Swimming Pool Lights Make Night Swimming More Exciting and Safe

Children and adults love to swim and they even want to extend the time until at night. Yet, swimming at night is not necessary for some safety reasons and one of them is the dark surrounding which makes it hard for the swimmers to see where to go and what they are doing.

To avoid accidents in the pool area as well as in the deck, a owner must have lights around the entire swimming area and its surrounding. Lighting the pool is very important for keeping everyone safe while swimming. It is also for their convenience of walking around the pool side and in the deck. Moreover, for a decorative purpose, pool lighting is also to create a stunning place to stay for a romantic evening and give some feelings in the area that would add to the excitement of the swimmers. Hence, light in the pool is one of the important supplies that the owner must acquire.

Swimming pool lights are available in many options of colors, sizes and shapes. Nowadays, pool lights have gone through series of advance technologies which make it easy to use the lights. Some lights have switch so you can turn off the light when it is not needed. There are also pool lights that automatically change the colors for a more colorful effect in the water.

The different light effects of the pool lights installed in different areas of the swimming pool will give you a feeling that you are swimming in kaleidoscope stream of water. Another great effect of this is that the ambiance in the pool area will let you feel romantic and a perfect place for a dinner date with your loved ones; be it with the whole family or just you and your partner.

Though swimming pool lights provide safety and convenience for swimmers, it is still important to be extra careful while around the swimming pool and the pool area itself. Adults should accompany children while in the pool and avoid running or bumping each other in the pool area. Carefulness will lead to so much fun.

Cooking Mama Games – Teach a Baby

In the stream of playoffs on internet, there are many types which are being played throughout the world and cooking mama games category is one of them. There is a lot of cooking mama games developed so far to train the girls and give them least pleasure as well. Apart from the baby girl, adult and even married women are also interested in playing them on internet. Because of this popularity among them, the number of playoffs in this category is increasing day by day.

Though this category is not as much popular as first person shooting games or 3D playoffs are yet the baby girls of less than 10 years, like to play them on internet. In this regard, the top rated games are Frenzy kitchen, Burger, How to Cook, Magic baking, Drinks, Dinner party, Make Macaroni, Sue’s cooking, Cake house, Cooking, Pancake day, Cookie maker, and Fun and burger. In most of them, there is the training for the girls of all ages. These are simple to play and with the acquaintance of little controls, the baby can be able to handle the characters and utensils while playing.

There are a number of benefits that are promulgating these cooking mama games among baby girls and the top most of them is that these playoffs enhance the liking of cooking in the ladies. The baby child begins to take interest in the early age and with the increment of age, her interest in cooking also develops as well. The second benefit is that you baby needs not to burn her hands or body through improper use of the utensils anymore while cooking. She can cook without facing any of such accidents. Third benefit is that she will become aware of certain types of utensils as well. Moreover, the games like “how to bake a chocolate cake” or “how to make a bread pizza” will teach her certain recipes. In this way, she will be trained for cooking and given pleasure at the same time.

As far as the drawbacks of cooking mama games are concerned, the major one is that this sort of playoffs can cause addiction. Computer addiction is hard to cope with. So, always allow your baby to sit before the PC for a limited time period. Similarly, only via playing on computer, the child will not be able to learn certain recipes and for this cause, practical is also mandatory. So, after a short time, when the girl grows up, she must be trained practically as well. In this way, these games are producing such outstanding effects.

Fun Sex Games For Couples – Your House is Full of Ideas

Fun sex games for couples can easily be found lying around the house if you are willing to use your imagination. Introducing any sex game is a great way to keep the level of intimacy high, exciting and fresh between you and your partner. The longer you are together the more important it is to introduce new ideas and techniques. Just because you have been with your partner for an extended period of time does not mean your sex live has to become mundane.

Now, for many people discussing sex is hard enough to do and therefore the thought of sex games can seem outrageous. Trying to break someone of the discomfort of this is really done through open channels of communication. Communication is the key in any relationship, intimacy and sex are just another type of relationship, and all relationships need proper communication in order to succeed.

If you are interested in some fun sex games for couples but really don’t know where to start then consider using what you already have in the house. Here are three examples of some really easy and fun sex games for couples to try playing.

1. Strip poker is age old but can really be a hit, so what if there is only two of you playing poker, the excitement level this game can bring is top notch and the anticipation you feel will leave you shaking.

