The Advantages of Using Flashcards in Learning

The challenges of learning are that if it is enjoyable, the information is readily absorbed. Success with it, brings more motivation. If not, it’ll be harder for students to process the given information. What better solution than to make learning an enjoyable and interactive experience by learning with flashcards? But as it is a rudimentary tool, not everyone may show immediate interest with it. This is where the work comes in.

Learning with flashcards can be a fun and interactive educational experience for both children and adults. Flashcards are simple media of instruction used commonly for the basic education of children. But the employment of these educational tools can also extend to adult education.

Using flashcards develops and improves retention of information and improves the connection of synapses. A flashcard’s obverse side would usually contain a singular image of an object, organism, letter, word, or number depending on its use. Such minimalism in design allows a person to focus on the card’s image when it is flashed. Sometimes, additional information that is written concisely is printed on the reverse sides of the cards. If the flashcards are particularly designed for guessing games, the information written on the reverse sides are answers or literal references of the images on the front.

Most teachers, lecturers and parents find that learning with flashcards is quick, direct, and hassle-free. Their diverse and colorful designs attract children and adults alike. The images printed on the cards and the manners in which they are used (“flashing of cards”) stimulate the mind to quickly look for references to identify the flashed images. This is why flashcards are ideal to use as educational games.

The real difficulty of a certain subject matter or problem can also be lessened by choosing flashcards of varying difficulties, or it can be made more unpredictably challenging by employing a random flash method. This is often used in testing individuals. Repetition is also employed in using flashcards. Such method gradually embeds in the viewers the flashed images and allows them to remember a specific image more.

One of the most important advantages of using flashcards is they are easy and fast to reproduce. Making flashcards can be your art project with kids, students and family members. With just crayons, color markers, paper boards, and scissors you can produce your unique set of flashcards that friends, family, or students can enjoy and learn from.

Outdoor Party Theme Ideas for Spring and Summer

Seasonal changes give us a whole new selection of party ideas to choose from. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a bridal or baby shower, a birthday party, Fourth of July Party, or a “just because” party, there are so many fun ways to get outdoors and enjoy the season with your family and friends. No pool, no fireworks, and not even a reason are needed to host one of these soirees!

Ice Cream Social

When the weather turns hot, who can resist a delicious, cool, creamy ice cream treat? There’s nothing more casual and fun than a good old-fashioned ice cream social. Stock up on different flavors of ice cream, cones and dishes, and all the toppings and head outside! Fill an old bathtub (no chipping paint, of course) or a big metal tub with ice to keep your treats from melting, and voila!

Set up a build-your-own sundae station and let the good times roll! Make sure to have plenty of sauces and sprinkles, and don’t forget the cherry for the top!

If you’re feeling particularly festive, you can ask your friends to dress in early 1900’s attire like handlebar mustaches, bow ties, suspenders, and derby hats for the men. Women can sport long dresses and gloves with their hair swept up. You can provide lovely decorative fans to stay cool. They work great as a party favor!

You can even send your guests home with some adorable ice cream theme party favors to say “thanks for coming!”

English Garden Tea

If you have a green thumb and have a beautiful garden, why not share it with your friends and family? Host an English Garden Tea Party right out in the middle of the fruits of your labor. Pull out a table and chairs, use your prettiest tablecloth, and set it with the fanciest dishes you have!

There are plenty of opportunities for sending your guests home with party favors to thank them for coming. You can even send them home with the cup and saucer! Edible and drinkable party favors such as personalized tea bags and jars of jam or honey are perfect!

Mad Hatter Tea Party

It’s like a regular tea party, but a little more twisted! Set your table with a striking black and white checked or other bright-patterned table cloth. Make sure your dishes and cups don’t match! We’re all mad here!

Use as many off-sized items as you can such as oversized or undersized utensils, cups, and refreshments. Get one of the cupcake-shaped cake pans to make a cake that looks like an oversized cupcake. Don’t forget to mark everything with “eat me” or “drink me”!

Drive-In Movie

This one is best for those of you who live in rural areas. Rent a giant inflatable movie screen and DVD projector and set up an old-fashioned drive-in right in your own back yard!

Make it a theme with showing musicals where you invite everyone to dress as their favorite musical character and incorporate a sing-along. Or you can show old classics and everyone can dress in 1940’s era clothing. Or have a zombie theme, if you dare, and view classic zombie thrillers. Guests can show up dressed as “the dead”!

Whatever theme you choose, make sure to set up a refreshment stand complete with popcorn (you can even get personalized bags of popcorn as party favors), hot dogs, and plenty of soft drinks!

