Swimming Lessons – Why We Want You to Learn Swimming

Are you an  adult  that doesn’t know how to  swim ? Then it is important to know why we want you to learn how to  swim . This is important for anyone’s safety around or in water. The best way to learn how to  swim  is to find a  swimming  school or  swimming  classes that you can take.

 Adult   swimming  lessons are offered all over the place, no matter where you live. It will just take some time to find the  swimming  lessons to take. Start your search with the local phone book, then get online if needed. Find a place to take lessons and before long,  swimming  will be second nature to you.

There are a couple of different reasons why every  adult  needs to know how to  swim . Here are some of the most important reasons:

One: You never know when around or in water if danger will strike. If it does, it is imperative to know what to do to get out of it. This could literally save your life someday. Don’t take lightly how dangerous water can be, lessons are a big benefit for anyone’s safety.

Two: Many people have a fear of water and taking lessons as an adult can help to overcome that fear. There may be times in your life that water will be around whether it is liked or not, and learning how to protect yourself and others around will definitely be helpful.

Three: If you have children, they are eventually going to want to get in water to play and  swim . This is a very important reason for every parent to learn how to  swim . Kids have to be protected in water, so it is your job to do that by learning how to  swim  yourself.

These are definitely not all of the reasons you want to learn to  swim . They are very important reasons though.  Swimming  is something that anyone can learn to do if lessons are taken. All it takes is time and practice.

Don’t delay in finding lessons that you can take as soon as possible. The sooner  swimming  is second nature, the better off your life will be and the safer the kids will be, if there are any.  Adults  need to know how to  swim  for so many different reasons, so find the best way for learning how now to be sure water is never a threat again.


 Swimming , one of the most popular activities in the country, is a healthy active way to spend your time. More and more people are visiting water parks, lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Over the past century the quality of the recreational water has improved a lot.

The human body is composed of water, and has a similar density ( 70% of the body is water). Most people are  swimming  for recreation. It is a good way to exercise and relax also. More and more people have pools.  Swimming  pools are as popular as lakes, beaches, rivers, and sometimes, creeks.

A number of people enter the water and  swim  as part of their work.  Swimming  is also used to rescue other people who cannot  swim  or have problems within the water. Recently  swimming  has become a professional sport as well. An important issue is the  swimming  resistance, the way the body is held and moves in the water. Everyone has his own technique and tries to improve it by practicing regularly. When we decide to learn to  swim  it is important to do it with a couch because he can teach us the right way to do it.  Swimming  reduces the effects of stress.  Swimming  is not a sport that makes you loose weight because it is limited and even in cold water burns more calories to maintain the body temperature to a normal limit.

 Swimming  exercises almost all muscles in the body. The arms and upper body are exercised more than the legs.  Swimming  is good for improving the circulation. It is also considered a sport with a low risk of injuries.

Men’s swimsuits can be one-piece or the body skins( whole body swimsuits for competitive  swimming ). Women’s swimsuits are generally either one-piece or bikinis. Another option would be more conservative than a bikini but still not a one-piece.

Swimming Pool Party Games

Fun  swimming  pool  games  and party ideas.

Now that summer is winding down, kids are getting bored with summer activities. You probably couldn’t get them out of the pool in June, but now they don’t feel like getting wet. Getting them back in the water just requires a little more planning and organization now. With the right incentive, your kids will soon be back in – getting exercise and having a blast. Here are some ideas for  swimming  pool party  games  and pool party themes:

Party pool games:

Play pool tag. Tag works the same in the water – one person is it and has to  swim  to tag the others.

Play  swimming  colors: One person is ‘it’. That person goes in the middle area of the pool and has to turn their back so they cannot see the other players. Each of the other players has to think of a color. If ‘it’ says their color, that player has to  swim  past the seeker and try to make it to the other side of the pool. The person that is ‘it’ cannot turn around – they have to just listen for the sounds of someone  swimming  and head in that direction to tag them as they go by.

Have contests off the diving board: see who can do the wackiest jumps, most impressive, funniest, biggest cannonball, etc. Pick the judges ahead of time and let everyone know the category before the jumping begins.

Get some diving sticks and make it a game. Give points for fastest, furthest, most in a minute, etc.

Have a fishing pole by the pool and each team must fish a ring out of the pool. Or, you could have a large floating ring or tube, and players have to throw a ball or diving stick through the middle.

