Swimming Pool Toys

Swimming pool is one of the places where entire family can have hours of fun. From vigorous exercise to complete relaxation and recreation; all are possible in a swimming pool. Adding few toys to the pool will significantly enhance the fun and excitement. These toys not only add fun but also increase the convenience, comfort and appeal of the swimming Pool. Pool toys make the swimming session feel more like a vacation and hence make the whole family look forward to swim in the pool.

Swimming pool toys are available in various forms. Pool ball is simple, cheap and yet favorite toy of all for many people. They are available in array of colors and sizes. They are light weight balls which are easy to inflate and deflate. Pool balls are equally liked by adults and small children. They are the king of pool toys.

Toypedo is another great toy for kids who are in their learning stage of swimming. They have hydrodynamic design resembling rocket and have variety of bright colors. They glide 40 feet under water and kids love to watch them moving. In the process of getting the toy back from water, kids improve their swimming skills.

Water gun is a favorite pool toy for many kids. Kids love to soak one another with water gun. Water balloon and water gun together give hours of enjoyment to the kids in the swimming pool.

Floatation devices are always fun in swimming pools. Noodles and kick boards are the simple floating toys that kids use for variety of activities and games. Inflatable rafts are more fun to the adults. While kids play running around and splashing the water to one another in the pools, adults can sit back and relax on these inflatable floats. They are available in wide range of prices. The lower-end inflatable floats may not be able to withstand the weight of an adult for a long time. Buying a good quality float is essential to have fun and relaxation for a long time. Some of the inflatable floats are designed to have maximum comfort. They are costlier than the simple floats. But they have added features like cup holder, extra compartment and back or neck rest.

Pool toys are available in retail shops, wholesale shops, online shops and pool supply shops. Pool toys vary in their price from few bucks to few thousands. But, one need not spend huge amount to make the pool experience more fun. Even simple pool toys can give immense enjoyment.

Have Fun Swimming

 Swimming  is a great way of exercising and fun for the whole family on weekends and holidays during the summer months.  Swimming  is a lot of fun, but drowning is a real danger. Drowning is the second most common cause of death amongst kids under the age of 14. It can happen very fast, in less than two minutes which leaves very little time for someone to help. A common way for kids to drown is when they accidentally fall into a  swimming  pool.

The sides and bottom of a pool are normally made of concrete, which when wet, can cause someone to slip and fall. If you have been to a public pool you have probably noticed the numbers written along the side of a  swimming  pool. These numbers represent the depth of the water at that point. You should always make sure the depth of the water before jumping in or allowing kids into the pool. If you jump into the shallow end you could injure yourself, on the other hand if you allow small kids to play in the deep end they could possibly drown.

An adult should always supervise children around water, in a public area this could be a life guard. Home pools should be fenced off and the gate should be closed and padlocked when not in use. An alternative would be to use a secure  swimming  pool cover or net across the surface area. Don’t push or jump on others and don’t run around the pool area.

A popular  swimming  area in the summer is to  swim  in lakes, ponds or streams. You cannot always see the bottom so extra care needs to be taken as you do not know how deep they are or what is at the bottom. Some ponds or lakes may hide jagged rocks, broken bottles or general rubbish. It is always a good idea to wear something to protect your feet. If you are going out on a boat always wear a life jacket, even if you are a strong swimmer.

When  swimming  in the sea, make sure that you are  swimming  in a designated area provided by the life guards and make sure that there are life guards on duty before going for a  swim . You need to be careful of rip tides which are strong currents that can take you away from shore. If you are caught in one, try to  swim  parallel to the shore rather than to shore until the water stops pulling you. If you can’t get back to shore, tread water and wave for help to the life guard on duty. Never  swim  alone and don’t  swim  out too far. It’s important to know your limits when it comes to playing in the water. You could develop a cramp (where a muscle in your body suddenly tenses up and causes pain) or other physical problem that makes it hard to  swim . If you get a cramp, get out of the water for a while and give your muscles a rest

Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines

Swimming pool safety is the main component for happy swimming

Swimming is a very old leisure pursuit. From the distant past to recent history it is one of the most pleasurable and wholesome leisure activities. In olden times being able to swim was acknowledged to be a necessity for a well brought up person. Today, swimming pools are a major attraction in both vacation and work times and swimming pool safety as well as the proper pool chemical use are the primary ingredients for a good time swimming.


