Mode of Entertainment

There is no denying the fact that any mode of entertainment is a part of flourishing merits, hardihood and intellectuals in humans as they create sufficient humors with an intensive irritability. The different media set variety of programs to focus a certain event based on literary diction, personification between the plants and the animals, transient life, rhyme, decay and periodicity concepts with which the criteria of spontaneous growth is vivid and vivacious ingrained in cultural as well as social life. A life becomes poor and frustrated if there is no leisure to enjoy the beauties of nature and blissful attitudes created by the modes of entertainment. Only work is not the solutions of developments in all levels like education, culture, philosophy, religion and heritage, but modes of entertainment play a vital role in achieving optimistic life in question.

The mode of entertainment awakens the lifeless soul of humans for which humans experience peace and placate in bringing a steadiness of position stuck between sorrows and cheerfulness. In this ephemeral world, the natural beauties like the sun set scene from the rivers and mountains, swimming scene of the crocodile- the only killer animals in the world, the remarkable technique of prey of the lions and the tigers fascinate us on a large scale. When the wandering entertainers roam about here and there even in the remotest corner of the world entertain us and we find pleasures having seen their modes of amusement virtually. In modern day the entertainment modes have been changed. Television chalks out various programmes of entertainment in the field of cinema, drama, science fiction which catch the attention of gaining knowledge and happiness. The musical programmes promulgated in Radio and television give pleasures and tranquility in our real life situation. We can learn a lot on the differentiation of truthful and fictional events. These programmes help us to know the unknown particularly the complex thing apparent to be easier for which we can resolve different simulation based problems and complicacies.

There are lots of modes of entertainment in present day affairs of life which provide us knowledge and skills in retaliating the hurdles which may appear at anytime. In sports and games, we get pleasures of different tastes and attitudes in understating the fundamental realism of life. From the programmes of sports and games, animal planets, science education, simulation technique, geographical and atmospheric programmes in the Internets, Television, Radio and environmental programmes in the Newspaper and magazines, we find various levels of improvement and exploration of newness. It is evident, from the different modes of entertainment; we learn discipline, skills and the significance of success in life. From such moods of entertainment, we find ways and means to proceed towards advancement of success, pleasures and happiness.

Man lives in deeds not in years. All that glitters is not gold. In real life situation, we need to be particular and there is no shelter for the theists who believe in pessimistic life. Hopeful and constructive life is the basis for gaining perfect strategy of success. The modes of entertainments are the perpetual sectors of getting pleasures and happiness from where we can deal a vigilant and constructive way of life. If the modes of entertainment are misled, the youth society may be besmirched and as such we would lose effective manpower for which our development of economic growth will be hampered tentatively. Hence it is said that modes of entrainment teaches us how to avoid chaos, confusion and frolicsome activities ingrained in common life as the social bitterness and the immoral social activities differentiates among the people creating rivalry, jealousy, competition and terrorism.

Your App Can Make You More MONEY

Now a days, we are living in an era of technology. Almost all of us use smartphones with different apps. There are some apps which can help you to earn money on one click. These apps are available free for both Android and iOS users. Let’s have a look at those apps which will help you earn money.


This is an app for both Android and iOS users. If you are a foodie, then make your each meal count with the help of this app. This app is linked with your Paytm account. You just have to upload a bill receipt of your meal. After you upload the bill, the app will pay you 5rs per uploaded bill and the amount will be credited to your Paytm account. Also for every upload you will be rewarded with loyalty points (Yumies), which can be used to play Yotto to win exciting prizes. There are Reserved/Live offers where you can find some specific hotels or restaurants in your area which offers you more yummies for limited time. The app also shows the nearby hotels with their distances from your place.

2. KEETTOO Keyboard

It is also a free app for Android users. With the help of this app, your keyboard is used as a platform for advertising different brands. After you install the app, push notifications will appear on your mobile screen to watch the advertisements. You will be rewarded with 1rs per advertisement you watch. The amount will be credited to either Paytm account or Mobikwik account.


