Why Infants Need Educational Baby Toys

When a baby comes into the world it cannot really do much. A baby cannot lift its hand to touch its nose, a baby cannot focus on small objects. As the infant develops in the first year it will require different types of toys to stimulate and encourage the development of many skills.

The good thing is that most baby toys on the market are in and of themselves educational toys. Toys to teach things like sound, vision, auditory and physical sensations. These toys work to build on the baby’s very small collection of references and contexts.


To begin with, a baby’s first skill would be sight. A baby does not see the world as we do, they are still developing their ocular muscles and their brain has got no points of reference or ways to understand what they are seeing.

 There is debate as to what a baby can see, some experts mention they can only see black and white, and some say they can see bold primary colours as well. Either way, a good place to start is books with big bold lines with heavy contrast and big on colour. Fine lines, water colours and muddy images will be of no help to a baby, they need simple images that are easy to focus on.

As they move closer to turning one, they will become fascinated with mirrors and will more easily be able to make use of board books with bright colours.

Toys with strong colours will appeal as will mobiles and wall stickers.


A baby can hear most sounds, in fact they can probably hear more than most adults because over time we lose the ability to hear certain frequencies. So babies are often frightened by loud noises and delighted by unusual noises in toys. Rattles containing a little bell are great for baby. Telling stories and singing to baby is a wonderful way to engage them. There are some great toys available that provide a whole selection of noises for baby to experiment with such as crinkly, clicking, tinkling and swishing.

Introducing music to babies is also a wonderful way to introduce them to the beauty of sound. Classical music and nursery rhymes on CD will be handy at bedtime while sing-a-long CDs are a great alternative to TV.

As baby gets a little older, there are some wonderful musical instruments you can introduce such as drums, shakers, tambourines and xylophones.


A baby is learning that his fingers are ways to assess the world. Things are hot, cold or soft and rough. There are many toys available that will introduce your baby to the world textures.

As baby gets older you can build on your toy collection by having a range of toys that feel different. Some might be hard like wooden blocks or smooth plastic like shapes and moulded toys, some might be spongy and soft others will be fluffy like stuffed toys.

Babies are often fascinated with simple items from around the home such a foil packaging, wooden spoons and any other thing within their grasp.

Tummy Time

There are many baby learning toys available these days that combine all of these elements into one handy item. Play mats are great for babies to practice tummy time, a very valuable skill they must develop. Play mats will have texture pads, bells, mirrors, squeaky toys and so much more.

Whatever toys you chose for your infant, once you are satisfied of it’s safety, will no doubt provide your baby with many hours of educational entertainment.

Family Guy: A Top 5 List of Satirical Episodes

One of the most irreverent and openly crude shows on network television these days is Family Guy. The Family Guy fan base is vast, almost as large as its detractors, and when the show went off the air in 2002, it took only three years of amazing DVD sales and Adult Swim ratings to bring it back. One of the keys to the Family Guy formula is to take key points from 80 years of popular culture and poke fun and satirize.

The list of amazing Family Guy episodes is huge, but when you’ve got 75 episodes to go through, where do you start (that is of course if you decide not to watch every single episode five times). Some of the best episodes from the Family Guy archive are those that take the most ravenous attitude towards that which they satirize. Without further ado, the top five satirical episodes of Family Guy

1. There’s Something About Paulie -Season 2. In this send up of the mobster mentality in which Peter is enlisted to see that Big Fat Paulie, a Jersey mobsters relative is taken care of during his visit to Quahog, when he accidentally gets Paulie to put a hit out on Lois. Chaos ensues, ending in the Godfather’s daughter’s wedding and a Tiramisu. Classic family guy humor with some solid asides.

2. Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington – Season 3. Peter almost gets fired after he skips work for a baseball game. The El Dorado Cigarette Company buys the company and he gets lucky in retaining his job. They send him to Washington as a tobacco lobbyist where he finally sees the errors of his ways after Stewie starts smoking and gains a rattling cough. Classic send ups of political culture and films ensue. Jabs at Bob Dole, Martha Stewart, and presidential candidates Gore and Bush.

3. From Method to Madness – Stewie joins an acting school where he meets Olivia and a classic rags to riches together story ensues, after which Stewie fails and Olivia lives on without him. One of my favorite scenes in the entire series occurs here when Olivia says to Stewie, “You are the weakest link” referencing the short lived game show of the same era. Stewie retorts with a long protracted assault on her intelligence in classic Stewie form.