2. Dice games. Take some dice and come up with 11, remember you can’t roll a 1, different things that you and your partner can do to one another. Roll the dice, see what number comes up and away you go!

3. Board games. Change up some rules to some games you have in the house. Remember Twister? Play naked or make your partner remove a piece of clothing everything they fall, first person naked has to perform a dare that their partner requests.

These three fun sex games for couples could be just the start to you and your partner adding some games to your sexual relationship.

Casino History

Game is a very peculiar side of human life that is operated on its own laws. In this game of gambling anything can happen, poor man can become rich or weak can defeat strong. There are many people who want to become rich without any efforts, so gambling game gives a hope to them. In this game of gambling luck matters a lot.

Origin of the game

Since the beginning, game and gamble has been associated with humanity. Elements of game are inherent to many competitions and entertainments, which were arranged by our ancestors. For example, in competitions in strength and deftness, which were later changed into famous tournaments. Then the first gambling game came. They were based on the element of chance, trying one’s destiny.

The historians believed that the first game was casting various stones, shells, animal’s bones these objects were the sample of the dice. The British Museum has the proof of the first game stored there. Among this is dice’s model, made from the elephant’s tusk and by an Egyptian craftsman in 16th century B.C. and a board of playing draughts, which is also known as checkers that belonged to the queen Hatchepsut (1600 B.C.)

In old days, people used to play odd and even. They used to throw dice in a circle so that they could hit on certain openings. These dice were used for fortune telling. Dice at once became one of the most adventurous gambling games. In the earlier day people used to bet everything like money, dwellings, things and many more on this game.

Since the years the importance of the gambling games are increasing. There appeared new game like cards. The cards were introduced in 1120 and in the year 1132 they were widely spread and used. These cards at that time were long and narrow plates with numbers 1 to 14 on them. The four different designs were the four seasons. The total numbers of cards were 52 which were equal to the number of weeks in a year.

The example of the present set of cards is the Tarot Cards. These tarot cards were used for fortune telling. It was considered that the cards were in Europe In the 10-11th century but some other says that the card game was born in France. The first set of cards made by the factory included 56 cards of four designs. Every card had its own name: the nun, the empress, the conjurer, etc. Then the set included 97 cards. Slowly the cards were substituted by the new card which closely resembles the modern cards.

Since 15th century the card games were very popular amongst the various people, from a king to a common person. But at that time, the cards were according to the structure of the society: hearts embodied the priests, diamonds meant the bourgeoisie; spades represented officers and aristocracy, clubs referred to the peasants.

In 19th century the modern card games (black jack, poker, etc.) came into existence in U.S. There are many card games invented till now. There are separate card games for adults and children, for training logic and fun and there are certain games just to pass the time. The game becomes tougher according to the age. Having become financially independent, he lets loose his gamble: makes bets, plays in the lotteries, makes bets on the totalistic and finally funds himself in the very temple of game, the casino . The individual sharpens his feelings and emotions and forgets everything. The longing for such feelings attracts persons, who have visited once to come again and again.

Benefits That Playing Board Games Hold For Children

Child psychologists have recently begun to acknowledge the importance that board games have on the child’s development. Research shows that board games which were actually meant to be a pass time are actually healthy, nurturing the brain’s motor functions. Perhaps most board games do not include much educational content, however, it is in the manner of play that helps the child develop certain parts of the brain.

As an added value, playing these games provide for a safe and sound family activity everyone can enjoy. There are other family activities such as going to the mall, to the movies or shopping that bring the family together. However, board games seem to have that special ingredient to spice up the moments. Since the group gathers for fun and games, children are clueless about the fact that they will incur in any kind of educational activity. That makes it so much easier to entice the child into getting involved in these kinds of exercises.

The benefits of playing board games include several aspects of a developing child. He will learn to improve his social skills, becoming aware of others around him and learning to interact. A simple game of cube or a puzzle requires the child to exercise his problem solving skills. Something doctors also recommend for children with short term memory problems. The child is required to take turns, thus practicing patience and proper social behavior. In situations where the group needs to decide who goes first, they learn about the decision making process.

Another very important lesson children will learn from playing board games is the use of fair play. An uneducated child is prone to cut corners and slide a lie or two in order to finish the game as a winner. Great responsibility falls on the adults to teach them otherwise. The way they assimilate this lesson at the early stage of life, will have most definitely have its consequences during adulthood.

