Top Firms For Customer Happiness

Top 10 firms for customer happiness

Customer satisfaction has been on the increase in recent months. With firms ramping up their efforts to keep their customers happy and provide a better service it seems that shoppers are reaping the benefits.

The Institute of Customer Service monitors the performance of UK companies twice a year, and it says the services sector was the top performer in the last half of the year. In particular, supermarkets gave a high level of customer satisfaction. Retail, tourism and the automotive sector followed.

But utilities firms and public services companies did not fare so well, although it was noted that they have seen notable improvements and narrowed the gap to the better-performing sectors. However, with spending cuts ongoing, there are fears that the quality, responsiveness and accessibility of public services will fall.

So who were the best performers in terms of customer satisfaction and how can other businesses learn from them?

The top performers (score out of 100)

1. John Lewis (89)

2. Waitrose (89)

3. BUPA (88)

4. Marks & Spencer (food) (87)

5. Lloyds Pharmacy (86)

6. Marriott (86)

7. SAGA Holidays (85)

8. Enterprise Rent-A-Car (85)

9. Boots (84)

10. P&O Cruises (84)

The data was gathered via an online questionnaire and some 26,000 adults took part in the survey. They were asked to rate the firms on 10 factors:

1. Overall quality of the product or service

2. Being treated as a valued customer

3. Speed of service

4. Friendliness of staff

5. Handling of problems and complaints

6. Handling of enquiries

7. Competence of staff

8. Ease of doing business

9. Being kept informed

10. Helpfulness of staff

These are said to be the key factors that influence how satisfied a customer is with a particular business. The list demonstrates that there are many areas which each firm must look at in order to retain customers, but one is not necessarily more important than any other.

A customer service policy that includes all these aspects is bound to be the most successful. There is little point selling an amazing product if your website makes it difficult and frustrating for customers to complete a purchase. But there is also no point having helpful, friendly staff if they are slow to provide assistance.

Firms in the top 10 are the best at balancing all these factors and utilising each element in their customer service process. Look down the list and pick one or two you can focus on straightaway, then implement more in-depth training and development for your staff to work on the others.

How to Teach Your Children About Budgeting

Teaching children all there is to know about budgeting money goes a long way in preparing them for life. Most children go to school every day and learn about essential subjects like math, science and history. All important subjects.

Unfortunately in most cases, they never learn how to budget money. The real regrettable part about that is that budgeting money is something most if not all children will have to do when they get older. Therefore, the sooner parents, teachers and other adults can teach children about handling money, the better.

Talk Openly and Honestly About Budgeting with Children

To start the process of money budgeting education for children, adults should talk openly and honestly about money and what it means in daily life. A great way for them to do that would be to discuss how money is made and what it’s used for. For most adults that’s pretty ease and straightforward.

Working adults can simply explain to children that they have to get up every day and go to work. In exchange for their work they get a paycheck. Each adult can choose whether or not they want to tell how much they make in their paycheck.

Along with the job and paycheck explanation, adults can also go over the monthly household expenses with children. Bills that come in the mail every month for expenses like housing, transportation, food, electricity and a whole host of other expenses go a long way in showing children that everything has a price that needs to be paid.

Most importantly in this conversation adults want to make sure that they explain that the amount of income that they receive should be more than the amount that they pay in bills every month. Otherwise they could have bigger financial problems in the future.

Show Children Debit Cards, Cash, Checks and Credit Cards

Most children love to touch and feel to help them understand things. That’s why letting children see and hold a debit card, checks, cash, or a credit card can go a long way in helping them understand how paycheck money is spent. Then when the monthly statements come in the mail, taking 5 minutes out of the day can make it even easier to understand for children.

Write Down a Budget for Children

Adults can really help the process of teaching children about budgeting by having them actually get a pencil and paper and write down a budget on the paper. In fact they can do two budgets. The first budget would be for the child based on their allowance and their lunch and other spending money. That they’ll get quickly.

They can also sit down with children and write down on paper a budget for the overall home. Not only would that budget include how much money is coming in but also show how much is spent on the important expenses of: Home, Car/Transportation, Food, Electricity, Telephones, Television and other bills.

Children Need Their Own Savings Account

Another great way for children to grasp the idea of budgeting is to give them their own savings account. With the account they get the chance to make deposits with their allowance, birthday and holiday money. This will be very helpful in getting them to understand budgeting because they are going to want money for school lunch, candy and other snacks. By having the savings account they’ll be able to understand that not all money they get has to be spent and that some of it can be saved in their own account.

