Football Theme Party Fun for Adults

A football theme party can be a great get together idea for guests of any age, but my personal favorite is throwing football theme parties for adults and in particular couples. Why? Well, one of the main reasons is, that having by having an adult football theme party, I can use party guests activities to help create the food. This, of course, makes less work for the host (me) so I get to spend more time enjoying the activities and less time worrying about the food. For example, part of the fun of going to a football game is the pre-game tailgating party. So, set up some hibachis or grills, marinate some meat and vegetables, soak some wooden skewers, and set up a kabob buffet where everyone can create their own entree during the pre-game show. Have a couple of coolers full of beer (alcoholic and non if you have folks that prefer it that way), soda, and water. Side dishes can be made by the guests too. Divide the guests into teams and give them a box that has some specific ingredients in it (dip ingredients perhaps or a salad set) and have them work together as a team of top chefs to make the best result possible. Have the other teams judge their work, and give a door prize to those chefs of the winning team.

Finally, while the main activity of the day is going to be watching the game, it only stands to reason that you will want to have a little fun with some additional games. One that is particularly entertaining and fun during a sports-themed party is to pick a word that will be said often and make it the “Word of the Day”. For instance, the word “score” or “goal” works well. Give each of your guests five poker chips or markers of some type. Each time someone is heard saying the word of the day, the first to catch that individual or call him out, gets one of his markers. The one with the most markers at the end of the game gets the top party favor of the day.

During the commercials and half-time shows I like to have impression shows where each guest reads from a pre-written script in the voice of the best impression they can do. Some, of course, are much better than others, but it still makes for a great time and a lot of laughs to see what everyone will come up with.

Clean-up is easy, party accessories and decorations are available from your favorite on-line supplier, and everyone is guaranteed to have a great time. So, go on, throw a football theme party and watch your guests yell “Touchdown” to your efforts. I guarantee they will.

Being Adult About Your Party

Adult parties are fundamentally different from parties held for little kids, and even from family style parties. They are meant for the adults to blow off a little steam with some fun adult games and activities. This usually means lots of dancing, drinking and even some gambling. Some popular Adult parties are Bachelorette parties, Bachelor parties, Casino Parties, and Texas Hold ’em.

You’ll need to plan ahead for your adult parties. Make sure you have enough drinks to go around. Don’t forget to purchase some fun light up beer mugs or wine glasses to add a little glow to the party. These would go well with fuzzy dice in the form of a party favor. People can never get enough items to hang from their rear view mirrors. So you can also purchase lots of beads to hand out at your adult party, especially if it’s Mardi Gras themed.

Do be sure to check and see about the noise ordinances in your area and to be polite either invite your neighbors to the party or ask them ahead of time how they feel about music being played until the wee hours of the morning. It’s easy to find a good party mix CD with all the current music hits on it for your party.

A deck of cards and perhaps more than one deck are almost always a good idea to have at adult parties. Random games of Poker and Texas Hold ’em are liable to break out among your friends. Poker chips are also good to have. You can use them for betting in the games or you can strew them around the party area as decoration.

At the end of the evening don’t let anyone who’s imbibed a little too much to drive themselves home, that’s part of being a good host too.

Party Ideas – Unique Parties For Kids and Adults

Looking for unique party ideas? I found a great source that has party ideas for kids birthday parties, adult parties and Halloween parties.

It will tell you how to plan a party, how to decorate for a party, gives you recipe ideas for your party and lets you know where to find all the games and cheap party supplies you need to throw the best party ever!

Easy planning, simple recipes and fun games…all you need to throw a great celebration.

Kids themes include:

  • Western

  • Halloween

  • Sleep-overs

  • Dinosaur

  • Baseball

  • Princess

Adult themes include:

  • Martini Mixers

  • Wine Tasting
  • Halloween
  • Murder Mystery

Holiday themes include:

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Valentines Day
  • Easter

How about simple get together ideas? You can have a card party, a bunco party, or just a fun movie night. Shared with family and friends even the easiest theme can be fun.

How About Party Supplies?

Many people don’t know how to find cheap party supplies. Do you?

It doesn’t have to be expensive to have a party. You can get lots of how to make it yourself ideas at Party Ideas Parade so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Make celebrating your time a way of life. You, and your family, will be happier, have more fun and share happy times together. All the stuff wonderful memories are made of!

Halloween Party Recipe

Here is an easy Halloween dip recipe

Get some witches cauldrons or pumpkin bowl at a dollar store to use as a festive serving bowl.