Country BBQ

This is a good ‘ole type of party we’ve all been to before. But put a little creativity into it and host a corn hole toss tournament, complete with prizes. Make sure to put out bails of hay for seating. Set around pitchers of ice-cold homemade lemonade and frosty drinking jars. And don’t forget the red checked tablecloths!

Karaoke Night

If your friends are brave enough, rent a Karaoke machine and turn your porch into a stage! A floodlight can make a good spotlight, if you have one.

Make it a contest! Let everyone vote for their favorite performer and present them with a prize!

Just add a little creativity and you can turn your backyard into a magical land, a theater, a stage, or an old-timey soda fountain. Your friends won’t be able to wait to see what surprises are in store for them at your next get-together!

Birthday Party Games for Boys

Boys are rambunctious and like to play hard. Some favorite party games that we have found our boys like. You can modify the rules of the games if you want, just have lots of fun!

Water gun fights

This is like the classic cowboys and Indians game. Boys are split up into teams and armed with squirt guns. The object is to drench the opposing team. No hostages, just full on war. You may want to make sure that they bring extra clothes or only play this game on hot summer games. There are all sorts of water guns available, even the dollar stores have several shapes and sizes available.

Three Legged Race

With this game it is important the boys are close to the same size or one could drag and injure the other. Little boys may want to accompany an adult. Pair up the boys into teams of two. Tie the right leg to the left leg of your teams. The goal is to run together, as a unit, and finish the race first. You can make this interesting by making it an obstacle course or you can have a straightforward race from point A to point B.


The boys all have a gun and holster, or a sword and holster, and they play war. I encourage the children not to point their weapons at each other but to pretend to shoot at the feet of their victims and make them dance for you. Imagination usually takes control of the boys and they find a way of becoming super heroes, cowboys, bad guys, whatever their group seems to need and they act out what they can imagine.


Boys can dress up in pirate costumes and reenact their favorite pirate movie. From treasure hunts to dueling the games are only limited by your imagination…or the imagination of the children.

Spoon race

It takes a spoon and either an orange, an apple, a tomato, a small ball, or an egg to play this game. The players all have a spoon held in their teeth and they pass the item from one another touching nothing with your hands. The item is supposed to make it to the end without falling but with younger children this may prove to be difficult.

A twist on this game is the players can place the item on the spoon then place their hands behind their backs and run to the finish line without dropping the item.

Tips For Men Getting Over Divorce

There are some common mistakes which men getting over divorce often make. It can be helpful for you to keep a few important tipsin mind so that the transition can be much easier for you!

If you just read the last part of that sentence, this is the key point– it is a transition. However long or brief your divorce took from start to finish, and whether it was by mutual agreement or not, you are in the position of making the transition from married to single. While it may be painful to some degree, it does not need to be nearly as difficult as you may think.

Men getting over divorce often make the mistake of doing either of two things. Either they want to rush directly into a new relationship, or they firmly tell themselves that they will never become seriously involved with anyone ever again! If you do not make these mistakes, getting over divorce will be much smoother for you.

If you wish to make the transition successfully, you must begin by letting go of the marriage which is now over, and your former spouse. You must gain a clear perspective that they are in the past. While this can be hard if you have children to consider, even interacting with your ex for the sake of your children does not need to mean that she, personally, is still a part of your own life.

Men who are getting over divorce can do this most successfully by focusing on their own lives. If you are like most adults, there are probably many aspects of your life which can benefit from your attention– and you will benefit, also. Whether it includes a job or career, hobbies, or other personal interests, this is the best time to put all of those things first on your priority list. You can also develop some new interests which you did not have time for before now.

Although opinions on this differ, men getting over divorce should remain free of new relationships. In addition to it being essential that you have left your prior marriage in the past, your time is best spent if it is spent on yourself. If you do not grant yourself a sufficient amount of time, you could make the common mistake of becoming involved too quickly with someone else– and unconsciously expecting this new person to make up for the absence of your ex.

Men getting over divorce should allow themselves adequate time before even considering a new involvement. While it would be very unfair to a new person if you were still struggling with the after-effects of your divorce, there is yet another equally-relevant reason for putting some time into your own interests. Getting over divorce is almost never easy, but if you keep your focus on your own life before you think about having someone else in it, this can help you to gain a newfound strength, peace, and hope for your future. And when you think about it, you will surely agree that you do deserve it!

Fun Math Games Your Child Will Enjoy

It’s no secret that kids often learn better by playing games and having fun. This can be particularly true in the scary world of mathematics, where “fun” is not a word commonly heard.

