Pills Which Provide Extra Juice to Hardcore Gamers

Have you ever wished you could go on playing that game which has got you really interested but found yourself without energy to keep on pressing those buttons and being alert at the same time? Hardcore gamers know that when it comes to games, experience and sharp reflexes are what matter most.

Hardcore gamers are better defined as gaming fans which spend several hours at a time trying to beat a game going from level to level, some have reported to play for 15+ sessions in a single day; while this might be way too much time for some, gamers think this is not the case due to the fact that time goes by really quick when you are playing an entertaining game.

Those who have had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of Japan know that they have a great market audience when it comes to animation and games, this nation is also obsessed with energy drinks and health supplements, the energy drinks are called Genki drinks, these are basically tonics which claim to solve problems such as as tiredness, sore eyes, tired brains and even hangovers (much like Red Bull), however these drinks can contain anything from Vitamins to nicotine.

Health supplements are similar, they have been created to give players a boost while keeping them focused and alert, they come in the form of pills which are more convenient for people who prefer to take their supplements this way instead of drinking an energy blend in form of a syrup.

The “gamer enhancement pills” released to the Japanese market are advertised with the name of “Game Suppli” which range from blueberry tablets which are supposed to help a gamer’s tired eyes and there is also a transparent capsule version which contains a chemical called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is supposed to enhance a gamer’s concentration, this particular ingredient is also used in powdered baby milk in the USA so it can’t be all that bad right?

Relying on such powerful mixture gamers are now able to take on those difficult levels of HALO, World of Warcraft, Universal Boxing Manager, etc. and be able to get to the level they wish without running out of fuel, sort to speak. Other drinks such as Mountain Dew have noticed the buzz and adapted their drinks by printing a Halo 3 image in the cans. Could these pills one day become one more accessory in a hardcore gamer’s set? We’ll have to wait and see.