Conspiracy Theorists Websites; Boo!

As you surf the Internet be careful what you read. Some information out there such as; Conspiracy Theorists Websites are often filled with some pretty tall tales. They sure will talk a good game and they all claim to have secrets to tell you. Generally the “Big Secret” is they want to sell you a book of some kind, which plays into your fears and attempts to answer questions, which both you and they neither know the answer too.

You see, part of the “Secret” of all this is that there is nothing to it at all and much of this is regurgitated misdirection from the Spooky Spooks or some bizarre twist to a SciFi Movie or Spy Book. Recently I had surfed into a website claiming to have all the secret information on UFOs, Alien Abductions and Secret Government Cover Ups. The website owner had used an interesting technique to make it believable. He had indicated that due to his secret website? Oh the Internet and available to 1.1 Billion People World-Wide that he was visited by Spooks or “Men in Black” and he started by a brief monologue to make himself sound believable, which went something like this:

“I have met some and they are arrogant, which is okay if they have a reason to be, yet these folks I have met are without inner personal achievement and over self-confidence use intimidation techniques. But in sports I have seen under performers before and I can judge personal character and inner will. They ain’t got it and they all use the same BS play book of intimidation, mirroring (repetition of intercepted information) and psychological warfare. They attempt to profile then work to prove themselves right, which is how you can catch them and screw with them even more. I tell you, you can really screw with them if you want too or if you have reason too, they assume that no one sees through their game. They are a bunch of wussies underneath really sure talk a tough game though. But I learned to not assault them or you will be sorry.”

Now that really sounded interesting indeed and it made you think that here is this guy persecuted and victimized and he is out to help others from being victimized as well. Interesting and it is hard to say if the owner of this website is being victimized or is merely a schizophrenic. Maybe it is real and the spy business has trouble with certain targets and people, as they do not seem to understand that human nature is so full of anomalies. Yet as you review the entire website it appears that this gentleman is mostly wanting to sign you up for an email newsletter list for some $15.00 per month and sell you one of his books and some cassette tapes. I suppose next year he will have iPod Video Casting with all the trimmings available to anyone who will listen and pay him. Think on these things as you surf and end up on Conspiracy Theorist Websites. More on this in 2006.

The Benefits of Collective Music-Making for Youth

Children and youngsters can greatly benefit from making music together in a band, musical ensemble or orchestra. Among the individual benefits that collective music-making provides are: confidence, development of a sense of aesthetics, teamwork, problem-solving skills and deep focus, discipline, striving for excellence, leadership, determination, self-worth, perseverance, cooperation and coexistence, competitive spirit, and academic success.

This article was inspired by The Venezuelan System of Children and Youth Orchestras, better known as “El Sistema”. This system of youth orchestras has helped thousands of children through collective music-making practice.

Individual Benefits of Collective Music-making.

Based on my five years of participatory observations as a member of a Youth Orchestra and my years of studying orchestral practice and teaching music to children and adults, I can state that collective music-making provides multiple benefits, which begin at the individual level and are disseminated to families and communities.

The individual level includes the spiritual, moral, intellectual, and affective development of youngsters involved in collective musical practice, which helps them to develop their full potential. Among the individual benefits that collective music-making provides are: confidence, development of a sense of aesthetics, teamwork, problem-solving skills and deep focus, discipline, striving for excellence, leadership, determination, self-worth, perseverance, cooperation and coexistence, competitive spirit, and academic success.


Children and teenagers gain self-confidence through the making of music. They feel that they are important members of a group, the orchestra. Teachers and conductors pay great attention to them, making them feel that they are creating something important and beautiful by working together. They confront musical challenges, work toward hard-to-achieve goals, and exhibit their newly gained confidence during their performances.


The young musicians also develop a sense of aesthetic beauty through sensual experiences starting in their early years. They listen to and play exquisite music, they touch and feel beautiful instruments, they practice and play surrounded by the wonderful architecture of world-class theaters and concert halls, and they even develop their own aesthetic through the act of dressing to perform.

Music empowers. First, one looks for excellence in the music played, and then one looks for excellence in everything else. That is the magic of the arts. The arts transform individuals’ sense of beauty; then, after they have seen the intrinsic value of the arts, they are not satisfied with anything less.