You will need:

  • 1 container of whipped cream cheese
  • 1 container of salsa
  • 1 bag of tortilla chips
  • mozzarella cheese and sliced olives

Mix cream cheese and salsa put in serving bowl and refrigerate

Pour chips into a serving bowl

Cut mozzarella into circular slices

Before you put the dip on your table add a couple of slices of mozzarella to it. Put one olive slice on each piece of cheese to create an eye ball!

How to Make Board Games for Parties

If you learn how to make up your own board games for parties you’ll find that you can create an easy themed board game for every party.

You’ll need:

o Heavy Cardstock or cardboard

o Printer

o Poker chips

o Color ink

o Glue

You’ll be able to create the playing board for your themed board game with a simple paint program. A basic board game involves moving pieces along a series of spaces until they reach the end and whoever reaches the end of the spaces first is the winner.

So, on your paint program you can experiment with creating your own design of a series of playing spaces. You might pick a colored background or could even download a picture relating to your party theme to stand in as the background on your playing board. Your spaces can be the circles, squares, and triangle shapes that many paint programs allow you to insert. Fill these spaces with white or other lightly colored background and using the text insert tool you can insert instructions associated with your specific game. Instructions can be things like, ‘move forward three spaces,’ or ‘pick a trivia card and follow instructions.’

Once you have your playing board designed you can print it out in sections on pieces of paper. You’ll then glue or rubber cement these pieces to the heavy cardstock you purchased that will serve as a backing for your board game.

You can also look up interesting facts related to your party’s theme and use them in creating trivia questions for the board game. The player’s pieces can be represented by poker chips or something other small object. And you can use a pair of dice for the players to roll in deciding who goes next. After that you can create the rules to go with your own created board game.

Learning Spanish For Adults

Have you ever thought of learning Spanish but never had the time and right opportunity to do it? You don’t need to worry about “how” to actually do it but what you want to think about twice is if you really have the dedication and interest to learn the Spanish language.

Learning for adults does not come easy any longer compared to how children and teenagers learn. This is true because there is a certain point and range of interest and learning skills each age group has and as a person gets older, the ability to learn depreciates. Think about young children, learning a different language to them is easy as learning A,B,C’s.

Now the next question comes into mind…how do I learn a foreign language fast? We all know that it takes a while to learn new things. It also takes great enthusiasm and interest over something to be able to learn it well and apply it to normal day to day activities. Also, a good memory is built from a vivid event. Findings show that we tend to store in events or images that has a strong impact towards the senses in our memory. This is also why it’s recommended to imagine silly and outrageous images in learning foreign languages because the words can be easily remembered this way. A human brain can certainly not erase these images.

By now you should be able to realize that whatever you have seen ever since you were small is all still registered in your brain. So the next time you see something familiar, be aware that you haven’t completely forgotten what it is or what it is for but just that the image might have not been too interesting at the moment you saw it and in turn, didn’t alert your attention as you were absorbing it to your brain.

So to give you an example how pictures can create an impact in learning a foreign language, we’ll take the English word morning and mañana in Spanish as an example. Imagine this sentence as it happens: Every morning, the postman delivers mails and packages to houses with family names of Manny in a successive order. By associating the words in a scenario as you imagine it happening makes it a lot easier and fun to learn the Spanish language.

Career Planning For Gifted Adults

“James is so restless and energetic. I wonder if he’s hyperactive.”

“Nancy seems to be all over the place. She’s got a dozen projects going at once!”

“Harley does things so fast! He put up a website in two weeks.”

“Marlene is so intense. She needs to lighten up.”

While it’s possible that James is hyperactive, Nancy is scattered, Harley skates on thin ice and Marlene is depressed, it’s also possible that each of these people wears the label, “gifted adult,” often unaware.

Gifted children often lose interest in school because they’re bored. They don’t always get top grades because they think in unconventional patterns.

Gifted adults can be misunderstood. Those who read books like Jacobsen’s The Gifted Adult often feel relieved: “Finally, someone understands where I’m coming from!”

Gifted adults often face unique career challenges. Job environments rarely reward creativity, a hallmark of the gifted, and frequently punish anyone who threatens to color outside the lines. Corporations often resemble football games, where players are rewarded for being in position to receive the ball everyone wins by executing the coach’s play. Gifted people function better when their game resembles playground basketball, where you can scramble and make plays as you go.

And when gifted adults seek career guidance, they must filter feedback they receive from friends and consultants who are not familiar with their situation.

* “Whoa! You’re trying to be a jack-of-all trades and you’ll end up a master of none.”

* “Wow! I’ve never seen anyone move as fast as you do. I’m sure you’re going to be a success.”

* “You’re going too fast! Slow down or you’ll fail.”

* “Focus on one thing at a time.”

* “Boy, you’re catching on fast! You must be well-suited to this field.”

