Why Taboo Can Be A Great Game For Young Children

Taboo is a very popular game among adults as it is often played at parties and other social functions. Taboo requires the player to use clues to get his or her partner to be able to say a specified word. However, the player cannot use the word itself or any of the five other words listed on the card. The player is also not allowed to use their hands or other body parts to act out the word. This sounds like a hard game for younger children, but it is actually very helpful to them for their future.

#1: It Teaches Children To Be Innovative

Taboo is unique in that it forces the player to give out clues to a certain word that aren’t obvious clues that would directly lead the player’s partner to the word. For example, if the word were basketball, and the taboo words were “rim”, “backboard”, “sport”, “free throw”, and “court”, the player would have to think of another way to get his or her partner to say basketball without saying any of those taboo words.

One of the concepts of Taboo is finding another way in when the most common way is not an option (the most common way being analogous to the taboo words in the game). Often in life, one must learn to find detours or find another way when the obvious road is blocked. Examples of this include: 1) finding a different material to build something if the material you are looking for isn’t available or 2) thinking of another way to fix something when one way doesn’t work. Playing Taboo gives young children the chance to build the innovative skills that they will need later in life.

#2: Taboo Also Teaches Young Children How To Thrive Under Time Pressure

Even if the player is able to come up with words that are on the taboo list, he or she must get his/her partner to guess as many words as possible within one minute. This kind of time pressure can force the player to make mistakes under pressure such as accidentally giving an illegal clue. In real life, pressure to perform under tight deadlines are always present. Taboo helps young children understand what time pressure is about and helps get the children on their way to thriving in that environment.

Prevent Summertime Swimming Pool Accidents and Liability

Swimming pools are becoming an increasingly popular amenity in homes new and old, and represent an activity that is especially enjoyable in the summertime. Unfortunately, pools can also be extremely dangerous, particularly for small and unsupervised children. In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children ages one to four have the highest drowning rates, most of which occur in residential swimming pools. Approximately 300 children under the age of five die from pool-related accidents each year, and 2,000 more young children are hospitalized for submersion injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a swimming pool accident or if a person has suffered injury or death while swimming in your pool, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

Factors That Influence Drowning Risk

There are a number of important factors that influence drowning risk and should be taken into consideration when preventing summertime swimming pool accidents and pool owner liability. It important for both parents and pool owners to consider all aspects of pool safety before allowing children, adolescents or adults access to swimming pools.

  • Lack of Supervision and Barriers

It is extremely important for young children and even

adults to be supervised when participating in swimming pool activities, whether by a professional lifeguard, parent or guardian. In addition, barriers like pool fencing should be used to prevent young children from gaining access to a pool area without the awareness or supervision of a caregiver. According to CDC statistics, there is an 83% reduction in the risk of childhood drowning with a four-sided isolation pool fence, compared to the three-sided property line fencing.

  • Lack of Life Jacket Use

Although life jacket use is typically more strictly enforced during boating activities or while swimming in lakes or rivers, small children and even adolescents or adults may also benefit from using a life jacket while swimming in a residential pool.

  • Alcohol Use

Up to half of adolescent and adult deaths associated with water recreation involve alcohol use. Alcohol can severely affect judgment, balance and coordination, and its effects are heightened by heat and sun exposure, making it especially dangerous during pool use.

  • Seizure Disorders

Drowning is the most common cause of unintentional injury and death among individuals with seizure disorders.

Consequences Associated with Swimming Pool Accidents and Injuries

In 2007, there were 3,443 fatal unintentional drownings in the United States, which translates to an average of ten deaths per day. Even nonfatal drownings can have severe consequences, potentially resulting in brain damage and long-term disabilities like permanent loss of basic functioning, memory problems and learning disabilities. According to the CDC, more than 55% of drowning victims treated in the emergency room require further hospitalization or transfer for higher levels of care. The injuries associated with swimming pool accidents can be severe, and the medical costs associated with pool accidents and injuries can also be quite high. During the initial hospitalization alone, medical costs can reach $2,000 even for victims who recover fully. For swimming pool accident victims who suffer severe injuries like brain damage, medical costs can skyrocket to $80,000.