4. Brian Goes Back to College – Brian loses his new job at the New Yorker for not finishing his college education. After which he decides to go back to Brown. The Stewie/Brian tag along plotline is fully established by this point in the series, so Stewie goes with him. Stewie loves the college life while Brian attempts to quit, incapable of completing his final class. The academic battle, with the Rocky themes, and the classic college film stereotypes makes this a great episode.

5. Da Boom – An oldie but a goody, playing off of the whole Y2K fears of the late 90s. Airing the day after Christmas in 1999, the episode follows the destruction of the worlds infrastructure and the post apocalyptic travels of the Griffin family to find a Twinkie factory that they might be able to live off of. The mutations of their friends and reformation of the landscape is reminiscent of the post nuclear classics of the 50s and 60s and Stewie eventually turns into an Octopus. The finale of the episode is a throwback to the whole Dallas fiasco when Bobby is in the shower and Pam describes her “dream”. The height of irony and satire of the quasi-mass hysteria the world almost felt at the end of 1999.

Family guy is more than five great episodes. Up until a small chunk of season 4 back in 2005, the show was pure genius and every one of Seth McFarlane’s vignettes into Rhode Island suburbia is a treat to watch over and over again.

Just Swimming Around

I remember growing up in a fairytale world. Our family of five wasn’t wealthy, but we always had food on the table (even in lean times). We had clothes on our back (even if they were hand-me-downs), and an occasional PTA movie or two (even if it meant brining your own popcorn.) Our home wasn’t a castle, but we found laughter and fun. And there certainly was love, though as a family of German descent, affection was seldom expressed openly. Some would say we lived a sheltered life; I think we lived in the real world, without fringe benefits.

I believed that as an adult, life could be anything I wanted it to be. There were endless possibilities and unlimited happiness. I further believed that there was a prince for every princess. I believed in miracles and messages. I believed that the “good” lived long, healthy lives. I was convinced that values and actions of people spoke much louder than words. I believed money and possessions were symbols of success. I believed that success resulted from honest, hard work. I believed that “purpose” was a means to identity, not self-satisfaction.

I believed that my God was a loving God who protected his children. I believed that God would protect me from the unthinkable, and that certain things only happened to other people. I believed that life’s assumptions always were true.

My philosophy of life was soft, and it was nurtured by caring people who encouraged me. I believed my philosophy could never change. It was as solid as the ground I stood on. And I carried that philosophy with me everywhere I went, tucked closely to my heart, so I would not forget that my perfect world could exist for me. I built dreams that were like beautiful castles. And I stood strong; I weathered the normal changes of life and felt in harmony with my life’s plan. Problems were always coming and going, but they were manageable. I accepted them as the ups and downs of life. I found ways to deal with them, and then moved on.

That was until I experienced significant loss. Then, my world changed. My “beliefs” were challenged. Some stood firm, but others taught me that I was painfully naïve. Reality was different than I had imagined. Reality offered consequences of raw pain, unresolved grief, changed perspectives, overwhelming challenges and loss of hope. I struggled to believe that as time passed, things would work themselves out; and I would be normal again. But the definition of “normal” also changed. Significant loss interrupted my dreams, changed the endings, and caused me to doubt the philosophy that had fueled me for all those years.

I felt betrayed, distracted and subdued. I discovered that everything I believed to be true could change instantly-and sometimes, those changes were out of my control. Life was as vulnerable as the aging castle was to the forces of nature. My “whys” became intense, and I couldn’t comprehend “how.” I quickly determined that if I did not gain control, I would not survive. My fairytale philosophy of life crumbled, but I clung desperately to any grain of hope.

My exploration began and the challenges were humbling, frightening and sometimes crippling. Grief knows no definitive end. For weeks and months, I felt impending doom, an unforeseeable future, and a sorry story of life. I was shaken by the unwelcome realities and trembled at possible defeat. “Time heals all wounds.” The often-quoted cliché prompted my defensive attitude and my “fight or flight” mode. I fought to persevere; I fought to save my sanity. I fought to survive. Time did nothing to close the gap between loss and hope. It only expanded the distance between me and those who supported me in my grief. I knew they wouldn’t tolerate my lingering grief forever. I recognized that I needed to bring peace to my pain. I reached the pinnacle of feeling like a wounded victim and needed to get intimate with my problems to heal my grief.