And yet math games are a proven way to help children enjoy math – and learn the subject more effectively.

Play is a wonderful teacher in itself, allowing kids to relax and use their imagination. Plus any learning that takes place away from the pressure of math class and the exam hall is always beneficial.

The problem for parents, however, is how to choose the right math games. After all, you’re probably not a math teacher. You may not even be great at math yourself.

Fear not. Math games don’t have to be complicated. In fact the simpler, the better.

Here are three simple games to get you started:

#1 – “At The Double”

When you play this game, simply tell your child to double a number. The game is: you shout out a number, and your child replies with the answer.

You say “seven”. Your child should reply “fourteen”.

You say “twenty six” and your child replies “fifty two”.

Doubling is the same as multiplying by two. So if you’re asked what’s fifteen doubled, you would say thirty. (Because fifteen multiplied by two is thirty.)

Naturally you want to start at an easy level. So begin with single digits like “four” or “seven”.

Once your child consistently gets the correct answer, then move up to double digits, like “fourteen” or “twenty six”.

#2 “Half Time”

Similar to the doubling game, this one goes in the opposite direction by cutting a number in half.

Again, you select a number and your child gives the answer.

For example, suppose you choose “eighty six”.

Your child replies with “forty three”, which is exactly half of eighty six.

Halving is the same as dividing by two. So “fifty eight halved”means “fifty eight divided by two”. Either way, the answer comes to twenty nine.

Start the game with even single-digits like “four” or six”.

Once your child is comfortable and getting the correct answers, you can progress to double digit numbers.

With these, start with easier numbers like “forty six”. Here you’ll notice both digits are even numbers, which make halving easier.

Then move onto numbers where the first digit is an odd number, like in “thirty two” or “ninety six”.

#3 “Rapid Fire”

In this game, you shout out some single digits. Your child adds them up and gives you the final answer.

For example, you say “Three… Five… Four.”

Your child adds them up mentally and shouts out the answer “twelve”.

In this game, begin with two single digits which add up to less than ten. Examples are “four plus five” and “three plus two”.

Easy sums like these let your child warm up. You can then progress to sums like “eight plus seven” and “five plus nine” where the numbers add up to ten or more.

Once your child develops confidence at this level, move on to three digits, like “five… eight… nine”.

And then four digits.. five digits… six digits.. but don’t push your child too hard!

The great advantage of this game is that your kid develops confidence and improves mental math skills -the ability to solve math problems without a calculator or paper and pencil.

As always with math, keep the games short and simple. A few minutes at the dining table or while waiting in the car can help your child develop math skills the natural way, and even come to realize that math truly can be fun!

Why Do Children Get Cold Sores?

If you’re a parent, this may be question that you are asking yourself. Sure, you’ve probably dealt with a cold sore before, but you may be wondering why your child is dealing with them. Well, it’s actually fairly easy for kids to get cold sores. In fact, usually most people have contact with the herpes simplex virus type 1 when they are children rather than as adults. So, if you notice your child getting a cold sore, don’t freak out. There are many reasons that they may be getting one.

Sharing Towels or Cups with Others

One reason that kids often come in contact with cold sores is because they share towels or cups with others. If you have a breakout and you share a cup with your child, then you may be the one passing it on to them. However, many kids pick this up in school. Kids often don’t think about germs and they may share drinks, silverware, or even towels at school or day care, which can lead to cold sores breaking out when they contract the virus from someone else.

Exposure to the Herpes Virus

Why do children get cold sores? Well, exposure to the herpes virus is the main reason. They have to come in contact with this virus in some way in order to end up getting a cold sore. They may come in contact with the virus from you or from someone at school. Kissing your kids when you have a cold sore can spread it to them, or they may come in close contact with someone at school that has it and then they get it too. So, it’s really a problem that is very contagious and easily spread around.

They Get a Cold

If your child has already contracted the virus, when they get a cold, they may end up getting a cold sore as well. In fact, sometimes you may notice that your child gets a cold sore right before or right after getting a cold. Although the herpes virus is often sitting their dormant, the cold can trigger it and your child can end up with a nasty cold sore.

Stress Can Cause It

Wondering why do children get cold sores? Well, often if they’ve already been exposed to the herpes simplex virus, some stress can end up leading to a breakout of these sores. Stress can cause a breakout in both kids and adults alike, and kids do deal with stress in their lives. If they go through a particularly stressful situation, you may notice that a breakout is not far behind. So, make sure that you watch your child carefully when they go through stress. If a breakout seems to be coming, make sure that you treat the problem as soon as you can.

How Do You Get Herpes?