If you’re gifted, you probably already have some idea that you’re “different.” Read a few books and articles. Browse websites. Understanding how you operate can help you avoid, “Why is this happening” questions and reach success on your own terms.

ESL For Kids – Three Simple Tips to Teaching Bliss

Out of all the jobs I’ve had, I’d have to say that teaching EFL (English as a foreign language) is my favorite. And out of all the EFL stuff that I do, my number one favorite classes are EFL Kids classes at elementary schools.

When I first made the decision to teach English to children, a lot of people advised me to not bother. “They’re monsters!” they said, “They’ll wear you out.” We’ll several years later, I’m still here and today, I share some of the benefits as well as some tips to teaching EFL Kids. And just to be sure, I’m writing this about Japan.

Benefit Number 1: It’s fun.

OK, so that’s a no-brainer. But during all the times I’ve been teaching EFL to adults, there’s never been an appropriate moment to make a silly face at my students but in an elementary school environment it actually increases your job security– if the kids like you, admin likes you.

Benefit Number 2: A bit better job security

If you can get hired on by a local school board, the number of students will be constant and so more secure and that’s versus the commercial schools. Need proof? Google Nova ESL

Benefit Number 3: More culture

Teachers are important to elementary school children. Because of that, you’ll be included in school events like undokai (sports festivals), music festivals and nomikai (drinking parties). You might have drinking parties at a private school but it’s probably also with a bunch of other foreign people. At an elementary school drinking party, it’s likely you’ll be the only foreign person around. Go to the nijikai and sanjikai (second and third drinking parties) to see the real Japan.

Now that I’ve given you some of the benefits of EFL for Kids at an elementary school, here are some tips for working with children.

Tip 1: It’s noisy!

Yeah yeah, another no-brainer but it’s true. Just accept it, don’t stress about it, and don’t try to overpower the kids. This is actually part of Japanese-style discipline. The quieter students will tell the noisier ones to be quiet. Of course if your class is fun and lively, the students will be more motivated to self-regulate. Finally, use lots of gestures with all of your classroom English and be very consistent. Many times the class will be too noisy to be heard, but if they can see your gesture, they’ll be able to comply with what you want them to do. As psychologist Dr. John Breeding suggests, see the children through eyes of delight.

Tip 2: Learn lots of Games.

If you’ve ever taken any linguistics courses during college, you’re going to be a bit shocked by the “EFL” methods used in Japan. Now whether you agree or disagree with the idea of “edutainment,” is irrelevant; that’s what they teach here. So learn lots of games that focus on repetition and you’ll do just fine. Practice=games.

Tip 3: Do the Unexpected

Wanna keep the kids on their toes? Do things they’d never expect. Say good monkey instead of good morning, or good afro-hair instead of good afternoon. Insist that a red ball is actually green. You’ll certainly find out if they’re listening instead of on autopilot. Now I don’t recommend that you introduce vocabulary this way but, if you’ve introduced and practiced the vocabulary go ahead and make intentional mistakes. Children love correcting and you’ll find out if they’re awake.


Teaching EFL to children is extremely rewarding not just in terms of financial benefits but also in feel-good benefits. For many students, you’ll be their first foreign friend and so you’ll have a hand in shaping how they feel about foreign people.

Cool Maths For Kids

Sometimes all your child needs to stimulate those brain cells is something amazing or interesting to spark their curiosity. Here are some miscellaneous facts and tricks to wow your kids when all else fails:

Did you know?…

Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school. Phobatrivaphobia is a fear of trivia about phobias. 55 per cent of people yawn within 5 minutes of seeing someone else yawn. Reading about yawning makes most people yawn. hello, zzzzz zzzz?

It doesn’t make sense …

The 36-letter word ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia’ means a fear of long words. The 5-syllable word ‘monosyllabic’ means a word with only one syllable in. ‘Dyslexia’ which is the name for a difficulty with spelling is actually a really hard word to spell.

Try it:

For a neat trick at the end of tea, let everyone have a Fortune Banana. Before peeling it, ask your banana a yes-or-no question. Take a knife and slice a 1cm chunk off the bottom of the fruit. Look inside the chunk and you will see a "Y" for yes or a dot for no.

Multiplying by 11…

Most older children will know the ‘trick’ of doubling-up a digit when you multiply it by eleven. 8 times 11 is 88. 5 times 11 is 55 and so on… But do they know how to multiply two-digit numbers by 11? 21 times 11 is easy when you know how. Here goes:

21 x 11

– First separate the digits of the two-digit number: (2 1) – Then add them together in your head (2 + 1 = 3) – Then write that number in the middle of the two separated digits: (2 3 1) – So the answer to 21 x 11 is 231!

Happy Shopping

This is a great game which teaches kids about budgetting.

