you are in the womb, your body feels all the physical sensations, such as being crushed with pain or gasping for breath as you try to make your way out of the birth canal and be born. You even feel yourself slithering out of the womb like a snake, providing you haven’t been drugged too much from your mother’s anesthesia.

The feelings can be so dramatic that your messages of fear and pain from your lower brain are never received by your higher brain. These messages are repressed from connecting; otherwise, you may have died because you could not handle the trauma as a fetus. It’s only when you go back as an adult that you can handle the disastrous nature of those early events. I have described in detail what transpired in a couple of my books, so I’ll be brief here and tell you about some surprises that I discovered through regression in Primal Therapy. Like others who have gone back, I felt the ether-chloroform anesthesia on September 10, 1941, the day I was born. I also had thirty separate smoking primal experiences in the womb during which my mother’s smoke inhaled from her cigarettes came directly into my lungs. I felt that I was choking each time from the tobacco smoke.

In several of the regressions, I found myself in the birth room. I remember the figures in the room, the doctor and nurses, staring at me. I wanted to shrivel up and die because that’s what I thought would happen to me before I came out of my mother’s womb. I know I felt very cold and to this day any draft in my back can quickly transform into a nose and throat cold. I remember being picked up by one of the nurses who wrapped me in a blanket. I remember being taken over to this female person [my mother] lying in bed and my mother sticking up her hand in front of her and saying, “Take that ugly baby away from me.” The infant brain is still developing and will not mature until about age eighteen. However it is still complete anatomically and functionally. It is even complete earlier as a fetus brain. Although I could only be dumbfounded at the time and repress my feelings in the surprise of the moment, I still internalized the words of my mother in my brain memory bank. It was only when I went back to the womb years later in Primal Therapy as an adult that I connected to the energy of that moment. There have been cases of fetuses hearing the words of their mother while still in the womb and remembering them years later.

I visited Tracee for a week in California from Florida about ten years ago and when I came back, I went through months of additional feelings in the womb. I would literally be feeling all day. In one of these sessions I found myself in my mother’s womb with another baby. It is not uncommon to have a twin who by natural causes doesn’t survive past the first couple of months. My twin was intentionally murdered with no remorse. We both experienced the suction of an abortion and he (it might have been a she) went to his death. I was following my twin on my way to my own death when I felt a powerful force pushing me in the opposite direction. This miraculous force saved my life. It wasn’t the first time that God intervened in my life with His Divine miracles. I heard God’s Voice twice in 1982 in my Poquott cottage. Then at the beginning of 1999, and subsequently I experienced more of God’s blessings and spiritual providence.

I never thought I would be hypnotically regressing in 201, but when Marcia died in March from liver cancer, I was desperate for a way to connect somehow with her. By June, I was undergoing a past life-spirit world regression with a hypnotist and meeting up with Marcia’s soul in the spirit world.

Past Life-Spirit World Hypnotic Regression

I believed from past experiences that I could not be hypnotized or facilitated to self hypnotize myself. I was looking for a way to somehow reach Marcia after her death, because she had made contact with me in various ways in our home, and as a butterfly at her gravesite. You can read about past lives and the spirit world elsewhere, as in this article I wanted to focus on what happened when I regressed to the womb during the two sessions I had with Jules. I remember how nervous I was approaching Jules’s condo, as he had told me that in twenty percent of the cases the session fails. I thought for sure that I would be one of the failures, because as I had never been hypnotized before.

I was lying on Jules’s recliner covered with a sheet because I am always cold due to my days in the womb, and the fact that my body temperature runs a degree and a half or two below normal. As a consequence of the low body temperature, I don’t generate enough heat in my body. Jules first explained the ground rules so to speak and said that he would take notes, at least part of the time, on what I said during the sessions. The most important principle he stressed was not to analyze or think about what I was seeing, but only to report on what I was observing. This was particularly true when I regressed into a past life, and then died in that past life. At death, my soul left the past life body and traveled almost instantaneously to the spirit world in Heaven. It was in the spirit world that I met up with Marcia’s bodiless soul. Each session lasted four hours in total, although only a small part of each session was devoted to the womb and the birth room.