Most board games for children are based on chance; a roll of the dice determines the winner. Children take their games very seriously, and will be very happy when they win, and sad if they happen to lose. It is at this point where proper guidance by an adult is imperative, in order to associate his experience in the game with real life situations. Teaching the child to deal with winning is not all that difficult, yet important. One should use the winning occasions to better talk about the less fortunate ones.

Some games implement the use of math and problem solving skills. Equate for example, a word version of scrabble, requires kids to use their math skills in order to win the game. Games like Upwords and Balderdash help kids improve spelling and increase their vocabulary. Cueldo, on the other hand requires sleuthing and problem solving skills. There are many other examples of games which end up being an investment in your child’s development rather than an expense. What better way to learn than by having fun!

Hosting the Perfect Pool Party – For Kids

The weather is heating up fast, and with what promises to be a scorching summer just around the corner, there is no better time to have a pool party. Not only a great birthday party idea, a pool party is a very popular end of year celebratory event for kids, teens, and adults alike.

How to throw a successful party for kids around your backyard   swimming  pool? With some of the usual, essential party supplies (disposable plates, cups, napkins etc), and following the simple tips below, everyone will have a blast!

SAFETY is of paramount importance at all times, but especially when children and  swimming  pools come together. Be realistic about the number of children you can safely accommodate in your pool and their ages. Younger children should have parents attend. Find out the  swimming  ability of each guest; make sure they bring any necessary flotation devices for themselves and if not able to  swim  at least basically well, have their parent stay and be responsible for them during the party.

Always have at least one  adult  who can  swim  located by the pool’s edge and closely supervising the pool and everyone in it. All pool owners (and parents!) should have at least a basic knowledge of CPR.

Be really clear about the pool rules and don’t be backwards in enforcing them!

SUN PROTECTION always be prepared to supply lots of very high protection sunscreen. Ask kids to bring a hat and rash shirt – and make sure they are worn!

*Insect repellent is good to have on hand if your pool party is being held in the late afternoon or into the evening.

ACTIVITIES most kids will be happy to simply play in the water, but it’s not a bad idea to have some pool games up your sleeve. Have plenty of beach balls, pool noodles, kick boards, and other blow up pool toys to be shared. Diving rings are also a great idea for a pool game. Small kids will enjoy a rubber duckie race – across the pool pushed by noses! Also provide some poolside fun for non-swimmers, or kids who simply don’t want to be in the water. Badminton or jump rope are easy ideas.

MUSIC if possible, set up some speakers outside to provide some background tunes for the party.

FOOD & DRINK Have water to drink on hand and in plentiful amounts. Provide only light snacks initially. It’s best to have the real food at a pool party after the kids have worn themselves out  swimming  and are ready for a break. Remember to have them wait 30 minutes after eating before they get back in – a good time to open gifts, or have a DVD for them to watch after eating. Have some adult snacks for attending parents.

Pool parties can be themed just like any other party; party supplies are available to suit all kinds of watery themes, including The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, or perhaps a Hawaiian theme.

Ask each guest to bring their own swimmers, rash shirt, towel, sun hat and sunscreen, water safety devices if required, goggles if wanted, and a change of clothes and underwear.

You’re all set! Enjoy the party!

Indoor Swimming Pools Linked to Increase in Childhood Asthma

A recent Belgian study, reported by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that children who use indoor swimming pools have an increased risk of asthma. The study was conducted by scientists at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

The researchers found that the prevalence of childhood asthma was closely associated to the number of indoor pools for every 100,000 people. They discovered that for each extra swimming pool per 100,000 people, asthma rates in an area go up by 2 to 3 percent. The team of scientists looked at rates for asthma and associated problems in a study of 180,000 children aged 13-14 from various European countries. The researchers believe this increase could be caused by chlorine build-up in indoor swimming pools.

The number of indoor pools varied greatly between Easter and Western Europe; ranging from one pool for every 50,000 inhabitants in Western Europe to one for every 300,000 inhabitants in Eastern Europe. The findings revealed a clear East-West divide in indoor pool availability and rates of asthma.

The Belgian study, presented by Dr. Simone Carbonnelle, showed that exposure to chloramines greatly increases permeability of the lung epithelium. This is a condition that is associated with cigarette smoking. Chlorine by itself isn’t the problem; it’s what happens when chlorine is combined with organics. The organics are produced by pool users in the form of sweat, dander, urine, etc. The chlorine reacts with these organics, producing dangerous chemicals such as nitrogen trichloride, aldehydes, chloroform and chloromines.