Part of the appeal of a swimming pool is its clear sparkling water. Opaque or off color water is not inviting to dive into and may be dangerous. You would never dive into a vat of poison, so make sure your swimming pool is as clean as it is beautiful.

The proper pool chemicals keep the ph balance correct, this helps minimise overall chemical use These need to be tested daily and used every week to be most efficient.

Safety with Chemicals

Pool chemical levels need to be correct for the healthiest and safest pool for children. Pool chemicals should be kept in a cool, dry place. Don’t swim in your pool for at least one hour after you have altered the chemical balance in your pool.

Remember:Don’t ever mix swimming pool chemicals with other swimming pool or other chemicals. fire or explosion can result.

If you don’t use your pool in the winter, there are steps you must take to close down your pool, but more important there are special pool chemicals to use when you are ready to swim again. You will need to bring the ph back up to around 8 this must be maintained during the summer. Germs can grow if the ph balance isn’t correct in a swimming pool.

Too much chlorine is also unhealthy.

The ph balance can be kept correct by the proper pool chemicals.


All the adults and children who are swimming should be aware of safety in swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Safety, particularly with Children

A high fence around the pool that has a secure gate will protect small children from wandering in to see the shimmering water and falling in. Make sure toddlers can’t climb over the fence.

Of course, swimming pools were made to be used so a good barrier is just the first step. Adults need to know the non swimmers around the pool. When a party is by the pool the best safety precaution is an adult watching the splashing children, preferably an adult who has had lessons in swimming pool safety, CPR and lifesaving. An adult should be within touching distance of any child who is under three year’s old or is a non swimmer. It is always good for anyone under three or non swimmers to wear some kind of floatation device. When it is not possible to always be near swimmers or children playing by a pool it is good to have a long pole or life preserver so anyone can reach someone who is too far away to touch. Even someone who doesn’t swim can do this.

Paddling Pools

Safety is also important for paddling pools for very young children They may not need pool chlorine granules or other swimming pool chemicals because the water might be changed frequently but remember:Swimming pool safety is just as important even when the water is very shallow because even one inch can be dangerous for a toddler.

Be sure to empty the pool when there is no adult to watch the children. Swimming pool safety needs diligence from every adult present by the pool. Taking precautions like these means that, your swimming session can be more enjoyable because it is anxiety free and there is no risk of tragedy.

Swimming – It’s Great for Your Abs

 Swimming  is one of the best exercises to use for one’s abdominal muscles and other muscles that are around the torso area.  Swimming  can be done at a  swimming  school or  swimming  class and can be great to the abs. Here are some of the reasons as to why this is such a great thing for these important muscles.

 Swimming  is able to work with one’s abs because of how it can be used to handle a variety of different muscles around the area.  Swimming  involves high amounts of activity among the chest. Much of this comes from nearby leg movements and from the torso working to get the body to feel healthy and flexible.

Also,  swimming  is something that can work to get a person to develop a greater sense of stamina. This is needed for any kind of workout and for any type of healthy muscle. Working with a standard  swimming  regimen through  swimming  classes or other programs can help to get the body to feel healthy and to feel as strong as it can be.

The fact that this activity can work with practically every part of the torso is a big advantage.  Swimming  is something that works with not only the abs but also with other parts of the torso including muscles that are used to support the abs. A major reason for this can come form how  swimming  involves working to ensure that this area of the body is more flexible and that it is moving properly while performing strokes. A healthy  swimming  habit can be a beneficial thing for anyone to get into.