Jules spent considerable time bringing me into a relaxed state. Then he directed me to the top of a staircase with sixty-nine steps, each step representing a year of my sixty-nine years of life. After waking down fifty-seven steps, we paused on the twelfth step and I entered the house where I lived when I was twelve years old growing up in downtown Toronto. I remembered the house in vivid picturesque detail, and then we returned to the staircase and I traveled down to the seventh step. Now that I’m writing about it, I see myself descending an elegant winding regal staircase. At seven years of age, I remembered my favorite meal of spaghetti and meatballs that my mother made every Sunday. She would make the meatballs small, and would simmer them all day long in the sauce until my father, brother and I devoured them at dinner. I never felt full and could have easily eaten more, but all of the spaghetti and meatballs was eaten and it was only my father that got seconds if there was anything left. I also remember my father’s card games and the tenants in the house.

Now I’m on the fourth step and I’m four years old. I see myself squirming in bed suffering from the pain of the headaches. Then onto being a baby when my mother is playing with my penis. Then wham! I seem to be floating like I’m dead when I see pictures of a fetus. It’s me. I am rocking back and forth and then I speak loudly, “I hear it.” Jules asks, “Hear what?” “I hear my mother’s heartbeat,” I say. That never happened when I was in the womb during my many Primal Therapy sessions. Then all of a sudden, I’m being propelled toward my twin during the abortion. I feel that force again preventing me from being sucked away with my twin, like I did in Primal Therapy. The scene then switches to the birth room where I am born. I feel wrinkled and ugly. My body feels disjointed and twisted and a light above me is blinding my eyes. I’m picked up by someone who wraps me in a blanket and then brings me over to a woman lying in a bed. Again as I heard during my primals, I hear those awful words as my mother’s hand goes up to stop the nurse, “Get that ugly baby away from me.” At that point, I seem to be flying and a man in a funny outfit reaches down for me. I then flip into my first past life and then die and proceed onto the spirit world which you can read about.

In the second four hour hypnosis session, there were some real surprises that were not experienced in Primal Therapy. Jules relaxes me once again and then places me on the staircase. As I get to the bottom of the staircase, I find myself floating as if I’m dead. Then wow! As I’m looking with my eyes open, I see a man who is wearing a white fluffy shirt like a tuxedo shirt. I feel ugly and am suffering with pain. I hear him say, “You’re supposed to suffer.” I wonder why. He then says, “It’s your mission.” I think. What mission? He seems to read my thoughts and says, “You’ll see. I’m your soul Sagittarius.” All of a sudden, to my surprise, we begin to use our hands to play patty-cake inside my mother’s womb. He twirls me round and round. It’s so much fun and we are kind of dancing like in a polka. I feel a kiss on the top of my head and he tells me, “Don’t worry, it will be okay.” He puts his hand on my cheek and repeats his words. He warns me, “We are going on a ride and it will be very difficult and we will move very fast.” Immediately I’m shaking and bouncing and being crushed on all sides. I feel pain in my neck and shoulders. I feel my head being compressed and then someone is pulling at my arms, pulling me out as I’m squirming to get free of the womb. I come into the light and I hear the words, “We made it.” I’m born.

I fall asleep and I seem to be dreaming about an angel. The angel is female and has wings and a white porcelain sweet face. She’s pretty but she is not beautiful. I can see her perfectly right now. She is waving her hand like a magic wand, and I feel a protective light surrounding me. I feel warm under a blanket although my back still feels cold coming from a cold womb. I’m trying to calm down. All of a sudden I find myself in a second past life where I’m George Washington. The session continues and after George Washington dies, I rise as his soul and I find myself in Heaven with Marcia.

What Makes Disneyland A Perfect Place For Children

Disneyland – A Dream Made For Children

When Walt Disney dreamed, his dreams were made for children. This is how Disneyland became his dream come true. Disneyland combines the world of whimsy and fantasy children love with every day characters that reach deep into their imaginations. A trip to Disneyland gives children the opportunity to step into the world of fantasy and be part of Disney’s dreams.