Make up games with pool noodles, have races, relay races, do balancing tricks, etc.

Get a beach ball & play volleyball (in the shallow end – or on the grass).

Have a water gun or water balloon fight.

Get out the hose & fire up the sprinkler attachments for your at home splash pad.

Pool Party Themes:

Let the kids help organize a pool party. (Be sure everyone can  swim  or have safety vests available). You can make invitations shaped like watermelon wedges, strawberries, suns, beach umbrellas, etc. Cut out paper decorations to hang outside. Get fairy lights to hang over the table area.

Have a Hawaiian Luau: Make a CD with Hawaiian music. Ask people to come dressed in island wear, provide leis, straw hats, grass skirts, coconut cups, pineapple punch, etc. Let everyone make up their best hula dances.

Have a Caribbean Party: Let everyone dress in island wear or as pirates. Make a CD with island music, put flowers all around as décor and break out the limbo stick.

California Dreaming Party: Put on your surfer gear, break out the Beach Boys music and decorate with surfboards, palm trees, and neon. Have a hula hoop contest or muscle beach match up.

Have a poolside mocktail party. Get crushed ice, several types of fruit juice and sparkling water or club soda. Be sure to use plastic glassware near the pool. Let everyone make their own concoctions, and garnish with fruit pieces, colourful ice cubes or funky stir sticks.

Frozen yogurt (or ice cream) sundae parties are fun too – be sure to have different flavours & some fun stuff to sprinkle or poor on top.

Remember – parties are about spending time with friends and having lots of fun. Don’t stress – If you are enthusiastic and excited about having them – they will feel the same way about being invited. Party ON!

Dive in! (5 Simple and Fun Swimming Games for the Kids)

“Look Ma, I can  swim !” exclaimed the 5 year old Ria! Her mom broke into a wide grin amidst their  swimming  lessons. Ria was showing off her clumsy paddles across the pool & mom was proud.

The joy of teaching a hobby to your kids is unparalleled. Getting the steps right and showing it off is an amazing feeling of achievement for the kids.

Hobbies help the kids develop personally and professionally in their lives. Out of the different kinds of hobbies,  Swimming  is a skill everyone should know. It can come handy during an unexpected situation. On a lighter note, it’s fun and the best full body exercise for the kids.

While you are teaching them how to  swim , there are a few things to keep in mind. Apart from the crucial lessons in  swimming , develop liking for all things aquatic and teach them about water safety.

You can make  swimming  lessons enjoyable and seem easy to them.

Simply, play these 5 fun  games  in the  swimming  pool. It will prove beneficial for them to take independent strokes in the water.

1) Talk to the Fishes

Ask your kid to talk to the pretend fishes in the water by asking him to blow bubbles in the water. Then, ask him to listen to the pretend responses.

Result: It teaches the kids breath control, which is the 1st step to  swimming  alone. Swallowing water in the pool can frighten them. Hence, submerging the face in the water and blowing bubbles can ease them & increase their comfort level.

2) Catch the Fishes

Stand facing each other in the water if the water is shallow. (The water level should be till the waist of the kid). Now, ask him to try to catch pretend fishes with his arms. Tell him to try front-crawl-like arm stroke by reaching his arms up in the air, plunging them into the water, and then pulling the water toward him, as if there were lots of fishes in the pool that he is pulling toward his body. Sing a song together while you’re doing this. At the end of the song, ask how many fishes did he catch?

Repeat this at least 2-3 times. Also, make sure his fingers are together which will help propulsion when he  swims  on his own.

Result: It develops a fast and swift arm motion.

3) Motorboat float, float

Hold your kid tightly under his arms, facing you. Start walking backwards in the pool. When you pick up a little momentum, it will gently push the kid in the front float position. Spin slowly and say, “Boat, go fast” Spin faster and say, “Boat, go slow” Then, finally say, “Stop for diesel” When this happens, ask him to blow bubbles or kick his feet in the water.

Result: With this activity, kids become accustomed to the horizontal position in the  swimming  pool.

4) Red light, green light

You can play this fun game sitting next to your kid near the pool. When you say green light, tell him to kick the water crazily and repeatedly until you say stop. A red light means ‘stop’ and yellow means ‘go slowly’. While he is doing this activity, ask him to point his toes and kick the water, which helps him propel in the water better.