When children learn how to budget money they are much better prepared for life. For that reason the sooner adults can take the time to go over a few basic ideas about budgeting money, the better. They are lessons that take only a few minutes a month but stay with children for a lifetime.

Radio Controlled Helicopter: The Latest in Flying Toys

Flying has always been every child’s dream. In addition, since they cannot do that at an early age, they are even more attracted towards the flying toys so that they can fulfill their fantasy. There are lot of toys available in the market like planes and jets and often those that look like the Sci- Fi vehicles that are shown on the television or like those that belong to their favorite action hero. Nevertheless, the visual appeal of a helicopter is somehow greater because the flying rotors and the vertical take off and landing add a different dimension to them. Radio controlled helicopters are also used for a lot of serious purposes like filming from the air and inspection over areas and adults too opt for the most complex and advanced versions for recreational purposes and for personal entertainment.

Types of Radio Controlled Helicopters:

Fuel and Batteries: The Radio Controlled Helicopters or the RC Helicopters as they are popularly known are generally of two varieties. One is the Electric one and the other is the Nitro Helicopters that are also known as Glow Fuel Helicopters. The helicopters can be flown with the help of electricity, petrol or gasoline, but the gasoline varieties, though very high on performance, are quite expensive so many people cannot afford them. On the other hand, with the arrival of LiPo batteries, that is those powered by Lithium Polymer are making waves among the flying enthusiasts as they are very affordable and depending on the quality of the batteries you have brought, your helicopter can stay in the air for as long as 12 minutes or even more.

Radio Gears: A standard RC Helicopter usually has four channels. The smaller varieties have two channels while the more advanced have five channels. The most popular ones however, have all the six channels, which are – elevator, rudder, collective pitch, throttle, gyro gain and aileron. Depending on the type that you want to buy, the price also varies. Mostly a RC Helicopter can cost anything from $100 to $2000. It requires immense expertise to handle and control the different aspects of the radio so it is advisable that you practice on low speed and altitude before you try to enter any competition. Mastering the radio is the most important. Also, do not try to fix the radio yourself if it breaks down due to manhandling, because improper handling can damage it beyond repair and if your Helicopter is not compatible with any other set, it may be rendered useless.

Therefore, if you are keen on flying or want to present an exciting toy to your teenaged children, this can be the perfect buy. Be ready to feel the excitement and enjoy a brand new way of outdoor gaming.

The Web Game

The search for Xoole

It’s said there are giants that fear nothing, that are untouchable and traverse the web eating up information at unprecedented speeds. It’s believed that they control, that they are invincible entities. We know of them, we hear of them everyday, but there is something coming. Something is coming from the far reaches of cyberspace that will mark it’s opponents, these giants, with a big red X. It’s name is Xoole.

Xoole is at this moment is an enigma. To grasp it’s intentions you have to visit, where although the mystery, there is light shed with the use of clues and movies as to what it is. To add to the mysterious origins of this new entity, the site is shrouded in black with an eerie audio loop playing in the background. Do we want to know what Xoole is? The answer is yes, because Xoole is different.

Let us search for Xoole.

Watching the first trailer, the red text fills your eyes with a distinguishing pulse of whats to come. The short video explains what these giants have thought and what we also believe about them. It then goes on to tell you that “He’s Coming” and shows the red X that is the symbol for Xoole, then, of course the video is over. The viewer gets filled with a feeling of excitement when trying to figure out who ‘He’ is.

Upon clicking the second trailer the viewer will notice that the next short film is being shown in a quicktime format, suggesting that there is some sort of video footage in it’s sequence. If you listen closely while watching other than the low hum of music you can hear a man speaking the words that get displayed on the screen. The film eventually shows a very small clip of a video being shot in the sky, and for a split second you see a small black dot amidst the blue. Does this have anything to do with Xoole? Will we witness an impact of magnitude as we watch our skies? Is Xoole an extraterrestrial? These questions have not been answered. And obviously someone knows something we do not.

The third and currently last video trailer on depicts someone running, someone scared. The red night theme adds to the effect of bloodshed and out of nowhere you hear the sound of a chainsaw ripping to life. A midnight horror, we have yet to know. It seems that Xoole will be a fierce combatant and unmerciful to his opposer’s. Will his coming bring the red night sky as shown in the video clip? Are the giants ready?

We will all just have to wait and find see.