This is a free app for Android and iOS. This app doesn’t give you direct money. You will be rewarded by tickets when you chat or invite people from your contacts. You can use these tickets in weekly lucky draw. If you win you will get a notification. There is option to transfer your winning amount directly to your bank account. The winning amount can given to you in form amazon or flipkart gift vouchers.


This is a free app for Android and iOS. This app turns your photos into real money. You need to sign up for free on Foap to use it. You have to upload your photos to ‘Foap MarketPlace’ to make them ready for sell. When photo is sold, the author will get 5$. Every mission is rewarded with a prize starting from 100$. The payments will be processed by PayPal.


These two are free apps for android. The money from these two apps can be used to recharge your prepaid mobile numbers. After signing up, you will be provided with a list of apps which you can download. When you will download apps from the list, points/balance is added to your account. Mcent will only give you list of apps. In 1 Paisa, you will be rewarded with points for watching videos. You will also be credited to points when you invite your friends.


It is a free Android app. After downloading this app, you will see advertisements on your lock screen. You will be rewarded with carats. 1000 carats equals to 1$. With the help of PayPal account, you can convert your carats into money on 15th of every month.


There are various online shopping sites available now. There are different wallets like Paytm, freecharge, Mobikwik which offer users cashback when you buy some stuffs online. There are different offers on different products and the cashback amount varies from product to product. The cashback is credited to your wallet and can be used for further transactions.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, Download these apps and start making money…!

3 Ways to Exercise As a Family and Have Fun!

Here are some thought-provoking facts and figures,

  1. On average, North Americans sit 11 hours per day.
  2. 65% of Americans watch 2 or more hours of TV every day. And,
  3. Sedentary lifestyles are responsible for an estimated $24 billion in direct medical spending.

The number of Americans who currently live a sedentary lifestyle is growing. The sedentary way of life that has been attributed to a rise in the following:

  • high blood pressure,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • certain cancers, and
  • obesity.


The case for reviving and embedding an active lifestyle is more important than ever.

We are blessed to be living in, for the most part, a country of plenty. Where food is all but a drive or phone call away. We have modern conveniences that enable us to be fed information and entertained at the same time. Right in the comfort of our homes. We have cable television, radio, the internet, smartphones, and computers. In and of itself, these things aren’t bad. Yet it is the availability of these same conveniences that can lull us into a sedentary lifestyle.

According to research there now millions of children, young teens, and adults who have embraced the sedentary lifestyle. Fewer that are pursuing outdoor activities. Fewer and fewer signing up for team sports. Even fewer who are committed to a daily fitness routine.

So what can we do about it?

Here are three ‘exercises’ that you can do as a family.

I have enclosed the word ‘exercise’ in the paragraph above for a reason.

A family routine seen as not being fun – i.e. formal forms of exercise like running, and weightlifting – will be soundly defeated right out of the gate.

There will be moaning, groans of protest, and outright tantrums. And I am not just talking about the children here.

Every session of family activity will be a hard slog of negotiations or outright bribery.

It’s sometimes easier to just join them then try to convince them. The trick here is to re-look at some of the things that both children and adults might do during the day. Things that isn’t necessarily seen as physical activity or exercise.

I have a list of three activities that may just be the thing to get a little – or a lot of – movement into the day.

  1. Competing in activity-based video games. Technology is not all bad. In this instance, you can make it work for the whole family. Gaming consoles now incorporate technology that is able to track the movement of players. These games can either involve dancing, adventures, or virtual sports (i.e. tennis). There is even a game that encourages the destruction of random fruit thrown into the virtual air. The player’s hands become virtual swords that slice through said fruits. These games are not only fun to play but also encourage friendly competition. Trust me when I say that it works up quite the sweat.
  2. Walking or riding to the local park or school. This is a no brainer. This is the lowest hanging fruit for getting the family to exercise together. Incorporate scooters, skateboards, and rollerblades if you have them. Just not the electric variety.
  3. Pre- or post-dinner walks. Even if just a brisk walk around the neighborhood before or after the family meal. Anything to wake-up an otherwise sluggish metabolism and get the blood going.