Another benefit of this exercise is that  swimming  can be used to allow a person to burn off unwanted amounts of fat. These are areas that can easily impact the growth and the stability of the abdominals. Removing these fats in a natural way through the use of  swimming  can be a very effective thing for anyone to do.

These are all very good reasons as to why  swimming  is such a popular type of activity to take part in for one’s health.  Swimming  can be done to strengthen the abs and to support all of the muscles that surround the abs. It is also used to help improve the body’s ability to burn off fats around the abs so that the muscles will have an easier time with their developments.

Swim With the Current

You’ve probably heard me say over and over that “80% of your return on your portfolio comes from the market and the sector.” But what the heck does that really mean?

In June 1998, Investor’s Business Daily summarized two studies on the causes of stock- price movement in two books: The New Science of Investing, by Dr. Robert Hagen and The Latent Statistical Structure of Securities Price Changes, by Benjamin King.

Those studies found that 31% of a company’s stock-price action was tied to the market as a whole. Industry group action explained 37%, while broad sector action accounted for 12% of the price movement.

Both studies concluded that only 20% of the price action in a stock

was determined by company fundamentals!

Unfortunately, most people were taught backwards. Most think gains and losses are only determined by picking the stock with the right fundamentals! Fundamentals are things like P/E ratio, good management, growth rates, new products, market share, etc.

I’d venture a guess and say that most people spend 80% of their time (and sometimes 100% of their time!) trying to find the stock with the best set of fundamentals.


So what happens when a company “with great fundamentals” happens to be in a sector that’s on defense? Or what if the whole market is on defense? The company could see their stock price get slammed (yes, even with great fundamentals!).

Say you bought at a stock a few months ago at $40. Today it is $20. The company may still be growing like crazy, but the market or the sector dragged it down. If the story didn’t change, then didn’t the fundamentals just get even better? It has to be a better value at this price, right? If you invest by using only the fundamentals, you lose.

Again, most of the returns you’re going to get

will depend on whether the market (and the sector the stock belongs to)

is on offense or defense.

Look, everyone knows that if you’re swimming with the current, it’s an easier ride. There are times when the market is on offense (and you’re moving with the current). Hey, it IS possible to make money when the current is against you. But the odds are stacked against you! So, try to swim with the current…swimming against the current is NOT recommended!

Offense? Defense? Huh?

When we’re on offense, we run offensive plays from our playbook. Meaning, we’ll look to put money into the market to build our wealth. We’re not going to buy everything in sight; we want to focus ONLY on the sectors that are also on offense.

When we’re on defense, we’ll run plays designed to protect our assets. “Defense” doesn’t mean run out and sell everything! What’s the goal when the defense comes on the field in a football game?

To prevent the other team (the market) from scoring against you!

When the market is on defense, we’ll only call plays from our defensive playbook. Running a defensive strategy helps prevent us from making really stupid mistakes in our account and taking big losses. “Defense” can mean taking steps like buying protective puts against your holdings. Or possibly shave back a large investment in a stock or mutual fund.

Avoiding big losses alone will improve the performance

for most people in the market.

How do we know whether to be on “offense” or “defense?” We use a tool that is an excellent indicator of the level of risk in the market. Fifty years ago, a technical analyst named A.W. Cohen came up with this tool he dubbed “the bullish percent index.” Cohen was looking for a way to tell when to be cautious near market tops and also aggressively optimistic near market bottoms.

If you think about it, isn’t that what we all want? Something that’ll tell us when the risk in the market is high…and when the risk in the market (or a sector) is low! And it’s been around for fifty years, ignored by many in the market!

The bullish percent index is the percentage of all the stocks in a universe that are currently on buy signals. Now, that “universe” may be all the stocks in the semiconductor or the financial sector. Or even all the stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Knowing when the risk is high in a particular area will go a long way toward improving your investment results!

When to take action

We’ve discussed the bullish percent is all the stocks in your group that are currently on buy signals. We feel it’s the single best “risk level” indicator we have found. But how do you know when to take action?

If 90 out of 100 stocks in a given sector are currently on buy signals, the bullish percent index is said to be at 90% for that group. If only 30 of 100 are on buy signals, the bullish percent is 30%.