The Creation Of Disneyland

Disneyland is more than just a theme park for children and adults to enjoy. It’s a microcosm of features that provide amusement, entertainment and above all safety. Parents love the idea of spending time with their children in a fun, safe place. All conveniences for parents and children are provided at Disneyland. The creation of Disneyland opened an unusual venue of sights, sounds and amazing wonders for inquisitive, wide-eyed children and adults who visit there. Disneyland was created with children in mind; but also, with an eye toward returning adults to a youthful world of fun, excitement and surprises they experienced in bygone days. Walt Disney must have been certain that a bit of childlike whimsy doesn’t disappear with maturity. What better way to return to whimsy than experiencing it with children?

The Many Facets Of Disneyland

There’s something for every child to enjoy at Disneyland. This is a place where fun and learning co-exist in a comfortable realm. Children learn while they are entertained at Disneyland. This is another reason it’s the perfect place for children. It’s difficult for children to leave Disneyland without learning something new and exciting in Frontier Land, Tomorrow Land or Critter Country. They can even learn by first-hand experience from the Disney Railroad or Disney Monorail. Disneyland is perfectly suited to children of all ages, which has been a long-standing goal of Disneyland creators and staff. Of the favorite worlds of Disneyland, the most popular is Fantasy Land and Mickey’s Toontown. Children step right into these two worlds and become a real part of its fantasy and fun with games and entertainment that make children a part of the action. There’s something magical about walking hand in hand with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Snow White. Children imagine they are stepping inside their favorite childhood fairy tales.

What’s Makes Disneyland A Perfect Place For Children?

Of all the things that make Disneyland a perfect place for children, opportunity and variety rank highest. Children visiting Disneyland have a unique opportunity to leave the real world and live in the world of magic, fantasy and folklore. Disney characters bring children as close to reliving fairy tales as they will ever experience in their lives. From this, they learn the purpose and intent of those fairy tales and the objective. As an example, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs they don’t just learn about a handsome prince who rescues Snow White. They learn right and wrong and good and evil, in the clearest form. They also learn tolerance for others.

The variety of ideas, entertainment and participation in Disneyland activities is perfect for enhancing children’s creative spirits and sense of curiosity. Frontier Land is one example of helping children to relive a pioneering period and exposes them to pioneer realities. Adventure Land opens the small scope of children to the wider world in which they live. New Orleans Square presents children with a view of New Orleans in the 19th while incorporating haunted mansions and the days of pirates of the high seas.

In Critter Country, children find they can ride a flume and be propelled into traditions of Uncle Remus. Each of the rides in Disneyland is themed in a way that brings home a message of subtly educating children through their experience of fun and enjoyment. Of the long-standing favorites that educate children while visiting Disneyland, Tomorrow Land is replete with fascinating space age wonders. This provokes children’s imaginations into the vast unknown of the space age combined with a bit of Jules Verne visionary ideas.

The forte of Disneyland is the ability to show children the world they live in, the past and the future through simplicity and ready associations of childhood. This gives children a treasure trove of perfect memories.

Children’s Health Tips – Advice on How to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Todays children are becoming more and more unhealthy, statistics show that the problem is reaching epidemic proportions. Childhood obesity is costing governments billions and the price on the childrens health and mental state is even higher. It is the duty of all parents to know how to keep their kids healthy.

Most modern parents are hard working busy people who just don’t have the time to cook different, freshly prepared meals every single night for their family. With the cost of living rising constantly, parents are finding they have to work longer and longer hours just to pay the bills. As a result of this, children’s diet and health is neglected, and groceries are bought with two things in mind, price and convenience. Kids are left to entertain themselves, which usually means watching TV, playing video games or the internet.

Things have to change or we will find in the not so distant future, that our children will die before us. They need to get back to eating fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy proteins such as fish and chicken, and start getting more exercise and fresh air.

The best way to get your children to eat the healthy fruit and vegetables they need is through smoothies and shakes. You can create any recipe you need in minutes without spending a fortune, and you can even sneak the odd green vegetable in there and they will never know. Freezing them and creating ice pops is also a great fun way to get them to enjoy it. The possibilities are endless.

As for the exercise, well sometimes that will take some of your precious time, but your child’s health and future is more important than anything. Just nipping down to the local park to play soccer or a little bike ride is all it takes if done regularly. And sometimes, when you really just don’t have the time, you have to make your child go out and play. It may sound a little harsh, but it’s a whole lot better than playing video games for keeping them healthy and fit.