The orchestral structure provides an excellent ground within which to learn to work as a team player. The orchestra is an example of how to live properly in a democratic society. In the orchestra, everybody has a specific function and collaborates with everyone else to achieve a common goal. The young musicians learn that to make good music, they have to listen to each other and work as a team.

The orchestra or musical ensemble is the ideal micro-democratic society. Through the orchestral practice, children and youth learn that the contribution of each member is directly related to the general orchestral outcome. In the orchestra, they need to listen to each other and work as a well-tuned instrument. In this way, the orchestra is comparable to a piano, with every member equivalent to a key and where every key is fundamental to the successful functioning of the whole instrument.

Problem-Solving Skills and Deep Focus

The making of music is an excellent way of learning problem-solving skills and achieving deep focus. Children learn how to approach new situations, by learning new pieces of music. Musicians learn to see the big picture, the small components, and the possible obstacles, and to think about how to deal with the music technically and stylistically. They learn to apply problem-solving skills, which they can later apply to solving any kind of problem because they have learned how to think. They have also learned how to concentrate because they have to focus for long periods during rehearsals and practices. This capacity to focus deeply and concentrate also helps them in doing other, non-musical activities.


The young members of the orchestra need to follow disciplinary rules, as in any other professional orchestra. They learn to listen to the conductor’s instructions, and they learn to conduct themselves as professionals in concert halls, in hotels, and on airplanes during tours. They learn etiquette and protocol for a variety of situations. They learn time management, punctuality and how to follow schedules. In general, they are exposed to situations that demand that they control their individual impulses in order to achieve a common group goal.

Striving for Excellence

Part of the experience of playing in a musical ensemble involves close contact with professional musicians and instructors. These contacts inspire the children to strive for excellence. They can also go to concerts to see professional musicians playing and they often choose role-models or idols, whose careers they follow and whom they admire. Nobody aspires to be mediocre; the young musicians learn that they can excel if they work hard, as others have done before them. They learn to be self-motivated and pursue excellence for its own rewards.


The most advanced young musicians are given the leadership roles within the orchestra. They occupy the section leader posts in the orchestra and learn to be responsible for their sections. They have to establish common techniques and styles for specific situations. They model the leadership qualities and techniques of the more experienced musicians and adult leaders. They learn to provide encouragement, positive criticism, praise, advice, and to lead by example.


Children who participate in an orchestra or musical ensemble learn individual responsibility, set high standards for themselves, and develop work ethic. Through hours of rehearsals, weeks of touring and seminars, and countless performances, young musicians discover the connection between hard work and success. This knowledge and experiences can be applied to any career choice they make in life.


From the moment they are accepted into the musical ensemble, the young musicians become part of the orchestra family. They feel important, valuable, and secure in their surroundings. They are not fearful of failure because failure does not threaten their sense of competence and self-worth. They also begin to experience a connection to the larger society. In this way, many children from the lower social classes have the opportunity to feel that they are respectable citizens who have achieved a place of importance in society and because of this they are less likely to be lost to drugs and other social vices. Thus, inclusion and acceptance create a strong sense of self-worth, which motivates them to succeed. They identify themselves as professional musicians and conduct themselves accordingly. According to Woolfork (2004), when students are fully participating, motivation comes from identity and identity comes from legitimate participation. A positive cycle is created.


It is very understandable that any child who deeply learns from experience that practice creates the skills needed to excel will strive to achieve the level of performance that is expected from her or him. This happens in music as in any other activity that requires practice to succeed. Through endless practice they see themselves getting better.

Young musicians learn early that excellence is not achieved without serious effort and practice. Hence, they become mastery-oriented students who focus on mastering goals in order to increase their skills and abilities.

Cooperation and Coexistence

Young musicians from different socio-economic backgrounds, of various ages, and with a wide range of capabilities, learn tolerance, flexibility, and cooperative coexistence through the different situations in which they are involved during their time in the orchestra. There is not a culture of blame; rather individuals strive for their personal best, competing with themselves as with others. They learn, practice, and travel together, and often establish long-lasting friendships with their orchestral or choir peers.

The nature of orchestral practice requires the cooperation of all performers. This condition establishes the relationships needed among the individuals, musicians, the orchestra sections, and the orchestra as a whole. In addition, there are relations between the soloist and the orchestra, and the orchestra and the conductor. All these cooperative experiences provide awareness of the different roles that musicians play in the orchestra, and ultimately condition their behavior in other social situations.

