6 Easy Steps To Treat Back Acne Problem

Opppsss…acne again! Do you have a sexy back but feel embarrass to show them? Afraid to wear your favorite   swimming  suit or don’t have chance to wear a sexy back strap? This acne problem always happens to teenagers especially, but beware because sometimes back acne also attack adult. Back acne, which is also known as bacne, is caused mainly by perspiration clogging up pores, thus causing an inflammation of the pores. Another culprit is tight clothing that traps sweat and bacteria on skin, and irritates skin. Bacne is like a face acne problem but needs more cares and treatments to clear them up.

Get rid those acne by pamper your skin with the right way and the right products too – because when you make a mistakes in choosing the right products, it will make your skin getting worse. Here are simple steps to treat your back and clear up the problem so you don’t have to worry anymore and feeling more comfortable and confidence with yourself. Check it out gal!

Step #1 Cleanse

If you’re an active person and always out for exercise and have a rigorous session at the gym will make you sweat and bacteria really like those sweaty skin to stay. Take a refreshing shower to cleanse skin everyday and try not to skip even a day especially if you have a long hair and sweat a lot – rinse your hair to avoid it sticky and lay on your back. Just like how you’d treat acne-prone skin with products containing salicylic acid, do the same with bath products to keep bacne from re-occurring. Use a brush or loofah to gently buff skin and get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum.

Step #2 Scrub

Alternatively, use a gentle scrub with finer granules to cleanse your skin. Spread on damp skin, and rub in circular motions, being careful to be extra gentle on blemished area, before rinsing and patting dry. Do scrubbing at least twice a week to exfoliate those dead skin but don’t make it too hard or it will swept away your natural skin moisturizer, make it dry and damaged your skin. Choose scrub with fines granules, the one that gives soothes effect and smell fresh – this will help you feel good about yourself.

Step #3 Moisturise

Keep skin hydrated to prevent dry and flaking, especially after scrubbing it. Try a moisturizer meant for blemish skin. To keep your skin smoothly and blemish clear, try looking for non comedogenic and dermatologically tested products to pamper your skin.

Step #4 Treat

Treat existing bacne with a topical ointment or any acne spot treatments, which use benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid in their formulation. This will help to dry up your acne faster without drying or irritate your skin. To get a good result, use the products as recommended to treat your skin effectively. Ask somebody to help you reach the hiding acne at the centre of your back. Don’t miss to treat them too and don’t you ever ask your friends to pick the zit because it easily spread to the other area which not effected yet. For hygienic, don’t share your towel or other toiletries with others and make sure you clean them regularly.

Step #5 Soothe

A blemish back is uncomfortable, so calm the inflammation with a soothing mist. Find the one which specifically to soothe blemish prone skin and effective in reducing the redness. Practice to spray regularly everyday so your back will feel more comfortable, calm and soothe no matter how stubborn your acne or how active you are. This feeling from the cooling process will reduce some kind of stress feeling cause by the inflammation.

Step #6 Mask

Like your face, your back also need masker to protect them from being greasy and clogging. If you need a bacne-fighting boost, try to give your back a treat with a deep cleansing mask once a week. This will help soften and smoothen skin as well as prevent clogged pores. Use masker that a little bit strong than the one you use for your face treatment.

However, bacne can be a bit more stubborn than normal acne as it’s in a hard-to-reach part of your body and also it happens rare. But once you have it, you will face difficulty to get rid it from you and you need to be passion – treat them with the right way. Remember, besides having a regular exercise, put attentions to what foods you take every day – drink a lot of water and take more fruits and vegetables in your diet. If the problem persists even after you’ve diligently followed these steps, consult a dermatologist. Prevent bacne now and don’t let that zit put you down and give an effect to your self-esteem. Good luck!;)

Family Activities For Summer

Nobody likes to be stuck in a house all day, especially when the weather is beautiful outside! Grab your family and find something interesting and entertaining to do. Use your imagination and explore the wonders of Summer.

There are many fun activities to do, and even more when there is a lake or forest close. You could go camping… yes, tents, sleeping bags, flashlights and lanterns, cooking over the fire, and the whole nine yards. It really is not as bad as you would think. Sure the ground can be a little hard, and you might get a little cold. All in all though, it is an awesome experience. Lying underneath the stars and just watching them is very calming.