I read: “For every fault or weakness that you lose, you have a valuable strength to gain. For every crude emotion you control, you have an opposing good feeling to experience. For every denial, a truth to be found. Part of working through the process of change is determining the problems and issues and then deciding on new lofty goals that are worthy of the effort you expend in life-from this moment forward.” This became my goal, though I had no idea how I would live by its promise. I determined that I was the only one who could control what was required of me to change. This was a crucial step.

I was fortunate to have my husband and best friend as a partner in life. to share my grieving path. We could share our feelings, even if they were different. We could face the seriousness of the “loss of dreams” and what appeared to be a less meaningful future. We could discuss what hurt the most and accept that we both felt differently. When one was weak the other was strong. We worked through our loss together, and there was progress. There was no clear plan other than just “getting through.”

Healing doesn’t happen overnight. We absorbed everything we could learn from books, seminars and others. We had never heard of “grief work” before, but suddenly we became “graduate” students in the tasks of grief. I wrote to express my feelings. We prayed; we cried. We asked for God’s help, not only to take away our pain, but to help us accept the changes and find hope. Occasionally, we slipped backward in our emotions, but each time we committed to starting over again.

The sun shines brighter again. Today, we are different people. We still build new dreams like beautiful castles. But our dreams aren’t lofty visions of what might have been. We don’t focus on what we’ve lost, but rather on what we’ve accomplished through our pain. We appreciate the present moment, expect happenstance, and celebrate the beauty of the past with the possibilities of tomorrow. We find purpose and opportunity by helping others through grief. We live for today and hope for tomorrow.

How did we get to this point in our grief? It wasn’t easy. It came through trial and error; stop and start; rollercoaster emotions; faith and spirituality; laughter and tears; determination and hope. When one attempt to heal failed, we tried another, and we just kept swimming around. I memorized a poem many years ago (long before my grief experience) that became a mantra for that time of our lives.

Author Unknown

Two frogs fell into a deep, cream bowl

One was an optimistic soul,

But the other took the gloomy view,

“We’ll drown,” he lamented without much ado.

And with a last despairing cry,

He flung up his legs and said, “Goodbye.”

Quote the other frog, with a steadfast grin,

“I can’t get out, but I won’t give in.

I’ll just swim around till my strength is spent

Then I’ll die the more content.”

Bravely he swam to work his scheme,

And his struggles began to churn the cream.

The more he swam, his legs aflutter,

The more the cream turned to butter.

On top of the butter at last he stopped,

And out of the bowl, he gaily hopped.

What is the moral?

It’s easily found. If you can’t hop out,

Keep swimming around.

Parents Should Realize the Benefits of Toddler Swimming Classes

The benefits of toddler swimming classes are extremely important to any parent and they should realise this. This article will discuss the tangible benefits, both physically and mentally to a toddler and their developmental years. Physically speaking, swimming is a great healthy activity, one of the only ones, that can be enjoyed by one as tender and as young as a toddler.

While having spent 9 months within the womb of their mother still fresh within latent memories, going back into the water would seem only natural to them again. While I know many parents fear putting someone so young as their toddler in the swimming pool, it is perfectly safe, and if all the normal safety precautions and gear are worn and they are there to monitor their children, swimming is a harmless activity.

Swimming instructors, especially child swimming instructors always have advocated early lessons and this is because it allows them to form a natural affinity for the water, and swimming is a large part of a modern child (and adults) life as a form of social activity and a sort of exercise as well. A word about exercise, when a toddler is introduced to the water and bonds with it, it never leaves the mind. Swimming then becomes a fun filled activity and it is no longer a routine. Looking forward to exercising is something that should be instilled in everyone at an early age.

Swimming with your toddler is also an excellent bonding experience to have, for both you and your child. Child psychologists often tout the cooling effect of the water, the gentle environment, the tactile combination of your touch and that of the water lending itself to an excellent environment where parent and child can strengthen their bond. It is also a very soothing environment for the child as well, which means less stress for them. While this is not proven yet, babies who do go for swimming classes with their parents tend to cry less and are much more relaxed.

Also, it avoids the formation of phobias, like hydrophophobia, or any one of the associated fears of water and swimming. When toddlers associate water with their parents, with a fun filled activity and love, then they will enjoy swimming and will be able to enjoy a full social life as they progress on to their later years. Phobias and fears are formed within the subconscious mind of a child with events that are related to trauma and mental association.

Planting in a positive association with the water in a child will promote a healthy affection for the water and get them into a positive cycle. These are just some of the benefits that parents should realise are associated with toddler swimming classes. There are a great many of them available and when you do, make sure that you choose one that has a certified child swimming instructor and an environment where they can learn and have fun, together with you.