Competitive Spirit

Competition is part of human nature. Ultimately, the young musicians will have to compete for top jobs and money, but the orchestra provides the special time and place in which they can learn to compete without negative consequences. In the arts, music is one of the few subject areas where individuals needs are subjugated to the collective. Musical elements such as rhythm and, more specifically, harmony, impose physical requirements on individuals. There can not be multiple perceptions of rhythm, style, or harmony in an orchestra. Individuals express themselves and convey a musical message, but within the parameters of a collective understanding of the musical elements of a particular piece.

Healthy competition is similar to playing a game, and can make practice and learning more fun. A spirit of competition is present in collective musical practice, as in any other activity in which excellence is rewarded. The youth orchestra provides an opportunity in which individuals compete while simultaneously cooperating (i.e. healthy competition). Motivated by this spirit of healthy competition, musicians who are part of the orchestra feel free to make mistakes and challenge themselves, thereby testing their limits within a safe environment.

The young musicians’ attitudes minimize the traditional problems of performance anxiety. It has been proved that those who have started from an early age performing with strong emotional encouragement from their parents [instructors and/or peers] tend to suffer less from the stage frightening phenomenon.

(Frederiksen and Lavatelli cited in Goode, p.42). The children who participate in the Orchestra see performance as an approved and encouraged activity, which is also fun, and so they progress in their artistic careers with a confident attitude. As young musicians they focus on the music in a childlike manner, with total trust, sincerity and lack of worry.

Academic Success

A positive connection between regular school studies and orchestra practice as experienced in The Venezuelan System of Orchestras (El Sistema) has been established. The System demands from youngsters an optimum academic performance in school in order to get into its music studies. Children find themselves obligated to appropriately plan their activities to maximize their available time in order to succeed academically and musically. Youngsters who are part of the System show significant improvement in their capacities for attention, concentration, and assimilation of mathematics. They are permanently encouraged by their friends and teachers to continue with their studies.

The benefits of music have often been studied, and multiple studies have shown that the study of music is not only beneficial in itself, but it also aids math, reading and science learning, as Halpern (1985, 1999) asserts (cited by Jensen 2000). Music is “an effective vehicle for conscious and subconscious transmission of information” (p. 247).

To Jensen (2000), some of the learning benefits attributed to music are: relaxation and stress reduction; fostering of creativity through brain-wave activation; stimulation of imagination and thinking; and the stimulation of motor skills, speaking, and vocabulary. In addition, music study serves to focus and align group energy, and thereby reduce discipline problems.

Talk to Teenagers Without the Three C’s

Do you want a more satisfying relationship with your teenage children? Do you want to reduce conflict and pique their interest in your words of wisdom? Start by being a skillful listener. When teenagers talk, listen without the three C’s; cutting them off, criticizing, and commanding. The three C’s close down communication, and put your teenager at risk of tuning out your valuable adult perspective.

Listening without the three C’s is a lot harder than it seems. Suppose your teenager says, “A police officer came to school today and wasted our time talking about an anti-drug program.” A typical parent response, using the three C’s, sounds like this:

Cutting them off – “Anti-drug programs are not a waste of time.”

Criticizing – “Only a juvenile delinquent would put down an anti-drug program.”

Commanding – “You are never to talk badly about your school’s efforts to keep kids drug-free.”

Communication ends with comments like these. Teens don’t feel safe to share what’s on their minds so they turn to other teens for advice.

Follow the thread of your teen’s conversation, instead of jumping to conclusions while listening. Once you’ve heard what your teen is actually thinking, your response will be much more helpful. Remember to use judgment free language.

For example, Mom says, “It sounds like the officer’s talk didn’t sit well with you.” Now Mom has encouraged her teen to say more.

Teenager: “All he did was talk about stuff I already knew.”

Mom: “You would have preferred him to talk about things you haven’t already heard?” Mom’s words show she is listening. Her teen surprises her with a concern she didn’t expect.

Teen: “Yes, like he didn’t say anything useful, like what to do it if your friend starts experimenting with drugs.”

Mom: “That’s a good question. Let’s talk about that.”

By leaving out the three C’s, you create the kind of conversation that allows teenagers to feel comfortable confiding in you. Your teenager will be more willing to listen to your point of view with an open mind, if first you listen to their point of view. It may scare or upset you to hear their perspective, but the reality is, cutting them off, criticizing and commanding does not get rid of their opinions. Instead they go underground. When you listen without the three C’s, you are in a better position to be helpful to your teenager.