How to Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents

The CDC provides tips to pool owners and users which can help prevent swimming pool accidents, injuries and death.

  • Learn to swim properly. According to research, receiving formal swimming lesson instruction can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children aged one to four years.
  • Designate a responsible adult to watch children in and around the water. Children should be within touch of this person at all times. Adults should not be engaged in other activities while watching children near a pool, including reading, talking on the phone, etc.
  • Always swim with a buddy and/or swim within sight of a lifeguard when possible.
  • Learn CPR. The faster a bystander’s response time, the better chance the victim has of surviving.
  • Do not use foam toys in place of life jackets. Noodles and inner tubes are not designed to keep a child safe, and may instill a false sense of security when a child is playing in a swimming pool.
  • Avoid alcohol use before and during pool-side supervision.

How to Prevent Owner Liability in Swimming Pool Accidents

If you have a pool at home, you are responsible for taking the appropriate measures to make the area as safe as possible. The first step you should take in pool ownership is to install four-sided fencing around the pool so that the house and play area of the yard are completely separated from the pool area. The fence should be at least four feet high and should employ self-latching gates that open outward with latches that are out of reach of children. You may also consider installing additional pool barriers like automatic door locks or alarms to prevent unauthorized pool access or to alert you if someone enters the pool area. Another step to take to prevent swimming pool accidents and injuries is to clear the pool and pool deck of toys. Floats, balls and other toys should be removed from the pool and surrounding area immediately after use so that children aren’t tempted to re-enter the pool area without supervision.

Most young children who drown in swimming pools were last seen in their home, had been out of sight for less than five minutes, and were in the care of one or both parents at the time they were last seen. Many communities have established safety regulations governing residential swimming pools; in addition to these regulations, parents and pool owners can take their own precautions to reduce the chances of unsupervised children gaining access to swimming pool areas. If your child has suffered serious injury or death as a result of a swimming pool accident, contact a personal injury attorney, as you may be entitled to financial compensation for your child’s injuries and the pain and suffering endured by you and your family. If you are a pool owner and an accident occurred at your residence, there are steps you can take to avoid facing owner liability for injuries incurred. With the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer, you can be aware of your legal options and ensure that your rights are adequately protected.

Fun Foreplay Games And Activities To Drive Her Totally Wild Tonight

Fun Foreplay games and activities are one of the best ways to spice up your sex life. Most couples find that after a few years of starting their relationship, their sex life takes a big dive.

After all, most of us are pretty busy with work, family, education, sports, keeping fit and many more other distractions. It is pretty hard to find the time for some great foreplay activities.

However, the basis of a good relationship is great sex. And the basis of great sex is great foreplay. Most women really crave creative foreplay and some even find it more pleasurable than the sex act.

However, we all know that it is difficult not to fall in the same old sexual routine. This leads to boring sex. Boring sex can lead to a couple separating.

So we all know we need to become more creative in bed. We usually have to push ourselves to try new foreplay activities to keep sex alive and exciting.

Here is a list of fun foreplay games that will spice up your sex life tonight.

Sexual Food Play

Tonight, I suggest you run some chocolate sauce over your lover’s body. What about whipped cream? Make sure you lick any food off her body with a sensual and slow tongue. I also suggest that you blindfold your lover and feed them with some cut up fruit. Make sure you swap roles so you can receive pleasure too.

Toe Kissing

Many of us do not realise that the toes and fingers are a hot and sexy zone. I have actually given a woman an orgasm just from toe sucking. I suggest you take a shower before starting this activity.

Light Bondage

One can experiment in light bondage by holding your lovers arms out in sex. Just tell her that you are in total control. Most women really respond to a strong male energy. This allows them to melt and surrender more. Letting go is the basis of a deeper orgasm that goes on and on.

Foreplay Games

These days you can buy some fun foreplay activity games at a sex shop or online. Some of these games are a real turn on and they are educational too. Many have lots of foreplay ideas.