Result: Teaches the kids more about kicking and propulsion in the water.

5) Taking the final jump!

In the shallow end, squat two feet away from the wall and hold your kid so he is standing on your knees, your hands holding his waist. (Both of you should face the wall). Ask him to jump towards the wall and grab it. Initially, he won’t  swim , but use propulsion from his jump to get to the wall. Slowly and steadily, this  game  will make him  swim  in the water on his own. Let him hang on the wall to learn to support his body weight until you can grab him again.

You can increase the distance from the wall gradually. While he is jumping, ask him to repeat all the above steps like catching fishes and kicking his feet.

Result: Kids can learn to  swim  independently.

By teaching your kids basics of  swimming  through these fun and easy  games , remember to encourage them and be extremely patient. Applaud their progress as they improve on each level. Who knows sooner than ever, you will have a little  swimming  champ in your house!

The Hunger Games: Why Young Adult Literature Is So Popular

The world is in the midst of a teen book obsession. The best market for literature resides within the young adult genre right now. Why is that? The young adult genre is relatively new. While the exact time of the genre’s emergence is arguable, it is fair to say that it really took off with the release of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Since then, young adult literature has flourished. More and more of the best-selling books and series are classified as young adult. So, why is this genre suddenly so popular? Could it be that writers have finally learned to target the largest reading audience? Or is there something more to the young adult genre that appeals to all different audiences? The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, provides insight as to why the young adult genre is so attractive.

Two of the most important things that readers look for in books are plot and characters. The reader must feel a connection with either the plot or a character. The setting of the book may be completely foreign, but as long as the plot or characters feel real and believable than the reader will accept it. For instance, in The Hunger Games, the setting is North America, but the circumstance and culture is unrecognizable. Yet, the characters are so familiar. The protagonists are clearly teenagers struggling to find their place in the world. All teens and even some adults go through the same conflict.

The narrator’s openness allows the reader to create a trusting relationship with her. The pages of the book are permeated with her thoughts and emotions so that readers feel that they truly know her. Readers can empathize with her because they have felt those emotions before in situations that they can connect with hers. This is not to say that the readers have experienced the same thing that the narrator has, but rather that the readers have had experiences similar enough that they can relate to her emotions.

The Hunger Games plot is entirely fictional. It is one reminiscent of The Lord of the Flies. So, it is not to this physical plot that the readers identify. The readers connect to the emotional plot. It is like the movie, Mean Girls, where the narrator compares high school to a jungle. The hunger games is not a literal reality for teens, rather it is a figurative reality. For many teens, high school is survival of the fittest. Like the protagonists in The Hunger Games, teenagers must learn what is actually important and that sacrifice often yields greater joys.

The easy connection between reader and plot and character in the hunger games indicates part of its reason for success. These qualities are common in the majority of young adult literature. Perhaps, that is why young adult literature enjoys such a prevalent niche in the world market for literature.

Importance of Taking Swimming Classes When Young

While swimming is not really one of the strengths of us as the upright walking mammal, many people have been sending their kids to swimming lessons, some as young as 6 months.

Yes, 6 month old babies are floating around the water with their parents watching as they giggle and bubble. While this is not a traditional age for kids to start swimming, many swimming instructors often recommend that they should start as young as 3 years old for many physical and psychological reasons.

This article will dive right into the topic of swimming lessons and tell you exactly why kids should start at the shallow end of the pool as early as 3. Psychologists attribute that a lot of fears that blossom in adulthood actually gets developed in the cerebrum at a very young age.

This could be due to reasons of unfamiliarity or even bad associations that was placed in the subconscious at a young age. Many actually say that the root of many adults who have a fear of water actually can be traced to the fact that they were not introduced to the water when they were young or had an event or bad experience that had to do with water. This is why they insist actually that kids at a tender age should get to the pool and start getting a sensory experience with the water. With the parents together with them, swimming at age 3 is usually a happy event and that is what the association should be like. Then fear of water which many mental experts call an unnatural fear should not even have the chance of developing. Not being able to swim when you are an adult is actually something of a disability, socially and physically.

Also when they are young they associate fun with something of a sport. Swimming is great exercise, it develops the muscles all over the body and promotes upper and lower body strength. It also promotes burning of calories and sets your kids into a mindset of exercise from young. Once it becomes a habit, which is cognitively more likely when they are young, the habit stays with them till they get older. Also, swimming depends a lot on the physical and starting them young means they get progressively better and having strong swimming skills when they get into their early teens can actually be a life saver – or a skill that could save a life.

