The Truth of Genesis: When The Brimstone Hits The Fan, Sorrow In The Land

According to our Creator’s calendar, the celestial event of the Shoemaker/Levy-9 Comet, began on the seventh day of the fifth month, named Av, on July 16th 1994 AD. The 20th anniversary of that event will about fall on August 4th 2014, which is a Monday, the start of the seven year tribulation period. However, I expect that preliminary turmoil will begin Friday morning, August 1st., when financial institutions say that they will be closed, and will reopen on the following Monday… , but they won’t.

Just as in August of 1994, I’m afraid that the Major League baseball season will end, and there may be only one weekend of NFL football this year, the Hall of Fame game. Those of you that are agnostics and atheists, mark those dates on your calendar, and see if what has been said goes down. Will you believe in our Creator then? Or will you continue to refuse to acknowledge Yehovah, our Savior, and King of Israel? Other than in the future article “America’s Last Happy Birthday”, those dates won’t be mentioned again.

Atheists and agnostics not only refuse to acknowledge Yehovah, but just like the Muslims, they deny the divinity of Yeshua, the Messiah. Muslims have to deny that Yeshua was Divine, in an attempt to give Islam some sort of credibility. Yet they are just another false and evil religion, that denies the truth of the Bible, created by an evil person (Muhammad). Even Orthodox Jews, who relegate Jesus to just a “minor prophet”, acknowledge His life on Earth, but have trouble justifying His death, and avoid any discussion about His resurrection. The Pharisees, priests, and Sanhedrin of the day tried their very best to discredit His resurrection, but could not. That alone should have been enough to make them accept Him as being “the Prophet”, of which Moses spoke.

Yet Atheists and agnostics foolishly fail to acknowledge anything that would connect to the existence of our God. As of this article, I no longer feel sorry for them. When the events written in the book of Revelation begin to occur, starting later this year (2014 AD), they can rest assured that they have a waiting eternal reserved seat in the Lake of Fire with Lucifer, whom they serve.

There are those that wonder, “what happened to our country”? For more than fifty-five years, school boards have been only teaching evolution (Atheism) to our children, and now those mis-informed adults are in leadership roles and elected offices. Members of Congress and the White House have committed treason against America since the death of President John F. Kennedy. The atheists, Muslims, and the ungodly are in positions of power, and only disaster can be the result.

For over twenty years, churches, Bible schools, and seminaries have refused to examine and teach the truth of Genesis, which is the “Observations of Moses”, the correct opposing view to evolution. Instead of teaching the truth, more than 15,000 assemblies choose to celebrate “Evolution Sunday”. What advantage has there ever been, to teaching a lie, and refusing to have the truth taught? So of course, you can expect a rise in Atheism, Agnosticism, and ungodliness, because the “so called” church has refused to teach the whole truth of the Bible. This is what we as a nation has asked for, and this is what we now have.

When the USA crashes and falls, and the world bankers try to piece together what is left, our Asian debit will confuse the issue, and certain past secret deals of treason will come to light. The followers of Lucifer (the Illuminati), who have sold their souls to Satan for (mega) riches, will join forces with the evil of Islam, along with the remnants of the Constantine regime, aka the Vatican. A “one world government” will be set up, but it won’t last long. Satan is the author of confusion. Dissention shall abound in the ranks, and the evil of Islam will overcome and destroy the Catholic regime. The Illuminati, who for centuries has orchestrated wars and civil unrest, will learn that they can’t control the arm of Islam, and will fall victim to its will.

A year later, after all of this starts, Israel will begin construction of its Temple. I am persuaded that the present Muslim Mosque will come down first, and great delight will be in Israel as they begin construction of the long awaited Temple of Yehovah. I hope to see it, before the man of sin defiles it in 2018 AD. Perhaps others have more insight on how war in the Middle East will play out. My guess is that Israel will defeat her enemies as “evil fire” flies across the land (Zech. 5).

Let me repeat this again. There is no “pre”, or “mid” tribulation rapture. When Yeshua (Jesus) appears in the sky, for all to see Him, and He destroys the armies of the anti-Christ, only then are the dead in Christ raised. The living and once dead saints are changed to “glorified” bodies, and they shall be gathered by the angels to meet Yehovah in the air… , after the seventh trumpet! Find and read the previous two articles, “The Biblical New Year, Passover, And The Final Countdown“, and “The Seven Years of Tribulation, Virtual Hell On Earth!” for more detail.