Another thing kids and   adults  love to do in the summer is to go  swimming , so do it often and have fun as a family. Whether it is a pool or a lake get everyone together and go  swimming  as a family outing. You can take inner tubes, water balls, diving rings, almost any water toy and play a game and have fun with it. What else matters besides fun when you are having a family outing?

Other water activities could also be fun, for instance, who doesn’t love boating? Letting the wind whip through your hair, or diving off the back of a boat and  swimming  is major excitement for everyone. There are many things you can do while boating. Skiing, barefoot or with skis, tubing, water boarding, and wave boarding are some. You can do activities or just sit back for the ride. Either way it is always nice to spend a little quality time with the ones you love and care for.

Kids love animals, so take them to the zoo. What other place can you get to see exotic animals, feed the animals, watch them feed themselves, and play? The bears, tigers, lions, alligators, snakes, oh my, are so exciting. The zoo will have everyone in the family jumping for joy. After the zoo you could always take a walk in the park. Not only is this helping you exercise but gives you a chance to talk as a family. While in the park help your kids to fly a kite. Watching a kite fly up so high in the air always catches little one’s eyes. After you are done flying a kite maybe you hear a tummy growl. Have a picnic! With sandwiches, pickles, potato salad, macaroni salad, and whatever other yummy treat can fit in your picnic basket. Eating outside is always a reward.

Summer break doesn’t always have to bore your children or you either in fact. You just have to find activities you and your family love to do together. Even turning simple chores into games can be entertaining and fun, plus you getting housework done in the process. So when summer hits this year, you now know how to plan a family outing.

Ideas for Re-Designing Your Existing Swimming Pool

Whether you are tired of the same old look of your pool or you want to enhance it to match the appearance of a newly constructed home or landscape, consider a redesign as opposed to a totally new swimming pool. Pools can be re-designed to not only save the money on the cost of demolition of an old one and construction of a new one, but also to customise your pool to give it a whole new look.

Changing the Size and Shape

You may not realise that your existing pool can be deepened, extended, widened or even reshaped using the latest in concrete pool techniques. You are not bound by your current style and size. This is great news if you want to turn a shallow wading pool into one that you can dive into or perhaps change the shape to accommodate your new home or landscaping additions.

Altering Pool Designs and Appearance

The colour of the interior plaster finish, paint and tiling can be changed to create an entirely new look. With the latest advances in pool technology, you can get a Spectrum quartz finish which comes in a variety of textures and colours and can be complemented by designer tiles. You can invest a little extra in your pool re-design and get a mosaic tile pattern too which can be customised to your specific design scheme.

Adding Some Extra Features

With a pool re-design, you have the option of choosing some extra features which can really enhance your swimming experience. Pool landscaping such as additional paving, garden planter boxes, decorative fencing, raised platforms for lounging and water features such as fountains and water walls add visually appealing elements.

New lighting, particularly the kind that can change colours underwater can be quite interesting. Spa features are popular too, especially if you want a place to kick back and relax to enjoy hot, pulsating jets of water to ease muscle aches and pains.

Making your Re-Design a Reality

Regarding swimming pools and their re-design, it is best to work with a professional pool company to ensure your ideas can be made into reality. A professional can walk you through a re-design and let you know what is possible, given the current state of your pool. They will be able to create a solid estimate of cost as well as a timeline to complete the project, keeping building permits and specifications in mind. Re-designing your pool is an excellent option if you don’t want to demolish your old one and start over.

Benefits of Various Chicken Recipes

You must marinade the chicken before the evening you have planned for the occasion. Make sure you cook the chicken until it’s perfectly done but take care not to overcook it. Moroccan chicken can be cooked using various methods.

Chicken is rich in protein and easy to digest. Boiled chicken is the perfect substitute for any other type of meat.

At this point, the chicken is about to be eaten. If you are cooking the chicken in the oven, you may calculate the cooking time correctly by weighing it. After the chicken is marinated, set them through the skewers. Stew chicken is merely like chicken fricassee.

What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Chicken Recipes

Now it is ready to enter the oven. My electric roaster oven is my preferred appliances as it is simple to use. When the grill is hot you can set the chicken on it.