The entire topic actually just rests on the issue of early mental and physical development, as well as promoting the health effects of swimming to the young kids. When something is good, it should always be inculcated early into a child, and some parents have taken this to quite an extreme of moving them from the fluid environment of the womb to the watery environment of a children’s pool. These are some very issues that force the importance of taking swimming classes when young. If you have a child, I advise you to start him or her early. You will not regret it.

Great Memory Games for Adults: Crosswords

Improving memory by playing games is a productive and fun activity. Crosswords provide a great mind work-out as they require the use of logic and memory on several levels: the direct recall of words, exploring different interpretations of clues and seeking patterns. If you do crosswords mindfully, yet with a sense of mischief, they are an excellent and fun way to protect and improve your memory. Your approach to the puzzle will help increase success and enjoyment. Here are some hints:

Start working on the crossword by proceeding through the clues from start to finish, filling in the answers you know. Resist the temptation to do the cross-hatched words. This will provide an immediate sense of progress as a significant number of clues will be completed.

The tougher clues will become easier as more letters will have been filled in and your mind will have had a preview of them. Attack the missed clues in any order, concentrating on building up areas where there are letters already filled in. Don’t worry if a specific clue doesn’t solve immediately. Allow time and space for the mind to explore different possibilities; this is where the fun really starts. Think about:

  • different meanings of the clue
  • related words or ideas; this may create a link to the correct solution
  • common letter combinations
  • the crossword’s theme, if applicable
  • the frequent crossword clues (This is the only reason I know what an ‘epee’ is)

After spending time on all the clues take a break. Given the opportunity, the subconscious mind will find new patterns between clues, letters and memories. Be ready to be amazed when you come back to the crossword.

Put the ego to the side as some of your answers will be wrong. Be willing to erase answers if they do not line up with other clues and do a bit of ‘trial by error’ detective work if there are multiple candidate answers.

Most importantly, keep in mind that it is only a game — a trifle. The rules and expectations of crossword experts do not apply to everyday solvers. After giving a crossword a few solid attempts, keep making progress by using dictionaries, atlases, friends and the web. You can’t know what you don’t know.

However you do a crossword, as long as you relax and enjoy the experience, they are good for the mind and memory. Have fun and perhaps learn a few new words to impress your friends.

Pool Games

Pool games allow you to do more with your pool than just swim, float, and soak up the sun. With a good selection of water games, it encourages your kids to use their resources and imagination to tackle the various water activities well. Pool games and toys are easy to play but they’re lots of fun too. It takes your favorite backyard sports out of the heat and into the pool this summer for tons of fun.

Swimming is a physical activity with numerous health benefits, but with the use of some simple pool toys and accessories you can play a number of pool games that make pool time so much fun. Your kids won’t even notice they are getting exercise. Pool Ball games and flotation devices all add an element of fun to the pool experience. The basketball games that float on the water’s surface are often the least expensive of the basketball games, and they are particularly fun for kids.

There are lots of cool, fun pool games to stuff your pool. You may choose pool basketball, pool volleyball, combination games for some active exercises and team participation. For comfort and relaxation, there are pool lounges, pool mattresses, pool chaises, pool noodle chairs, floating chairs with drink holders. Inflatable water slide can provide great fun for all the children. Kids will love sliding into the pool this season time after time.

There are also poolside accessories offering portable shower, raft caddy to keep your inflatable pool toys, games, floats, water-pistol, air pumps to inflate pool toys, etc. Fun water balloon games can be played with kids, teenagers as well as adults and is a great family experience. How about organising a team race and watch your exciting kids race the clock to gather the most floating objects from the pool; rubber ducks, bath toys etc? For swimmers, you can have a game of swimming underwater and retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool.

Shopping for non-inflatable and inflatable, high quality floats, chairs, and loungers are made simple with online hyper stores. You will find a wide select of the most popular, hard-to-find pool games on the market from Amazon, Wal-Mart or Target – all at great discount prices.

