Water Safety in Open Water Swimming

Man, was I jealous.

I was ten and half when my older brother turned twelve and joined the Boy Scouts. I wanted to join so badly, but I had a year and half to wait. Older brothers get all the breaks. But, a few months later the rules changed and we could join the Boy Scouts at eleven instead of twelve. I was elated.

I was so excited I couldn’t see straight. The next month I was a Boy Scout. Wow, Mom took me to Sears and an Army Surplus store and I got a Boy Scout shirt, an Army surplus web belt with canteen, a Boy Scout knife and a Boy Scout axe. I was in business.

Our meetings were held in a church across the street from the Junior High School I was still too young to attend. That’s where I met Jimmy and Johnny Peterson. Jimmy and Johnny’s Dad was the Pastor at the church where we had our meetings. They were twin brothers and had a younger brother a year older than me and all three were in our Boy Scout troop. Jimmy and Johnny were sixteen, good athletes, very good-looking, known and liked by everyone at the school. Guys liked them, girls loved them and I looked up to them as heroes as young boys always look up to and admire older guys.

All the younger boys in the Scout troop wanted to be noticed and to hang around with Jimmy and Johnny Peterson. I was lucky. My older brother was in with them, and so was another older guy, Ted Lind, who was fourteen and lived only a few doors away from my brother and me. He was another popular older guy and I used to hang out with him a lot, tagging along. But, he liked me, so he let me do that. Apart from my relationship with Ted, I developed a special bond with Jimmy and Johnny Peterson as well.

We used to play a game at Scout meetings where all the guys would form a circle facing inward with their hands folded behind their backs. One guy would be it and he would walk around the outside of the circle with a lanyard and would drop that lanyard into the hands of any guy at random, as he walked around the circle. Then he’d take off running and the guy who now had the lanyard would chase after him and if he could catch up to him, he’d whip the guy’s butt with the lanyard until the first guy reached the empty spot in the circle where the guy chasing had been and the chaser would stop running and walk around until he dropped the lanyard into another guy’s hands.

Then off he’d go. One day Jimmy Peterson dropped that lanyard into my hands. I chased him of course, but couldn’t catch him, I couldn’t hit him with the lanyard. Then I dropped the lanyard into Johnny Peterson’s hands and he chased me, beating my butt the whole way around. That became a tradition of sorts. I guess the twins respected me for letting them whip me the way they did and they didn’t pull any punches. But, I kept giving them the lanyard anyway and they’d give it back to me a lot so I could try to get even.

I never did, though, I wasn’t fast enough. There were four older guys who always led special hikes and other activities, one other guy who was not so well liked, and Jimmy, Johnny and Ted. All the younger guys wanted to go along on these special hikes, but the older guys got to select the few who could go. I got to go with them every time. So did my brother. Then one day the Petersons moved away. Their father had gotten an assignment somewhere in the Midwest. It was a very sad event to see them go. Seemed like half the kids from the Junior High School were at the church that day. I would really miss them.

About six months after the Peterson’s moved away we found out that Jimmy and Johnny had both drowned during a storm on the lake where they were out in a canoe. That was one of saddest days I can remember as a kid.

Jimmy and Johnny were known to be strong swimmers. That made it ever more unbelievable that they had drowned. My older brother also became a very strong swimmer. He was a life guard during the summers and had extensive experience in ocean swimming. When we’d go to the beach he’d swim out so far I could barely see his head bobbing and he’d be out there for over an hour.

Thirty six years after Jimmy an Johnny Peterson drowned, when he was forty-nine years old, my brother died in a drowning accident in the ocean on a routine scuba diving check out. Something had gone wrong with his equipment. My older brother didn’t get a break that day.

It’s good to know how to swim. My brother was a great swimmer, so were the Peterson twins. But, no matter how good you are, you have to use common sense about taking chances. I don’t think my brother was doing anything risky when he drowned, but he took a lot of chances when we were kids. He made everyone nervous when we went to the beach and he swam out so far we couldn’t even see him and stayed out for an hour.

Learn how to swim and learn how to swim well, teach your kids how to swim, but don’t take unnecessary risks. It can cost your life.

Keep in mind these rules for water safety in open water swimming.

1. Currents flowing parallel to the beach are called lateral currents. Not especially dangerous to the average swimmer, lateral currents can pull swimmers into more dangerous rip currents, the main cause of surf accidents. Rip currents can pull even strong swimmers from shallow into deeper water. If caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shoreline in the same direction as the lateral current until you are past the rip stream, when you can turn toward shore.