You can make only 1 huge omelette-sized patty, as long as it is coated with flour, but it might be difficult to turn it over. You can also serve nutritious fries with your chicken tacos. When you’re ready to fry, take out the chicken from the fridge and let it come to the room temperature.

The Benefits of Chicken Recipes

Yummy and simple to cook, it can be eaten with every meal type. It’s a delicious meal that goes nicely with coleslaw and French fries. If you favor the food to brown evenly on either side, you must turn it evenly.

One thing I really like about the chicken recipe is the fact it calls for cream cheese in place of sour cream. This recipe looks like difficult initially, but when you make it a few times it’s an easy task. It does not require any breading or batter at all. Really simple to prepare, this chicken recipe will be loved by both adults and kids. Making fried chicken is easy if you find the appropriate recipe.

There are various recipes for lemon chicken but you must try out the baked variation. The best part about this simple grilled chicken recipe is you don’t need to marinate instantly, and the ingredients are simple to pack. You can take it to the beach or for the picnic.

Yes, make sure you double bread every bit of chicken. It is fast and simple. There are many ways to tweak this chicken recipe. You can enjoy and try out many other chicken recipes.

Camping Holidays – Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of camping holidays begin with adventure. A family can go wherever they want and camp there for as long as they have. From a camping base a family can go for walks out into the wild and see nature in its true habitat. They can also make their way over to huge lakes to fish or swim, and if they find an adventure park they can spend the day zip lining around the trees as fast as they can go, which is fun for everyone.

This is also where the disadvantages begin however, because some people like the routine they have and won’t want it disturbed by living in a tent for a week or two. Sometimes there are no shower facilities and people will need to use a solar shower, which isn’t a problem for most, but some people could feel self-conscious about their body when using one. Toilets are another big disadvantage if a camp site doesn’t have the facilities provided, as people will need to go and dig themselves a hole to use, or use a communal one, which many consider to be worse.

For others the freedom of being in the outdoors outweighs all disadvantages relating to homely comforts such as showering and using the toilet. They also enjoy not being able to use their mobile phones, as these are an invasion which can ruin a holiday if someone is using theirs constantly. Whilst camping, people will also be away from the thick smog of the city, something many consider to be unhealthy. The great outdoors has nothing but fresh air, and most people consider this a huge advantage of camping holidays.

To break it down to a list of the core advantages and disadvantages, this is what most people think of camping.


1) Adventure

2) Seeing Wildlife

3) Clean Air

4) No Mobile Phones

5) No Internet

6) No Traffic

7) No Interruptions


1) No Toilet

2) No Shower

3) No Food Provided For You

4) Living In A Tent

5) Bugs

6) Little Or No Electricity

7) Nothing Much To Do If You’re Not Adventurous

In conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of camping seem to be entirely based on opinion. What people need to realise is that camping can be great fun as long as everyone is involved in enjoying themselves, because once someone isn’t having fun, the trip is ruined. If worst comes to worst, building a huge camp fire and staying up late into the night is something everyone enjoys doing.

These Drinks Definitely Cause Acne Breakouts

If you have acne, you definitely know how painful it can be. Not only is it painful on the outside, but for many, a zit or multiple zits can really ruin their day. For that reason, I want to talk to you about 4 different beverages that can and probably will cause you to breakout. Before I list these 4 different beverages, let me tell you a little about my acne story.

I have been dealing with acne for the past 6 years of my life. Now that I am 21-years-old, I finally have my breakouts under control. Now, my skin isn’t perfect. I will get a tiny pimple every now and then, but this doesn’t prevent me from leaving my house, or anything crazy like that. With that being said, I used to have pretty bad acne. In fact, I would sit in my house for weeks on end, playing video games, just to hide myself from the world. Now that I have finally cleared up my problem, I can go out and do the things that I enjoy doing. If you would like to get your life back together, the following tips will definitely help you out. Now that you know a little about my story, let’s talk about the 4 beverages that will probably cause you to breakout.

1. Soda – Although it’s said that sodas will not cause you to breakout, I beg to differ. I’m not sure why, but it may have to do something with the way soda causes the body to become dehydrated. If you didn’t know, dehydration can cause acne. Caffeine may also contribute to breakouts, which leads me to the next beverage.