Interview for "Going Deeper" author Jean-Claude Koven

Today we are talking with Jean-Claude Koven, author of “Going Deeper – How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense.” His book is an entertaining and inspirational leap into the deep spiritual truths facing metaphysical enthusiasts of the new millennium. Welcome to Reader Views.

Juanita: Thank you for joining us today Jean-Claude, we are very excited to hear more about your new book. Please elaborate on the storyline of “Going Deeper”.

Jean-Claude: Although my name appears on the cover of “Going Deeper”, I have to admit that I was not its author in the classical meaning of the word. After committing to writing the book, I jotted down some notes regarding the topics I thought the book would cover. If you ever heard the saying, “When man makes plans, God laughs,” this would be a perfect example. After a few days of doing it my way, another force took over and the real message of the book kicked into high gear.

I now realize the process is called a “download.” It is very similar to channeling except the channel (in this case, me) does not perceive himself to be separate from the source. I was in active dialogue with a higher intelligence that turned out to be a part of me. I have since discovered that all people have access to their own higher source of information if they learn how to make contact with it. Much of the material in the book subtly deals with this process.

Juanita: Is there any of you in the lead character, Larry?

Jean-Claude: From my perspective, no author is ever complete divorced from his characters. We each house many, many different subpersonalities that play a role in our lives. Some are primary and take the lead most of the time; others may be suppressed or dormant, but they still significantly influence our behavior. As the first few chapters took shape, I perceived Larry as distinctly separate from me. Then the similarities began to creep in. By the time I got half way through the book, we were intertwined like two strands of DNA. In fact, I was experiencing (in real life – if there is such a thing) everything Larry was experiencing in the story.

Juanita: What inspired you to write your book?

Jean-Claude: That’s like asking what inspired a pregnant woman to give birth. The book was growing and growing inside of me until I could no longer contain it and still cling to life.

Juanita: Why is “Going Deeper” such an important book at this time?

Jean-Claude: I’m not certain I’m the one to answer that question. In the end, “Going Deeper” was written primarily for me. It allowed me to define my boundaries and then move past them again and again. It was a journal of self exploration that provided answers about most of the nagging questions that have been pestering me since I was a small child. This is a very personal thing and, at the same time, it is the journey of every Lightworker (Wanderer) who has come to this planet to serve. We all have a burning desire to know who we really are, why we’re here, and above all, what we’re really meant to be doing.

Juanita: What sets “Going Deeper” apart from all the other metaphysical books on the shelves these days?

Jean-Claude: “Going Deeper” is not about self improvement. It is written for the tens of millions of highly evolved beings who came to Earth to be of service during this time of transition. It starts with the premise that we’re not on Earth to win at the power and admiration games that so many people play within the illusion. In other words, “Going Deeper” isn’t about how to become more popular or how to attract more money or romance into your life. Rather, it deals with awakening to the purpose for being here.

Juanita: Who are the “Wanderers” and how do you know if you are one of them?

Jean-Claude: Wanderers, also called Lightworkers, Starseeds, Planetary Servers, — and, I suspect a host of other names – are beings who lovingly incarnated on this planet to help midwife the shift into the next paradigm. Most of us feel alienated as if we knew deep down inside that Earth is not our real home. We tend to be strangers in a strange land and often suffer from allergies. Most of us feel far more comfortable with children, plants, and animals than we do with most adults. Wanderers find much of what people do with their own lives and to each other somewhat baffling. That said, there is almost no way to know with absolute certainty that you are a Wanderer. On the other hand, you would be absolutely sure if you weren’t one. I suspect that if you even wonder about it, there a very good chance you are one of the beings who came to serve.

Juanita: We certainly are living in turbulent times – environmental changes, war, economic instability, and declining morality etc. Why are we finding ourselves in such chaos?

Jean-Claude: Think of us as tectonic plates moving against each other. If we are willing to release tension then we simply glide into new positions. On the other hand, if we have an investment in existing beliefs and hold onto them for dear life, the resulting stickiness is like a sudden cracking of the plate resulting in a major earthquake or tsunami.

Our entire solar system is traversing a section of space called the photon belt that radiates out from the black hole (the central sun) at the center of our galaxy. This small sliver of our galaxy has an unusually dense field that is meant to trigger major shifts in every form of consciousness, whether sentient or inanimate. Two of the planets, Uranus and Neptune have recently undergone significant polar shifts. Our own magnetic poles are already drifting at an increasing rate and we appear to be next in line to experience such a correction.