Yes, the next seven years will be a terrible time. But think of it as a woman in her last hours of travail, before the relief of a successful birth. Creation of our universe was over 4 billion years ago. For the last billion years, Earth has suffered from the evil of Lucifer, and he is down to his last 1,015 years, and he knows it. Rather than to submit, repent, and accept his punishment, he wants to destroy all of mankind that he can, and take them down with him. It puzzles me why certain people are willing to serve him, knowing that there is no future with him.

How are the rest of us to survive? It’s not all “doom and gloom”. I suggest to all that they leave their trinitarian assemblies (since they do not teach the truth of salvation) and seek out churches that teach the “Oneness doctrine”. Today, they are known as Apostolic Pentecostal assemblies (Jesus Only). They are “the elect” that Jesus will come for. If you decide “that’s not for me”, you are saying “Heaven is not for you”, and you will have a VERY hard time refusing the “mark of the Beast”, when hunger for you and your loved ones takes hold, and evil men begin to kill all who refuse to comply with Satan’s henchmen. By the way, there is a plan is place to massacre most of the current population of Earth.

This, and only this, is the truth of obtaining salvation (the kingdom of God). Repentance of all sin, water immersion using the name of the Lord Jesus (Yeshua the Messiah), and receiving the Holy Ghost (of Yeshua), evidenced by the spirit speaking, aka “other tongues”, whether or not you have the human power of speech. Water baptism is the only way to obtain remission of sins. The blood of Jesus is the cleansing agent, and is applied when calling on His name (Acts 22:16). When the Holy Ghost is received, it makes an audible sound (Matt. 3:17, Mark 16:17, Acts 2:4, Acts 10:46, Acts 19:6).

There are many Jews and gentiles that won’t have salvation, which will survive into the 1000 Year Millennium, and will not have submitted to the Beast. I say to all, when the “brimstone hits the fan”, do not cause trouble. Do not riot or act disorderly, giving authorities an excuse to impose Martial Law and internment. Peacefully resist evil compliance, and do not ever accept the “mark of the Beast”. If you do, you will be forever tormented in the Lake of Fire.

In our next chapter, we’ll speak more of the anti-Christ, and reveal more information about the false prophet (the Beast, the False Jesus, and the Rapture).

Herman Cummings

[email protected]

How to Leave the Rescue Role Behind

When I was a kid, I went to the public pool almost every day. One particular day, my friend Sheri Lou Green went with me. At ten years-old Sheri Lou was an awkward swimmer, slapping the water and fighting for every stroke.

The lifeguard noticed Sheri Lou flailing about and threw her a life buoy. It almost hit her in the head, (which would have made her circumstances worse than they already were). After being startled initially, Sheri Lou ignored the gesture and continued to thrash about until she reached the side of the pool.

The lifeguard was furious and kicked both of us out of his area. Instead of being happy that Sheri Lou didn’t need his help, he was incensed that she didn’t accept it.

This childhood memory parallels with the rescue role on the Karpman Drama Triangle: When you participate on the Drama Triangle from the rescue position, everyone looks like they are drowning. It’s difficult to distinguish the difference between helping when it’s genuinely needed and rescuing, which enables the other person to remain the victim.

How to Spot the Rescue Role

The rescue role shows up in subtle ways. It is the need to make things right while taking ownership of problems that don’t belong to you with the belief that no one can solve the problem but you.

Perhaps the easiest way to spot the rescue role is to see how often you give advice. If you are starting your sentences with phrases such as, “If I were you…” and “I’ll tell you what you ought to do…” that’s a good sign you’re a rescuer.

When you give unsolicited advice, you might momentarily get a fix by feeling like the hero who has simply “shared a good idea” but as it has been said, ideas are easy and action is hard.

If everyone (including your family) actually request “free” advice, you are playing the rescue role with those who are willing. Spending time counseling others is completely harmless until you get angry because you spent time on someone else’s problem only to have them discount your suggestions and repeat the same mistakes.

When you get angry because someone else ignored your well-intentioned advice, you are just like the lifeguard that mistook poor   swimming  skills for drowning. You continue to throw out the life buoy only to have it rejected.

There are other, more subtle ways the rescue role shows up in the business world: The worker who always stays late for everyone else, the boss who continues to cover for a bad employee, the CFO that skews the numbers in order to meet Wall Street standards. When you keep trying to rescue those who can save themselves, the result is that you will feel an energy drain which can result in physical illness or loss of productivity.