2. Coffee – Whenever I drink regular caffeinated coffee, I tend to breakout. Remember, my skin is 99.9% clear, 99.9% of the time, so anytime I breakout, I can pretty much point out what caused the problem. I’m not a big coffee drinker, so when I add it to my diet, and I breakout, I’m pretty much sure that this beverage caused me to.

3. Alcohol – Like soda, alcohol can be very dehydrating. I’m not big on drinking, but when I do, I tend to notice a few pimples within a 48-hour time-period.

4. Energy Drinks – Finally, energy drinks seem to do the most damage. They’re extremely dehydrating, contain high amounts of caffeine, and high amounts of sugar, usually. I’m not a big energy drink consumer, but when I do drink them, I tend to notice that a few pimples will sprout up.

When it comes down to it, removing the above 4 beverages from your diet will likely change your complexion for the better. In fact, I had a friend in high school who drank an energy drink everyday. He also had severe acne. Once he stopped drinking energy drinks, his acne went away, completely.

With this final note, you should also know that drinking water can actually help clear up your acne. If you drink 8+ glasses of water a day, you may notice a significant difference in your complexion. I definitely recommend giving this a try.

5 Easy Anxiety Therapy Methods

As many of us know, anxiety disorders are very common around the world. It is defined as “a state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties”. Each person will deal with anxiety differently. Some of the methods may work for some but they may not work for others. Now here I want to share 5 ways on how I deal with my anxiety disorders problem and I call them my own anxiety therapy methods.

The first one would be meditation. Do not underestimate the power of meditation because it can be very relaxing. You need to focus on one’s inner-self and let the problems, uncertainties and fears slip out of focus, so that you can allow for a clearer solution to be found. Well, sometimes, simply stepping away from your problems and calming down can help you see solutions.

The second self anxiety therapy would be exercise. You need to do exercise at least three times a week. You know, exercise can be very invigorating. As anxiety can leave you feeling depressed and run-down, we have to exercise regularly to boost endorphins in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed, happier and less anxious.

Yoga is also a very good anxiety therapy method. It is a form of exercise that does not involve impact. Yoga concentrates more on fluid movements and stretches rather than high impact and vigorous exercise. The fluidity of yoga is very invigorating, yet it is relaxing and calming while still producing endorphins in your system.

The fourth method of anxiety therapy will is the easiest. All you need to do is to find someone to talk to. Sometimes, talking to someone about the things that are making you feel anxious can really help lighten the burden of the anxiety. But remember, you need to find someone that you trust to talk to. By speaking out your anxiety, you may find that you are less anxious.

The final method will be relaxing. Try to indulge in something that will relaxes you the most, some people will find taking a walk in the park relaxing, some will play some games, watching movie or simply listening to some soothing music. That way, you can allow your anxiety to pass by not focusing on it and instead enjoying your relaxing time. By detaching yourself from your problems and fears, even briefly, can help you cope with anxiety.

So with the five simple methods above, I hope you will be able to deal with your anxiety problems better. Be happy and stay healthy.

Trivia Questions and Answers – Sports Trivia Questions

Looking for something fun to do at your next party or family event? Why not try trivia? It is entertaining, exciting and everyone can get involved. Age, sex and the number of people does not matter. Trivia is for everyone and it can be played anywhere.

Sports trivia is a great choice because almost everyone knows something about sports. You may not be a hockey fan, but what do you know about skating or sailing? Almost everyone has knowledge or information about some kind of sport. You do not have to be the world’s biggest fan to enjoy sports trivia. You can print and enjoy these fifty questions that I have compiled about all different kinds of sports and sports figures. Test your knowledge or that of your friends. Enjoy!

1: Britain’s Linford Christie was banned from competing for two years in which sport?

A: The 100m dash because he tested positive for drugs.

2: Which country’s entire team was barred from competing at the Paralympics in Sydney?

A: Spain, they were caught entering non-handicapped athletes into the games.

3: Which sports figure holds the record for appearing the most times on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

A: Michael Jordan, he has been on the cover 47 times.

4: Who is the only man to play both a NFL game and a MLB game in a single day?

A: Deion Sanders

5: Which two countries have not missed one of the modern day Olympics?

A: Greece and Australia

6: Which goalie holds the record for the most wins in regular season play?