It can be hard to keep from giving commands. When my teenager asked me to help him figure out how to sign on to a student website, we fiddled with it for about five minutes without any success. Then, I came up with a brilliant idea. I said, “Let’s call the school and ask for help.” My son didn’t think it was brilliant at all. He refused.

I have to admit, when I think I have a great idea, it’s hard for me to let go of it. It might have been easier for him to consider my idea or tell me why my idea wouldn’t work if I had said, “Let’s look at your options. You can call the school before it closes. That’s one option, or maybe you can come up with something else.” Instead, I commanded, “Don’t waste any more time. Call the school now, before it closes.”

The minute I said it, I cut off communication. Sure enough, he said, “I wish I hadn’t asked you for help. I can figure this out without you.” Okay, I had gone off course. The good news is, the minute you notice it, you have another shot at setting things back on track. I said, “Okay, I see that you don’t like my idea. If there is another way to find out how to sign on to the website, I have confidence that you will find it.” After a few minutes, he used instant messenger to ask someone in his class how to do it, and he successfully signed on.

Teenagers are empowered when you show confidence in them. I talked with a parent who had quite an insight to share. She said. “When I was a teenager, my mother was domineering. She tried to control everything. I rebelled, and began living a dangerous life style. When I was seventeen, I moved away from home, and into a bad situation. One day I received a letter from my Grandmother. She was a soft-spoken woman with a lot of wisdom. She wrote, ‘Your mom has told me what’s been going on. It sounds like you’ve been having a lot of problems lately. I believe you know how to take care of yourself dear. I have confidence that you will do what’s right for you.’ I read the letter, and moved back home the very same day. My Grandmother’s confidence in me, affected me deeply.”

Show confidence in your teenagers abilities. Your confidence will go a long way in helping them find courage. During the teen years, parents help best, not by fixing their kids problems, but by enabling teens to fix things for themselves.

It seems like it would be so much more efficient to just sit a teenager down, tell them everything you want them to know, and have them ‘get it.’ It doesn’t work that way. The truth is, the more you talk, the less they listen. The more you listen, the more willing teenagers are to listen to you.

Children Learn the Best by Observing the Behaviour of Adults and Copying It

Learning is a process of gaining new experiences or transforming the existing information. Learning is easy to carry if it is obtained from the parents because that is the repeated observational learning. Children appreciate their parents without judging them because they are the role models. Children have an ability to learn more by observing others doing any kind of work. Children have brain like a plain paper. They learn good or bad from what they watch around them. First, they watch their family members, how they communicate with each other, their lifestyle, and way of living. They get same impression because they spend most of their time with them. They copy the information which is the most characteristic of humans and is called imitation. Psychologically the children are into the phase of sensitive learning, they rapidly copy the behaviour of their parents which is imprinted on their minds. Sometimes the learning is the result of an event which is recorded in their memory and by observation and repetition becomes a part of their habits. Secondly, they adopt many habits from the society. If they communicate with well-educated or well-mannered people then they can learn good moral values and if their neighbourhood and society members have some bad qualities it influences them negatively.

Similarly, children have parents who teach them and prepare them for life. Parents have the first and strongest influence on their children. Children observe their way of doing the things. People who are chain smokers or alcoholics must know that children watch their activity and they are leaving bad impression on the children’s mind. Sometimes these activities have a deep impact on young children’s brain and heart. They learn their first lessons from these situations because it’s the parents that guide them about these situations.

The peer group plays a major role in shaping an individual. As it is often said “A man is known by the company he keeps”. Bad company has a negative influence over a child. This is because the teenagers listen more to their friends than their parents and teachers. The peer group can turn denial into acceptance and gives the children sense of fulfillment in life. Children enjoy playing with friends more than anything in life; there are times when they want to stay with their friends more than their parents. Learning from friends is kind of magnetic and it has creative force in it. They open heart out with their friends and see a gleam of pleasure in their eyes. They believe in them and in a way they are their spiritual guides. Friends and peer group are a kind of sheltering tree for children so whatever they say turns a meal into a feast and a house into a home. We all have at times bent over backwards to please a friend be it a colleague at workplace, a friend at college or even a playground buddy at school. Sometimes in pursuit of pleasing friends and to come in each other’s good books they start to covet one another. There are many instances where a good child was spoiled due to bad social circle.