How To Break the Rescue Role Pattern

Identifying the patterns is the first step to breaking them. It might take a while for you to identify your rescue tendencies. My urge to rescue appears when a meeting gets out of hand or goes overtime. The rescuer starts to emerge as I feel the strong almost irresistible urge to step in and take charge of the meeting. By the way, another word for rescuer is control freak.

Rescuing is easy to identify at home. You do more than your fair share at home. You take over when trying to teach your child something new because it’s just easier to do it yourself.

You keep loaning money to your relative who never has had any luck. You lie for your spouse when he or she doesn’t follow through on commitments with the kids.

Rescuing makes you feel helpful and important, in fact it can even give you the self-concept of having all the answers or being a hero in a time of need.

Leave the Rescue Role Behind

In order to leave the rescue role behind you will probably be perceived occasionally as a persecutor. You won’t always get the approval and you won’t outshine others all the time. You may have real suffering as you try to break the addictive habit of watching a victim struggle, a coworker face his own in competencies, or others nodding in disapproval when you change and set new boundaries. People may be incensed if you start charging for your advice instead of having your time and energy consumed with other people’s problems.

You have to decide if the payoff of more energy to create the life you deserve is worth jumping off of the Triangle. Just remember when a victim comes knocking at your door: It takes two to play games, unless you’re playing solitaire.

Revivification of Consanguinity to Curtail Fanaticism

Man is a social animal; therefore, he is dependent upon others for his social needs. The presence of viable social institutions is mandatory to groom the people into reasonable citizens having a balanced approach. In the contemporary world, fate of economic, religious, political and family institutions is ubiquitously in the doldrums. Therefore, the number of enlightened smut-hounds and moderate cool cats is continuously dwindling. The degraded social institutions indoctrinate erratic emotions that dominate personality of a wooly back and hothead pussyfooter. Thus tentacles of immoderations ensnare him permanently and squeeze him perpetually. Although, the crackpot man has made much progress but ironically all his progress is counter progress. Professor Jody precisely pointed towards the deterioration of humanity in these words, “Man has learned to fly in the air like birds and acquired the skill to swim in the water like fish but he failed to find out how to walk on the earth like human.”

Family is a fundamental unit and key social institution for appropriate socialization by indoctrinating forbearance in individual through controlling torrents of inconsistent lyricisms. Therefore, the people whose upbringing is done in an apposite way become sensible and conscientious smart guys, and vice versa. Almost all of the obstinate lunkhead yobbos victimized by aberrant passions have some vacuum in their personality development. Human persona is like empty transparent vessel. It would reflect what you infuse in it. The kith and kin care about each other’s business; therefore, there is emotional attachment among members of kinship. Strength and solidarity of consanguinity depends upon magnitude of affiliation and coherence of bond among its members. Majority of needs of individuals are met through family; therefore, it is a source of affection, satisfaction and recreation. It acts as a shield to protect its entities from wiles of strangers and dangers besides race perpetuation.

Each family inherits a system of nomenclature with pertinent culture, traditions, values and norms. Psychologists are of view that mental growth of moppets and bubs completes within first five years. After this duration there is only polishing of characters with diverse life experiences. Therefore, one can assess circumstances of a family circle from behaviors of its elements because actions of a person reflect his family background. David Farrington, British crime psychologist, rightly said in his article printed in The Times ( London ) (May 19, 1994), “Problem children tend to grow up into problem adults and problem adults tend to produce more problem children.” (1)

As mother is heart of each family, therefore, she can provide open-minded Comstocks and modest wowsers to society. It is an open secret that if unfortunately a mother breathes her last during early age of her nippers, their chances of ruining mount manifold. However, if unluckily father kicks the bucket, in majority of the cases mother can properly tend her orphan kiddiewinks deprived of shadow of male parent. Napoleon Bonaparte suitably said, “Give me a good Mother; and I will give you good Nation”.” (2)

There is no alternative for parents. They have unbounded love for their children. It happens once in a blue moon that siblings after becoming adult respect and look after their old parents, as they love and philanthropize them throughout life. Crumb-crushers imitate their parents; therefore, most of the parents who spruce up their dustbin lids excellently get a hold of blessing in the form of obedient jumping cats and vice versa. Majority of diddybops of broken families are spoiled due to indulgence in bad companies. These grunge rootiepoots searching mental contentment are deprived of strong opinions and maturity. Therefore, religious and vulgar extremists can easily entice them by providing transitory mental satisfaction. Subsequently, they can be used by zealots for nefarious agendas through brainwashing.