Benefits On An Active Family Lifestyle

Scheduling a regular family exercise into the week is awesome for two reasons,

  • It allows the family to spend more quality time together. And,
  • Creates a positive association between health and exercise.

The health benefits gained from family exercises and activities can stave off health issues. Especially issues that may arise at a later age.

Who knows.

You may even experience something together that will most definitely last a lifetime: fun.

Shark Attacks – Why Are They on the Increase?

I have compiled information that has been extracted from watching TV documentaries about sharks attacks. However, I have also included my own theory about the sharks’ nervous system and correlation to their increasing aggressive behaviour towards humans.

There are many contributing factors to this phenomenon, but the main triggering factor leading to sharks’ aggression is the change their nervous system, a dramatic effect of which has altered their behaviour and their feeding patterns.

In the last several decades global warming has elevated the oceans’ waters by several degrees, causing heightened activities in all oceans around the globe.

The negative consequences of global warming, as widely known, do not only effect humans, but also invariably effect the oceans, the lands, animals, plants, and all organisms.

Over fishing for humans and animals’ consumption, has left less fish in the oceans, to continually and sufficiently sustain the ever growing number of sharks and other aquatic organisms.

Human-made toxic pollution in the oceans is an additional cause for the change in the large fish’s behaviour. It is destructive to the sharks and to all organisms living in the oceans.

Pollution has harmful negative effect on aquatic organisms, physically and also mentally, thereby altering their behaviour, and neural responses. Consequence of which renders the also sharks to be more irritable, aggressive, irrational and unpredictable.

There are many contributing factors for sharks’ unpredictable behaviour leading to vicious attacks on humans. Below is a theory of mine describing some of the additional factors:


As population is growing exponentially, so is the number of people visiting the beaches around the globe. Beaches have become extremely overcrowded.

We already know that sharks have the ability to detect humans presence from kilometers away, through their sense of smell, acute sense of hearing, and their super sensitivity to electromagnetic fields’ energy. Sharks aggressive drive in search for food, coupled with the ability to detect minimal electromagnetic fields from a long distance, further increases the chances of their interactions with humans.

1. When you have a massive number of people visit the beaches, collectively they emanate relatively strong electromagnetic field that can be easy for sharks to detect. Sharks sensing this energy field, will therefore swim towards it, to defend their perceived territory, and in search for food. The more sharks interact with humans, and taste their flesh, the higher is the likelihood that they get used to tasting human flesh over time, and they may develop an appetite for it.

2. Warm ocean waters contribute to increased metabolism in sharks and other fish living in the oceans. Increased metabolism causes all fish to be more active resulting in constant hunger and constant search for food to replenish lost calories.

Higher temperature is a catalyst to increased of chemical reactions.The higher the temperature of water, the faster the molecules move, resulting in higher rate of chemical reactions taking place in the water, as well as in the aquatic organisms. As sharks get hungrier, they get more aggressive, as well as more experimental in their search for food.

They also dare to swim in shallow waters closer to shorelines, consequence of which increases the chance of shark/human interactions, due to mistaken identity during their search for food. Sharks perceive the oceans including the shorelines, to be their territory, and increased human activities to them, signal an invasion. They therefore feel the need to viciously defend their territory.

3. Elevated temperature typically decreases the level of dissolved oxygen of water, that effects water quality, and is harmful to aquatic life. Low oxygen levels effect a number of systems in the fishes’ body, as well as in their brain function, consequently altering their behaviour.

4. Strong tidal flow in the oceans and elevated temperatures of water, underwater basins, and of air, are both major triggering factors that cause sharks to become restless, more aggressive, anxious, and endlessly venturing to seek new feeding territories.