In addition to this, we should try to understand their activities regarding their behaviour. Parents should watch them, where they go. What they do, whom they meet and what do they feel. We should apply on them friendly behaviour, however they share their feelings frequently with us and they won’t try to adapt bad habits. There should be a lesson about moral values in their school curriculum. Teachers should teach them about good ethical and unethical. Parents and teachers activities play an important role to develop their personality. They should be more attentive about their activities. However they can’t adapt wrong ways in their life because children are the future of our nation.

In conclusion, we can say that it is true that children learn best by observing the behaviour of adults and they try to copy it. It is the adults who should watch their behaviour and try becoming a good influence and example for the children.

Trampoline Accessories Add To The Fun

The activity of jumping on a trampoline is in itself one of the most fun fitness and family activities that a person can engage in. Being able to reach heights not possible by the common man is something that appeals to most everyone. It’s fun, exciting, and even a little scary. But even the natural fun that comes with buying a trampoline may not be enough. Sometimes you may need special accessories to keep things fresh and interesting. Whatever your interests are, there is a set of accessories that can help you to better enjoy your trampoline for a longer lasting lifespan. If on the prowl for new things to add to your equipment, consider the following:

Basketball Trampoline Accessories

What better way to enjoy a game of roundball than jumping eight feet into the air while you are trying to make your shot. Some accessories allow you and friends to play a game of roundball against each other all without ever leaving the comforts of your trampoline. March Madness will never be the same once you and your friends and family have had the opportunity to go one on one (or two on two) against each other.

Fun Ball Accessories

Fun balls are gigantic bouncy balls designed for your time on the trampoline, adding more bounce and unpredictability to your time in the air. With smaller children, you may wish to limit the use, but bigger kids will love what these add to the trampoline jumping experience.

Tent Accessories and Safety Nets

For extra safety to the jumping experience, many families prefer to add tent accessories or safety nets to their oversized trampolines. Doing so makes certain that younger kids will not venture too far out of control. They also act as helpmates to parents that don’t want to watch their children every single second of the day. Rather than panic every time Junior bounces up into the air, you can read your book in peace knowing that he will be safe thanks to these accessories.

Bounce Boards

Ever wonder what it is like for the top snowboarders or skiing pros as they fly through the air with the winds of sweet freedom blowing through their cheeks? Now you can experience the sensation for yourself with the bounce board accessory that allows you to strap on and take off. Not only will these bounce boards allow you to role play what it’s like to be an extreme sports guru, they will also prepare you for the slopes.

There are a number of trampoline accessories that can add value and longevity to your purchase. All you have to do is find the ones that best match your interests. Once you do, you could be having a lot more fun for years to come with your trampoline.

Tips in Planning a Baby Shower

For sure, you have been waiting for the coming of your baby as you read this article. Well, as the preparation takes place, you also need to have a baby bath. This is to give thanks to everybody who supported you within the nine months you are bearing the baby.

Now if you are planning a baby shower, consider these creative baby bath ideas that will make your celebration successful and truly memorable.

Choose your theme – Prior to the party, you have to choose your own theme. This will depend on your taste or the gender of your baby. There are a lot of baby shower plans you can choose from. You can choose your own idea or you can search online or offline.

Just make sure that you base it according to your taste. This is to ensure that your audience and other visitors will enjoy the party for you coming baby. Here are some of the baby bath themes you can choose from. Read on.

For a baby boy:

” Cowboy theme

” Superheroes theme (for a baby boy)

” Cartoon characters theme (for a baby boy)

” Car theme

” Animal theme

For a baby girl

” Doll theme

” Flower theme

” Cartoon character theme (for a baby girl)

” Superheroes theme (for a baby girl)

After choosing the right theme for the party, you also need to make invitations. In planning a baby shower, you can make your personalized invitation cards. A great idea here is to scan the image of your baby (the ultrasound image) and insert it in the invitation card. Another idea is to search the internet for images and pictures or you can go to a souvenir shop and let them customize the invitation card for you.

Plan the food – Cakes and foods to be served should also be a part in planning a baby shower. Remember that your main guests can be kids besides their parents. It is best to serve foods that are sumptuous for kids.

Also, you can serve treats that are delightful like candies, lollipops and others. This is to ensure that kids will really enjoy the party.