Swimming is a great activity all on its own, but throws in a few water games, and you have the recipe for a terrific afternoon of fun and exercise. It is an enjoyable way for kids to learn to swim and gain the essential water safety skills they need. For added ambience to your pool, there are the games specialty on the internet offering their best selections of pool loungers, children’s floatation devices, swim diapers, and inflatables. Pool games can bring the entire family together for pool time and it do make excellent and unusual gifts for both young and old.

Swimming Lessons For Adults – Kids Shouldn’t Have All the Fun!

How many times do we say to ourselves I wish I had learned how to do this? Well it is never too late to learn anything especially a skill like  swimming .  Swimming  has so many wonderful benefits for our bodies in addition to a must know for safety. Did you know that  swimming  has the least amount of impact on your body and it uses all of your muscles at the same time. Cardio in a pool is much different then running a mile for cardio exercise. At our school we have had trainers, runners and very well fit individuals who can’t  swim  a few laps but on the ground they are amazing. That is because  swimming  is a total different type of cardio as it burns more fat and uses all of the muscles at the same time.

As exercise is an important reason to learn to  swim  safety is the first. An adult can drown as easily as a child can without the proper skills. In our state of Florida we have canals, lakes and some are on the side of major roads. What would happen if your car went off the road and you could not  swim . Most  adults  who don’t  swim  either never had the opportunity to learn or had a trauma as a child which inevitably turned into a fear that was never addressed.

Teaching the hall of famer Ändre Dawson how to  swim  at age 50 and conquer his fear of the water was very rewarding as an aquatic expert. He loved being in the pool knowing the proper procedures to take to overcome his fear. His desire to learn has lead him on a drowning prevention awareness mission. He hopes that his story helps other’s conquer the fear of the water and makes parents aware of the importance of their children being safe in and around the pool.

 Swimming  is a skill and a social outlet that every parent/ adult  should invest themselves into. We like to be with our kids and to be able to  swim  with them for fun and exercise is an amazing experience. Fear is conquered by doing something that you are afraid of over and over again knowing that each time it gets easier. With the right instructor who understands your fear and the proper way to teach can make the experience a wonderful learning time in the pool. The water is empowering, relaxing and the best type of exercise with the least amount of trauma to your body. We have had so many adults who have taken lessons say they wish they would have done this years ago. May it your goal to learn to  swim  this year and have a water safe day….

Expert in  Adult   Swimming  Lessons Marlene Bloom from Baby Otter  Swim  School

Games Strictly For Adults in Mind

Many people associate board games with family entertainment but were you also aware that board games are available with a distinctly adult theme? To see the variety of adult-orientated games available, you need look no further than to a retailer of adult products such as dildos and vibrators. If you are anxious about going into a sex shop, it might be an idea to find out what’s available for adults online.

Adult themed games are available in many different guises: card games with naked models; drinking games perfect to take on a night out with the lads or the girls, or to make a stag or hen party go with a bang; betting and casino games; adult style truth or dare; electric shock games and games of a distinctly sexual nature. The number of players for each adult game ranges depending on the game or upon your decision on how many people you want to enjoy the fun and frolics!

Three of the most popular adult themed games available are Sexopoly, the Nookii Adult Board Game and Monogamy. Sexopoly offers a sexual take on the traditional monopoly board game. Aimed at between 2 and 8 players, Sexopoly is a game of tactics and luck that is designed to be played by couples and friends where the aim is to lose your inhibitions and have some fun at the same time. With each throw of the dice, you get to move around the board, buying businesses with the Sexopoly banknotes along the way. Who will make the most money from the adult industry? A sexy twist comes into effect when a player has to pick up a Risky or Frisky card which leads to the loss of money, clothing and inhibitions and could even result in the performance of challenges of a sexual nature!

The Nookii Adult Board Game is one of the most successful adult board games in history. This board game is specifically aimed at couples where the objective is not to move around the board but around each other! There are three different levels of cards to choose from – Mmm, Ooh and Aah – that determine which fun, exciting or erotic manoeuvres you perform. This board game has over 2500 different permutations and positions so you should never run out of ideas when it comes to sex!

Monogamy is also a game that is intended for couples. There are three different levels of questions and as the game goes on, the questions become more intimate and the sexy challenges become more hot and steamy. The winner is the person who first successfully undertakes 50 fantasies. It could be a very long night ahead! However, there are no losers as the game continues days after you have closed the box, with a special treat feature.

With so many adult games available for purchase, you will be spoilt for choice!