XBox Kids Games – Top Picks 2009

Looking for some great XBox Kids Games? This year there really are some fun ones, in fact it was interesting to try and pick out the ones that could be called the “best”! The games listed below truly are the best of the best – they have been very hot sellers as well as having received some overall great ratings. And – they’re are all either rated “E” for “Everyone” or “E-10” for kids 10 and older:

1. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts for XBox – This is one in a series of the “bird and bear” characters – and tops the list of the best XBox Kids Games for 2009. Banjo fights the evil witch Grunty, who is trying to dominate “spiral mountain”. This is a game that is a bit more on the “experienced gamers” side – it might be a bit too challenging for very young children.

2. Sonic Unleashed for XBox – This game has a touch of “spooky” entered into it – the earth and everything and everyone on it has been split into two different “personalities” – including Sonic! Regardless of who he is being, the game centers around Sonic making the world right again.

3. Lego Batman for XBox – One of the best things about this game is the player’s ability to choose amongst some really great characters – all Lego based. Players use the “digital Legos” in the game to help them win – it’s challenging, fun and like other Lego video games has some great humor along with it.

4. Pure by Disney for XBox – Definitely a game for the “thrill seekers” – this game is not only popular with kids but with adults as well. I’ve never seen the graphics as astounding as they are with this game, which includes some offroad racing, amazing and mind-boggling jumps and some pretty intense all-around gaming.

5. Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga for XBox – Another “Legos” game in the lineup! This may be one of the funniest games I’ve ever seen and is actually quite challenging as well. All of the Star Wars movies are in this game – and the total count for characters is 160+! Makes for unlimited gaming variety and tons of fun.

If you are checking out XBox Kids Games, I highly recommend any from the list given above – they’re not only fun, they evoke quite a bit of thinking and plenty of challenge for kids.