Now, if 90% of all stocks in a sector are already on buy signals, that means only 10% of the names in that group are NOT on buy signals.

We’d want to be cautious with that kind of high reading!

Hey, no one likes being the “last guy” to show up at a party, but that’s what happens to a lot of individual investors. They get in near the top and get creamed when the sector or market takes a dive.

Now, what we’re measuring here is supply and demand. When there is demand, prices rise. When a sector reaches 90%, there’s not much more that can move a group higher.

But that’s NOT the time to sell.

See, stocks can hang around lofty levels for a LONG time. It’s only when we see more and more companies in a sector (or market) start to give sell signals, we know that supply is overtaking demand. When that happens, lower prices are on the way.

Now, say last week we noticed that a sector had a bullish percent reading of 30% and this week it’s now at 38%. This is a group we’d want to pay attention to! Not only are the readings going up, they are going up from low levels!

This is precisely the stuff we zoom in on when telling you where to put money to work!


If we need to get out of something, we’d sure like to know it NOW, not later!

Hindsight IS 20/20. But it won’t help you avoid losses in your account. We’ve given up predicting what the market will do because we use tools that tell us accurately what IS happening right now in the marketplace. The point and figure charts we use and the bullish percent index are tools that tell us what’s happening today. These charts tell us what is in demand and what is in supply.

There are too many folks trying to complicate the investing process. Keep it simple. Just remember that anything with too much supply will see their prices fall. Anything in demand will see their prices rise. And we have a method of measuring exactly which stocks and mutual funds are in demand and which are in supply.

Pool Parties: Pool Side Paradise

Whether you schedule an after hour party, and rent out the local pool, or have your own backyard pool party, with a little planning and a little help, everyone is sure to have a great time! Just have plenty of snacks, drinks, “dry” games, and sun screen, and pool parties are fun for everyone!

Pool Party Invitations

One thing you have to be conscious of at every moment during your pool party, is safety. Enlist the aid of adult lifeguards, or hire a lifeguard or two from the local pool, and set everyone’s mind at ease. When sending the invitations, attach them to a roll of lifesavers, and ask that parents RSVP with their child’s   swimming  ability. It will help you to know which children cannot  swim , which children need extra help, and how many life guards you will need. If you provide cute, inexpensive  swim  toys, easily personalized with paint pens (so everyone knows which  swim  toy is his or hers) for each child, they will play with them, and the children who do not know how to  swim , will not be uncomfortable needing them.

Pool Party Entertainment

The very best thing about a pool party is that the entertainment is built in. Beach balls,  swim  toys,  games  of Marco Polo, and pool volleyball are so much fun. Just be certain to have a “quiet area” in the shade for tired swimmers to take a break. It can be something as simple as a large piece of white plastic (or several of them, depending on the size of your party) held in place with tent stakes. Plenty of towels, game and puzzle books, coloring sheets, washable markers, tether ball, or hop scotch painted on a piece of the plastic. Just provide a place out of the sun, in case a child needs a time out to rest or get away from the sun.

Serve simple finger sandwiches, chips, goldfish crackers, and animal crackers (you can easily make cookies and cut them into easy fish shapes too) plenty of fruit punch, bottled water, or soda.

Sea Water Punch

Blue Raspberry Wave soft drink mix (prepare according to package directions)

Ice cubes made of sweetened pineapple and orange juice

Ginger Ale

Vanilla Ice Cream

Serve in clear plastic glasses, or purchase the glasses with straws built in, so the guests can keep them, and their  swim  toy, as party favors.

Beginner Triathlete – 6 Swim Tips For Your First Triathlon

Are you a triathlon beginner intimidated by the  swim ? Don’t feel bad – most beginners find the  swim  the toughest of the three disciplines. Here are 6  swimming  tips to help you perform well during the  swim  at your first triathlon or to improve your  swim  time as you advance.