A: Patrick Roy

7: What is the maximum weight for a golf ball?

A: 1.6oz

8: In Olympic badminton how many feathers does the bird have?

A: 14

9: What professional sport did bank robber John Dillinger play?

A: Baseball

10: Who was the only person elected to both the football and the baseball hall of fame?

A: Cal Hubbard

11: Wayne Levi was the first golfer to win a PGA tournament using a colored ball. What color was the ball?

A: Orange

12: Which track and field event is banned in high schools in every state except Rhode Island?

A: The hammer throw

13: The world Cup of Soccer has only been won by three European countries. Who are they?

A: West Germany, England and Italy.

14: Which NHL team was once called the St. Patricks?

A: The Toronto Maple Leafs

15: What sport, other than baseball uses the word ‘homerun’?

A: Cricket

16: What sport awards the Maurice Podoloff Trophy?

A: Basketball, it is awarded to the most valuable player

17: How many panels make up a soccer ball?

A: 32

18: How many stitches are there on a baseball?

A: 108

19: Who was the first female parachutist?

A: Jean Genvieve Granerin in 1799, she jumped from a hot air balloon.

20: What is the most watched sport in the world?

A: Soccer (football).

21: Which sport has the largest number of participants in the world?

A: Fishing.

22: In what year did boxing become a legal sport in the US?

A: 1901

23: What edible substance was found in golf balls?

A: Honey

24: Who holds baseball’s record for the most stolen bases in a single season?

A: Rickey Henderson

25: Who holds the record for the longest hitting streak in baseball?

A: Joe DiMaggio, 56 games.

26: Who holds the record in basketball for the most career rebounds?

A: Wilt Chamberlain

27: Who holds the record in basketball for the most fouls?

A: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 4657.

28: Who holds the record in basketball for the most blocked shots?

A: Hakeem Olajuwon 3830.

29: In what year was the Ice Dancing included in the World Championship?

A: 1952, in Paris.

30: Who holds the record for the most homeruns in a single season?

A: Barry Bonds he set the record in 2001.

31: Which woman took silver in the men’s World Figure Skating Championship in 1902?

A: Madge Syers-Cave, there was no women’s events and no rule in the men’s saying a woman could not compete.

32: Who was the first woman to win the woman’ s World Figure Skating Championship?

A: Madge Syers-Cave, she won it in 1906

33: What is the name of the stadium where the Houston Astros play?

A: Minute Maid Park

34: What sport do the Houston Astros play?

A: Baseball

35: Which country won the gold medal in men’s beach volleyball at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

A: USA, the team of Rogers/Dalhausser defeated the Team from Brazil to win the gold.

36: Who holds the record for the most goals in the NHL?

A: Wayne Gretzky, he scored 894.

37: In which sport would you use the terms reefing and furling?

A: Sailing

38: Which sport awards the Ryder Cup?

A: Golf

39: Who holds the records for the most goals in one season in the NHL.

A: Wayne Gretzky, in the 81-82 season he scored 92 goals.

40: How many players are on the field for each team in American football?

A: 11 there are 12 in Canadian football.

41: James Naismith is credited with inventing which sport?

A: Basketball. When the game was first played there were only 13 rules.

42: Which sport has a three in the key rule?

A: Basketball, it was introduced in 1936 to cut down on contact between players.

43: In basketball how far is the free throw line from the net?

A: 15 feet or 4.6m.

44: How long is a football game?

A: 60 minutes.

45: In which sport might you find a dagger and a trapeze?

A: Sailing.

46: Which country held the 2008 Olympics.

A: The Olympics were in Beijing China.

47: Which sport awards the Winston Cup?


48: In which sport did Sonny Liston participate?

A: Boxing, he was a heavy weight.

49: Affirmed, won the triple crown in 1978, who was his regular jockey?

A: Steve Cauthen and he was the youngest jockey ever to win the triple crown.

50: Who eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

A: Michael Phelps in swimming.

The Difference Between A Pokemon Plush Toy And A Teddy Bear

The biggest difference between a Teddy Bear and a stuffed toy such as a Pokemon is probably in price- I’d wager that a teddy bear is far more expensive. And the second difference is in sales: Pokemon stuffed toys probably outsell teddy bears a thousand to one or greater (far greater perhaps).