Role Playing.

Communicate to your partner about some of your sexual fantasies. There could be one or two that you could act out. Make sure you keep your role playing fun and light.

Dirty Talking

Talking dirty is a real turn on for most ladies. You can start by telling her what yo want to do to her later that night. Dirty talking gets the man in a stronger male energy. Woman love a confident man who is not afraid to be sexy and dirty. Make sure you use four-letter words for the genitals.

Camping Activities Your Child Will Love

Camping is a highly popular activity among families and especially children whether they are with their parents or creating memories at a camp far from home. One thing that is inevitable when camping with kids is that they will get bored quick and often, unless they are kept occupied around the clock. Luckily, parents and camp counselors have only to look around to find inspiration for fun camping activities for kids depending on their age.

Camping activities for kids:

Young children prove to be the most energetic anywhere and out in the wild that becomes very apparent. However, it is fairly easy to ensure they are occupied with classics and some innovative new games.

• Charades – Never underestimate the power of a classic game that will entertain kids and with a nature theme can prove to be educational as well.

• Short hike – Hand the child a magnifying glass and mark off a small area for them to inspect with it letting them discover the little intricacies of nature. Alternately, if a toddler is around parents could take it on a small trek to surrounding areas to let them marvel at the greenery around the campsite.

• Water wars – Water guns can lead to plenty of fun chaos and are a quick way to cool off on a hot summer day.

• Crafts – Toddlers and young children do love their crafts and activities like leaf pressing and rock painting.

• Bingo – An adapted version of bingo lets kids tick off markers related to things they must find around the campsite. The winner is the first one that finds all and ticks them off.

Camping Activities for older kids:

Once they grow a little older, short hikes and charades may not be good enough for these enthusiastic explorers. However, a new array of activities are now available and kids can now take longer hikes with their parents.

• Fishing – Take advantage of what the wild has to offer and teach them how to fish. Whether they catch anything or not, they’ll be thrilled with the experience.

• Scavenger hunts -Another educational game which will require adult supervision, it allows for some family bonding time as they discover specific species of trees and insects.

• Water sports – Aside from fishing, swimming and other water activities like playing tag in the water prove good to entertain and tucker them out for the rest of the day.

• Excursions – With today’s technology one can find plenty of nearby pursuits such as museums and other little exhibitions off the beaten path that children can boast about seeing when they get home.

Camping activities for teenagers:

While teenagers don’t necessarily need someone else to come up with something to occupy them but they do offer more fun choices as parents can now join in thoroughly.

• Water sports – Much more extreme than tag in the water and who would not want to race dad across the lake on a jet ski if it means last one there has to set the table?

• Geocaching – A bigger scavenger hunt that uses a GPS locator and can be adapted to all ages to allow for an exciting day of trekking through the woods to discover unusual little treasures close to any campsite.

All through a child’s life they have events that shape the way they look at the world. There isn’t a better way for children to learn how amazing and wondrous this beautiful planet is than getting outside and enjoying it. Helping them to enjoy the outdoors gives them a better appreciation of all there is to see and experience in nature.

Choosing Kids Swimwear for the Hot Summer Season

For adults, finding a swimsuit is complicated enough. However, parents are given another daunting task when it comes to finding a kids swimsuit. During the summer months, many children spend most of their time in a swimsuit so buying one they love to wear is important. Since kids swimwear is designed to appeal to a wide range of children, multiple patterns, colors, and styles are available.

Kids swimwear is created to look cute while being functional. The guidelines apply to baby swimsuits, which need to cover sensitive skin but still remain stylish. From mini bikinis to simple one piece suits, kids swimsuits are available in almost every style imaginable. Baby swimsuits are sometimes more accommodating than the ones for older kids, because they must fit over diapers and under flotation devices.

The kids swimwear and baby swimsuits for sale today have evolved with the times, changing from simple, single color articles to suits featuring the latest cartoon and movie characters. With all of these options available, choosing kids swimsuits can be both a daunting and fun task.