To sum it up, all of the above factors have marked influence on the sharks’ nervous system. The cool calculating shark that we used to learn about, has become in the recent decades, one that is increasingly restless, more anxious, and will grab and attack anything that may further stimulates its nervous system.

Strong tidal flow causes the oceans’ water to be in faster motion and less calm. Strong currents travelling in different directions can be disturbing and confusing to all fishes, particularly to the large ones. Analogues to a person taking a bath in order to relax, when suddenly the water get stirred up in fast motion, causing currents that produce friction and restlessness to the body, instead of bringing on the intended feeling of calmness.

It is obvious that sharks cannot reconcile with humans. Therefore humans must use more common sense and try and stay away from ocean waters, especially under specific circumstances that attract sharks to get closer to shorelines. Humans will have to resort to lakes, and/or other bodies of water, in order to enjoy swimming and other water activities, if they wish to avoid injuries and fatalities.


Copyright © 2015 S. Ber. All rights reserved.

Developing Subordinate Leaders

There are many great leaders who lead things from small businesses to large countries. Each of those leaders had to start somewhere. Leadership starts at different stages for different people; some start learning as a small child while others may not start until adulthood. But regardless of when they start, its how they get there and where they finish that matters.

Leaders are ultimately responsible for developing the leaders of tomorrow. Leaders cannot be too consumed with themselves; they should be consumed with the organization and the subordinates. The leaders will guide their organization through today, but the subordinates will guide them though tomorrow, and if leaders don’t properly train their subordinates, it will ultimately lead to demise.

Just because people are in leadership positions doesn’t make them leaders. People are often placed into leadership positions well before they are ready to lead. But regardless, people will still look to them as their leader and expect them to lead them in the right direction. Take Eli Manning of the New York Giants for instance, who entered the NFL in 2004, but didn’t become a leader until 2007. He was placed in the key leadership position for the football team well before he was ready. The problem in his situation is that he didn’t have a chance to develop before he started to lead. His development started with “on the job training.” He spent the first 3 years of his career learning, fighting adversity, and trying to find himself, all while he was being further developed as a leader and learning how to lead. Furthermore, he lost some of his supporting cast around him to help guide him in the right direction. Instead of supporting him, they grew impatient and ridiculed him. With all the stress placed on him, he never quit; he kept learning. Finally in mid season of 2007, everything that he learned came together. He stood up and took his place as the leader of the New York Giants

There are many ways leaders can develop subordinates’ leadership and show them how to lead. First and foremost, leaders must lead by their own example and give subordinates something to follow, because subordinates often times become a reflection of their leaders. They try and emulate and follow in their leaders’ footsteps. If leaders fail to properly set a good example for their subordinates, one of two things can happen. Their subordinates will become just like them and set a bad example. Or, their subordinates will not want to be like them. They just learned what not to do as a leader, which could result in them losing respect for their leaders.

To further develop subordinates, leaders must be approachable. Subordinates should be comfortable enough to be able to communicate with their leaders about anything. This is a major key to their success. This will help build trust and confidence on both sides. Once established, your relationship will continue to grow professionally, which will make them more receptive to their development and eager to learn.

Leaders have to teach them what they need to do without showing them how all the time. By just teaching them, you are allowing them to think and come up with their own ideas by exercising their mind, which will result in them utilizing initiative and judgment. Keep in mind, everyone doesn’t process things the same, so some subordinates will need more guidance, and require more attention and patience.

Leaders must be able to provide constructive criticism and twist it up and end on a positive note. When there are initiative and judgment errors, it is still the leaders’ job and responsibility to correct those errors and guide them in the right direction. However, leaders must not cause discouragement, because subordinates may develop confidence issues and no longer want to excel. Help them understand that all leaders make mistakes, but it’s what they learn and how they recover from them that matters.