Penguins – An Overview

The popularity of penguins is at an all-time high. It is in large part due to the hit movie The March of the Penguins, that such interest in penguins has been raised recently. Until this movie was released in theatres, most humans never knew that penguins could be such a strong and determined animal. This brief article is to give you a short overview of penguin facts.

Penguins are unusual looking little birds, with their tuxedo-styled plumage, and waddling walk that makes many people think the birds are clumsy. For most of us, that perception changed when the movie The March of the Penguins came out and made us take notice of the Emperor penguin species. The movie tells a story of the amazing trials and hardships these emperor penguins have to go through just so they can have a family and be parents. If you are one of the few people that have yet to see this movie, you should check it out soon. It’s humorous in some scenes, and can make you cry in other scenes. After watching the film, you’ll have an entirely new respect and awareness for these birds.

Mostly, penguins have a limited habitat. They primarily are thought of as living in Antarctica, but there are a few penguin species that can be found on the cold coastal regions of South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. There is also a kind of penguin that lives on the Galapagos Islands, and they are called Galapagos penguins. However, no penguins live in the Arctic.

The biggest kinds of penguins are the Emperor Penguins, which can get really big as an adult, and reach an average of 48 inches when full-grown. The smallest penguin is known as the Rockhopper penguin, which only reaches twelve inches in height on average.

Penguins do their hunting and feeding in the water. There isn’t much food to be found on the frozen Antarctic ice, so they have to go underwater to find food. A standard penguin diet is made up of fish, squid or krill. A penguin is a great swimmer and can dive very deep underwater, holding its breath for several minutes underwater.

As The March of the Penguins movie revealed to us, Emperor penguins have a very unique and interesting breeding cycle. Penguins breed only once each year, and then only in specially chosen areas known as rookeries, which serve as breeding grounds for the penguins. Much like some other creatures, a penguin returns to the same rookery each year to breed. Penguins will sometimes travel 60 or 70 miles or more just to reach the rookery.

Once the penguins get to the breeding grounds (the rookeries), the male and female penguins will start flirting with each other and finally find their perfect match for a mate. The female penguin only lays one egg. After laying the egg, the female penguin carefully gives the egg to the male, who then holds it on top of his feet so it won’t touch the ice. The male penguin hangs his big stomach over the egg to cover it and keep it warm from the high winds and freezing cold climate.

The male penguin will do this for nine consecutive weeks and will not eat food the entire time. During this nine weeks, the male will lose almost half of his body weight, and the mother penguin takes the opportunity to go out to sea and find food for herself, so she can to replenish her own resources, which were drained during her pregnancy and while laying the egg. The female will later return to the male penguin, usually just about the same time as the egg is due to hatch, and will trade places with the male penguin. He will then go back out to sea for himself and hunt for food to regain his strength.

Fun With Kids Activities

The biggest problem kids have is boredom. Gone are the days when children can be put in the back yard with a few toys and can come up with a game using their imagination. Some parents have kids that love to entertain themselves and other parents have kids that need to be constantly entertained.

The thing most parents hate is having to clean up after the kids have done activities. An activity that requires very little cleaning after the kids are finished is a parents dream.

Remember as kids entertaining yourself without a play station or computer. Spending hours outside with the neighbourhood kids drawing with chalk all over the road and your driveway and then your parents waiting for the rain to wash away the huge mess out the front of your house.

With all the stories on the television about children spending more and more time in front of the tv, playing video and computer games it kind of makes you think what happened to all the primitive games and activities we did as kids to entertain ourselves that kept us outside until it was dark and all our parents had to say was be home before the street lights turn on. Kids arent always safe these days to play around the neighbourhood but honestly most children would love some activities for outside play but most now lack the imagination to think of things to do and parents with busy life styles dont want extra work cleaning up huge messes.

This activity requires cheap paint brushes and some small beach buckets. Give the kids a brush and and bucket and some water and let them loose outside. They can paint the walls, your statues , concrete on the ground is a great canvas for their actworks and if they make a mistake they can move onto a clean patch of concrete. The greatest thing about this activity is that it keeps the kids amused for hours and you let mother nature dry it up so when the kids have had hours of fun and it is all dryed up there will be no evidence that anything was ever done out there. This is a great activity in summer because the kids will also accidentally pour the water on themselves and again they will get dry also by mother nature and have a great time staying cool. This also works in winter in an undercover area.

Living With Someone With PTSD

Living with someone who has PTSD can be a full time balancing act or it can be easily managed, depending upon your approach. People who have PTSD can experience very negative symptoms, so their behavior can include isolating themselves and lashing out at others. If you have a roommate who has Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, you do not have to walk around on eggshells in an effort to get along. Proper planning and direct communication go along way toward an amicable living experience.