According to Dr. Carbonnelle, the level of lung permeability is equivalent of what she would see in a heavy smoker. “These findings suggest that the increasing exposure to chlorine-based disinfectants used in swimming pools and their by-products might be an unsuspected risk factor in the rising incidence of childhood asthma and allergic diseases”, reports Dr. Carbonnelle.

This research may help explain why swimmers in indoor pools are more prone to asthma than athletes in other sports. During the 2000 Olympic Games held in Australia, it was revealed that more than one-quarter of the U.S. Swim Team suffered from some degree of asthma.

An effective way to combat this problem is with a good quality, high efficiency indoor swimming pool dehumidifier. The dehumidifier removes the chlorine along with the moisture laden air. The HI-E Dry line of swimming pool dehumidifiers features remarkable energy efficiency.

Colonial Games

In Colonial times, kids had many more responsibilities and fewer resources for play than kids today. Colonial toys were very plain compared to children’s toys today. Colonial kids’ had to assist with household chores like carrying wood or water, caring for livestock, and sewing and cooking. There was much less time for play in Colonial times but kids still found time for fun and games.

Chores filled a lot of time for kids in Colonial times but many kids would turn daily responsibilities into games or competitions. Tasks like carrying wood could be turned into play by allowing kids to compete against each other in speed and strength. Families in Colonial times were also very large so kids always had companions for play. Many times they would even play without toys by singing or saying favorite rhymes. Racing and tag were old favorites of the time and sometimes kids would even create new games.

Some of the most common games and activities for Colonial kids were tag, relay racing, leap frog, and “London Bridge is Falling Down”.   Swimming  and sledding were seasonal favorites and all of these activities are still popular today. Jump rope and hopscotch were other common games that stood the test of time.

When kids did have toys to play with, they were often meant for more than just play. Toys and games of the time had educational value too. Tag,  swimming , and ball  games  developed physical abilities like speed and strength. These prepared children for physical work as adults. Less physical games like blocks and peg games improved problem solving and analytical skills.

Toys in Colonial times were often homemade by kids or their parents. Dolls could be made of anything from hay to scraps of cloth. And extra wood could make archery sets, spinning tops, peg games, and ball and cup toys.

If kids did have toys to play with they were usually very simple and practical. Hoops were very popular to play with. Kids would either run and roll hoops or toss and catch them. Arching toys taught kids to aim and developed their hunting skills for when they were older. Colonial boys often played with a ball or would fly a kite. Girls would sew or play with dolls.

Another classic Colonial toy was the ball and cup toy. It is a small cup with a handle and a ball attached by a string. The purpose of the game is to catch the ball in the cup. This toy develops hand eye coordination. Spinning tops were another simple, classic toy from Colonial times. Tops are easily made from leftover wood found around the house. They were entertaining to play with and there are many different designs of tops that kids used to make. Jacob’s Ladder is another Colonial toy that is still around today. This toy was made from pieces of wood rather than cards and is a fun illusion for kids.

Dice was another simple prop in child’s play and in Colonial times, dice games could be as simple as repetitive rolls or become more complicated as kids added more rules. Marbles were another old favorite that could be the foundation of any number of Colonial games. Jacks and wooden peg games were great logic and strategy games that could be played with alone or in groups.

I’m sure you recognize more than a few of these Colonial toys. Many of these historical toys and games have survived the years and are still popular in modern times. Colonial games like tag and racing are still common today as well as simplistic playthings like marbles, hoops, blocks, and kites.

Adult Dating and Personals – Finding Sex Partners Online

Dating is supposed to be fun and fulfilling. And, let’s face it, not everyone is exactly seeking a girl or boy to take home to mama, unless of course mama herself is not “traditional”. Adult dating and personals services were designed for those seeking fun and amorous dating. This includes casual sex as well as exploring of fantasies and fetishes.

Now, in this day and age, where “hanging out” and “hooking up” are accepted norms, the line as to where “adult dating” has been blurred quite a bit. Indeed, you can expect virtually each and every married couple to have engaging in premarital sex long before the wedding date, and sometimes the bride’s belly announces the fact. But this article is not about morals. The point is that adult dating is not just about casual relationships as these can be found virtually everywhere today.