This force is like a fast moving river buffeting each human being. Following the example of the tectonic plates, each of us has the choice to trust and allow the river to take us downstream or to resist. The more people fear, the tighter they hold onto their old beliefs.

Juanita: What are some of the old belief patterns that keep people trapped from evolving to the next level of consciousness?

Jean-Claude: Any belief ultimately turns out to be a trap. You can make a list a mile long describing every aspect of your life, your physical attributes, your likes and dislikes, your thoughts, your beliefs and you wouldn’t begin to depict who you really are. Each item on your list is little more than the way you choose to project yourself into the illusion. None of these can make the journey.

Although it appears otherwise, the identifier of religious belief is the largest single obstacle to ascension (the lightness of being required to explore the deeper regions of rabbit holes) not because people have them, but because they believe their particular way of seeing things is truth. If you examined how most people choose their religions, you’d discover that the vast majority never really did. The religions they claim as their own chose them, usually through the circumstance of birth or enculturation. It’s human nature to want to belong and feeling lost and abandoned at the edge of a vast galaxy in an incomprehensibly large universe, we understandably cry out for mommy or daddy to comfort us. Religions give us community and answers that, for many, make the challenges of our lives more bearable.

People are more easily attracted to a religious concept if it is claimed to be the word of a deity. Imagine the priesthood saying they thought their teaching might prove interesting for the congregation to explore for a while. Any good marketer knows there’s a better chance of filling the seats if people are made to believe that you have the only true path to God’s heavenly mansion and that unless you follow it, you (and the other heathen, nonbelievers) are doomed to an eternity of unspeakable damnation. Fear, it turns out, is an excellent motivator.

It has become politically correct to advocate embracing religious freedom. However, just because each person is theoretically free to worship according to his or her conscience, why would anyone one automatically assume this to be the case? In fact, it’s just the opposite. The vast majority of the 5,460,000 people (84% of the world’s population) who identify with a particular religion took precious little part in the decision to believe as they do. By in large, they joined their family or friends in a sense of community under the umbrella of God. What they know of their faith comes from scriptures interpreted by the clergy and other believers. Virtually everything about their beliefs are prepackaged, predigested, and complete. All they are required to do is follow as they are told and good things must surely come to them according to the will and mercy of their particular God.

Imagine going to the same ice cream store every day to have a vanilla cone because that was the only flavor you allowed yourself to eat. You choose it because that’s what your parents eat as did their parents, and their parents before them, as far back as anyone can remember. What if one day you suddenly realized that there were many choices available to you, each a different color, with strange, exotic names like Rocky Road or Pralines ‘n Cream? Over the years one chain, Baskin and Robbins, has tempted its customers with over 1,000 different flavors – in addition to vanilla.

But that’s small potatoes compared to the variety of spiritual choices available. At last count there were over 10,500 different religions and denominations on this planet. How can anyone, vaguely aware of a handful, continue to pretend that his or hers is the right way to worship while some (or all) of the others are fatally flawed?

In the end, most religions are systems of beliefs, requiring an element of faith to accept as truth concepts which cannot be empirically tested. And by its very nature, belief is a two-edged sword. On the one hand it serves to link man to some of the unexplainable mysteries of life; on the other, it easily leads one to judgment and constraints that stifle curiosity.

Juanita: Through Larry’s journey, plants and animals plays an integral part in the imparting of spiritual wisdoms. Talk to us about the importance of nature in this great mystery of awakening.

Jean-Claude: In the Oneness, everything is a part of the All That Is. Animals, plants, humans, voices from the higher realms are all aspects of God and the phrase, “God is all that is” is literally true. This is what R. Buckminster Fuller must have understood when he said, “God, to me, it seems, is a verb not a noun.” His words, when I first read them many years ago, lodged in my mind. But I didn’t get their full import until many years later, during my first visit to Findhorn, the renowned spiritual community in northeast Scotland. It was there, sitting in a circle with my fellow newbies, that the penny dropped. One young man in our group, Peter, suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, wow, I finally see it. It’s not that God is in all things; it’s that God is all things.”