Subordinates must be held accountable for their actions. Subordinates must also understand that it goes far beyond that. They are not just responsible for their actions but the actions of those they lead. Take Brett Favre for instance, the former quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. When his team would lose, it was him, the quarterback, who took the responsibility because he was the leader of the team. It was ultimately his responsibility to teach, guide, mentor, and motivate while leading the team to success. After a loss, he would watch and analyze the entire game, the players, and the plays to come up with a solution to help prevent it from happening again. He would always try and find ethical ways to reach success. And after 17 years in the NFL, he only got better. That is passion. That is dedication. That is the job of a leader!

These are just a few things leaders can do to develop subordinate leaders. Leaders shouldn’t be afraid to do further research to educate themselves as well as their subordinates. No matter how good of a leader someone maybe, they should train their subordinates to be better. If they developed them properly, their legacy will live through them. And regardless if they chose to develop them or not, were they stand today is where their subordinates will stand tomorrow.

Tips for Writing Great Coaching E-Books

Never understimate the power of a well-written word. Tens of thousands of readers of coaching ebooks have had their lives changed for the better by a well written ebook.

It’s a remarkable medium that you can tap into to coach others day or night, in the city or country, all across the planet. 

Is writing an ebook for you? 

Do you have the answers to a specific problem? Can you research the answers?  Do you have a personal story to tell about overcoming the problem in your own life?

Is there a group of people for whom this problem is universal?  A group of people who wake up in the night in a sweat, wishing, praying and wracking their brains for an answer?

The more they are in need of help, the more likely your ebook can change their lives.

If you think writing an ebook is for you, this is what you need to know:

1. A great ebook is not long.

In fact, the very best ebooks are 10-35 pages long, and no longer.

Why is this? 

The ebook that is short and sweet answers in a laser-like fashion the problem that the reader wants to solve.

It’s the most valuable ebook a client can buy because you have filtered the exact information they most need, and cut out the rest.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need 100 pages to call yourself an ebook publisher.  Cut to the chase. 

2. A marketable ebook is very specific.

This goes hand in hand with #1. 

Don’t write ebooks that are general.  They just aren’t marketable and you’ll be in for a heartache.  

The key to marketability is communicating to specific people that your answer is the precise one they need.

3. A great coaching ebook uses a coaching approach.

Take some time as you prepare to write your ebook, and do two things:

Read great ebooks AND transfer what you know works as a coach, and transfer that to your ebook.

As a coach, do you harness the power of the provocative question in your one on one coaching calls? 

Perhaps you have a special ability to see the greater truth in a client’s life? 

Take special note of what makes your coaching exceptional in one mode of delivery and deliberately set out to translate that to the writing you do for your ebook.

5 Reasons Why Cruising is a Great Value

For many years, taking a cruise for a family vacation was considered an expensive luxury that few people could afford. Most people hardly ever considered a vacation cruise as an option for themselves. Times have changed, though, as more and more people are discovering that cruising is a great value for a family vacation.

1. What you get

The price you pay for your cruise includes a huge number of things. It covers your accommodations (cabin) for the duration of the cruise, all of the food you can eat, and a huge variety of shipboard amenities and activities. A good way to see the value of what you get for yourself is to compare the direct costs of a cruise with the direct costs of a typical vacation. Add up the cost of comparable travel, hotel, food, and activities, you will quickly see that the price of a cruise is indeed a bargain when you take into consideration everything that you get.

2. Shipboard amenities

Modern cruise ships have an amazing array of amenities. Nearly all ships have the expected   swimming  pools, restaurants, bars, and other common attractions. More and more, though, cruise ships offer other amenities that may surprise you. These may include:

o Wine, cigar and specialty bars

o Ice skating rink

o Rock climbing wall

o Luxury spa

o Modern fitness facility

o Jogging track

o Game room

o Broadway entertainment

o Multi-room staterooms

o Specialty facilities for special needs

o Miniature golf

Each ship is different, so find out the amenities on whatever ship you are considering and select the one that best matches your wants and needs.