There are standards practices to any living arrangement. Paying the bills on time, keeping common areas clean, and respecting another’s space, are all good roommate practices. If you are living with someone who has PTSD, there is no reason why these rules cannot be followed.

Most problems that you may encounter may have to do with temperament and personal preference. People who have PTSD can have extreme mood swings. Bouts of rage are not uncommon which means that your roommate could blow a gasket without much warning.

You will need to set boundaries if this arises and let your roommate know that this is not acceptable. Having PTSD is not an excuse for bad behavior.

It is not uncommon for those who suffer with this disorder to be able to function reasonably well in the workplace, yet crash when at home. Some people keep to themselves, preferring to hole up in their rooms and sleep for days when not required to do anything else. By contrast, some people with this disorder prefer to be awake during the night and asleep during the day. This might be opposite of your schedule if you work a regular nine to five job. Your roommate may do a lot of things that seem strange to you like sleep more than normal or spend a great deal of time watching television or playing video games. If you find this irritating, you may need to evaluate whether your roommate is truly not holding up his or her end of the bargain or whether you are bothered by your roommate’s personal preferences

Does your roommate pay the rent on time? Do they keep the house in a reasonable fashion? Are they keeping you up all night long or invading your space? If the answers to these questions are the correct answers, consider yourself lucky. You have found a good roommate.

As a roommate, ask yourself where your responsibilities lie? Is it your responsibility to get this person out of the house when they are isolating? Is it your responsibility to tell another adult when it is acceptable to go to bed and when to be awake? Is it up to you to agree or disagree with how they choose to spend their time? Lean to distinguish between a housekeeping issue and a personal reference.

Living with someone who has PTSD can be challenging and confusing at times. Sometimes you have to use a lot of critical thinking, common sense, and flexibility. Ultimately, education is the key to dealing with someone who suffers from PTSD. Once you know what PTSD really is and what to expect, negotiating a living arrangement can be both simple and rewarding for both parties.

You Need a Hobby!

One of my eNewsletter subscribers (Jim W. from Tennessee) sent me information on his hobby. I loved his stories and the photos. Jim collects, re-tools, and races Mustangs. His hobby caused him to meet his wife of 40+ years, meet folks who have become friends, bond with younger members of his family, and travel. He tells me that his car hobby has even kept him young! That’s good stuff.

Jim closed his letter to me with this: “Mustangs, and the people who love them, are two of my favorite parts of life! Regarding my hobby — I live it and love it. I hope that everyone can find something similar that they love and are passionate about, and live it, too!”

Wow! Thanks Jim!

Here’s my question to you: What’s Your Hobby?

Here are some of the benefits of having your own wonderful hobby obsession:

1. It is an important aspect of having a well-balanced life.

2. Because it is something that you enjoy and do voluntarily, you will become happy every time that you find yourself working on your hobby.

3. A hobby will challenge your thinking, and strengthen you mentally.

4. You become better at managing your time (so that you can get to your hobby).

5. Having a hobby will calm you.

6. You will never be caught bored and with nothing to do. Your hobby will always be there to fill your free time.

Your hobby can be anything that you LOVE to do. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take away from other important parts of your life. When you find the hobby that is right for you, you will find it to be the perfect friend, ready to be picked up whenever you have a chance.

So again I ask: What’s Your Hobby?

If you don’t have a hobby or you are looking for another one — Here is a list of just a few hobbies that you should look over and choose from.