Citadel Miniatures And Beyond

Citadel Miniatures is a company that produces metal, plastic and resin miniature figures for tabletop war games like Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. In the past it was a separate company but today it has become a well-known brand for game workshop miniatures. The figures are used for war gaming hobbies as well as painting.

Let us go through the history of Citadel Miniatures. It was formed as a part of the British game company in the early 1979. The manufacturer and Bryan Ansell has work together to keep it at its pace of creating several ranges of figurines. They usually make fantasy characters from dwarfs to elves. They have already added a new type which is called the historical war gaming figures.

The miniatures were originally produced or made using a white metal alloy which includes lead and in 1987 they began to produce hard plastic figures. The company still continues to produce it from white metal but they use plastic for large runs or orders. Some of the models have various combinations of materials. Year 1997 they switched to a lead free white metal because of the fear that it might lead to poisoning.

Most models that you can buy from Citadel Miniatures require you to construct it yourself after purchase. When attaching, it usually involves weapons, arms and the base which make the larger ones require more construction and effort. Today, there is a new range of figures made out of high-quality resin. This is lighter, durable and can equal some metal materials. It didn’t last long since a lot of people pointed out that it has many defects or flaws like bent weapons and paint deficiencies.

They have their own original miniature figures and produced licensed ones that are based on characters from movies, TV, books, and games. Examples of them are Doctor Who, Dungeons and Dragons, Eternal Champion, Star Trek, Fighting Fantasy and a whole lot more. Children and even adults buy them to be used for games or just a collection.

Citadel even made miniature soldiers and fantasy based war machines such as catapults, and chariots. When Warhammer 40,000 came into life, they made vehicles like Rhino transports for Space Marines and Land Raider. The rest is left to history. You can collect yours right know if you are willing to buy them. It is also a perfect gift to youngsters who want a figurine to play with.

Outdoor Game Ideas For Your Kids

Have you been thinking of ways to encourage your kids to take more exercise? It makes sense to do so – exercise at a young age can help them to stay fit and avoid health problems later in life. So how do you go about getting to spend more time exercising and less game playing on their video games?

In this article we take a look at some ideas for games that will help children to keep fit, while still having fun. It’s important to remember that convincing them of the joys of outdoor play is likely to be very reliant on your own attitude. If you’re willing to show them how much fun can be had, investing some of your time and maybe even a little money, then the results can be very rewarding.

Most kids to like outdoor games when they experience them. Here’s your chance to show them the way.

Let’s begin with an old classic – flying a kite. Flying a kite is an activity that many of us associate strongly with our childhoods. It’s an extremely fun way to spend time and is also good exercise. In fact, it’s something that children and adults can enjoy together.

The good news is that basic kites are also relatively cheap. There are more expensive versions available but these aren’t really necessary unless you want to look at more complex products. You’ll obviously also need some space – a local park might be perfect.

How about if you’d prefer something that your children could play in the garden? Have you considered a trampoline? You can start with mini trampolines and then build up in terms of size.

Once again, the important point to note here is that playing on a trampoline can be brilliant fun. The fact that it also helps your children to exercise is an added bonus. In terms of traditional toys and games, don’t overlook the impact that bikes can have too. They work plenty of muscle groups and are good for overall fitness.

Finally, how about outdoor sports? This doesn’t have to mean massive organised events – a simple game of rounders is something that you can enjoy with your kids. As you can see, by using a little creative thought you can soon come up with a large selection of games for your children to enjoy!

The Adventure Party – How to Throw an Amazing Adventure Party

An adventure party can take on a lot of different ideas. However, when you think of a traditional adventure party you can create an absolute wonderland for the boys. For this theme you can think treasure island, MASH 4077, survival strategies and skills, or you can engage some of the amazing venues that are set up to thrill the party guests and birthday boy. Also, don’t underestimate your own backyard, or a local park with some amazing play equipment.

The cake

A chocolate mud cake covered in chocolate icing and decorated with action figurines or a treasure map where X marks the spot. Another idea is an island paradise cake that has sand, palm trees and skull and crossbones, while a piñata cake filled with lolly spiders, worms, gold coins and other edible treasures will also be lots of fun. You can decorate a favourite cake in camouflage colours or individual cupcakes decorated with obstacle course paraphernalia. And for the experts – a cake in the shape of a camouflage truck or jungle with tree huts, rope ladders and climbing nets, will be the envy of all the guests. Finally, but not completely, make a pond of slime (using jelly), quicksand (crushed biscuits) or mud (chocolate mousse) in a large deep dish, hide edible objects in it and decorate the top with candles and a happy birthday message. After singing the birthday song, let them all “dig in”.