3. Shipboard activities

Activities abound on a cruise ship, and it is the rare person indeed who can manage to take part in all of them. There is literally something for everyone to do on a cruise ship, so you can be assured you will always be occupied and entertained.

The list of shipboard activities will vary, but these items are some typical examples:

o Dance lessons

o  Swimming  pool  games 

o Shuffleboard

o Ping pong

o Skeet shooting

o Lectures and workshops

o History and culture of ports of call

o Arts and crafts

o Photography classes

o Sports and game competitions

o Scavenger hunts

o Discussion groups

o Mix and mingle hour

o Wine tasting

o Painting lessons

o Clay and pottery lessons

The list goes on and on, and changes regularly. Some cruises are even considered “theme” cruises, where activities are designed around a particular topic or special interest.

4. Ports of call

Being on a cruise ship is like being at a fine resort with great food, lots of fun, and exceptional facilities. In addition to all of this, though, a cruise also takes you to one or more ports of call. At each stop, you can experience the culture of a location, explore the area, go on a special excursion, and then return to the comfort of your floating hotel.

Some cruises visit only a handful of locations, while others stop at four, five, or even more places. You can choose a cruise that goes to as many or as few ports of call as you like. Many cruise aficionados say that cruising is a great way to see a wide variety of places and determine which ones they would like to go back and visit for a more extended stay.

5. Choices

A cruise is a great value because it offers so many choices. You can do as much or as little as you like, and be very spontaneous about participating in activities. You have the freedom to relax and do nothing or spend your time being busy – it’s all up to you.

One thing is for certain – when you go on a cruise, you will seldom be bored. Some people return from their cruise saying they want to do it again because they didn’t have time to do all of the activities they wanted, while others return and want to do it again because they had a great time doing absolutely nothing. Cruising truly does offer something for everyone.

The Internet Connection

Sitting in the rain and waiting for connection. Connection for the internet of course. Well it is not just of course. I am placed down in Asia, Thailand and in the town of Huahin. Here I am with a friend of mine and in the house typing at my computer. Where else would I like to be for internet work? Nice thought. Sunny morning and a great lunch finished of with a heavy rain fall. I am on top of the restaurant at the veranda. I am over viewing the little village of Mango SPA. No worries with the internet it comes and goes due to the high mountains. We are just spoiled that everything works well back home in the western countries. We do tend to take those things for granted. It is an interesting observation when you leave your own country to explore something else or new.

It is easy done to dome it. At the moment the power left as well. My computer is backed up with a battery so I can still write. How come we so easily take things for granted? Are we so spoiled or is it in the nature? Maybe we just forget how lucky we are. And if so it is good to be reminded every now and then to be thankful to most of our daily lives materials works and when it does not we appreciate it very much. I like to watch people in stress. How do we function when things are out of our control? As we all know we have different kinds of people around us. Some is more reluctant to stress then others. It is funny to watch the airports. There are good indications on how we relate to stress. Flights are cancelled every now and then. What is the big problem with that? If we just book our flights with the delay factor included there would be less stress moments.

It is not how we have it is it is how we take it. I guess we have to practice our minds to the thoughts that work. Most of all we have to ask our selves how we want to have it. Some people do not care how they react and how they live their lives. So it is quiet simple. If you choose to live a good stress relieved life think about how you think.

You create your life with your thoughts. You are a product today of what you have thought yesterday and the days before. If you are not happy with how your life is then change your thoughts today. Life is too short to miserable about it. I believe life is made for pleasure and happiness. Lift every rock to find the happiness you search for. Sooner or later you will find it. The only thing that matters is the time. Trust the time will take you where your dreams are. We have our inner Aladdin with the lamp. So out wish is his command. Get out there and wish for big dreams. You never know when to get it. Like I said it is just a matter of time.

Men Need Loving

Men need love too. You all know you do. You crave to be the hero and get hugs and affection from the women and girls that are important to you. Every guy wants ways to feel loved and appreciated and get loved. What’s the holy grail? What’s the trick for a guy to get love?