Color is key when deciding on a bathing suit to last the whole summer. Parents understand their child’s tendency to accidentally spill food and drinks on them, and a pool offers its own challenges when it comes to cleanliness. Kids swimsuits should not only last in the water but out of it, too. Keep in mind that light colors attract stains from spilled food, dirty, and grass. Therefore, you may want to consider darker colors and patterns for younger kids. When they’re older, you purchase lighter, more adult styles for them. Parents may also allow their kids to pick out their own suits. This gives children the chance to express their own individuality.

Not only will bright colors make the kids happy, these patterns and colors may help parents keep an eye on their children at local pools and parks by picking unique kids swimsuits at the store. Baby swimwear can also accomplish this task, but since younger children typically are not on their own near pools and other water sources, this is not as crucial.

Many families may find it endearing to buy baby swimwear and kids swimwear that matches – either with the swimsuits worn by siblings, or that of the adults in the family. Matching suits can help families identify each other in places bustling with people, or just be a fun way to personalize a trip to the water. Make sure that all your family members agree with the style and color choice for your matching swimsuits. Otherwise, you may have a couple unhappy children.

As with any clothes shopping, bathing suit shopping should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and luckily there are no “wrong” decisions to be made. So long as the suit fits and it’s reasonably priced, the process of swimsuit shopping can be an enjoyable experience. From baby swimwear all the way to adult suits, there is certainly a bathing suit for everyone- it just may take a little persistence to find the one that’s right for you and your kids.

Playing Addicting Games For Pleasure

Games are good ways to pass time. Some people can be considered as hobby players, which means that they actually spend a good portion of their time every day to sit in front of their computer or gaming console just to play a good round. Games can really be addicting. So there are a lot of addicting games online.

There are websites that are primarily designed to provide games to hobbyists and occasional players. The internet is not just a place where you can find valuable information – it is also a great way to have fun and entertain yourself through a good set of addicting games.

Find your own favorite game online. Generally speaking, games can be classified as:

1. Adventure games

These addicting games usually involve a mission which you have to complete to win the game. Adventure games can also be described as role playing games, wherein players assume a certain character and then leads him through the usual enemies and obstacles that stand in the way of victory.

2. Puzzle games

Puzzle games are addicting games too. This is a special type of a game wherein players need to solve a mystery, a jigsaw, a maze, or a riddle in order to win the game. Some puzzle games involve shapes, colors, and pictures. These games require the use of the mind and one’s ability to analyze the situation at hand.

3. Action games

Fighting games and games that employ repetitive actions like jumping, walking, running, or flying are considered action games. In this game, you normally have to lead your character into a series of obstacles doing the same thing until you reach the goal. Action games very similar to adventure games. The only difference is that the latter usually has a story and a mission behind it.

4. Racing games

A lot of players love cars, speed, and the thrill that they bring. If this is your kind of a game, then the racing games are perfect for you. Racing games normally involve the use of a vehicle. You can also compete against other players or the computer to reach the finish line.

5. Strategy games

Strategy games are addicting games in their own right. The tycoon games wherein players have to amass money, properties, and anything valuable within the game belongs to this category. Here, players have to decide on a course of action that fits best the situation in order to reach their goals.

6. Dress-up games

This game is for kids and young girls who love fashion. Dress-up games are Barbie-like games. The only difference is that they are played online. Here, your doll has lots of fashion items to wear and try on. There are no rules or missions in this game. Just dress the doll in any way that you wish and then find enjoyment in doing so.

These are the different addicting games that you can try. Pick the perfect one for you and you’ll find yourself very entertained, especially if you’re caught in a time when you’ve got nothing else better to do.

Create a Backyard Oasis With the Right Swimming Pool Supplies

To keep your pool a sparkling oasis in the backyard, you could have your pool serviceperson take care of it, knowing that it will be properly cared for and clean. Most of us, though, are our own pool service people, so that job falls to us. When you are installing an in-ground or above-ground pool or purchasing a property with an existing pool, there are several key swimming pool supplies that you should figure into your budget. Without these, you can’t have the brilliant, blue, inviting water that you want, and the safety and protection that your family needs.