Well-educated mothers lick into shape their ankle-biters by inculcating moral values and ethical principles. Lap of mother is said to be the first institution of learning. Therefore, education of mother is indispensable to polish her sprigs to workable members of a society. Indian religious leader Ruby Manikan said, “If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educate a family.” (3) Women have been physically tortured, mentally strained, socially ridiculed, politically marginalized and economically exploited in our gender biased patriarchal society. In our feudal culture male community is ruling the roost; therefore, raising a voice for women rights in such stagnant ambiance is to show red rag to male chauvinist feudal bulls. Consequently, fundamental rights of females are hanging in the balance. The leading top cats must hammer into their minds that no nation can make progress by deliberately keeping half of its population sidelined in all avenues of national life. Children cannot be nourished in streets and day care centers. They need a home because production and rearing of a chickabiddy is only done in place of abode in the best possible way. A home remains incomplete without mother. In the western countries, official duty is 8-12 hours with two holidays at the weekend. High cost of living and capitalism has ensnared people of the west. Therefore, parents cannot give sufficient time to their rug rats and leave them in day care centers. The doddering ageds are bound to bear the brunt of old houses. In the western societies this degeneration of family has given birth to individualism, selfishness and distrust. Due to dilapidation of kinship casinos, dance clubs, splurging mushy wingdings, cinemas, bawdyhouses and beaches are the excellent places of entertainment and monstrous fountainheads of innumerable social evils in these glittering countries.

The western people have been harvesting bitter fruits of this blatant genealogy degradation in the form of progressively increasing tempos of uncontrolled extramarital relations, constantly on the rise digits of homosexual adventures, steadily increasing numbers of rapes, continuously rising figures of illegitimate children, swiftly mounting divorce rates, rapidly growing suicide rates, quickly escalating sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis B and syphilis, and hastily upward numerals of deeply affecting psychological illnesses, etc. To telescope a cherry in the unbridled sexually lavish western civilization is becoming problematic.

People of same gender in the West avoid hand shaking, hugging and staying together to avoid label of nonconformist. They live with their opposite sex happily even without marriage in order to avoid costly and lengthy court procedure vis-à-vis divorce. U.S. columnist Dave Barry presented this gloomy picture in following words, “All life is bad, but family life is worse.” (4) Legitimacy of gay marriages and licensing of cathouses in some of the grubby cultured developed countries are zeniths of repercussions of hearth and home ruin. These degraded civilizations are treading on the course of self-immolation. Renowned poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal forecast this social ruin in these golden words, “Tumhari tehzeeb apne khanjar se aap he khud kushi kare gi; Jo shakhe nazuk pe asheana bane ga na-paidar ho ga.” (5) (Your civilization would commit suicide with your own dagger; the nest that is formed on the delicate twig would be shaky.)

Due to intermingling of opposite genders in our West-inspired society at educational institutions, neighborhoods, offices, etc., the development of sensual attachments among couples and love marriages are becoming very common. Some of these nuptials are successful but majority of them culminate in divorce because such twains lose their top most ambition and goal after marriage. In most of the cases the families of one or both spouses have an aversion to such wedding. Parents of some couples reject them and they set a house apart from their relatives. No one can play role in case of ignition of a family conflict. Therefore, majority of the run-away matches conclude in civil litigations and termination of conjugality. Abuse of drugs of addiction, involvement in crimes, selling of kidneys to stand on their own feet, entangling in the snare of devious persons and committing of suicide is very common among these couples.

Today, divorce seems to be the penicillin to cure all marriage related tribulations in the West. Married couples who are struggling with personal and business gauntlets don’t bother to fix the problem to avoid divorce. Instead, they embrace it and see divorce as an easy, expedient conclusion to a bad marriage. Now, a divorce is cooking for the odd stick fat-arse author of ‘The Satanic Verses’ and his Top Chef host wife, Padma Lakshmi, but it was a little unclear who was stirring the pot. Lakshmi, 36 said that she “has agreed with her husband-author, Salman Rushdie, to end their marriage.” (6) in a statement released by her publicist, Christina Papadopoulos. The statement issued by the host of the hit Bravo reality cooking show and the author of the Easy Exotic cookbook continued to say, “After an eight-year relationship including over three years of marriage, Lakshmi regrets that their mutual efforts failed to make the marriage work.” (7) It means that the sewer mouth alligator and the paraffin lamp splash have five years spurious correlation that is a pictogram of novelty in the western culture.