I’m gonna give it to you – the ultimate holy grail guaranteed tip to get you the love you deserve. If you have the courage to actually do it – it’ll get you the love you’ve been craving. It’ll be tough but if you’re man enough to face your fears, you can use this tip to get you love anytime you need it for the rest of your life. Done properly, it works every time. Are you ready?

For every dad with a little girl, or brother with a sister, husband with a loving wife, boyfriend with a beautiful girl friend… to every man who has a female he loves in his life…

Buy her a rose – one or a hundred – your choice. Tell her to dress up because your taking her out to make her feel like a million bucks.

And tell her all the things you find hard to say:

Tell her you love her each and every day.

Tell her you think she’s beautiful, wonderful, and special in every way.

Tell her you are proud of her and that you think she’s capable and confident and successful to you in every way.

Tell her that you are now and always will be the man in her life. Tell her you’ll never leave her or let go of her.

Tell her if she ever needs anything you’ll always be there for her. And tell her that no matter what happens in life, you’ll never let go of her.

Tell her she’s safe with you and that she can trust you.

Tell her that you trust her and appreciate all the little things you know she does every day.

Tell her that she’s special to you and a blessing in your life.

Tell her you LOVE her now and for all of her life.

The roses just give you an opportunity to finally say all those things you often struggle to.

And when you’re done – let her HUG you and cry on you and say thank you and that she loves you for as long as she wants to.

The Pros and Cons of the GROW Coaching Model

It is uncertain who originally developed the GROW model but it is thought by some that it was developed by Graham Alexander but made popular by Sir John Whitmore.

For those new to coaching the GROW model does provide a very useful framework. By helping the coachee really identify what they want from the conversation it does help prevent it from becoming an aimless chat. If the goal is ‘SMARTend’ up you have a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant goal with a Time Limit on it so both coach and coachee know exactly the direction the session should be going in.

This framework in also useful in a group coaching or even a business meeting context where the coach or facilitator at the outset can establish an overall common goal and for the session, then work through ‘where are now?’, options for the way forward and specific action.

But is this model always appropriate especially when working on a one to one basis helping your coachee make significant and sustainable change? Whilst of course it is good to have a sense of what the coachee wants from the conversation a good coach will often uncover other issues during the course of a coaching session and sticking rigidly to the initial goal may prevent the real issues to be tackled from surfacing.

Whilst the GROW model is intended to be flexible I have seen coaches focusing more on their ability to follow the model than just listen and follow the client. The Coactive coaching approach (see book Co-active Coaching by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandahl) is very different and it talks about ‘dancing in the moment’ with the client, listening carefully and using your intuition to just being with the client, following their energy and going where they want to go in the conversation.

The final stage of GROW is Way Forward in other words is the stage where the client identifies action to be taken. Whilst coaching is about taking a client forward not every session may result in specific action to be taken. If as coaches we are so intent on finding the action and focusing on the ‘doing’ we can overlook the importance of just raising a client’s awareness about who they are, what they are noticing, what they are feeling in other words ‘the being’.

I know of coaches who are so intent on getting their client to action that they fail to allow them to fully explore what is important to them and what their underlying issues are resulting in actions that their clients are not really committed to and rarely result in meaningful change. If the client spends sufficient time on ‘the being’ rather than ‘the doing’ then action will automatically fall out of the conversation and will be led by the client. And the way forward may simply be a commitment to go away and reflect further on some of the questions raised.

The advantage of the GROW coaching model in that it is a structure to guide the coach is also its downside…as long as a coach is using a structure to guide the conversation and keep on track they will be failing to allow the client to guide the conversation.

So if you are a coach ask yourself how are you using the GROW model? Does it guide you or constrain you? Do you spend more time thinking about where you are in the model or are you focused 100% on listening and following your client? And who has initiated the action… you or the client?