The food

Include cups of chocolate mousse with wriggly worms and snakes inside. Jelly cups and quicks and cups (crushed biscuits) full of edible treats or red and green grape kebabs that look like worms and grubs. Calamari rings and hot chips (or for the more adventurous deep fried baby octopus) in noodle boxes or noddle boxes and mini burgers or hotdogs. Spring rolls or rice paper rolls, party pies and sausage rolls in survival tins. Then include some rice and pasta salads that resemble worms and maggots and meatballs in sauce with risoni pasta. Another option is nachos or a mild curry in takeaway boats, tortillas and various dips with strips of lightly toasted mountain bread for dipping. Don’t forget bubbling jungle juice or small thermoses filled with chocolate milk. BBQ sausages with onions, tomato sauce and mustard and a choice of bread rolls or bread slices will also fill hungry tummies. Pizza strips with ham, cheese and olives or cheese and ham or vegemite pinwheels. Popcorn in sacks and chocolate and caramel tarts with X marking the spot.

The games

Keep the guests busy with these fun games:

  • An obstacle course can be organised in the park using the play equipment that is available, or if your backyard is suitable think about tyres, hoops, swing ropes and climbing nets for going up and under, balls for throwing and tunnels made from large pipes
  • An area with quicksand and / or mud pit can also become a part of the obstacle course, or can be used to dig for buried treasure, for the younger children
  • Making mud pies with worms, is also great fun
  • Set up an orienteering course for small groups, so that instructions can be followed using the compass from the invitation
  • A treasure hunt can include instructions that lead to finding pieces of a puzzle along the way, which is solved at the end of the hunt (some obstacles can be included as a part of the hunt too)
  • A workshop can be conducted showing guests a number of survival skills and then these skills can be tested in a number of games such as knot tying, rope climbing, food finding and water collecting, etc
  • Small groups can also be organised to build their own bridge, raft or shelter. You can think small and use things like pipe cleaners, paper and cardboard, string, spaghetti, marshmallow and other household recyclables. Or think BIG and use rope, cardboard, sticks etc. so that these things can be used to get across the mud pit, quicksand or pool (if available). This can all be a part of the obstacle course, treasure hunt or survival / orienteering games
  • For younger children, rethink old party favourites like pass the sack, musical stools or snake tiggy

The extras

And to ensure the birthday party has the adventure feel right from the start use invitations written in invisible ink and delivered in a bottle (give some instructions too). Attach a tag with the birthday details to a compass, magnifying glass or flashlight or use camouflage paper for a great invitation too. Decorate your backyard to look like a jungle or island paradise and add a tent and some camp chairs and tables. Use brown, orange and green streamers and rope to enhance the jungle feel and put up some hazard, no entry, trespassers prosecuted and skull and crossbones signs. Hang some lanterns around to continue the theme with some plastic snakes and spiders in the trees and organise a campfire (but if lighting it, always think safety first). The tent can be decorated to look like a mess hall and serve food on silver trays with disposable cutlery and for the party favour think of a camouflage costume that can be worn at the party and then taken home (it won’t matter then if it gets dirty or ripped). Or a backpack with survival gear, that can also be used on the orienteering challenge and finally, bug catchers are a great favour for younger party goers.

Top Ways on How to Make Your Sex Life Sizzle

Is your love life boring and uninteresting? So, are you racking your head thinking about top ways to make your sex life sizzle? Do not be frustrated. Find out here top ways in order to sizzle your love life.

You would just require to do a bit…simply use these innovative ideas to spice up your love life. If you make use of these ideas, you would certainly enjoy exciting love life with your partner. One such great idea is to purchase some adult toys such as silky blindfolds and handcuffs.

Just think of some games that you can play with him, when you both are together. The idea here is to let your lover enjoy the feeling that he does not have any control over you. You be the leader and ask him to search for you blindfolded or simply handcuff him and play a similar kind of game. This would surely make your sex life sizzle. So, go straight to a toys shop and purchase them right away

Another interesting idea is to explore his sensitive spots when you are into each other’s arms. If so long you have not discovered his delicate spots that can stimulate him, then try it right now. Generally, you can trigger him if you gently stroke his back of his neck or portion behind his ears.

Giving body massage with oil is yet another fascinating idea to make your sex life sizzle. Usually, every man loves to get a relaxing and soothing massage from his wife or girlfriend. So, if you plan to give him a massage, your partner will surely love it. However, learn some of the massaging strokes before you go for it to avoid any harm to him.