2. Lifeguards can give you information on current or dangerous conditions. Always observe their instructions.

3. Never swim alone

4. Don’t exaggerate your swimming ability. Be realistic, don’t overestimate your skill level, especially in open water swimming.

5. Understand that anyone’s swimming ability is greatly degraded in cold water. Unless you are in a tropical zone, ocean and lake water is typically cold.

6. Never swim when drinking alcohol, you may be intoxicated and not realize it.

7. Do not take out small or unstable boats far from shore in choppy water or stormy weather.

8. And lastly, don’t take risks or show off in dangerous ways.

What Chemicals Should I Use In My Pool?

Chemicals are scary. especially when you need to use them and are a little foggy as to the quantities and type and regularity with which you should use said chemicals! Owning a pool comes with the onerous task of maintaining it with chemicals and between how often you should use your pool cleaner and when you should test your water Ph, it can be a bit of a mission. Never fear, however, as this article has some great tips on what to use, what it does, and when to use it! Pay attention now…

Water Ph

Water’s ph level indicates the balance of alkaline and acidity. If the ph is too low, it could cause problems with the tiles on the pool’s surface, not to mention the fact that it can dry out hair and skin, and irritate your eyes. It’s a good idea to check the ph levels once a week and accordingly adjust them. For a swimming pool, the Ph levels should be between 7.0 and 7.6. 7.2 is ideal because it is the same ph level as our eyes! Check out your products that add acid or alkaline to your pool and use these depending on the results your ph test yields.


Ok, so chlorine doesn’t smell so great and you definitely don’t want to go on a date without showering after swimming in it, but there’s something a little reassuring about the fact that it disinfects so efficiently. Fact: kids pee in pools. Fact: they also lie about it. Fact: sometimes, so do adults. These facts add up to the unavoidable conclusion that swimming in chlorine is better than swimming in pee. Test the chlorine levels regularly and keep them at the optimum balance so that no nasty bacteria makes its way into your body while swimming.

Shock the Pool

When people talk about ‘shocking’ a pool, they refer to the process of adding a large amount of chlorine at one time in order to quickly clear away any bacteria or dirt that has built up over time. Green, brown or cloudy pools often need to be shocked as they may have developed algae over the winter months. A shock will have your pool cleaned in about 8 hours but be sure to test the levels and turn on the pool pump before hopping in!

Swimming Goggle Tips

As an injured runner, about a year ago I took up swimming. I never had been an avid swimmer, but I needed a good exercise that would keep me off my injured foot. I developed an unexpected problem immediately. After my workout, I discovered nasty looking marks around my eyes from my goggles – raccoon eyes. Sadly, the marks hung around for several hours. I planned on swimming about five days per week. Would I go around looking like that a lot of the time? No way. A friend confessed this same issue caused her to stop swimming completely.


I looked into a few different options meant to reduce the problem. Eventually, I settled on the Aqua Sphere Vista Lady Swim Mask at about $30. The photos in the product’s ads make the swimmers look pretty great, but donning my new swim mask I sure felt uncool. Thankfully, another swimmer in my class had the exact same goggles. A male swimmer wore an even larger mask. The rest of the class did wear the normal, small goggles, but at least I was not the only one in a mask.

In terms of visibility and peripheral vision, the mask offers a far better option than regular goggles. It feels like you can see twice the amount when wearing the mask. You can put this to good use by keeping a better eye on the swimmer racing in the next lane. Another swimmer said that the mask is especially useful in ocean swimming as smaller goggles may pop off due to crashing into waves.


Now my main problem became foggy goggles. I could see so well for the first ten minutes, but as soon as I got warm the goggles fogged up. I battled this issue for quite some time and even went through several pairs of goggles to alleviate the problem. After many months, I finally found the winning product – Foggle wipes. Just rub these wipes on the lenses to prevent fog. Highly effective and not too expensive, they give you a fog free workout.


You really need to rinse your goggles under clear water after every swim. I did not believe this but after some time of trying it, I realized it does work. Lastly, soak your goggles in a small amount of water combined with a drop of baby shampoo about every two weeks or whenever they seem to need it. This step keeps the goggles super clean, helps the Foggle wipes to work and avoids mildew from growing on the plastic.


To avoid sporting raccoon eyes after a swim workout, try using a swim mask. Clear up that frustrating fog with Foggle wipes. Avoid black mildew from growing by keeping your goggles super clean. These tips will help you to enjoy your swimming even more.