1.  Swim  technique. The more time you work on your technique, the more efficient your stroke and the less energy you will use during your  swim . You can find 5 key techniques on the triathlon  swim  tips page on my site. You can also seek out help from a masters  swim  program. Sometimes even places that teach kids how to  swim  will also help  adults  who want to  swim  competitively. One of the best self-taught programs I’ve seen is from the “Tri  Swim  Coach” Kevin Koskella.

2. Repetition is the key to becoming a strong swimmer. The only way to improve your  swimming  is to keep doing it. If you are doing a race with an open water  swim  you should definitely add some practice open water  swims  to your training plan – you especially need to practice “sighting” in the water ( swimming  straight to a location). The good news is that  swimming  is a low-impact way to build your cardiovascular system.

3.  Swimming  with a group can keep you motivated. A group can keep you challenged to improve. A coached group is also a good place to start. A coach can give you feedback about your form or technique.

4. Upper body strength will help your  swimming . As you develop your weight training program, don’t forget to work on upper body and core strength. This will definitely help your  swimming .

5. What to wear during triathlon  swimming . A snug fitting swimsuit – some people wear bike shorts – is best. This makes sure it doesn’t catch water during the  swim . For lake  swims , if the water temperature is 78 degrees or below you can wear a wetsuit. Most people will wear one if they have the option because a wetsuit helps add to your buoyancy in the water and keeps you warm. If you don’t have a wetsuit you need to get used to  swimming  in cold water.

6. How far do I have to  swim  to do my first triathlon? This is probably the number one question I get from beginners. It’s obviously a good idea to be able to  swim  at least the race distance (usually 500 meters in a sprint race) before you do your first triathlon. However, if your race has a pool  swim  don’t be worried if you’re not sure you’ll be able to  swim  without stopping – most pool  swims  allow you to hold onto the wall at the end of the pool to rest (just remember to keep your feet off the bottom of the pool – check with the race director before your race).

Casual Adult Dating – Surfing The Web For Erotic Fun

Times have changed and people are getting more comfortable with what they want and who they are. In the past casual adult dating was almost unheard of. It was a taboo topic that nobody spoke about or dared to mention. Those who were perceived to be engaging in it were frowned upon by society. Obviously, not anymore.

It is common to find sites that are specifically dedicated to those who are looking for some fun. Strictly fun, nothing long-term or serious. These are not for those who want to have long-term relationships. They are simply for the free spirits whose only interest is to have some casual sex or fulfill their own fantasies. In fact, to say that casual adult dating online is popular would be an understatement.

This is a phenomenon that has caught on incredibly fast and is attracting huge volumes of new people signing up to create profiles all in a bid to get a sex partner. This is in itself has brought about a challenge to the domain owners. They have been too successful to the point of attracting even those who are out to play jokes on others.

Moreover, just like anything else with the s-word in it, casual adult dating has also attracted hordes of curiosity seekers. As a result, some form of payment was introduced so as to actually get those who are serious and separate them from they that are simply curious. This therefore means that to have any real chance of a meaningful encounter one has to join the paid up ranks.

By doing so, you insulate yourself from fraudsters and have access to thousands of like-minded souls. The paid up ranks offer much more features than the free usually promotional area. Here you will be able to send and receive messages from potential mates and even enjoy more interactive chat sessions.

You can even post a video with your profile or chat live with potential adult partners. Casual adult dating is about loosening up and having fun.

Apart from this, only members who are in this paid site will be able to view your profile. This protects you from being exposed to persons or situations that you have no interest in. There are no annoying advertisements bombarding you left, right and center. You are only exposed to what interests you.

This is a new game and there are rules that you should observe. This is to protect yourself as you engage in this world of casual sex. As much as you are out to have fun, it is also important to be smart and safe while at it.

The golden rule is to approach the whole thing with a mentality of having fun and nothing more. As it is, anything that happens here is just like the name, casual. There is no pressure to present yourself in a certain way as all those you meet in such forums have already thrown their hats in the ring. It is just a matter of picking out what interests you.