There are three broad categories that you need to consider when you’re choosing your supplies: cleaning and maintenance, safety, and, the most important for your children and guests, fun. All three are inextricably related and each helps increase your enjoyment of your swimming pool.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Pools use chemicals, such as algaecide and chlorine. There is really no getting around this. They are needed to keep your water clean and safe, but they can be dangerous. Always keep these out of children’s reach – these chemicals are very, very potent. The good news is that another maintenance supply can help reduce the use of chemicals in your pool. Simply have a cover can reduce your chemical use dramatically, saving you money and time. Covers also reduce your energy bill, slow evaporation, retain water heat, and they can act as safety devices to prevent accidental drownings.

Pumps and filters are also of the utmost importance. Without the pump, water would not be pushed through the filter, and without the filter, your crystalline oasis would quickly become a pool of stagnant, dirty water, as well as a lovely breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Make sure your pump and filter are in good repair so they do not cause injury.


Everything about your pool should revolve around safety, from proper fencing to self-latching gates to a mesh net to prevent children from falling in. But toys need to be safe, pool equipment, like your pump and filter, need to be safe. A federal law was passed in 2008 that requires swimming pools to have a drain cover.

Children, and even adults, can be seriously injured or killed by the suction that is created by the pump and filter system. They are unable to break free from the drain’s pull. Those who are saved may live with paralysis or a drain-shaped scar. The little girl who inspired the law, Virginia Graeme Baker, was in a hot tub when she became trapped. It took two adults to pull her away. As unpleasant as it is to think about, these children and adults can become eviscerated. A drain cover will prevent this.

Is this meant to scare you? Because this is scary stuff: no one wants to think about that happening to their children or friends. Rather, it is meant to make you aware of the potential dangers so you can take proper precautions. When these are in place, your pool is a safe, fun place to spend the day.


Pools shouldn’t be all doom and gloom – they are designed to be fun and refreshing. When safety measures are present, the pool is a great place to play a game of volleyball, swim laps, or just float around, enjoying the sun. Make great memories with your backyard swimming pools – you can’t have fun without safety.

How to Play the Silly Game Called Pin the Beard on Santa

It seems that birthdays get all the attention when it comes to silly party games. Why should Christmas get left out? Everyone wants to have more fun at Christmas and it’s the perfect time to play silly games. Why not play a funny game of pin the beard on Santa with your friends and family?

Santa’s Face

To start, you need a cardboard cutout of Santa Claus. You can buy one at a party store, dollar store or gift shop. It can be large or small but should just show Santa’s face. If you don’t find one at a local shop, teacher and educational supply stores may have exactly the cutout you need for your pin the beard on Santa game. When you get the face home, cut off Santa’s beard. After all, why would you need to pin a beard on Santa if he already has one? Throw out the old beard or keep it to tape to the decoration later if you want to use it again for another reason.

Santa’s Beard

Create a few different beards for Santa from various materials. Cut out a Santa beard from a thick, white card. Make a beard from a flat foam sheet with sticky adhesive backing so you can peel the panel off right before you use it. Crumple everyday white paper from your computer into beard for Santa. Use a gigantic sheet of cotton or several cotton balls to create Santa’s beard. You need enough beards so each player gets one. For example, if you have 7 players, you need 7 beards.

Pin The Beard On Santa

Pin the beard on Santa is played the same way as the classic game pin the tail on the donkey. Blindfold the player, spin the player around and then have the player try to pin the beard on Santa. Self-adhesive foam beards work well because they don’t move after they are placed on Santa’s face. The blindfolded player can’t change their mind so the beard is stuck exactly where they put it the first time!

Santa Gets Pinned Many Ways

You can play several variations of this simple Santa game. If you purchase a full-sized Santa cutout you can play pin the hat on Santa, pin the boots on Santa or even pin a red button nose on Santa. Even if you can’t find a cutout of Santa’s face, you can play pin the boots on Santa!