The traditional joint family system acts as a small economic unit. The members of the clan work coherently and share their feelings that help them in socialization and development of tolerance. In these alliances, there are strong moral values, ethical principals, social customs and collective traditions that are compulsory primary instruments to keep check and balance on individuals. Now the numbers of extended families is continuously shrinking due to their replacement with nuclear families. Due to idealization of the western culture individualism and materialism have given birth to egocentrism. Owing to vitiation of folks at home there is gradual decline of moral and religious control on the populace.

Millions of people in the West lead an individual life. This individualism has generated selfishness and psychological illnesses in the western society. On April 16, 2007, on the Virginia Teck Campus in Blacksburg, Viginia (U.S) Seung-Hui Cho of South Korea murdered 32 people and injured 25 before committing suicide, making it the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history. He was suffering from psychological illness due to living an individual life that resulted in a blood-spattered untoward incident. Eat, drink and be merry has become the sole aim of life in the advanced countries. Now the effects of this inhuman degeneration have permeated in posh areas of the developing countries that idealize western civilization. They must bear in mind that there is something beyond leisure that distinguishes man from animals.

Each nation is a throng of families and each family is a bunch of its members. Therefore, good families breed a good nation. The world is facing the spate of fanaticism, terrorism and suicide bombing. Therefore, there is crying need of rejuvenation of family institutions to alleviate the menace of extremisms and to develop tolerance in society. Media should launch an unprecedented crusade for promoting unity and fraternity among the individuals instead of promoting eccentricity. Parents should indoctrinate moral principles and ethical values in their siblings instead of sumptuously spending on materialistic schooling. They are bound to provide learning to their children in all arenas of life. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “No present or gift of a parent, out of all gifts and presents to a child, is superior to a good liberal education.”

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Quick! Get the Camera!

Every Mom and Pop with a camera takes more pictures of their kids than of anything else. Why?

The reason in that they love to look at their cute little faces and record for all time how great they are. The only trouble is that when that moment comes, the children won’t cooperate. It’s not that children don’t like having their picture taken, it’s just that no child can sit still for more than a few minutes.

Let’s assume you’ve place the children in a perfect setting: one sitting on the floor, one on the stool and another kneeling, sitting on his heels. A favorite tool of mine is a replica of a TV character the children are all familiar with. Elmo, Tinky Winky, or Big Bird will do. This TV friend will hold their attention long enough for you to get a good shot with all eyes toward the toy. Anticipation is the key to keeping their attention and their expressions lively. Let’s say Big bird has a terrible urge to jump off the camera where you placed him. You act annoyed an threaten him with the loss of his dessert, or ordering him to bed. At other times he may smell bad so you have to send him to take a bath. The kids of course identify with their friend and delight in the trouble he is causing his elders.

In order to get babies to smile, they have to see your face close up. Small mouth noises in conjunction with peek-a-boo games and seeing you smile will work most of the time. If all efforts fail, a milk break will often put them in a good mood.

Two-year-olds are in a class by themselves. NO amount of ordering, threatening,, or pleading will make them do anything they don’t want to do. If a toddler catches on to what you want them to do, that is the very thing he or she WON’T do. The secret is to play a game with them in which the child is the one with the power. If the child stamps his feet, you suddenly act out a scene where your finger got stamped on. The very thought of his ‘enemy’ being hurt fills his little heart with joy. Forgotten are the tantrums in hopes of it happening again. Repetition plays an important part in anticipation.

Children of three and four are shy. They love to laugh but they never want to be the first one. They respond well to questions about their activities, allowing them to receive some welcome praise. Situations that seem humorous to the four year old involve other people being embarrassed, slapstick humor, and odd mouth noises. They also love it when an adult gets hurt: smashed fingers (make believe), knocked heads, or things that go wrong. With all this cutting up, a wise photographer will slow down the pace. A little adult conversation (one sentence or two) will throw a mental bucket of ice on their shenanigans.