His exclamation triggered two remarkable realizations for me. First, the obvious is obvious only to those who are sufficiently present to see it. The delivery of Peter’s life-changing epiphany had virtually no effect on the rest of the group. Our facilitator was so consumed by his orientation agenda that he missed the moment completely. Thanking Peter for his contribution, he simply asked the group if anyone else had anything to share. Second, what Peter said is literally true. In an instant, Bucky’s words became crystal clear. God is indeed a verb. He is not the creator. He is the ongoing unfoldment of creation itself. There is nothing that is not a part of this unfolding. Thus there can be nothing separate from God. God is infinite and infinity is One. From that moment, everything in my life began to change. It wasn’t immediate; it was rather like a giant oil tanker slowly making a U-turn. As if I were facing in a new direction, I looked at the world in a new way “How,” I asked myself, “do we dupe ourselves so completely? How come so few people see what Bucky and Peter see? How could I myself have been so blind?” When we perceive God as a noun, we envision him as the creator, the architect of, and therefore separate from, his creation. Identifying ourselves as part of that creation, we see ourselves not only separate from our source but separate from each other and all other manifest things as well. This is the fatally flawed axiom underlying virtually all of the world’s faiths. They may collectively call for love and peace, but the rampant divisiveness, greed, and competition that currently pervade human culture are the only inevitable outcomes of their separative philosophies.

Once I viewed God as a verb instead of a noun, my perception of life shifted. Everything around me, manifest or no, became God. There was only God. When someone spoke to me, it was with God’s voice; when I listened, it was with God’s heart. I invite you to try it. The small shift from noun to verb may well be the antidote to the forbidden fruit that banished us from Eden. As you begin to view God not as the creator but as the constantly changing dance of creation itself, you’ll discover him in everything you see – including yourself. The old you – that fish swimming blindly in search of water – fades away as you dissolve into the simple meaning of it all. Perhaps, when your vision finally clears, you will find yourself living in the Promised Land that so many others are still praying for.

Juanita: These are profound words of wisdom Jean-Claude. You mentioned earlier that when beginning the writing process for “Going Deeper”, you started jotting down notes, then the force of your higher intelligence took over and you began to “download” from this place, making “Going Deeper” more a journal of self-exploration. For your readers, that would like to access this part of themselves, what would you suggest? Of course, reading your book is serving as a catalyst of transformation for many people, but do you have any trigger questions or thoughts that would help them as they sit with paper and pen?

Jean-Claude: One component that always precedes manifestation is Intention. This factor, coupled with Attention are they only two attributes that any of us really can control. Together, they make up the cosmic formula: A + I = M [Attention plus Intention equals Manifestation]. Each of us makes contact with our higher selves each night in our dream state. The contact is also with us during each waking moment, but vibrates just out of the range of our conscious awareness; not unlike our inability to see infrared which has a frequency just below the visible spectrum. The first step in rekindling one’s awareness of the presence of the higher self is to set the intention to do so. Then, rekindle your curiosity and ask a meaningful question. By the term “meaningful question,” I mean try to stay in the larger, archetypal realm rather than in the lower spheres of the ego. It would be far more productive to ask, “Why are so many humans unable to find loving, fulfilling relationships?” then “Why can’t I attract my ideal mate?” The next step requires patience and discipline of Attention. In this part of the exercise, you consciously hold the question before you as you go through the day. Let everything you experience become filtered through the question you have asked. Once your higher self realizes that you have truly taken the first steps in the awakening process, it will move heaven and Earth to assist you. Be open to receive answers in the most unexpected and unlikely manners. Chance pieces of conversation, signposts, radio interviews, and much, much more are used by the universe (your higher self) to inform you.

In time you will cultivate your inner senses and can pick up these signals more readily. Don’t forget to monitor and journal your dreams. You will notice a profound shift in them once you’ve committed to this process.

Juanita: Who have been your primary spiritual teachers and influences?

Jean-Claude: As I indicated earlier, once I woke up to the realization that there is nothing in all of creation which is not God I began treating everything I see and everyone I meet as my divine teacher. I have been blessed along my journey to break bread with many masters, yet my most profound teachings often came in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. Many plants and animals were with me as part of the journey.

Juanita: What will “Going Deeper” teach us about personal power and our divine birthright?