Pretend that you are going to redecorate your child’s room. Give them a budget – perhaps $2000 and a few catalogs from your local shops. They have to buy the furniture, linen, pictures from the catalogs and come in under the budget.

This is also a great game to play at Christmas time or at birthday time. Not only will the kids learn about handling money, but you will also find out what presents they want.

Guess What Distance That Is

As you drive with the kids to school or on a holiday, point out a landmark or an object in the distance. Everyone guesses how far away it is. The driver checks the kilometres on his speedometer and whoever guesses the closest is the winner.

That’s cool maths for kids!

Learn the Importance of Swimming Pool Safety

Every year, a lot of kids die from drowning. Numerous drowning deaths take place in residential  swimming  pools. For this reason it is vital that you not only learn the importance of pool safety, but also to learn how to put it into practice.

However, when it comes to  swimming  pool safety, a large number of  adults  are misinformed. A lot of these adults think that as long as their pools are equipped with safety equipment and devices, their kids are safe. Do not have faith in this common mistaken belief. It could be the greatest mistake of your life. In addition to pool safety equipment, you should use your common sense.

If you are looking for pool accessories that will help you in pool safety, you may want to consider buying lifejackets, arm floaties, or baby floats. While lifejackets are most commonly used with boating, you can get smaller lifejackets that are perfect for  swimming  pools. For infants, a baby float is an excellent way to enjoy the water. Arm floaties are perfect for kids of all ages.

In most pool supply stores, you can find a large assortment of pool toys. These include  swim  rings, beach balls, basketball hoops and volleyball nets. If your kids are playing a water game, you need to keep a close eye on them. Remember that the competitiveness in a  swimming  pool can be dangerous or even deadly.

There are also pool fixtures. These items include deep end diving boards and pool slides. These items are typically securely fastened to the pool or the side of the pool. Pay very close attention to those that are using these items. A lot of young kids believe that they look fun. If a young, non-swimmer uses a pool slide or deep end diving board, a tragic accident can happen.

 Swimming  pool safety does not just mean keeping an eye on your children, but it also includes making sure that pool toys and accessories are in the proper working order.

Dumbbells For a Good Body

Being healthy is being happy. Indeed having a good health is one of the most important things in life. It makes us feel young and fit enough to enjoy and be a part of all the pleasures life has to offer. Everyone desires to be healthy and to achieve this goal many practices are followed.

One of the most reliable and preferred practice for maintain a healthy lifestyle is working out in at a gym or on your own Home Gym. Well designed equipment designed for specific purposes has made our life easier. Depending on your requirements and needs we can choose and decide which Home Gym equipment is the most apt for you.

Home gyms are a concept that is catching on very fast because of all its convenient features. Driving home from office makes us always feel really tired and so driving again to go to a gym does not appeal to many people and they altogether cancel going to the gym especially on a particularly tiring day thus disturbing their schedule. Having a home gym saves us time. Even the gas required for the drive is saved. People prefer to work out for a longer duration during holidays and free time, however a local gym has certain timings and closes on holidays and as such we cannot extend our work out as we prefer.

In a home gym we can exercise as we desire, increasing or decreasing the time duration according to our convenience. We can also interact with our friends and family thereby keeping our spirits high while working out. The need to worry about other people interfering with our work out is also eliminated.

A dumbbell which is basically a weight with a bar in between with two metal balls at each end is used very widely to build muscles. There are several companies manufacturing them and there are different types of dumbbells. There are Pro-Style Dumbbells, Compact Dumbbells, Hex Dumbbells, Rubber Dumbbells, Chrome Dumbbells, Solid Steel Dumbbells, Neoprene and Vinyl Dumbbells.

A Cap Barbell 40 lbs dumbbells cost $50,a 15 lbs Chrome dumbbell costs $24,25 lbs Chrome dumbbell costs $62,a 75lbs Rubber Hex dumbbell costs $141,a 120 lbs rubber hex dumbbell costs $214,a 40 lb high polished chrome dumbbell costs $110, 45lbs rubber hex dumbbell costs$93,a 55lbs rubber hex dumbbell cots $109,80 lbs solid grey hex dumbbell costs $116,a 100 lbs rubber hex dumbbell costs $182,a 50 lb hexagon solid dumbbell costs $50,a 35lb solid hexagon dumbbell costs $45 and so on.

Thus we can see that dumbbells which are usually considered as must-haves in any home gym and are offered in a wide variety of choices. Even if the cost may seem high initially we have to keep in mind that this equipment has a long term utility value. It will be used by all the family members on a regular basis and as such can never be termed as a waste .Home gyms with the given numerous advantages are surely going to stay in the picture for a very long time.