Older children won’t fall for the slapstick comedy. Real respect for their intelligence is a good way to break the ice and get them to let down their defenses. The only thing that they think is worth laughing at is when their siblings are in trouble. An older child hate so be the center of attention, so use their natural rivalry to create a comedic situation. If thy balk at touching their sibling’s shoulder in the picture, a little flattery of how much they take care of their younger sister or brother will do the trick. Remember that the expression is ninety per cent of a good picture.

Hot Demand For Free Kids Swimming Classes, Instructors and Lessons in Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC features many facilities both indoors and outdoors that offer  swimming  classes for kids. Demand has also been steady for  swimming  lessons and instructors that offer warm water  swimming  pools where kids can practice regardless of the weather. Teaching kids how to  swim  has become something that most parents are now including in their agenda. Usually for many, they do not have the time to devote themselves to instructing their kids and hence need professional help. Also, many people do not have personal pools and rely on either the neighborhood pools or community pools which are strictly controlled. If you are looking for a place that offers lessons for kids in  swimming , diving, surfing etc, here are some places to look:

  • Downtown Charlotte
  • South Charlotte (The Arboretum)
  • West Charlotte
  • North Charlotte
  • Center City
  • University City

Teaching your kids to  swim  or surf can be fun. This is because other than the fact that kids learn  swimming  extra fast, they also thoroughly enjoy it. It is expedient to ensure that if you have kids, they have been properly instructed on how to be comfortable inside and around water. Not only does this lead to a healthier, fuller life, it is also the right thing to do as far as their safety is concerned. Here is why you should enroll your kids in  swimming  lessons:

Children, just like adults, need to keep fit. Many of the exercises that  adults  engage in do not attract kids but  swimming  does. So this is a great way to ensure that your kids stay fit. This is because  swimming  as an exercise is one of the best ways to work out since it is able to tone most of the major muscles simultaneously.

Then off course there is the all-important issue of safety. Each year we are bombarded by shocking stories of kids being injured and killed in water-related freak accidents. You can give your child the much-needed advantage by making sure they can  swim .

Looking for a  swimming  facility that offers instructions to kids can be done using the Internet. This is the best way to search because then you can be able to interact with the instructors and staff before making a decision. You can also compare prices and facilities for different instructors.

4 Ways to Deal With Party Disasters at Your Twilight Party

This November Fans are looking forwards to the release of New Moon in theaters. Twi-Hards everywhere are finding different ways to celebrate. One that has become an established tradition for many fans is a Twilight party. Many fans are having parties based on their favorite series incorporating images and motifs from the series to make their own unique events. However a true fan takes these elements and makes a completely original event all their own. But what if something goes wrong? How can you turn a potential disaster into a stroke of pure genius? Here are some potential party disasters and how you can turn it around.

You get a whole lot of uninvited people who come to crash your party. This can be a major problem because you will likely plan your party for a set amount of guests. All these other people will not only strain the resources you committed to your party they might cause you to break some housing and fire code! First, see if you can find some volunteer bouncers. If you know someone people on your high school football team or some adults you can trust call them over to help you do some crowd control. Second, have your guest list handy and quickly make some badges or VIP passes. Give these to the guests you invited to separate them from the rest of the crowd. Charge a cover. Tell them if they want to have fun at your party they have to abide by your rules and help pay for the party otherwise you are calling the police. These measures will help control the extra crowd and will likely give you extra money at the end of the night. Also have your neighbors apprised ahead of time that you are having a party.

The DJ doesn’t show. Well no worries. In this day and age when everyone has a laptop and an MP3 with a shuffle function a DJ is superficial quickly hook up your iPod to a docking station and connect it to some speakers. If you don’t have some you can get a cheap set at Wal-Mart for just around $30 to $40 dollars. If you need some fresh tunes poll your guests for favorites and download them online from Amazon. You can also get some songs from Stephenie Meyer’s playlists. These are some of the songs she listened to as she wrote the Twilight series.

Another potential problem is that you don’t have enough food. This is something that can be taken care of two ways. You should have some extra drinks or food that you made on the off chance guest were more hungry than usual. This is will help tide people over until you can think of something else to make. Second, the convenience store and grocery store are your friends. If any of your friends has a car, have them go on a shopping trip to get items like chips and more soda. You can also have everyone pitch in to make more Twilight themed treats such as blood punch.