You should also allow him to find out your sensitive spots. Let this whole episode be adventurous and engrossing. To make your love life more riveting, you can try out different locations while being together. Simple kissing or hugging in either the kitchen or bathroom is enough to do the trick.

You can even spend quality time together in a hammock in your backyard. Moreover, when it comes to enjoying together, you should not limit yourself in time. There is no morning and evening for lovers and couples. You can enjoy intimacy anywhere and during any hour of the day, provided, you both are comfortable with it.

Hunt For Michael Phelps – The Swimming Olympics Gold Medal Winner

If you are not living under a rock for the last month, you already know Michael Phelps, the  swimming  Olympics gold medal winner. The search for Michael Phelps and Phelps poster has gone through the roof in the last few days. A clear indication that Phelps’ poster will be seen in the dorm rooms and on the walls of sports fans of high schools starting this fall. The interesting part is that it is not about Phelps poster only. Michael Phelps’ popularity actually made people look up for all the  swimming  Olympics gold medal winners.

Even though fall is not the time for high school  swimming , the pools will be busier than ever. This 21 year old Baltimore resident, Michael Phelps, is the reason for that.  Swimming  Olympics gold medal winner Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in a single Olympics, Phelps has broken that record. He has broken the record of winning seven gold medals in a single Olympics.

He has already been compared to Michael Jordan and Tiger woods. He is on the same path of those legends. Michael (Phelps) wants to do what Jordan has done for basketball. Of course his performance in the Olympics created a lot of interest in the game, but he is not stopping there. He is working with sports organizations, especially those that are related to  swimming . He received a one million dollar bonus from Speedo swimwear. He is going to spend a part of it to increase the popularity of  swimming . No wonder having a Michael Phelps poster beside Jordan’s is becoming a more common sight these days.

If you look up for Michael Phelps posters, there are over thousands of them. There are some really cool ones among them. Phelps in the pool, holding his medal, posing for the camera, even autographed ones. Autographed ones are the most popular, understandably. The best part of it all probably is the fact that he is not only a true champion, but he is a young and good looking guy. It is hard to tell among which gender Phelps is more popular, but the way Phelps made America proud, he deserves to be people’s number one choice.

Day at the Movies

Watching movies is a favorite pass time of most of the individuals. If you are a teenage or an adult you love to watch movies. It is fun to see a movie with the company of friends, but it is even greater fun when you watch a movie with your lover.

If you do not know how to spend time together when you have got bored of having candle night dinner or going for plays then opt to go for a romantic movie. Movies are an amalgamation of different emotions. There are the negative thoughts and activities such as despair, humiliation, disparity, neglecting the loved ones, anger, hatred and much more. Yet there are positive feelings of love, care, respect, hope, enthusiasm and lot more. You go through all these feelings and emotions in life and try to relate it with you. When you see a love scene your emotions are aroused while when you come across a negative feeling you realize the fault you make in life and the misunderstandings that occur between the two of you.

To go to a theatre and watch a romantic movie is a good pass time. You can just take theatre popcorn and drink and spend great time together enjoying each others company with the popcorn and drink. You can hold hands and cuddle each other while watching the movie and feel the closeness.

Before you decide to which movie to watch you can just take a glimpse of some movie clips on your television and decide according to your taste. Movie previews help you decide the movie you would love to watch. May be you would like to watch a romantic movie with star cast Julia Roberts or a John Travolta movie. You could also have a taste for an action movie that makes you feel lively and in high spirits. Whatever the type, the idea is to have a lot of fun and enjoyment together. It’s a very good idea to watch a movie on a rainy day. Instead of spending time at home you and your partner could just take out your raincoats and umbrellas and rush to a movie theatre. Watching movie in such conditions fills you with excitement and gives you immense joy.

If you have children you could take them to watch a superman movie at the theatre or even watch it at home and enjoy the movie together. You find extreme pleasure watching your children getting excited on viewing their hero, The Superman. It is thrilling to watch their expressions and reactions on the different scenes. Imagine the whole family watching a sweet movie cuddled together.

So next time when you want complete enjoyment with your partner and children then plan out a movie you would love to watch-that could be your best director movie, your best star cast movie or an adult movie if it is only the two of you. For a high rating movie make sure to buy tickets in advance.

Find more information visit: Day at the Movies [http://www.keepcondom.com/articles/relationship/day-at-movies.htm]