1. Aeromodeling

2. Amateur Astronomy

3. Amateur Radio

4. Animals/pets/dogs

5. Arts

6. Astrology

7. Astronomy

8. Backgammon

9. Baseball

10. Basketball

11. Beach/Sun tanning

12. Beachcombing

13. Beadwork

14. Beatboxing

15. Becoming A Child Advocate

16. Bell Ringing

17. Belly Dancing

18. Bicycling

19. Bird watching

20. Birding

21. BMX

22. Blogging

23. Board Games

24. Boating

25. Body Building

26. Bonsai Tree

27. Bowling

28. Brewing Beer

29. Bridge

30. Bringing Food To The Disabled

31. Building A House For Habitat For Humanity

32. Building Dollhouses

33. Butterfly Watching

34. Button Collecting

35. Calligraphy

36. Camping

37. Candle Making

38. Canoeing

39. Car Racing

40. Casino Gambling

41. Cave Diving

42. Chess

43. Church/church activities

44. Cigar Smoking

45. Cloud Watching

46. Coin Collecting

47. Collecting

48. Collecting Antiques

49. Collecting Artwork

50. Compose Music

51. Computer activities

52. Cooking

53. Crafts

54. Crafts (unspecified)

55. Crochet

56. Crocheting

57. Cross-Stitch

58. Crossword Puzzles

59. Dancing

60. Diecast Collectibles

61. Digital Photography

62. Dolls

63. Dominoes

64. Drawing

65. Dumpster Diving

66. Eating out

67. Educational Courses

68. Electronics

69. Embroidery

70. Entertaining

71. Exercise (aerobics, weights)

72. Fast cars

73. Fishing

74. Football

75. Four Wheeling

76. Freshwater Aquariums

77. Frisbee Golf

78. Games

79. Gardening

80. Garage Sales

81. Genealogy

82. Houseboating

83. Going to movies

84. Golf

85. Go Kart Racing

86. Grip Strength

87. Guitar

88. Handwriting Analysis

89. Hang gliding

90. Hiking

91. Home Brewing

92. Home Repair

93. Home Theater

94. Horse riding

95. Hot air ballooning

96. Hula Hoping

97. Hunting

98. Illusion

99. Internet

100. Jet Engines

101. Jewelry Making

102. Jigsaw Puzzles

103. Juggling

104. Keep A Journal

105. Kites

106. Kite Boarding

107. Knitting

108. Knotting

109. Learn to Play Poker

110. Learning A Foreign Language

111. Learning An Instrument

112. Learning To Pilot A Plane

113. Lagos

114. Listening to music

115. Macramé

116. Magic

117. Making Model Cars

118. Matchstick Modeling

119. Meditation

120. Metal Detecting

121. Model Rockets

122. Modeling Ships

123. Models

124. Motorcycles

125. Mountain Biking

126. Mountain Climbing

127. Musical Instruments

128. Needlepoint

129. Owning An Antique Car

130. Origami

131. Painting

132. Paintball

133. Papermaking

134. Parachuting

135. People Watching

136. Photography

137. Piano

138. Pinochle

139. Playing music

140. Playing team sports

141. Pottery

142. Puppetry

143. Pyrotechnics

144. Quilting

145. Rafting

146. Radio Controlled Trains

147. Radio Controlled Boats

148. Radio Controlled Cars

149. Radio Controlled Helicopters

150. Radio Controlled Planes

151. Reading

152. Reading To The Elderly

153. Relaxing

154. Renting movies

155. Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals

156. Robotics

157. Rock Collecting

158. Rockets

159. Rocking AIDS Babies

160. Running

161. Saltwater Aquariums

162. Scrapbooking

163. Scuba Diving

164. Sewing

165. Shark Fishing

166. Skeet Shooting

167. Shopping

168. Singing In Choir

169. Skateboarding

170. Sketching

171. Sky Diving

172. Sleeping

173. Smoking Pipes

174. Snorkeling

175. Soap Making

176. Soccer

177. Socializing with friends/neighbors

178. Spelunkering

179. Spending time with family/kids

180. Stamp Collecting

181. Storytelling

182. String Figures

183. Surf Fishing

184. Swimming

185. Tea Tasting

186. Tennis

187. Tesla Coils

188. Tetris

189. Textiles

190. Tombstone Rubbing

191. Tool Collecting

192. Toy Collecting

193. Train Collecting

194. Travel

195. Traveling

196. Treasure Hunting

197. Turning Business Around

198. Tutoring Children

199. TV watching

200. Urban Exploration

201. Video Games

202. Volunteer

203. Walking

204. War Gaming

205. Watching sporting events

206. Windsurfing

207. Wine Making

208. Woodworking

209. Working In A Food Pantry

210. Working on cars

211. Writing

212. Writing eNewsletters and articles

213. Yoga

214. Yo-Yo

Why Playing FarmVille May Be Hazardous to Your Health

If my headline shocks you, then I do apologize, however the fact that playing online games such as FarmVille may may be hazardous to your general health is not something easily dismissed. There is a potential here for millions of people to suffer pain and discomfort resulting from their participation in online games such as FarmVille.

Now before you dismiss my previous statement as a huge exaggeration, consider the fact that within two months of launching in June 2009, the numbers of Facebook users actively playing FarmVille had reached 11 million! Given this article is being written in March 2010, it is reasonable to expect that there are now well over 11 million FarmVille players engaged in this game. In fact FarmVille is on track to becoming the fastest growing social game in history. To put things another way, the current giant of the online gaming world, World of Warcraft, took four years to reach the 11 million active user mark compared to FarmVille’s two months!