The Various Vests Used For Swimming and Boat Safety

If you have small children you might have them enrolled in some type of  swimming  lessons.  Swimming  is not only a fun activity it is also a great way to get some exercise. If you and your children go to the beach you may want to use a kids  swimming  vest to help protect them from the strong currents of the water. You can find the  swimming  vest available in sizes for children as well as babies. These styles are generally created as inflatable styles so they won’t encumber a small child.

The basic design for this product will have a vest-like appearance with arm holes and a rounded collar section. The inflatable  swim  vest is constructed from durable PVC material and includes straps on the front for easy connection. The styles created for children are available in many bright colors as well as several patterns with fun characters and images on them. In contrast, the UV neoprene  swim  vest is usually designed for an  adult . This style may also be referred to as a life jacket and also includes the convenient straps for securing the item onto your body.

The neoprene material can also be found in some adult styles created as pullover types. These products are not designed to be inflated and are created from materials that are naturally buoyant. In the category of  swimming  vests you will also see the traditional boating vest. This is also referred to as a personal flotation device and comes in the familiar orange color. You find this color familiar because it is easily seen from a long distance. This is good because if you are lost in the water you want other boaters to be able to see you. This style usually has one strap across the chest area and a tie by the neck. This vest can also have straps on the side that can be tightened to secure the vest so it won’t come off in the case of you going in the water.

The difference between the boat style and the other vests is the exclusion of a back section. Boating life support items only have a front section where the other designs have a complete enclosed back and front. There are also some variations on the child’s vest for  swimming  that do not use an inflatable design. These are styled with the same buoyant materials used for the adult vests. When boating, it is always a good idea to wear your life vest as a precautionary measure.

Swimming As A Recreational Activity – 7 Facts About Swimming That You May Not Know

Swimming is one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise. It is almost impossible to get injured while swimming and it is also a great workout for your body. Whether you are trying to lose weight or stay in shape, swimming has something to offer just about anyone. Here are 7 facts about recreational swimming that you may or may not know.

  • You can swim for exercise no matter what your age. Some people teach their infants and toddlers how to swim so that they will learn to love and respect the water at a very early age. I also know people well into their eighties who swim regularly to stay in shape.
  • An estimated 65 thousand people in the United States alone do not know how to swim. Many of them learned as young children but never go to a pool, lake, river, or ocean anymore and have forgotten how to swim over the years. Others were never taught and continue to avoid the activity altogether. It was once thought that knowing how to swim was important for safety reasons, but now it is pretty much left up to the individual.
  • Swimming in extremely cold water can be very dangerous. People with heart conditions or other ailments, as well as elderly people, should avoid swimming in water that is too cold. Cold water cools down the human body 25 times faster that cold air does, so swimming in water that is below about 15 degrees Celsius should never be undertaken. This can lead to thermal shock, hypothermia, and eventual death.
  • Swimming is also a very safe form of exercise because it is considered to be low impact and easy on the bones and joints. You can do exercises in the water using floats and weights and enjoy a good workout without worrying about serious injury. This is especially true if you have arthritis or other types of physical limitations.
  • It really is true that you shouldn’t swim for about an hour after eating. This is primarily because your body is digesting your food and you may get a cramp during the time right after you eat. Allow your body to rest after eating and then go into the water.
  • Swimming is a good way to lose weight. This form of exercise will stimulate your entire body and could lead to an increase in metabolism over time. If you are trying to lose weight, swim for at least twenty minutes three or four times each week.
  • Going swimming is very relaxing and has been compared to yoga and meditation in terms of its soothing effect on the mind and body.

So swim often and remember that some of the most intelligent and creative people in the world choose swimming as their form of exercise and relaxation.

Summer Backyard Staycation Fun In Your Own Swimming Pool

When it comes to cool fun under the hot summer sun, there’s nothing better than jumping into a  swimming  pool. Having your own  swimming  pool offers vacation fun without the hassle of packing up the family and dealing with busy roadways and frustrating airline travel. If you have your own  swimming  pool you can amp up the fun by purchasing a few new toys or accessories. With the money you will save on gasoline or airline tickets, you can upgrade your  swimming  pool, enhance your outdoor living area, or even add a spa or hot tub.