Basic Swimming

Some people think that learning to float and dog paddle is enough to say that a person knows how to swim. This is only the tip of the iceberg since there are other ways to swim faster in the water.

The most basic swimming stroke to learn is freestyle. The person doesn’t only let the arms go forward and all the way to back but must also observe proper technique to do this right.

The instructor will let the person first do some drills. With both arms in front, one hand will go down and catch water then exit passing the thigh. The same hand must touch the other which in turn will go through the same motion.

The hands should be relaxed and not to tight when entering the water. This will allow the person to catch more water and maximize the distance each lap.

Some instructors will let the students perform the drills first on land before doing this in the water. Since the distance each lap is quite far, another thing taught is proper breathing. This happens when the touches the thigh and the head is turned simultaneously to one side to get water.

Some people might make the mistake of using the nose to get air but people are able to get more oxygen using the mouth. This is a bit different than what people normally do on land but the individual will get the hang of things shortly.

This exercise can also be done by learning how to hold one’s breath underwater. When the person is able to hold for 10 seconds or more, this is already sufficient since the individual can breathe after every other stroke.

Swimming involves every muscle in the body so the legs must help out the hands in making the person move in the water. The term called for kicking is called flutter. The power comes from the thighs and not the feet. This is because the muscles in this part are bigger and gives more strength for propulsion.

A lot of drills can be done to strengthen the lower part of the body. The person can kick with a board; the hands can be placed in front and only raise the head to get air or to do this on the side.

Rolling from one side to other helps the person create a body roll which is also important in catching the water per stroke. This is because the person can move faster this way than just staying flat on the surface.

When the person knows the basics, the only thing needed now is practice. The person can be given a mini workout wherein there is a time interval that must be achieved every number of laps. Most gyms have a pace clock or the instructor can send off the person using each set with a timer.

Swimming isn’t about creating splashes. This is all about technique and making each stroke count to be faster and smoother in the water. The person will not be able to watch the movements so the instructor can correct this making the observations.

The instructor can also use a video cam to show the person the mistakes made during the stroke. Improvements can be shown using before and after footage that will really make one happy to know that this is finally being done the proper way.

3 Benefits From Swimming – Get Started Today

If you know how to swim, you might want to consider swimming more often. This is because there are many benefits from this exercise or past time. Three of them stand out more than the others. If you do not know how to swim, there is never a better time than now. And if you know how to swim, but you are not a strong swimmer, you too might benefit from taking a few swimming classes.

The main benefit that you will receive from swimming is the cardio exercise that you are able to get in. See, swimming is not just refreshing and fun, it is great exercise. Many people have found that they were able to lose some weight by simply swimming three to four times a week. Some people are out there swimming everyday.

Another benefit is that you are making your life a little safer. Should you ever be in a rough position in water, you will have enough experience to know that you will be able to pull through. Strong swimmers are able to make it through some of the roughest conditions.

The third main benefit from swimming on a regular basis is your mentality will improve. Many people who swim on a regular basis find that they generally end up more at peace with themselves because of the quiet time they spend swimming.

Swimming is definitely the perfect workout for the body. Not only do you utilize more muscles but you additionally spare your joints and bones. Swimming can be great for your lungs and to build your muscles. Have you ever observed what great backs and shoulders swimmers have? Swimming is an enjoyable and healthy activity for folks of all ages. Nevertheless, improperly chlorinated water places swimmers at risk for recreational water sicknesses like diarrhea and ear and skin infections.

Swimming is the perfect summer season sport: when the mercury rises, what better approach to cool off than to take a refreshing dip? It would not matter whether or not it’s at the seashore, river or pool, the lengthy sunny days are an ideal excuse to take to the water. Swimming is really an effective way to achieve a wholesome and healthy lifestyle with out all the muscle aches.

As you can see, there are clearly some great benefits to swimming on a regular basis. Even if you do not have your own pool, there is no reason you can’t swim on a regular basis. Many gyms are now offering pools and there are also public pools that you can take advantage of during the warmer months.