Provide baby prizes and favors – Prizes and other favors is one of the highlights in any baby shower ideas. The best thing about these baby shower plans is you can make your own to be given away.

You can purchase materials by bulk to save money or you can use recycled materials. There is no difference here since it is the thought that counts especially if you are celebrating the coming of your baby in this world.

It is also a good idea to have different types of baby shower games. One suggestion is to let your adult friends drink milk using a baby bottle. Another idea is to how to put diaper in a baby using a baby doll. This will make it more fun and enjoyable for everybody.

With these tips on your mind, you can start the event without any hassles. These baby shower plans can surely make the event momentous especially if your child to be born will eventually see it.

Selecting Appropriate and Suitable Car Games for Kids

Games are important in children’s growth process. The first essential lessons that children learn are always derived from playing. Outdoor play is the best way to let children learn basic life skills. Computer based play offer children the opportunity to learn how to use technologies. Car games for kids could just be the gate way of teaching them how to be responsible motorists.

Kid’s car games are designed to allow the young individuals to drive cars in the virtual world. Children are always curious and most would like to try out what they see their parents and other grown ups doing. Driving cars is one of the activities, which most children want to try out. However, apart from the fact that they are underage, there is simply no parent who would allow their child to drive a car. We all know that this would be a recipe for disaster not mentioning the breach of legal driving prescriptions. The best way to satisfy a child’s curiosity to drive is by getting them car games for kids.

Car games meant for kids are designed to enable youngsters to drive and learn how to drive responsibly. A number of them integrate different learning activities, which may include counting, saving a person in distress and how to respond in different situations. The car based game that you select for your child should be appropriate and suitable for them to play. Your child’s age is the major determining factor when getting them any car related video gamer.

It is important to use the gamer before your child does to ensure that it is appropriate for them. Seek advise when purchasing these gamers to ensure that they are designed to suit your child’s age group. The ones suitable fro Children are simple to use and their over all appearance is child like. They should have a learning based aspect they enhance. The ones that require collecting items or people on the way are highly appropriate for children.

Avoid the ones that present a level of adult content that you deem unsuitable for your child’s level. However, for older children you can let them be adventurous which racing ones and other speed centered car gamers. The most important thing is for your child to be entertained while playing.

How Do Porn Stars Last So Long? Their Sex Secrets Revealed

I used to have this girlfriend, not much to look at and completely crazy, but she was up for absolutely anything in bed. We would watch porn together all the time to get new ideas. Now this lead to many great times, as I said, she’d try anything, but it also meant I was always disappointing her. Whatever I did I couldn’t keep going like the guys in the movies did. I was always wondering how do porn stars last so long?

After one particularly embarrassing night, I’d finished before she even really got going, I decided to find out what their secrets were.

Luckily I live in a part of California that’s pretty famous for its adult entertainment industry. I asked a few of my friends if they knew of anyone in that scene, and I was surprised how easy it was to get in touch with one of the actors.

He told me about an internet forum that many of the guys use to discuss jobs, techniques, rumours and such, just like any other line of work. He made me promise not to give out the address, these secrets after all make up a large part of their living, and out of respect for him I intend to keep that promise. But I will share some of their secrets with you.

First thing to remember is that there is a lot of movie magic at play. They can last a lot longer than your average guy, but the producers are also very good at stitching scenes on to each other so that 3 sex bouts can look like just one.

There are techniques that work.

They use condoms with a small amount of desensitising cream on them. You can buy these over the counter at many places these days. These are the first step for beginners – you get excellent, immediate results.

If things get too close too quickly, they’re not afraid to switch things up, change position, have a break etc, changing the type of stimulation can work wonders.

They are very good at thinking about other things, whether it’s football or cars or their rent, whatever it takes to get their minds of the hot blonde they’re having sex with at the time.

The last tip – they get lots and lots of practice. This was the most common piece of advice given to the new guys. Try and try again.

Being part of that forum, if only for a short time, was certainly an eye opener. When I think back to that crazy girl I had I always wonder what we could have got up to, since now I know how porn stars last so long.

How To Remove Gynecomastia Naturally Using Flaxseed

“But flaxseed contains estrogen and if you want to remove man boobs, estrogen is the enemy!” I’m certain that you have heard that flaxseed is one of the best ways on how to remove gynecomastia naturally but you may be conflicted about using it because flaxseed contains estrogen albeit a plant source but it is still estrogen. So how can it be a way to treat gynecomastia naturally? We shall delve into this further below.