Of course there is the danger of your party hitting a slow point. The one thing that every party organizer dreads is a party that loses its energy and excitement. A way to deal with this is come up with some party games that can be quickly set up. If you have the party at your home and you have a game system use it. Play some of your favorite party video games. Have a game of Twilight trivia or Flashlight tag. The goal is to use your imagination to come up with ideas.

The Hidden Benefit of a Red Ranger Costume for Halloween

Take just a nostalgic moment to wander through your childhood memories and think about the Halloween costumes that you dressed up in when you were a child. Do you remember anything about the reason that you selected those costumes? You probably chose your favorite childhood hero, cartoon or movie character, or your favorite animal.

Some children who are a little bit more brave might have chosen a “scary” Halloween costume such as a monster, zombie, witch, or ghost. Household budget and the expense of the costume can severely limit a child’s choices. They may have to settle for a hand-me-down or gently used costume from a sibling or cousin who has worn it on a previous occasion.

It is ultimately a parent’s decision what a child will be for their trick-or-treating experience on Halloween, but most children get some say about who they will pretend to be. That is, after all part of the Halloween tradition! What is it that draws us to certain Halloween costumes? Of course part of the influence is going to come from popular movies and television shows of the time. Halloween costumes such as Superman, Spiderman, and Batman will always be popular as long as those heroic figures are popular in comic books and movies.

One of the reasons that children love to be these epic superheroes is because they look up to these individuals as people who do good in the world. (It certainly doesn’t hurt that they also have superpowers like laser beam eyes and sticky villain-catching webs.) A Power Ranger costume can also be chosen for this reason. The red Power Ranger and his friends in multicolored outfits, such as blue, pink, green, yellow, etc, fight crime and are intelligent and popular young men and women when they are not in their superhero garb. It’s no wonder that children feel more confident and proud of themselves when they are able to wear a power ranger costume.

Dressing up is a part of every normal childhood since it allows children to expand their imagination and play pretend. It also teaches social cues such as turn taking, polite manners, and collaboration with others. The world that is created by children who are dressing up is an imaginary place that two or more people work together to make up. Listening and implementing the ideas of their friends is just one skill kids learn during this dress-up game.

The Four Types Of A Modern-Day Hippie

The popular hippie counterculture that started back in the 1960’s were indeed so popular that up until now, the concept and the culture still manages to live on. However, the years have changed the counterculture a lot as well. Despite the attempts of true-blue hippies to carry out and retain the genuine hippie spirit as they make the transition from vintage hippies to modern-day hippies, the modern times still caused various changes. Now, the modern-day hippie has four sides.

The first type of what is called “modern-day hippie” is the true-blue hippie, a true child of the 1960’s counterculture. They are the true picture of a full-blown hippie, who lives the original hippie values from inside and out. They are now called New Hippies or Neo-Hippies. Similar to the hippies in the past, they are still politically informed and educated. They also advocate the same causes in the spirit of peace, love, and freedom. They keep up with current political and environmental trends. They protested against issues that contradict with their hippie values in the same manner that the hippies of the past protested. As true-blue hippies, they still also live with the good and the bad sides of being a hippie. They protest against way and violence as they promote peace. On the other hand, they also like to engage in unusual activities, use odd clothes and accessories, and experiment with drugs in their advocacy for liberal rights. They really are hippies to the core.

The second type of a modern-day hippie is a somewhat downplayed version. Their hippie side is reflected more by their environment-friendly, tree-hugging advocacies, rather than through their political and societal idealisms. They are mostly vegetarians, and tends to live through life in a breeze and simply focuses on their love for the environment and clean, healthy things. They are lighter and brighter hippies. They are sometimes called granola children. A “granola child”, according to the urban dictionary, is one who “enjoys tie-dye, granola, and peace”.

The third type of a modern-day hippie, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of a granola child. They are the angry hippies. They are more futuristic, and like to show off their hippie values in enhanced, exaggerated ways. They are called the “techno hippies”. They are more modern and more forward than the Neo-Hippies. They take the hippie character to the next level. They sport tattoos, body piercings, and strange hairstyles such as the famous dreadlocks. They also exhibit their opinions though rave parties where they mostly consume large amounts of drugs and alcohol. They also take their advocacies to the Internet and are in tune with the latest gaming technologies. They are, in a way, rebellious hippies.