 Adults  and children both love the opportunity to frolic in the  swimming  pool and it’s not only a great way for some family bonding time, but it’s a great way to sneak in exercise as well. Your children can add to their fun by inviting a few friends over for an impromptu pool party. Because you have the  swimming  pool, it’s a party waiting to happen and all you have to do is add in some snacks, drinks a few  swimming  pool toys and voila – they’re all set. All you have to do is sit back on the deck and supervise.

If your children are avid swimmers look for toys they can jump into the water and dive for – those toys will make for a great game of treasure hunting. Look for diving eggs, sticks or rings; you want to make certain none of the toys are small enough to get stuck in a filter or drain screen. Also, if your children are jumping or diving into the water, you must be even more diligent to make certain no one gets injured and that no one runs into trouble underwater. Remember too, unless you have an inground pool with a deep end, there is no diving allowed and impress upon the swimmers that they shouldn’t jump into the water unless there is a clear spot. If your children aren’t swimmers, they can still bob under water and retrieve items tossed into the shallow end of the pool.

Pick up some blow up beach balls or rafts for the swimmers. Beach balls lead to an immediate game of “volley ball” regardless of whether you have a net and rafts lend themselves to floating and relaxation. If you and your kids are into active water sport  games , consider adding a basketball hoop that’s specifically designed for  swimming  pools. You can play a pick-up game or HORSE.

If you or your children want to try some more solo-type activities pick up some motorized pool toys – think sharks or submarines. The motorized toys can be used by the kids to see who can catch it first, or who is fastest – the children or the toys.

At the end of the day, having a  swimming  pool in your backyard is all about relaxation and fun. Make certain you have enough bath towels, lounge chairs, waterproof cushions and sunscreen available. Just because you’re staying home this summer doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and make memories!

Swimming Lessons – How to Swim Freestyle

As you begin taking  swimming  lessons you are going to learn a number of different strokes. There is the breaststroke, butterfly stroke and the backstroke. When taking  swimming  classes, one of the first strokes you will learn is freestyle  swimming . This is a  swim  style that most swimmers chose to  swim  front crawl because it is the fastest technique, but there are no real regulations on how it should be  swam .

The easiest way to learn this  swim  is with practice and by attending some kind of  swimming  school. It allows you to actually see how to go through the movements and perfect each stride. To give you an idea of how to  swim  freestyle, here are some tips to get you started.

The first tip is to draw a line down the center of your body from the chin to the chest; metaphorically speaking of course. You will use this as a basis for how your whole body should rotate in the water while extending horizontally in the direction you are  swimming .

It is important you keep your legs straight with your toes pointed out while freestyle  swimming . You will build up your leg muscles with this type of  swim  as you want to kick up and down continuously the entire time. This is what makes this particular  swim  so propelling with the force of your arms and legs going at full speed the entire time.

As for your arms, your  swimming  lessons will show you that you need to move them in a windmill motion opposite of each other. As one arm is extended out, you want the other one to be as far back as possible. Keep the opposite arm pretty much against the side of your body.

While your arms are rotating like a windmill, you want to keep your hands flat and thumbs separated from the index finger. This will allow you to pull the extended arm through the water with force and speed. When doing this, bend your arm where the elbow is and bring your fingertips right against that line down the center.

From there,  swimming  classes will teach you to lift your other arm out of the water and place it forward where the first arm was. Make sure you bend your elbow and drag the fingertips along the water.

Throughout the entire process of freestyle  swimming  you will want to breathe on one side of the body simply by turning your head to the side as your arm comes out of the water. The amount of times you breathe will depend on your skill-level and whether or not you are competing. You may take breaths every time one particular arm goes around or you can wait two or three times for the arm to go around.

Adult Video Games – Are They Redefining The "Adult" Segment?

Video games rule our lives and souls and there is no doubting the fact. If anywhere ever doubted this, he/she just needs to look at the collective dismay of the British public on the no show of PS3 this season. It’s as if we have not won the FIFA world cup once again. Video games are huge and the PlayStation is even bigger. Thank god we still have PlayStation 2 to give us company.

A segment of the video games industry which is seriously well poised is the adult video games division. Adult video games have fascinated adults and the number of casualties is increasing by the day. And when they say “Adult” they really mean it. With explicit graphics and an even more explicit voice over, these games are an overall delight.

If you are into the adult stuff and pornography you would love these games. If you are a serious gamer and not into the adult stuff, you would be amazed by the impact these video games create. All in all these adult video games are suitable for all (except the underage that is)

Lets for a while return to playstation 2. PlayStation 2 proved to be a good improvement over the original Playstation. Such was the impact of the PlayStation that Microsoft had to introduce XBOX to counter the PlayStation virus. None the less I am an ardent follower of the PS2 and for me nothing comes close.