Health benefits of flaxseed

Before cotton became affordable, flax (Linum usitatissimum) which is also known as linseed or linum, which has a fibrous stem was often woven into cloth and is still used even today in this manner despite the popularity of cotton clothing. But the oil which was produced from the seeds has been used medicinally for many thousands of years. It wasn’t until about a thousand years ago that people actually started eating the seeds of this plant for health and well being. Flaxseed should be a part of a healthy lifestyle for many reasons which include but are not limited to;

  • Cancer prevention (breast cancer in particular as well as prostate cancer)
  • Diabetes management
  • Lowering cholesterol levels naturally
  • Lowering the risk of heart attack
  • Lowering the risk of kidney disease
  • Reducing hot flushes in menopausal women
  • Aiding in weight management
  • Etc

As you can see, flaxseed is an important nutrient but since you are reading this article, you have also heard that flaxseed is one of the best ways on how to remove gynecomastia naturally.

Flaxseed and gynecomastia

1. Lignans

The benefits of flaxseed for health and well-being is firstly tied to the lignans that they contain. Flaxseed are the richest source of lignans found in nature. Lignans are antioxidants which means that they help to prevent free radical damage to healthy cells which helps to reduce the risk of developing many of the chronic diseases previously discussed.

Another aspect of lignans is that in addition to antioxidant benefits, they also contain phyto(plant)estrogens, which mimic the action of the estrogen produced by the body but are less potent. Man boobs usually develop because you have excessive amounts of estrogen in your body. Estrogen which is the female hormone is normal to have in the male body but what is abnormal is when estrogen levels are higher than the normal levels.

This leads to the development of various female characteristics such as breasts in men. So if you are dealing with gynecomastia, more than likely you have excessive amounts of estrogen in your body. One way to fight this estrogen that is produced by the body is to fight it with the estrogen which is produced by certain plants such as flax. It sounds crazy but it makes sense once you think about it.

The estrogen produced by the body are powerful hormones whereas the estrogen produced by plants (phytoestrogen) are chemically weaker but are still able to bind to the estrogen receptors in the body and this helps to stop the effects on the body of the much stronger estrogen produced by the body which also allows excessive amounts of this much stronger estrogen to be eliminated from the body as the phytoestrogen replaces them. This is why flaxseed is commonly recommended as an effective method on how to remove gynecomatia naturally.

You have excessive amounts of estrogen in your body right now. But with the help of flaxseed, instead of having the chemically strong estrogen which is produced by the body wreaking havoc in your body, you replace the strong estrogen with the much weaker estrogen which can certainly help in your fight against gynecomastia.

2. Fiber

How are excessive amounts of estrogen removed from the body? Fiber is the most important way to remove waste, toxins as well as excessive estrogen from the body. You know what is an amazing source of fiber? Flaxseed. This is also one of the reasons that it is recommended for diabetes and weight loss management.

Flaxseed is a very rich source of a type of soluble fiber that is very beneficial for the body which is known as mucilage. This mucilage is also tied to the cholesterol lowering properties of flaxseed. Mucilage helps to move things along in the body but it requires a great deal of water so if you increase your fiber intake, you also need to increase your water intake to prevent fiber from getting “stuck” in your body.

3. Fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have been noted to be very beneficial for men with gynecomastia because they aid in the production of testosterone. Many men with gynecomastia in addition to having excessive amounts of estrogen also have low levels of testosterone which is how these fatty acids can help. Plus, these essential fatty acids (EFAs) help reduce estrogen levels, which is one of the top reasons for the development of man boobs as mentioned earlier.

Guess what? The lignans contained in flaxseed are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which not only help fight gynecomastia but also reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and many other chronic diseases.

Using flaxseed for gynecomastia

1. Flaxseed oil

While flaxseed oil (which is easily perishable and needs to be refrigerated once opened) is very popular, you may want to go directly to the source (the seeds) because when you use flaxseed oil, you miss out on the all important fiber and the oil does not contain as much lignans, protein and minerals as you would find in the actual seeds.

2. Not whole seeds

Flaxseed is available in two varieties which are the brown flaxseed as well as golden flaxseed (which are also known as yellow flax) but these two varieties generally contain similar nutritional compositions.