Finally, the fourth type of modern-day hippie is not really composed of hippies anymore, as a lot of people claim. They are hippies without a cause. Cynics like to call them “rippies”, because they are simply ripping off the hippie lifestyle, for lack of an original generational style and culture to live by. There are a lot of terms closely associated with them. One of these terms is “yunkers”, which refers to a modern-day hippie who smokes and takes drugs a lot. Somehow, they give off the idea that they are merely using the hippie culture as an excuse to liberally take drugs. Accused of wearing the trendy, designer versions of distinct hippie clothes such as tie-dyes, vests, and sandals, they are also often referred to as the hippies who have lost their political activism.

These four types of a modern-day hippie may be completely different. But one thing remains the same: the clothing style. Any breed of hippie is still wearing sandals and tie-dyes. Now, that is a fashion culture that doesn’t just die.

LED Dance Floor to Illuminate Your Wedding

Illuminated tracks are always a success at every wedding, whatever the style of it. The game of lights and colors will make your guests sit in a disco and create a fun atmosphere that will surely make your guests do not stop dancing throughout the party.

There is a great variety of types of LED dance floors, and each one offers different advantages and characteristics. That is why it is important that you think which one fits your wedding style, place and your budget at best. To know what your chances are we will share all the information about the main types of illuminated tracks.

The size and shape. The size and shape of the LED dance floors can be any; you can choose between square, rectangular and sometimes even circular, it all depends on the taste of the bride and groom.

The cost. Most often it is covered by each panel that forms the track, depending on the style of panels and lighting you want for your wedding party.

· Acrylic head. It is the cheapest option in the market since it does not use LEDs, that’s why saving becomes the biggest advantage of this type of track. On the other hand, you have to be aware that having no lights you will not be able to play with colors and music as you would with a lighted track with LEDs. The Wedding DJs track is made of a base also made of wood with unique acrylics in white color that will be illuminated by the common focus of different colors that can be turned off and on during the dance.

· Wooden path. It is one of the best and most recommended options for Bollywood DJs with carpet or garden weddings, as this will not damage the grass or the carpet at the time of the dance. These tracks were the first ones that came on the market, and it is a wooden platform with illuminated panels.

· Glass track with LEDs. It is the most attractive option; it is a track that has individual glass panels and LEDs that will illuminate each panel. The LED lights turn on automatically or with a particular lighting control that will achieve a special effects game between the track and the music, turning on and off to the beat of the music, or doing magnificent scenes, for example, for your first dance. Surely your guests will never forget the light show that these types of Bollywood DJs can offer.

· Track of panels with LEDs. These are the most expensive tracks on the market due to the sophistication of their panels. Thanks to each panel are independent you can create figures, patterns and with a little imagination until you can write their names on the dance floor.

Installation. The Wedding DJs can be installed almost on any flat surface, and even on   swimming  pools, if your wedding will be in a garden with  swimming  pool you can gain space installing the dance floor over the  swimming  pool, sure to look fabulous.

Reef Lexi Sandals

Do you want a feminine looking pair of sandals – most likely something that has never been seen before. Although the Reef Lexi Sandals are rare, they are becoming very popular because of their unique design. If you are looking for a sandal that is sophisticated and also has a playful look, these are definitely the sandals for you. Not only will they feel snug on your feet, but you will also have no problem walking in them. Most people identify these shoes by detailing of the reef logo or the peculiar looking strap just above the toe area.

The Reef Lexi sandals are indeed, one of a kind. They are very flat, with an incredibly sturdy foot-bed. These sandals also have the synthetic Nubuck deck. The strap is unlike no other because of its design. For example, the strap is very small and entails 3 straps intertwined with one other, usually with two crossing over each other and one beneath. This creates an intricate look and your feet will look dainty! In case this is your first time wearing these sandals, we don’t recommend taking part in too many strenuous activities, although these shoes can still be played in various sports activities. These sandals are usually just for “looking pretty” and lounging around, but you can still go for a good run on the beach. Many surfer girls love these because of their function and overall style.

Even though they come in one style and color, you can still find a few great outfits to pair with your Reef Lexi sandals. Obviously, you can match the light amber hue with a beige dress or even white with coffee colored accessories such as jewelry. These sandals are great if you want to make fashion statement and still be able to participate in your daily softball game down at the beach. Everyone will know you are wearing the Lexi sandals because of the signature Reef logo etched on the foot-bed of the shoe. If you are one for setting a trend, you can definitely do so with these shoes.