Just get on to the Adult video games and play station brigade and let your senses feel the difference.

Different Types of Gaming Chairs for Adults and Kids

If you buy a PlayStation® or an Xbox for your kid, remember to buy him a gaming chair also. Only then you will let your child enjoy the video games in full. When he sits on one of these beautiful high-tech chairs, he will be more comfortable and safe. Among these chairs you get ones made out of memory foam. They are able to provide ultimate comfort to your kids.

Gaming chairs are not only fit for kids. As there are lots of adults who play games with game consoles; they also could use these chairs. It is really comforting to play a video game sitting on one of these comfortable chairs to relax at home after work. There are different types of chairs which are suitable for adults. Some of them have arm rests and caster wheels also. The wheels allow you to move around the room without getting up from your chair.

One of the best gaming chairs for adults is the home style chair that has comfortable cushions. They will provide you with all the necessary comforts. This chair could also be used as an average chair suitable for your living room. In case you don’t need to use it that way, you have the option to fold it into a bundle and leave it elsewhere. When it is in expanded position, there is storage space also under the chair.

Bean bag gaming chair is one that is more suitable for kids. Since it is a simple chair stuffed with polystyrene beads and is covered with vinyl upholstery, it provides ultimate in comfort. With its L shape, it provides ample comfort when a kid sits on it. Normally, they have storage pockets on either side as well. One good thing with bean bag type of chairs is that they are suitable for adults and children alike. Ease of cleaning is a special advantage they offer.

It is not only your kids who will enjoy sitting on gaming chairs to get the best out of their gaming pleasure but also adults could enjoy playing from one of them. For a serious gamer, the comfort provided with gaming chairs will be helpful to enhance his gaming skills. There is no need to think of aches and pains caused due to sitting in awkward positions like with ordinary chairs. Instead, you could sit comfortably and concentrate on your game. You never need to break a bank to buy one of these chairs either.

Adult Swim Diapers, Bariatric Briefs, and Overnight Pads

When people get older, their control over their bodily functions are reduced and sometimes even lost. To address this, diaper manufacturing companies provide adult swim diapers, bariatric briefs, and overnight pads to make aging people’s lives easier, more convenient and comfortable.

Adult swim diapers make participating in water sports possible, enjoyable, and more comfortable for adults with special needs. Using these helpful solutions enable adults to have fun without worrying about embarrassing leakage and bulk experienced without diapers. These reusable, latex-free adult swim diapers can fit an average weight of ninety to one hundred and forty pounds and come in blue, white, and pink.

Reusable adult swim diapers are designed to be worn discreetly under a bathing suit. These are intended for individuals with moderate to heavy bladder and bowel incontinence, and are even made with wetness indicators for easy changing. Unlike other diapers, these do not absorb liquids and thus provide a comfortable support experience. To ensure product effectiveness, manufacturers conducted tests and found out that adult swim diapers efficiently contain solids and prevent harmful bacteria from getting in the water.

Bariatric briefs on the other hand are intended for people who have undergone bariatric surgery. These are also recommended for extremely obese people with bladder and bowel incontinence issues. Aging people can choose from brief styles and varieties of protective underwear that will suit their size, comfort, and preference. Various sizes are also manufactured to accommodate people with a waistline of sixty-three to ninety-five inches.

Bariatric briefs are made with features that handle odor control and ventilation to protect wearers against breakdown, skin irritation, bed sores, and other allergy issues. When choosing a product, make sure it fits properly and it doesn’t gap or sag to prevent unnecessary and inconvenient leaks. These products’ breathable side panels provide comfortable and snug fit people will find both efficient and effective.

While adult swim diapers and bariatric briefs are used for bowel and bladder incontinence, overnight pads are designed to handle lighter urine leakage issues. Bladder control pads, liners, and shields are easily fastened with an adhesive strip and absorb depending on level of incontinence. They provide utmost comfort, security, and discretion women will find highly effective. These solutions are shaped and designed to let users function normally without becoming too self-conscious about wearing one.

These latex-free, pH-balanced, and individually-wrapped pads contain super absorbent micro-beads designed for odor control and a fluid locking system that allows users to be dry at all times. Adult swim diapers, bariatric briefs, and overnight pads all offer the comfort and convenience that meet aging people’s changing needs.