There is more public awareness about herpes these days, and people who don’t have it, are wondering how you get herpes, and what they can do to avoid getting it. And people who have recently got herpes often are not sure how they got it, and wonder about the different ways that you can get herpes. Also, many people have heard that you can get herpes from hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms, towels and toilet seats. This article addresses all of these issues.

First, I will address all of the possibilities that do not include sexual contact. It is possible to transfer the virus through non sexual contact, though this is the least likely method of transfer of the herpes virus. To understand why, you need to know the characteristics of a virus. The herpes virus needs a host to survive and multiply to cause an infection. They get their “nourishment” or “food” from the fluids in a warm body. Outside of a body, the virus can temporarily survive for a brief period. This period of time can be only a few seconds, or up to about 4 minutes under ideal conditions. Ordinary soap kills the herpes virus. So if you use a towel after someone else with herpes has used it, there is only a very small chance that you would become infected. Presuming the other person used soap there would be very few if any viruses on the towel. As the viruses start to die within seconds, the odds of you getting infected start diminishing right away. Regarding hot tubs, chlorine kills the virus, so there is little chance of you getting infected in a hot tub is chlorine is used.

Here is a scenario where you might get herpes through non sexual contact, and it could apply to toilet seats, or the benches in a sauna or steam room, or sitting on the edge of a hot tub that is not chlorinated. First, someone with herpes would have to sit down, and through sweat or urine, “leak” some viruses from their genitals or an open wound. Then, you would have to sit in the same spot, almost immediately, and have a cut or open wound that the virus could enter through. The use of swim suits would make this almost impossible. The odds of it happening are very remote indeed.

Kissing or oral contact can spread herpes. Herpes could enter you through a cut or through the mucus membranes of your mouth or genitals. This means that oral sex can definitely spread herpes.

This brings us to the final possible way that you can get herpes, and it is through vaginal or anal intercourse. Intercourse like this is by far the most likely way of getting herpes. The kinds of herpes that people are most concerned with are vaginal herpes, penis herpes and anal herpes. Using condoms will reduce the risk of these kinds of herpes, but not eliminate the risk completely.

You can also get herpes on your arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks as well as your face. By noting the different ways that you can get herpes, you can gain some peace of mind, and also plan your life regarding activities around hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas and the use of towels.

If you do get herpes, it does not mean that your sex life is over. Having sex with herpes is the topic of another article, but suffice it to say that learning how to prevent outbreaks is a big part of having a good sex life if you or your partner has herpes. Now you know the key to being happy with herpes.

Appendicitis Symptoms

The primary symptom of appendicitis is an acute abdominal pain. The pain is diffused and rarely localized, i.e. If an appendicitis patient is asked to locate the pain, they will move their hand in circular motion around their abdomen to show. The pain is not localized and moves from one point of the abdomen to another. There is another very common symptom of appendicitis, is the loss of appetite characterized by nausea and vomiting. It may also occur due to blockage in the intestine as well.

As the inflammation due to appendicitis increases, it stretches itself to the external covering then to the lining around the abdomen. The thin membrane or the lining is known as peritoneum. Once the membrane (peritoneum) matures, with time, and gets inflamed, then the pain can be located to a visibly small area of the abdomen. Normally this area is around the front portion of the hip bone and that of the belly button. The special term given to this is coined after Dr. Charles Mc Burney and is called Mc Burney’s point. Just in case the appendix gets ruptured somehow, and the infection gets spread throughout, then again the pain becomes difficult to locate as the entire lining of the abdomen gets inflamed.

For correct diagnosis of appendicitis, the entire process begins with the complete history and physical examination of the patient. Based on the physical tests and the medical history of the patient appendicitis can be identified. Patients often have a high body temperature and they will experience moderate to severe tenderness when the doctors presses their abdomen. If the inflammation has already spread to the peritoneum, often there will be rebound tenderness associated with the non- localized pain. Rebound tenderness becomes a severe pain especially when the doctor presses around the tenderness gently, and quickly removes his hand from the portion of the tenderness.

For your quick view, the appendicitis symptoms are bulleted below.

  • You may have appendicitis if you are having pain in your belly and the pain normally hangs around the entire belly originating from the belly button.
  • Within a few hours, pain becomes severe and then moves from your belly button to the right side of your belly.
  • Loss of appetite characterized by nausea is a clear symptom of appendicitis, and quite you feel like throwing up a few times.
  • When you start experiencing severe constipation, back pain, minor elevation in temperature or a swollen abdomen, then know for sure that you need to see a doctor soon.
  • You feel tired every now and then do not possess the energy to work.