Clearly, online games such as FarmVille and World of Warcraft (and many other less popular online games) do have the potential to inflict serious health problems on millions and millions of people, both adults, teens and children. The types of health problems I am referring to are categorized in the medical community as “repetitive stress injuries” (RSI) caused by placing too much stress on a joint. Generally most RSI injuries are linked to the stress cause by repetitive motions at the computer or overuse injuries in sports. Obviously our concern here is with the RSI injuries caused by the playing of online computer games such as FarmVille for long periods of time.

In simple terms, an RSI occurs from repeated stress being put on a body joint due to repeated actions by the game player over extend periods of time. So the constant typing and hitting keyboard keys, moving your mouse again and again and any other required computer game actions eventually begins to take a toll of the body parts involved. When the body does not have time to recover and becomes irritated it reacts by secreting fluid into the affected parts to reduce the stress you are putting on the tendons or muscles involved.

Eventually you will experience pain and discomfort and if left too long, this may result in the condition known as “repetitive stress injury”. Some of names of these conditions and what they affect may already be known to you, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist), cervical radiculopathy (neck), epicondylitis (elbow), Ganglion cyst (wrist), reflex sympathetic dystrophy (hands), and tendonitis (tendons). Like me, many of you may have previously associated these conditions with “workplace injuries”. Bet you never imagined that you could get these conditions from simply playing an online game that you love to play for entertainment!

All is not lost, as RSI’s can be prevented by taking protective measures and redesigning your home computer layout to reduce the stresses on your joints during game play. There is however one very important step that you must consider to either avoid being a victim of an RSI, or to allow your body to heal if infact you are already experiencing any of these RSI conditions. (Do please consider seeking medical advice if you are experience any pain and discomfort from your gaming.)

The essential step that you need to serious consider is…. cut back on your gaming time! Ouch! I know that this option will not sit well with many of you serious, hard-core FarmVille gamers, but do you really want to risk an RSI condition at some point? So lets look at this option is more detail. Cutting back does not equate to stop playing FarmVille (or whatever game you play). Stop and think when and why you need to spend enormous amounts of time playing the game. For most of us (yes I am a gamer too), the first big time suck comes when we start playing the game as we must spend hours and hours learning the basics of the game, how to level, what to plant, where to go, what to buy, and the list goes on and on. No wonder we spend insane amounts of time staring at the computer screen and stressing out our bodies!

Now there is a way to speed up your learning curve and at the same time, cut back on your gaming time. Rather than being a “Lone Ranger” trying to blaze your own gaming path, consider making use of the work of others who have gone before. Learning from their successes will allow you to accomplish things much quicker in a given period of time which will give you the option of reducing your playing time. You can reach your playing goals and objectives much quicker using the knowledge of others who are more experienced FarmVille players than you.

Finally the “Ah-ha” moment has arrived. Where can you find this wealth of gaming information? Simply by consulting articles, reports and guidebooks written by successful gamers, or in our case, successful “farmers”! So rather than take a chance of being the next victim of an RSI condition, consider investing some time, and perhaps even a bit of money, into discovering ways you can decrease your FarmVille gaming time and still be successful.

Designing a Bedroom For Toddlers

Your little baby is growing up and you need to transform the nursery into a toddler’s delight.

Designing a bedroom for your toddler is easy with some careful planning and preparation.

The bedroom will not only be a place to sleep and rest the night for your child, but also a room to play. So wherever space permits, divide the room into a area for sleeping and an area for playing where activities can be performed and your child can play.

Some items you’ll want to consider when furnishing your toddler’s bedroom include; a bed, a dresser or chest of drawers, a toy box and a small set of table of chairs.

When selecting a bed for your toddler’s bedroom, a twin size adult bed is ideal. If finances permit it may also be worth considering a double bed as your child grows and has friends over for sleepovers.

A dresser or chest of drawers is essential for storing your child’s clothes and a crate or plastic bin can be a great option for storing all those toys in. Shelving and other furniture, whether it be in built or free standing is also a great source of storing toys and belongings that your child accumulates.

A small sized set of tables and chairs are perfect for your toddler to undertake activities, like story telling, arts and crafts projects or even snack times in their room. A solid and durable set will offer years of frequent use.

With careful planning an prepartation you can provide your growing baby with a seamless transition from the nursery into the toddler’s bedroom.