Adults are far more interested in teddy bears than children are. And they are usually women who are interested in them as collectors’ and decorative items than they are in cuddling them at night.

Clearly, the teddy bear in former years was tremendously popular, but as a doll showered with love and affection, it is pretty well forgotten now. I know that as child I never had a teddy bear or knew anyone who did, and I’m no spring chicken! Certainly, there was Barbie, but who could ever snuggle up to a Barbie doll?

Pokemon plush toys (known as plushies) come in a variety of sizes and like a quality teddy bear, they are not all that soft when new, though I imagine they acquire softness when manhandled over time. My son does have his in his bed with him, though I’ve never seen him cuddle it. Much older kids- teens in fact- like to collect Pokemon stuffed dolls as well (particularly popular now is anything Pokemon Black and White). And why is that?

Pokemon dolls are collectibles as well as toys. Where as the classic bear has a history and a legacy behind them, they are seeped in culture in other words, but they don’t have a story behind them and although teddy bears enjoy much more diversity than you might at first imagine, Pokemon are all about diversity- mutation in fact. There is a whole world behind the Pokemon that almost makes collecting them like collecting artifacts; a pseudo-science is growing behind the Pokemon. That is something very different. You’ll never see a black and white teddy bear card game, but you can buy legendary Pokemon cards.

I’m not sure what teddies used to be. Relatively speaking, toys were much more expensive than they are now. I imagine that a teddy bear probably passed through several generations. The monetary value now reflects heritage and handcrafting; Pokemon dolls represent merchandising popular, booming phenomena. The two are very different things, though I’m not sure that the children’s feelings are that different.

In some ways the two remain alike though. In real life, bears are strong, dangerous animals. They may be soft, but they would never let you cuddle them (most wouldn’t anyway). In fantasy, the Pokemon are likewise dangerous creatures. But both, in doll form, look cute and harmless. Generally, people are afraid of scary things in the dark. Cute stuffed toys of beasts relieve that fear.

Wilson Hammer 6 Racket Review

The Wilson H6 has been one of Wilson’s most popular tennis rackets, from anyone just beginning to a few years into play to people who are very experienced. Every club is familiar with the Wilson H6, it has become one of the most popular rackets out there fitting a variety of playing styles. As I was shopping around for a tennis racket for my own personal use, I quickly found that the H6 had nothing but positive feedback.

I have played tennis for eight years now and throughout my career I have always loved playing with the Wilson Hammer (H6). I think it is a great racket to hit with and I own both the mid size and oversize. In match playing I use my mid size racket because I feel that I have more control and it’s a manageable weight for hitting consistently. When I use the Wilson H6 in practice, coaching kids, and matches, I have found that when doing ground strokes it offers decent pop. This means that when the ball is flying at you, you don’t have to kill the ball when you return it to the opponent. The racket gives that extra little push so you can still get the shot, speed, and spin you want. Stronger and more advanced players might take this into advantage because they will be playing longer points out and when moving side to side on the court the racket becomes your friend to step in with that extra little push for a great put away shot.

I usually don’t hit a lot of my shots as backhand slices but when I do, I found that the Wilson H6 will get the job done effectively. Any racket takes time getting used to but once I got the handle on how to slice a hard shot verses a soft shot, I was putting down some very effective shots. When you have the chance to smash the ball from a lob or a great angle put away shot, the mid plus racket gives off amazing topspin.

When I first started playing tennis my serves were my weakness. I used to get frustrated with myself because I felt that something wasn’t going right when I tried to serve. After thousands of serves and serve returns I found that little adjustments with the Wilson H6 can make a big difference in your serving. Being that my serve is one of my weaknesses in the game, this racket is great for a slower swing while serving and giving off the spin and placement you still want. I also love the grip of the racket. It is very comfortable to handle and doesn’t slide out of your hand, even well into play.

Overall I would say that this racket is by far my favorite and I will continue playing with it throughout my career. It is a very good racket to start out with and as I improved my game the racket supplemented me perfectly. The better I got from lessons and playing matches I could see the benefits of have the Wilson H6. The popularity of this racket is not just hype. Overall it is an extremely solid racket that will put good spin on the ball and also give you that extra power for the big smash point. The Wilson Hammer H6 is a solid and effective racket that I would recommend to all!