Tips About Cold Sores

It’s crusty. It’s sore. It’s the only thing you see on your face. All the people that ever had a cold sore understand what you feel: You want to hide. Here’s what do to if you are affected by this condition.

Don’ to this!

Don’t rub it. This can create an opening for bacteria and might make the healing process last even longer than the one to two weeks it should takes. If a bacterial infection occurs, look for professional advice.

Don’t run directly to prescription treatments. A medical professional can prescribe antiviral creams and oral medications that knock out the herpes virus. But, like any other medication, they can produce side effects. The most popular cold sore treatments can cause affections such as diarrhea and nausea, and can make your cold sore even worse. Make sure you’re aware of all your treatment options before deciding on prescription removal methods.

Don’t ignore the blister. This won’t help you to eliminate the cold sore, but it surely help in the contention of the affection. Cold sores are contagious and you could end up passing it on to someone else-whether it’s by making out with a hot date or pecking your toddler on the lips. If you do have one, be careful of physical contact with others. Also avoid sharing utensils and drinking cups while you have an active infection. If you baby suffers from a cold sore, then try to hide toys and things that the baby can touch.

Things to do

Learn the basics of cold sores so you can combat them effectively. Cold sores are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Some people might get as many as twelve outbreaks each year. Found most frequently on the lips, just one blister can multiply and spread to other parts of the lips as well. These blisters can become burning, itching and even, in some cases, inflamed lymph nodes.

Start treating cold sores as soon as you have the tingling sensation telling you that a cold sore is coming. Some blister remedies are only effective if you start them early enough. So even if the cold sore hasn’t actually erupted yet, start your preferred treatment right away. It might be a good idea to keep a treatment tucked away in the medicine cabinet so you’re ready for action at first tingle.

Wash your hands frequently when you have a blister. Cold sores can spread to other parts of your mouth. Frequent handwashing can prevent this from happening.

When you are in the sun, protect the blistered area by using a lip balm that contains sunscreen. Remember, don’t share that tube of lip balm with your family or friends! If your cold sores appear in other areas, like around your nose, use a sunscreen to protect that area of your face.

Look for a treatment program that uses all-natural methods designed to combat the virus as well as the sores it produces. You can stay clear of harsh chemical treatments and the side effects they cause by using a scientifically-based program, thought up by skin care experts. This will assist you to discover realistic cold sore cures which would need very little of your time daily.

Now that you know some of the do’s and don’ts of how to get rid of a cold sore, you can stop living with the embarrassment and start living with the shame-free skin you deserve.

Finding the One With Adult Dating Personals

Who would have thought that you could find the one person you could probably spend the rest of your life with online? A few years ago, this would have been a hilarity for some, as the internet was a crucible for the weird and the predatory stalkers who only sought to use its communication capabilities for the nefarious and in some cases, the illegal. But as the internet got more and more established, and more governance was put in place as well as a higher sense of social responsibility by massive hosting companies and domain name providers, a sense of security is slowly seeping into the internet and with it, the proliferation of many adult dating personals that seek to end the litany in your life and find you, the end user, a life long partner.

There are many things that you should look for when browsing through the thousands of profiles on the internet. Don’t be surprised that there are so many people looking for love online and there are a myriad of reasons why they have turned to personals to solve their dating needs. Perhaps they are busy and just don’t have the time to play the social game and go out on dates. Maybe they have a ‘love life’ philosophy that does not allow them to try out different people with the hopes of finding the right one, and they look to personals to get a more focused and targeted approach. Maybe they are just too shy.

Whatever the reason, there are really a lot of people online who are wanting and willing. The key here is reading the profiles, and not to be ruled by the immediate temptation of going for the best-looking one you can find. Firstly join the queue, and knowing the predictability of these personals, this person is inundated with messages from many others with the same line of thinking. If they do respond to you, it probably would be a diluted response with little or no emotional attachment. And never start off with a ‘hey good lookin’ or any response that is along those lines. The key is in the first few words that you type in and press send. Sending a generic pick up line would more than likely turn the other person off or even make you look either desperate or easy.

These are the things that we want to avoid when it comes to looking for someone to go out on a date with. So what you should do is to read their profiles and find out a bout the things that they like. Most of these personals are pretty informative and they allow users to list down the things that they like, their hobbies and their interests. An informed, friendly, honest approach is made up of sincerity and finding common ground. Quoting from a book they like to read or commenting about a sport they like to watch or play will more likely get you a response than a one liner. And that is the first step into the door and the lines of communication are open. With adult dating personals, its all about what you say and what your profile speaks – the rest is up to you!