Jean-Claude: Everything. Nothing. “Going Deeper” is a very unusual writing. I have read it seven times and each reading introduces concepts I hadn’t seen before and presents information in a novel way that didn’t appear the earlier times through the text. I am told that it contains energetic keys to unlock distant memories. Many people write me telling them that the book changed their lives and provided a degree of clarity they hadn’t been able to obtain before reading it. I can only speak to what “Going Deeper” has done for me: it has unleashed a never-ending torrent of awareness, reconnecting me to my own personal source, reaffirming my purpose on this planet.

Juanita: Do you think you will be writing another book in the future?

Jean-Claude: I have recently become a featured columnist for UPI’s (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum which takes up a fair amount of my writing time. However, a second book tentatively entitled, Heart to Heart Relationships, is already in the works. It deals with what a man needs to do in order to make himself ready for a sacred relationship with the goddess that lies dormant in all women.

Juanita: Jean-Claude, please tell your readers how they may contact you or find out more about “Going Deeper” and your other endeavors.

Jean-Claude: The best place to keep up with my writings (both books and articles) is on the Prism House web site; www.prismhouse.com In addition to being able to read the first two chapters of “Going Deeper”, visitors can sign up for my highly irregular newsletter and view all my UPI columns. My touring schedule is also on that web site and can be viewed by clicking on Author’s Calendar. “Going Deeper” is available at all major booksellers, metaphysical stores, and online book stores. If your readers wish to have a personally inscribed copy, they can order it on the Prism House web site.

Juanita: Well Jean-Claude, you have given us much to consider and ponder. Thank you for being so open with your thoughts today. Do you have anything else you’d like to share with your readers?

Jean-Claude: Lighten up. Too many of us fall into the trap of taking ourselves far too seriously. There’s a reason we call the process of wakening: enlightenment instead of enheaviment. Each morning, when you first awaken, don’t get out of bed until you can name at least ten things for which you are deeply and genuinely grateful. Find the light within you and use it as a blessing to smile upon at least three people during the course of each day. Act as if the entire fate of humanity depended on how you conducted your life during the next twenty four hours. Do these few things and all the rest will surely follow.

Dream Interpretation As an Independent Science – The Psychology of the Unconscious Mind

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is an independent science based on the wisdom of the unconscious mind, who teaches you how your brain works, and how your behavior is affected by your animal instincts, besides showing you how to overcome all your absurd tendencies and evolve.

Dream interpretation is a surgical operation inside your psyche. You see your entire psychical content, going back to the past and analyzing all your traumas, misconceptions and mistakes.

With the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams, you are able to understand why you act the way you do, and how to correct your mistakes.

You can also learn everything about the psychical content of other people by interpreting their dreams with the scientific method.

This means that you don’t need any other doctor besides the unconscious mind, and that dream interpretation according to the scientific method is really a totally independent science.

The psychology of the unconscious mind, based on the development of your intelligence, is the best existent one. Besides healing your psyche and helping you become wiser, it transforms you into a doctor for other people too.

You can cure their psychical and even physical problems by translating their dreams for them and helping them solve their problems with this knowledge.

If you want to understand why someone shows absurd behavior you can have information about them in your own dreams. This possibility is a real salvation, since mentally ill patients usually refuse to relate their dreams.

Many times your dreams reveal to you things that you could never learn otherwise, and you are always able to confirm that everything is the way that the unconscious mind presents to you thanks to the future development of reality, when you see the results of the warnings you had, which prevented you from doing what would have bad consequences and saved you from trouble.

This is something that you are able to verify only when the future becomes the present time, because only then can you see all the dangers that you could not see before, and therefore understand how you were saved thanks to the unconscious’ wisdom.

This support is very valuable, and you can absolutely trust the wise and saintly unconscious mind, since you can be sure that the unconscious doesn’t have selfish intentions hidden behind his words, while this is what usually happens with human beings, because everyone in our world cares more for their own interests than for the truth, or for your salvation from despair.

While no human doctor would ever sacrifice all his time and give you constant support and information without payment, the wise unconscious mind keeps helping you forever with infinite dream messages that enlighten you and transform you into a real human being who is not a slave of his animal nature, but has a sensible, sensitive and balanced personality.