However, casual sex is a big part of adult dating and personals in general. In fact, it is what drives the adult dating industry. After all, the same people who seek these types of liaisons in bars and nightclubs have discovered a better venue in online dating: a much better venue.

You see, adult online dating beats the bar scene hands down in that you don’t have to guess who wants what in an adult dating site: it is all spelt out right there in black and white. Plus highly suggestive pictures to go with it.

The first thing you need to do when seeking adult dating partners online is to sign up with a reputable dating site. This is one even more important than when signing up for other types of dating. Why?

Well, the nature of adult personals is that they attract all types of people. It is safe to say that “bad” types of people will be found in an adult dating site. After all, these are people who don’t hide the fact that they are… well, bad (you know, by societal norms). Therefore, you should sign up with a reputable paid dating site. Why not a free dating site?

You want to avoid free adult dating sites simply because they attract a huge number of curiosity seekers and people of ill intentions. No one in his/her right state of mind is going to pay a fee to sign up with an adult dating service “just to see what’s going on there”.

Also, criminal elements like to hang out in free dating sites (including non-adult ones) simply because they know they can hide much more easily. With a paid dating service you can always be traced using the credit card you used to pay your membership fee – unless, of course the card itself is a stolen one.

Next, create a catchy screen name. Just another “hotsandsexyjen24” or “jakethestud” will not get you far. Try to make it more distinctive and meaningful.

Your picture is perhaps the most important aspect of your adult dating profile. You should post more than one if the site allows. This is where you put your best assets out there. In other words, flaunt it if you have it. No, this does not necessarily mean nudity. Rather, you should attempt to bring out your most attractive physical attributes in the picture.

This could be your bosom, bottom, eyes, lips… well, if you have something that people including strangers complement you on, this is what you should attempt to show in the photo.

You also need to write a good personal profile. Adult dating profiles differ from other types of dating in that you are seeking sex or fun partners, not a date in the traditional sense. Go ahead and use adult language – it is the essence of the game. Just say what you want and what you bring. Read other profiles that you like to get an idea and model (but don’t copy) them.

Roleplaying Games Build Great Core Skills in Young Adults

Roleplaying games build real skills in an enjoyable way

If you start teaching people using Roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons they will be able to learn real life skills without even realising.

Mathematics as a skill is in decline

Using dice to generate numbers has been proven to help people stimulate their ability to perform maths. When an immediate game reward is based on the success of the dice roll it becomes apparent that players try to understand how to improve their success chances.

Skills developed using roleplaying dice rolls are;

  • Adding various numbers together quickly
  • Being able to calculate probability of success of an action
  • Working with addition, subtraction, divide, multiply about 15 times an hour of roleplaying
  • Advanced maths of percentages, statistical deviations, and working out averages

Interacting with a diverse group of people

Nothing builds effective skills in dealing with other cultures and people than a roleplaying game. As a player you get to choose your race and culture and are required to interact with up to eigt other players that have made different choices than you.

Diverse cultures that are interacted with by roleplayers;

  • Non-humans like elves, dwarves, and creatures
  • Different age ranges (players & characters) from 10 to 1200+
  • The different backgrounds and education of the characters
  • The different backgrounds and education of the players themselves
  • Different approaches and respect for many religious viewpoints and behaviours
  • Interaction with the different legal consequences of neighbouring countries that can be visited without leaving the room
  • An enormous lexicon of languages, myths, writing, and social behaviours from tribal to world-spanning civilisation

Excellent problem solving skills

At the core of Roleplaying games is the ability to meet problems while in character and come up with solutions for the current problems. This problem solving behaviour can be applied as easily in real life as in roleplaying games.

The process to solve problems is the same and like any new skill, the more times you practice it the better you get. And roleplayers get plenty of practice without any risk to real property, assets or person.

On average a roleplaying game will serve up 10-15 minor problems to be solved and a major problem or two in every eight hour gaming session. This is more effective than any problem solving workshop I have gone to as an adult.

Problem solving skills include;

  • dealing with difficult negotiations
  • travelling to one location without having the funds
  • understanding the local economy to trade items better
  • being able to navigate in unknown worlds or locations
  • responding to unplanned events that range from low risk to highly dangerous (to the characters not the players)

As you can see these are all core skills to have regardless of the career path you decide later and is a fun and cost effective way to teach kids maths and english skills they will need later.