While many people usually sprinkle whole flaxseed onto freshly baked bread or salads, it is impossible for the body to break down the whole seeds. If you eat whole flaxseed, the seeds will pass through your body undigested which will mean that you will miss out on the nutrient content of the seeds.

To get the full benefits of eating flaxseed, the seeds must be ground but do remember that ground (or milled) flaxseed turns rancid very quickly so do make sure to refrigerate any unused portion and throw away if any is still uneaten after 30 days or so.

Because it goes rancid so fast, you may want to invest in a coffee grinder, spice grinder or other seed grinding tool so that you only grind the amount of seeds that you need for that particular day because whole seeds last a lot longer than milled flaxseed.

Ground flaxseed (flaxseed meal) will not last more than 30 days when stored in the refrigerator whereas whole flaxseed can last between 6 to 12 months or 1 to 2 years if you store it in the refrigerator.

Grind about two tablespoons of whole seeds daily and add it to hot or cold cereal, smoothies, oatmeal, salads, green juice, etc.

Safety concerns

Flaxseed is generally safe which is why it is highly recommended for a healthy lifestyle but do note that it contains a tiny amount of cyanide. This tiny amount of cyanide is not enough to cause harm to an adult but it can possibly harm a fetus or infant so avoid eating flaxseed if you are pregnant or nursing and also avoid giving it to children under the age of two.

The minute amount of cyanide in flaxseed is not harmful to most people as long as you consume the daily recommended amount of about two to three tablespoons of ground flaxseed. If this is scaring you off flaxseed, you should note that human tissue usually contains very small amounts of cyanide anyway which are constantly being metabolized, so flaxseed containing cyanide should not really be a cause for concern unless you eat the entire bag of flaxseed in one sitting! Also various other plants that are commonly eaten such as cruciferous vegetables also contain small amounts of this poison.

Also remember that a tablespoon of flaxseed contains between 5 to 6 milligrams of cyanide but in order for cyanide to be harmful to an adult, you would need to consume at least 1,000 milligrams of this poison.

Like everything else in life, flaxseed can cause an allergic reaction in some people. If this occurs, reduce the amount eaten or stop eating flaxseed altogether.

Lastly, in some people, flaxseed can cause bloating as well as flatulence when they first start eating flaxseed. If this occurs, start with ½ a tablespoon or one tablespoon and gradually build up as the body builds up its tolerance.

What Is Minecraft?

This game is also called sandbox game because it provides some adventure features.

This is played online on web browser free of cost. This can be downloaded at the very reasonable and cheap price. Minecraft is basically very much similar to infiniminer game. It can be played by single or multiple players.

This game revolves around constructing the 3D blocks and protecting from monsters by sheltering and surviving through energy to be taken in form of food. The world of game is invented as a player want or as a player imagination.

This provides various ranges for the player to keep the game interesting and fascinating from Deserts to the snowfields.

Minecraft is now availing in various modes. These modes are just tremendous:

• Creative – This mode is just for a player to build or destroy the structures at their own mood they are not died because of hunger and drowning. If a player wants to quit just to fall down to void. In this a player can not harm or destroy the other player.

• Survival – As the name suggests survival the mode is just for the player to survive at the specific terms that it must be protected from the monster and for protecting from the monster the player have their weapons. The player in this mode is depending on food to be refilled at various times it required like bread etc. Two players can fight in this mode.

• Hardcore – In a Hardcore mode which is also a variant of Survival mode, differing primarily by being locked to the hardest game play setting and features their world of their imagination is deleted after the death of player.

• Adventure – This is also a variant of survival mode and in this mode player cannot build and destroy the blocks.


Classic version – This version is just free to play this is not longer updated for the user but it gives the functionality only the creative mode. Older versions are also there for the users.

How to play?

For a beginner to the game this is suggested to have a look on controls for the building block game as well as this is beneficial for the players to hold the resources for hiding at the nights. Some basic controls are given below:

W – it is used to move forward

S – it is used to move backward

A – it is used to move left side

D – it is used to move right side

Space is used to jump

Left Shift is used for holding to protecting blocks from falling and sliding down ladders.

The player is free to build the structures freely but some limits also exist for moving up and down and vertically.

During the game the player encounters various non-human creatures, referred to as mobs. During the daytime, non-hostile animals which can be hunted for food for getting energy. Hostile mobs, such as large spiders, skeletons and the dangerous exploding Creeper only bring out in darkened areas like caves or during night time.