Adult Santa Games

Adults like games, too. Consider an adult version of the game, such as pin the chest hair on Santa. Create your own Santa cutout complete with his suit unbuttoned to reveal his chest. You’ve never seen Santa look so macho before! Create chest hair from thread, yarn or fake fur. Attach double stick tape or stickers to the back of the chest hair so players can pin it on Santa just like the beard or boots.

Make sure to have prizes for the winner to make the game even more fun. You can offer the Santa cutout to the winner along with a gift bag filled with candy, pencils and other small holiday treats.

Adult Dating – The Truth

There are so many people talking about adult dating today. Depending on who you speak to it runs the gamut of fraud to dating heaven. Each person on one of these sites will have a different outcome based solely on their approach.

There are three main concerns when joining:

More Men than Women

This is just the way it is. A man must come to terms with this or they will find themselves ready to give up before they’ve even started. They must learn how to make this work for them and not against them.

For women, it may not be fair, but they get to sit back and weed through their potential suitors. Their message box will be jam packed before a man can figure out what picture to put up.

Cam Girls

This is a major problem in an adult community. Cam girls can be very sneaky. They know how to run their business through every channel – the latest avenue being adult dating. According to some companies they are almost impossible to get rid of completely…much like ants. But it’s hard to figure out why this is such a problem to the consumer. If someone, anyone online asks you for money; think back to the 80’s and ‘just say no.’

Like most things in life, if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

Hard to Meet Women

So many complaints about this with such little attempts at fixing it. As we covered earlier women get to sit back and decide with a click of their finger who they want to communicate/meet with. On adult dating sites men must be the aggressors. Can you blame a girl for not wanting to reply back to a, ‘hi, want 2 chat?’ message when there may be others that contain more than what a grade school child would write?

Men, you must make her want to meet you. You must stand out. Be unique. To do this you must give her a little something; whether it’s humor or a comment about what she wrote on her profile.

The most important step is looking like you are making an actual attempt.

Importance of Taking Swimming Classes When Young

While swimming is not really one of the strengths of us as the upright walking mammal, many people have been sending their kids to swimming lessons, some as young as 6 months.

Yes, 6 month old babies are floating around the water with their parents watching as they giggle and bubble. While this is not a traditional age for kids to start swimming, many swimming instructors often recommend that they should start as young as 3 years old for many physical and psychological reasons.

This article will dive right into the topic of swimming lessons and tell you exactly why kids should start at the shallow end of the pool as early as 3. Psychologists attribute that a lot of fears that blossom in adulthood actually gets developed in the cerebrum at a very young age.

This could be due to reasons of unfamiliarity or even bad associations that was placed in the subconscious at a young age. Many actually say that the root of many adults who have a fear of water actually can be traced to the fact that they were not introduced to the water when they were young or had an event or bad experience that had to do with water. This is why they insist actually that kids at a tender age should get to the pool and start getting a sensory experience with the water. With the parents together with them, swimming at age 3 is usually a happy event and that is what the association should be like. Then fear of water which many mental experts call an unnatural fear should not even have the chance of developing. Not being able to swim when you are an adult is actually something of a disability, socially and physically.

Also when they are young they associate fun with something of a sport. Swimming is great exercise, it develops the muscles all over the body and promotes upper and lower body strength. It also promotes burning of calories and sets your kids into a mindset of exercise from young. Once it becomes a habit, which is cognitively more likely when they are young, the habit stays with them till they get older. Also, swimming depends a lot on the physical and starting them young means they get progressively better and having strong swimming skills when they get into their early teens can actually be a life saver – or a skill that could save a life.

The entire topic actually just rests on the issue of early mental and physical development, as well as promoting the health effects of swimming to the young kids. When something is good, it should always be inculcated early into a child, and some parents have taken this to quite an extreme of moving them from the fluid environment of the womb to the watery environment of a children’s pool. These are some very issues that force the importance of taking swimming classes when young. If you have a child, I advise you to start him or her early. You will not regret it.